Fashion manicure - 70 photo ideas of beautiful stylish nails

A fashionable manicure is intended to become a harmonious addition to the image. Actual color schemes amaze with their diversity. It can be pastel and bright options, a gradient or a plain coating. The abundance of design variations will help you choose nail art that will be in place and at the right time.

Manicure that looks expensive and fashionable

Stylists offer all sorts of ideas that present the most fashionable manicure that will give your nails an expensive and well-groomed look:

  1. An excellent option for a short length will be geometric lines and shapes, these are stripes, circles or triangles.
  2. A hot trend in recent years will be a lunar trendy manicure, it also has the name reverse jacket. When creating it, you can make an accent by highlighting with a bright color.
  3. If you want to look bright and surprise with some creativity, you can turn to the genre of abstract art.
  4. An unexpected option, but very fashionable, is a black and brown tortoise print. Such a pattern looks pretty, but it should not be too much, it is better to combine it with another decor or create it on only one of the nails.

manicure that looks expensive and fashionablemodern trendy manicure

Uncoated manicure — a fashion trend

Naturalness, as a classic, always remains in fashion. One of the hottest trends this summer is clear nail polish:

  1. The nail can be played with a minimalist design. A transparent varnish with a matte finish looks beautiful, it will give the nails an expressive baby-nail effect.
  2. The fashionable nude manicure, created with the help of pink and transparent coatings, which are barely visible on the nails and look very well-groomed, remains in the trend. This nail art is perfect for those ladies who often combine business and casual style.

uncoated manicure fashion trendtrendy nude manicure

Fashionable manicure for long nails

Depending on the color and decor, you can create a huge number of the most delicate long nail designs that will meet the latest trends:

  1. A beautiful fashionable manicure for long nails with a pattern looks amazing. Such decor can be created using manual application, a stencil or a slider.
  2. The most famous option is French. Swarovski crystals or foil can be used as decoration.
  3. A gentle trendy manicure can be created using an ombre or plain manicure. One nail can be embellished with a pattern or decor.

trendy manicure for long nailsbeautiful trendy manicure for long nails

Fashionable manicure for short nails

Stylists offer a variety of fashionable manicure trends for short nails:

  1. The tandem of short nails with a minimalist style will be relevant.
  2. Rhinestones or crystals will look chic in a small space.
  3. Portraits, silhouettes, flowers, animals, floral ornaments, abstract patterns and ethnic motifs can be used as a drawing.
  4. The top features a negative space design that allows the nails to look casual. On short nails, geometry, holes, matte finish along with negative space are perfectly combined.
  5. Lunar design looks amazing on a short length with small holes.
  6. You can embody ombre in combination with two shades. Each of the gradient transitions attracts attention.

trendy manicure for short nailstrendy manicure trends for short nails

Fashionable manicure on square nails

No less relevant will be a fashionable manicure on a square shape:

  1. You can abandon the strict option in favor of a soft square. Exquisitely and delightfully square manicure is suitable for an evening and cocktail look, because the conciseness of this form is in harmony with any romantic and elegant outfit.
  2. A certain season dictates the rules for creating a pattern, bright shades and all kinds of floral and abstract patterns will be suitable for summer, tenderness and trembling will be relevant for spring, and autumn will delight you with raindrops, patterns in an autumn theme.
  3. Geometric design will be very relevant for a similar shape. Clear lines will organically fit into the overall concept, as well as a variety of shapes.
  4. If, on the contrary, you want to bring a touch of tenderness to nail art, you can turn to the opposite trend — to depict drawings on the nails created using smooth lines and outlines. It can be both exquisite floral arrangements and other variations of patterns.

trendy manicure for square nailstrendy square manicure

Fashionable almond manicure

A fashionable manicure on almond-shaped nails will be a win-win choice, regardless of which trend will be shown:

  1. A combined option will be charming, it can be any traditional French technique, a gradient and a manicure with holes.
  2. You can use original ideas in the form of the effect of «quail eggs», «brush strokes» and «liquid metal».
  3. A trendy moon manicure with rhinestones or a charming gradient with large colored pebbles to match the coating looks pretty on the almond shape.
  4. Drawings that show «animalism» will help create a playful design. These will be coloring pages of wild animals.
  5. Matte manicure on this form can be made in the form of an ombre with a decor of sparkles.
  6. To add sophistication and chic to the nails, a variety of gentle rubs that demonstrate a slight radiance will help.
  7. The manicure performed with fashionable smoky patterns on the nails looks incomparable and bewitching.

trendy almond manicuretrendy manicure on almond-shaped nails

Fashionable manicure «ballerina»

In modern nail art, another form of nails is used, on which you can embody a beautiful fashionable manicure. She is known as a «ballerina» and will provide an opportunity to make a unique design:

  1. This shape will look amazing in both light and dark colors. Glitter, foil, shiny tape, rubbing will help to complement it.
  2. «Dragon Scales» on the «ballerina» shape will look like iridescent 3D diamonds.
  3. Marble nails «ballerina» look great with a nude finish, while it is better to create a marble accent on one or two fingers.
  4. If desired, you can add shine with glitter or gluing strips.
  5. Transfer foil will help to add sophistication and brightness to such a form, it has many shades, ranging from neutral white to spectacular gold or silver. To make the combination of «ballerina» and foil look beautiful, you should turn to the «negative space» option.
  6. You can emphasize the sophistication of this form with the help of a light coating, which is one of the current trends. Marigolds will acquire delicate notes, especially if you cover them on top of the base with a shimmering rub.
  7. All sorts of drawings made on a romantic theme will look unsurpassed. You can put hearts on the nails or place love inscriptions on them all over the nail, further lengthening it in this way.

