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In order to look attractive, it is enough for a girl to have a basic wardrobe. A fashionable female look can be easily created with a white blouse, a pencil skirt, a fitted dress and a classic jacket. Many experts believe that in order to emphasize female individuality and elegant style, every woman should add beautiful and comfortable shoes to her clothes, as well as the necessary accessories.

Fashion images of girls

Many mistakenly think that classic jeans require only sports shoes. However, fashionable looks with jeans also imply combinations with spectacular stilettos. You can fully facilitate your life by choosing original shoes and wedges or platforms. For example, teaming navy blue jeans with dark brown suede pumps is an on-point option for a classy and stylish look.

The basis for the most fashionable look can also be a pencil skirt. It is enough just to pick up a stylish, light blouse for her. Moreover, no matter what color scheme you prefer, your outfit will turn out bright and spectacular. What, however, be careful with the choice of appropriate accessories, because in this case it is important not to overdo it. Better make a choice in favor of bright shoes.

Fashion looks with a jacket are another win-win option for every modern lady. Today, jackets of a classic cut, both shortened and elongated, remain in trend. Dream up and try to match the missing details to your image: a hairpin to match the color of the chosen blouse, a bright scarf or elegant jewelry. Also, in the new season, many designers recommend paying attention to soft lines, in particular to cocktail dresses, and pastel colors. For the basis of your image, you can take peach, beige, orange or even coral. While a black blazer or bolero is best to accentuate your figure.


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