Fashionable hairstyles 2021 - ideas for stylish looks for every day and for a holiday

Fashionable hairstyles in 2021 can give the image a unique zest. They are presented in a variety of variations of execution, you can choose the right styling for any length. Each girl will be able to choose the option that matches her image and situation.

Hair trends 2021

Stylists offer all sorts of ideas that are fashionable hairstyles 2021:

  • various trends are relevant, styling can be as strict as possible, ideally fitting into the office style, or containing notes of deliberate negligence;
  • to decorate fashionable hairstyles in 2021 and give them a unique style, various elements are intended, such as weaving, the use of kanekalon and all kinds of jewelry;
  • for every day, you can pick up the most simple styling, the creation of which does not take much time. For an evening out, you can use complex combinations consisting of weaves, curls and original decorative elements;
  • retro hairstyles are the undeniable trend of the season. Vintage style is incredibly relevant, original design ideas are used to implement it, for example, a special perm, headbands, feathers and other elements.

hairstyle trends 2021trendy hairstyles 2021  hairstyles with loose hair

Simple hairstyles for long hair

With everyday wear, hairstyles for long hair for women will come to the rescue in a situation where you need to quickly get together. Any fashionista can easily embody the following ideas:

  • You can curl your hair in light waves and collect them in a ponytail. One strand is allowed to be released and wrapped around the base;
  • another option would be to collect the upper strands and make a small ponytail at the top like a «Malvinka»;
  • fashionable simple hairstyles for long hair in 2021 may include pigtails braided on the sides, which are gathered in a ponytail along with the rest of the strands;
  • curls can be collected in a careless bundle, which is fixed in the upper or lower part.

simple hairstyles for long hairhairstyles for long hair for womencollected hairstyles

Beautiful hairstyles for medium hair

Almost all the options that are applicable for long strands can be used to create simple hairstyles for medium hair:

  • popular styling variations continue to be a tail, a bun and a light, as if half-loose weave. The latest styling version can be applied by using all the strands or a certain part of them;
  • if you have to deal with an asymmetric square, the uneven length of the strands can be further emphasized if you do the styling on one side;
  • the side strands can be twisted and fixed at the back, and the rest can be left loose.

beautiful hairstyles for medium hairsimple hairstyles for medium hairshoulder length hairstyles

Beautiful hairstyles for short hair

Short hairstyles for girls can also look incredibly stylish:

  • on a very short length, for example, on a pixie haircut, you can use styling products that add volume or a wet effect;
  • the ends of a short bob can be curled in the opposite direction and make the hairstyle appropriate for the retro style;
  • if the length is sufficient, side braids can be braided in one or both sides at the top.

beautiful hairstyles for short hairshort hairstyles for womenshort hairstyles for girls

Hairstyles with loose hair

Many owners of luxurious long hair are wondering how to make a hairstyle so that it looks as attractive as possible. A win-win way to give an image of femininity is to leave the strands loose and at the same time lay them in a certain way:

  • owners of thick hair with a healthy shine can emphasize their beauty without even resorting to a curl. They can simply be effectively laid, if desired, giving asymmetry by fixing most of the strands on one side;
  • you can make beautiful curls by doing them in a large version. After that, they are either given a half-loose look, or securely fixed with the help of styling products;
  • lovers of originality will appreciate the fine perm, which creates a semblance of afrolocons. However, it is not recommended to resort to such styling on very thick strands.

hairstyles with loose hairhow to do hairhairstyles for long hair for women

Hairstyles with bangs

Women’s hairstyles with bangs are capable of correcting certain features of appearance and giving an image of diversity:

  • depending on the shape and length of this part, it can be laid in different ways, and, if necessary, made an accent of the laying. An elongated bang provides a great choice in design;
  • bangs can be made perfectly even, sowed to one side or evenly placed on two sides;
  • short hairstyles for women with long bangs can be transformed by adding volume to this part with a bouffant and putting it back. Laying will acquire spicy notes characteristic of retro style;
  • if you completely comb the bangs and part of the main strands to the side, then you can provide a pronounced asymmetry to the styling.

hairstyles with bangshairstyles with bangs for womensimple hairstyles for medium hair

Greek hairstyle

For many seasons in a row, the hairstyle in the Greek style has not lost its relevance:

  • curly hair can be arranged in a loose form in any order, while a bandage is put on the head, made in the appropriate style, for example, made in the form of a branch with leaves;
  • Greek collected hairstyles often contain weaving, they can also be created in the form of a bun or tail. Often there are thematic decorative elements, such as headbands or headbands, threads consisting of different stones that effectively complement the hairstyle.

greek hairstylegreek hairstylecollected hairstyles

Hairstyles for the evening

A brilliant evening look will help to create well-chosen hairstyles for shoulder-length hair, for short and elongated strands:

  • a simple but incredibly effective way to make styling for the evening is to curl your hair into large curls and securely fix them;
  • from large curls, you can make other styling, for example, collect them in a tail or a free bun;
  • weaving, which is created all over the head, after which it is assembled into complex styling, will also become an excellent basis for a hairstyle;
  • an evening hairstyle on a square can also look incredibly beautiful if threads consisting of shiny rhinestones or other stones are woven into it. A tail made of straight strands, into which a brilliant decoration is woven, can contain the same variation of decor.

hairstyles for the eveningevening hairstylestylish hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles 2021

To make the ceremony unforgettable for the bride, you should choose beautiful hairstyles for the wedding:

