Fashionable hair coloring 2021 - 68 photos of stylish and bold looks

Fashionable hair coloring 2021 allows you to experiment with hair color, create stunning stylish hairstyles, which may contain not one, but two or even three or more color combinations, iridescent overflows and gradient transitions, both smooth and sharp.

Hair coloring 2021 — fashion trends

What types of hair coloring, trending colors and shades are coming to the fore in 2021?

  1. Modern fashion is moving forward by leaps and bounds, which is good for us, women. In the last few years, in addition to the basic and familiar shades of the natural palette, bright and extravagant shades, such as green, purple and pink, have become popular. Although this trend appeared a few years ago, its popularity is growing every year.

hair coloring 2021 fashion trends

  1. Fashionable, stylish hair coloring in 2021 is a lot of innovative approaches and methods of modern hair treatment of any length. Shatush, split, airtouch, internal, stencil, embossed, iridescent, not counting coloring and highlighting, as well as contouring, have firmly and permanently entered our daily lives, and now it is difficult to imagine modern fashionistas who would not use these technologies from experienced hairdressers art.

types of hair coloring

Coloring for short hair

According to leading stylists this year, fashionable coloring for short hair takes on a silver hue, to which you can add multi-colored feathers and platinum or ashy strands. Fashion will not bypass attention and purple tones, as well as red, brown, black and white. To create a bright coloring on the hair, you can combine silver color with shades of pearl blonde. If you have fair skin and gray or blue eyes, then this is the perfect option for you.

short hair coloring

Fashionable silver hair coloring 2021 will make you stand out from the crowd and give your image a bright high-quality dynamism. Due to its unusualness, the silver color is not suitable for everyone, but only for determined and courageous girls under 30 years old. It is preferable for mature women to choose calm and classic tones that are out of fashion and time, light brown, blond, brown-haired, chestnut, and extravagant fashionistas can easily look at fiery and red shades. In the course of rainbow transitions, gradient, multi-colored feathers.

trendy hair coloring for short hair

Coloring 2021 for medium hair

Fashionable hair coloring of universal medium length allows you to use a lot of experiments, because when the curls are slightly below the shoulders, then diverse trendy shades will look great. This year’s hits are:

  • strawberry blond, as well as wheat, caramel tone and cinnamon color;
  • chocolate, chestnut, red-orange, purple, blue and ashy shades;
  • smoky, gray colors combined with bright strands and multi-colored feathers;
  • red, fiery, plum color, burgundy, especially if you use coloring and internal staining.

coloring 2021 for medium hair

Fashionable hair coloring in 2021 of medium length can be done using different technologies. The most common and popular types are ombre, sombre with smooth and sharp gradient transitions, armoring and highlighting, when chic color combinations and combinations are selected. True fashionistas are tempted by seductive, subtle color transitions. One gets the feeling that mother nature herself has worked on the color of your hair.

fashionable hair coloring

Fashionable coloring 2021 for long hair

Coloring for long hair is represented by such popular techniques as ombre, sombre, shatush, babylights, balayage and other innovative approaches in the world of hairdressing. Also, for the maximum length of your hair, in addition to the eternal classics, there are very unusual and original hair coloring colors — shades of pink, blue, blue, azure, which are suitable for extravagant and courageous women who are not afraid of any experiments with their appearance, who are used to being leaders and keeping their hands on pulse.

fashion coloring 2021 for long hair

Style trendsetters insist that natural minimalism is in this year’s hits, so the trendy hair coloring of 2021 is prone to natural shades. True fashionistas who prefer the classics should take a closer look at honey, wheat and caramel, sand, ash and chocolate, copper-red, honey-caramel and gray. For those who want a non-trivial hairstyle, stylists can offer iridescent and multi-colored coloring, light and contrasting gradients.