fashion manicure ballerinabeautiful trendy manicure

Fashionable manicure with a pattern

A manicure will look truly unsurpassed, the fashionable design of which contains drawings:

  • images are often themed and appropriate for a particular season. In summer, fruit compositions can be embodied on the nails, green foliage in spring, a combination of colorful leaves in autumn, and snow-covered patterns in winter;
  • fashion trends of bright manicure allow the use of abstract prints that adorn one or more fingers. Rainbow nail art will also look unique, which is made with the image of multi-colored stripes and any patterns on their background, for example, it can be clouds or a unicorn.

trendy manicure with a patternmanicure trendy design

Fashionable matte manicure

Young ladies who want to bring sophistication and nobility to their image will appreciate the fashionable matte colors of manicure:

  • any shade of the coating can be chosen, both neutral calm and extremely bright. Even catchy scarlet nails created with matte varnish will acquire notes of nobility;
  • for decoration, creative patterns can be chosen, which are made using sand. The texture of the sand can change and look like fluff, small beads or a variant that resembles powder. In this way, you can decorate several nails, and make the rest matte smooth;
  • matte fashionable monochromatic manicure is perfectly complemented by rhinestones, they can be of different sizes and colors. Rhinestones can be combined — on one nail it is allowed to use large and small pebbles. Glitter can also be created with the help of kamifubiks;
  • connoisseurs of practical and versatile nail art should turn to a solid beige color that will suit any look;
  • the matte structure looks harmonious on sharp nails and goes well with any decor. It can be sequins, Yuki flakes, rhinestones, crystal chips or a new gossamer design.

trendy matte manicuretrendy matte nail colors

Fashionable manicure for the office

For girls who spend a lot of time at work, a fashionable strict manicure will be a godsend:

  • from new interpretations, one can turn to the tandem of matte and glossy structures, to matte geometry;
  • at the height there will be a manicure in the style of minimalism, which is complemented by inscriptions, dots, stripes;
  • fashionable gentle manicure, made in nude colors, will be the perfect solution for the office. Nails can simply be covered with a neutral light varnish, this design will suit any business attire.

trendy manicure for the officefashionable strict manicure

Fashionable French manicure

A win-win option, suitable for all occasions, will be a fashionable French manicure:

  • classic jacket will perfectly decorate any nails. The design will visually emphasize the nail and make it especially attractive;
  • you can refer to the original version in blue, turquoise, purple or purple;
  • Actual decorative details will be squeaky crystal chips, foil with precious metal design, glitter, powder and rubbing.

trendy french manicuretrendy french manicure

Fashionable manicure «London»

The current and fresh trend is a fashionable youth manicure in the style of «London»:

  • when creating it, the masters pay special attention to the quality of workmanship, nail art should look perfect;
  • a modern fashionable manicure is made emphatically elegant, but at the same time it can contain a bright accent detail. It can be an inscription or an original thematic drawing, for example, a girl with an umbrella.

trendy manicure london

Trendy manicure colors

Stylists offer many variations of colors with which you can create a discreet or bright fashionable manicure:

  1. It is worth taking a break from the classic catchy red color. Red is acceptable, but shades that are close to brown or berry are welcome.
  2. Gray color will be perfectly combined with mother-of-pearl or glitter.
  3. Gold color will be popular in one concentration or another.
  4. A dark blue tone will be relevant, it shows a cold ebb and does not require additional decoration.
  5. To embody a boring design, it will be possible to stop at a juicy yellow color.
  6. Extravagant natures should turn to deep emerald color. You can safely dwell on options with shimmering particles and overflows.
  7. If you want warm shades, a ripe tone of berry pink will be suitable.
  8. The eggplant variant is also a trend.

trendy nail colorsbright trendy manicurefashionable youth manicure

Fashionable red manicure

If you want to attract attention, a red manicure will be a win-win solution, the fashion trends of which are represented by a variety of ideas:

  • even a simple plain nail art will look bright and rich. If desired, it can be embellished by highlighting the holes or the tip of the nail in white;
  • relevant is the decor in the form of liquid metal, rubbing, which can be applied over the base coat and give the nails shine.

trendy red manicurered manicure fashion trends

Fashionable black manicure

With the help of a deep and mysterious black color, you can embody a very beautiful and fashionable manicure:

  • if nail art should go with an evening look, then it should be supplemented with sparkles, foil and rhinestones;
  • there will be an actual graphic design of nails, which is combined with rubbing, foil and other variations of brilliant decor;
  • imitation of natural stone looks great on long nails. Such an aesthetically beautiful design can be decorated with sparkles, large rhinestones.

trendy black manicurevery beautiful and fashionable manicure

Fashionable white manicure

The snow-white coating is one of the most popular options, which are fashionable shades of manicure:

  • you can choose a white painting in the form of a floral design, modeling or the “sweet bloom” option;
  • an excellent solution would be to cover the white base with a pearl rub, such nails look gentle and at the same time attract attention;
  • A matte white polish will also look great, especially if you combine such a base with the negative space technique.

trendy white manicuretrendy shades of manicure

Fashionable pink manicure

Romantically inclined girls will appreciate the fashionable manicure in pink tones:

  • soft pink nails, covered with a shiny rub on top, will perfectly fit into everyday and even business bows;
  • pink nail art can be bright if a catchy coating is taken for its implementation, close in tone to a crimson hue;
  • on a transparent base, you can apply whole flower arrangements made in pink.

trendy pink manicuretrendy pink manicure


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