  • a styling consisting of large curls, gathered on the sides with the help of spectacular hairpins, will look win-win;
  • all kinds of wedding hairstyles in the Greek style are in trend — these can be braids, a tail, a bun;
  • an organic addition to the hairstyle will be satin ribbons woven into it, strings of pearls or rhinestones, jewelry with a diadem, shiny beautiful hairpins.

wedding hairstyles 2021how to do hair

Fishtail hairstyle

One of the popular variations that present beautiful and light hairstyles is the styling, known as the “fish tail”:

  • this design looks incredibly impressive, while being extremely simple. You can easily create a hairstyle yourself and wear it as a daily option. However, even when going to a party, she is able to act as a highlight of the image;
  • «fishtail» can be braided tightly, in which case it looks very neat and can even be used as a business styling;
  • another design option is free weaving, the side strands can even be pulled out a little to give them a deliberately casual look. This styling is in demand among young fashionistas.

fishtail hairstylebeautiful and easy hairstyleshairstyles with braids

Hairstyle «dragon»

One of the most popular options for everyday and evening hairstyles is the “dragon”:

  • weaving can go clearly in the middle or from one side to the other, creating asymmetry;
  • hairstyle can be done with a regular or French braid;
  • curly weaving looks interesting, which is done in a zigzag, affecting different parts of the head. With such styling, the fashionista will definitely not go unnoticed.

hairstyle dragontypes of hairstyleshairstyles with pigtails

Hairstyles with kanekalon

Among young fashionistas striving to show originality, hairstyles for women with kanekalon are extremely in demand:

  • often such an addition contains French braids, which are given additional volume;
  • another popular option is a lot of small «African» braids. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it does not require updating for a long time. It is ideal during a trip to the sea and long journeys;
  • kanekalon can also be woven from the side, affecting individual strands and going down in the tail in a loose form.

hairstyles with kanekalonhairstyles for womentrendy hairstyles 2021

Hairstyles with braids

A great everyday option will be hairstyles with pigtails:

  • a braid can be presented in a single or plural form. In the latter case, small pigtails can act as a component of a loose hairstyle, voluminous bun or tail;
  • weaving is interesting and neat, consisting of one or more braids wrapping around the head;
  • in recent seasons, deliberately careless braids are in trend, for this purpose their side parts are stretched and at the same time create additional volume.

hairstyles with braidshairstyles with pigtails

Hairstyles for curly hair

Owners of curly hair can create unique hairstyles with curls:

  • to give the styling a neater look, you can braid two side pigtails and connect them at the back;
  • curls can be collected in a high or low tail, or they can be made into an imitation of a beam;
  • looks great on curly hair wet effect, which is achieved with the help of special styling products.

hairstyles for curly hairhairstyles with curlshairstyle trends 2021

Hairstyles for thin hair

If a girl is not naturally endowed with thick hair, she can fix it by choosing the right quick hairstyles:

  • indispensable help will be provided by a bouffant, which can be applied in the area of ​​​​the bangs or over the entire surface of the head. Using this technique, you can make a more voluminous beam or other type of styling;
  • Another popular way to add extra volume is to curl large or small curls. The latter option is especially good if you have to deal with very rare strands.

hairstyles for thin hairquick hairstylesbeautiful and easy hairstyles

Hairstyles for thick hair

Owners of luxurious thick strands will be able to pick up almost any everyday hairstyle:

  • curls that have a healthy beautiful shine can simply be left loose and flowing over the shoulders. If there is a desire to bring zest to the image, you can curl them into large, but at the same time light and like half-loose curls;
  • A heavy thick tail will also look great, while it can be both high and located at the bottom;
  • women who spend a lot of time in the office can build a voluminous beam. It will look great in a smooth, strict version; a sufficient amount of strands makes it possible to build such a styling.

hairstyles for thick haireveryday hairstylestypes of hairstyles

Anime hairstyles for girls

Young ladies will appreciate stylish hairstyles in the popular anime version:

  • one of the most common varieties of anime styling is the square that is familiar to everyone, which can be complemented by even bangs or be without it;
  • a pixie made in an elongated version is also suitable;
  • beams or tails that are located on the sides from above or below will look great;
  • an organic addition to the anime hairstyle is the appropriate coloring. In the trend, all the tones of pink, both bright acidic and gentle muted.

anime hairstyles for girlsstylish hairstylesquick hairstyles

Hairstyle «high tail»

For different occasions, a “tail” hairstyle located at the top of the head is perfect:

  • styling can be done on both straight and curly hair, in each case it will look charming in its own way;
  • a smooth, perfectly combed ponytail will be a great solution for going to the office. You can increase the severity of styling if you leave one strand released, and then wrap it at the base of the finished tail;
  • other elements may also be included in the tail, for example, small pigtails braided from above in the side part or over the entire head and connected to the tail;
  • a tail with hints of negligence, consisting of coarsely curled curls, will also be a stylish trend;
  • to create an evening hairstyle, the tail can be supplemented with all sorts of decorative elements, for example, rhinestone threads, which are woven into the base and descend along the length of the tail.

high ponytail hairstyleponytail hairstyleeveryday hairstyles

Korean hairstyles

For young ladies, modern hairstyles are designed, which are created in the Korean style:

  • the main trend of such styling is the maximum naturalness. She emphasizes the structure of the chosen haircut and presents it in the most advantageous light;
  • popular varieties of haircuts that are taken as the basis for creating Korean hairstyles are a bob, an elongated pixie, a short flight of stairs with a low cutting of the side front strands. Any of the variations of hairstyles can be given a small volume with the help of light waves that fit organically into the overall concept. It is allowed to leave the strands completely straight.

korean hairstylesmodern hairstyleshow to do hair


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