coloring for long hair

Hair coloring on a square

Fashionable hair coloring on a square is designed to emphasize the individuality and originality of this hairstyle. All types and techniques of dyeing a bob haircut are united by the shine of hair and well-groomed, luxurious hair, first of all, no matter what shade you choose. The goal of balayage hair coloring is to create light highlights of several shades on the hair that look natural and harmonize with your color of the strands. The combination of a bob with a sombre is also very impressive, where dark roots and light tips are combined.

hair coloring on a bob

Modern bob hair coloring techniques are chic innovations in the field of hairdressing, allowing your hair to shine, literally and figuratively. If you want to smoothly turn into a blonde, then try the airtouch staining technique. When dyeing, only the longest strands are processed, from which weak and thin hairs are blown out. Shatush technique is suitable for those who want to slightly add color and freshen up the overall look of the hairstyle.

trendy hair coloring

Coloring gray hair

To make coloring on medium hair, as well as short or long, but already gray, become spectacular, you can use the light highlighting technique, with the addition of clarified strands, both along all hair and individual feathers, in front or on the sides. An excellent option is to dye your natural hair color, however, if the choice is made in favor of a radical change in appearance, then you can add a red, ashy, even purple hue. Gray and light brown options are out of competition, it is possible in light and dark versions.

gray hair coloring

Creative hair coloring with gray hair includes not only all the advanced methods and technologies, but also contrasting color combinations. Blond, brown-haired, chestnut, gray and ashy tones remain relevant and fashionable. With a light blond, ash and gray version, you can add light gradient smooth transitions to ennoble natural gray hair. Do not forget that you can also use double combinations, in which the roots will become lighter in tone than the tips, or vice versa.

coloring for medium hair

Coloring for dark hair

For swarthy brunettes with dark and rich eyes, beautiful coloring for dark hair is represented by a number of colors, such as chestnut, chocolate, coffee, tint combinations with red undertones and blue-black tones. These colors perfectly shade the face, refresh and visually rejuvenate those women of fashion who have chosen them. They hide gray hair wonderfully, especially with ashy and other feathers and strands. It should be noted that in the coming year, style trendsetters are deducing pure black hair color from trends, so chocolate will be a chic choice for brunettes.

dark hair dye

Bright hair coloring in chocolate and fiery shades will be especially stylish and hit, because it has a certain magic of attraction. A rich and deep tone makes facial features expressive and noble. Even at the peak of popularity, interesting solutions with multi-colored bangs and sides, crowns and front strands in diverse haircuts will jump up. For example, in squeaks, garcon, bob, cascade and square, both on ultra-short and on long or medium length hair.

beautiful coloring for dark hair

Hair coloring blond

Beautiful and delicate cold blonde hair coloring is designed to emphasize the natural femininity and fragility of natural blondes, visually bring romance and true French charm, charm and extraordinary depth to the selected images. Its tint combinations can easily include trendy caramel and wheat undertone, ash and platinum, strawberry and beige, pearl and cream, honey and bronze-cream, golden and sandy blond, Auburn light tone and copper blond. Stylish choice — multi-colored hair.

blonde hair coloring

You can choose the right fashionable hair color 2021 blond so that you look amazing and one hundred percent, based on your type, skin color and eyes. The lighter the type, the softer the hair color should be, however, according to stylists, the golden sheen suits all fashionistas without exception, and the ashy tone has risen to the top of the hit halftones of the new upcoming season. The coming year is characterized by warm and rich color combinations that will easily help to radically change the image for the better.

cold blonde hair coloring

Coloring curly hair

If you want to impress those present with your appearance, then dyeing curly hair in red shades, such as chestnut, copper, gold, red, honey golden, carrot, is quite suitable, but fiery red fades into the background. However, when this is your natural hair color, then there is no better option for being bright and original. Stylists note that reddish tones are always relevant, and on holidays any of these colors will look charming and unusually attractive on different lengths of curls.

curly hair coloring

Curly strands are very prone to dryness and brittleness, so it is better to give preference to the composition without ammonia. It is recommended to reduce the time of dyeing the strands, as well as it is better not to expose the hair to a perm before dyeing. Ombre and gradient, highlighting and balayage, bronding and airtouch look very impressive on curly hair. Since wavy curls are more sensitive to the effects of coloring compounds than straight strands, they require especially careful care after dyeing.

Fine hair coloring

To make thin hair look amazing, you need to make beautiful hair coloring to match your tone. Stylists note that in fashion:

  • light brown and all its tones, both light and dark;
  • natural blond from light beige to gray with wheat or caramel tints;
  • dark brown, blue-black, medium chestnut and dark chestnut with caramel or chocolate tints;
  • natural red with copper, dark orange and light orange strands;
  • natural gray, in tonality closer to gray or white.

fine hair coloring

Style legislators and leading hairdressers are unanimous in their opinion that dyeing thin hair is a delicate matter, and in order not to harm already weakened curls, one should be very careful and carefully approach this issue. In addition to natural and natural color variations, you can use sparing techniques and light gradient transitions, add multicolor by coloring or highlighting.

beautiful hair coloring

Shatush coloring for blond hair

Modern hair coloring options are aimed at significantly improving the appearance, the shatush technique is one of such advanced technologies. This is a permanent hair coloring with an innovative composition of paints containing keratin and laminating components. It can last for months, allows you to get bright saturated shades that retain a pleasant color when washed out. The sophisticated shimmering color of the strands, elegant and unobtrusive, creates the feeling that their owner has just stepped off the Hollywood red carpet.

shatush coloring for blond hairhair color options

Split hair coloring

An excellent choice for extravagant fashionistas is hair coloring in two colors, and you can choose both a complete contrast, for example, white and black, and soft transitions within the same color tone, from red to orange or from chocolate to chestnut. Here the choice depends on personal preferences and the purpose of the created images. Lilac, plum, purple, blue and even green shades are in fashion, diluted with pink and red in the main and auxiliary tone.

split hair coloringtwo color hair dye

Internal hair coloring

Hidden coloring on light brown hair, both dark and light, like blond or brown hair, looks very impressive on medium length and on long curls; stylists do not recommend such experiments on short haircuts. These hairstyles are inherent in stylish women who are used to being the center of attention and creating non-trivial hairstyles with interesting solutions.

internal hair coloringconcealed coloring for brown hair

Airtouch hair coloring technique

Modern airtouch hair coloring is a highlighting technique that involves tinting individual strands in a color close to the main one. The name of this technology, which literally translates as “air touch”, appeared due to a special technique: before dyeing, the selected strands are “inflated” with a stream of air from a hair dryer. Transition lines are made as blurry as possible. With airtouch, you can achieve different results: from the natural effect of sun-bleached hair, to delicate shades of color that give the look a youthful and rested look.

airtouch hair coloring techniquemodern hair coloring

Rainbow hair coloring

Colored hair coloring will be in high demand, because multi-colored rainbow curls with blue, pink, white, yellow, red and brown strands will give the image not only extravagance, but also a little mystery, especially long curls that can turn any girl into a princess or a fairy from a kind fairy tales. Chestnut and chocolate are universal colors, like black, ash and light brown, while other various shades, blue, purple, sky blue, red, pink and green, will give the image a touch of exotic.

rainbow hair colorcolor hair dye

Relief hair coloring

Relief hair coloring, a technique for working with thin layers of curls under the foil, aimed at lightening the main shade. Unlike other color stretching methods that tend to produce sharper patterns, the embossed approach results in a more even and soft distribution of color. Do not forget about the stencil method, when a voluminous effect of chic and interesting hairstyles is created.

embossed hair coloringembossed hair coloring technique

Contouring hair coloring

Hair contouring, a coloring technique that arose at the junction of fashion trends in makeup, coloring and hairdressing. With the help of contouring, you can hide the imperfections of the face, emphasize the dignity and effectively stand out from the crowd. You just need to know a few technical secrets that leading and experienced hairdressers have, who are always ready to help you.

contouring hair coloringhair contouring coloring technique


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