Fashionable shoes for women in summer 2022 - top selection of the most stylish looks

A harmoniously composed bow includes carefully thought out details. Fashionable shoes for women in the summer of 2022 will help achieve the desired effect. Designers have developed styles that differ in style, colors, made in a concise version, decorated with original details.

Fashion shoe trends for summer 2022 for women

Stylists paid attention to the development of collections. Fashionable shoes for women in 2022 are represented by trends:

  1. Out of competition are open sandals, consisting of thin, intertwined straps. Decorating with silver or golden spikes will give piquancy.
  2. Classic «boats» are designed to complement the business bow. Models benefit from rich colors, represented by green, crimson, red tones. An alternative solution is to resort to soft pastel colors.
  3. If you want to maintain elegance in hot weather, models with an open toe but an open heel are indispensable. A good solution is to pick up mules. The toe of the product is made in a pointed version like “boats”.
  4. It looks interesting fashionable shoes for women in the summer of 2022 with a transparent design applied in the upper part or in the heel area.

shoe fashion trends for summer 2022 for womenfashion shoes in 2022 for womencomfortable summer shoes for women

Fashion sandals for women

Certain models become especially relevant in the warm season. These are summer sandals for women:

  1. Practical characteristics are endowed with products with a top consisting of wide stripes, the sole is made in the form of a platform. The trend is a detail, complemented by weaving like an espadrille.
  2. For a city walk, sandals are provided with a closed middle part, but an open toe, demonstrating a beautiful pedicure. Comfort in wearing is provided by a wide low heel, varying within 3-5 cm.
  3. When developing models intended for going to a party, they turn to bright decor. An example is the decoration of the strap in the front with round golden details. It is allowed to choose models with a heel made in a similar design.

fashion sandals for womensummer sandals for womensummer shoes for women

Summer office shoes for women

For girls who spend a lot of time at work, products that are comfortable to wear are designed. Fashionable classics for women are offered in design variations:

  1. Traditional «boats» made of matte leather are played with interesting details. These are figured cutouts in the heel area or in the middle part, equipping the toe with a metal overlay, making the heel in a brilliant version.
  2. Mules with an open heel will become an alternative to the usual shoes. Original notes are sold with a wide strap with a metallic square buckle. Details are placed on the front just above the toe area.
  3. There are models that resemble loafers, but made with an open back.
  4. If you want to bring romantic notes to the office bow, turn to the design of the top with the help of an openwork pattern resembling lace.

summer office shoes for womenfashionable classic for womenstylish summer shoes for women

Closed summer shoes for women

If you need to create an elegant image and fit into the office style, they resort to certain models. This is the closed toe summer shoes for women:

  1. A Mary Jane-inspired piece featuring a rounded toe and an ankle strap is popular. Shoes are decorated with contrasting stitching near the sole, fringed toe.
  2. Widespread combination with a closed heel. The sock is allowed to be decorated using a leopard print or an imitation of the structure of a reptile. The side areas are often left open.
  3. An interesting interpretation of ballet shoes will be models, complemented by thin straps wrapping around the ankle.

closed summer shoes for womenclosed toe summer shoes for womenshoe fashion trends 2022 for women

Summer shoes for obese women

Owners of magnificent forms require not only careful selection of clothes. Full leg summer shoes for women are endowed with the following characteristics:

  1. When choosing classic models with heels, attention is paid to the comfort of the shoe. For ease of walking, it is recommended to select a small heel, the height of which does not exceed 5 cm.
  2. An image in casual style will help to embody sneakers made of high-quality leather of fine dressing. In order not to overload the bow, it is recommended to turn to monochrome neutral options.
  3. In hot weather, open sandals will be a godsend, the top of which consists of thin or wide straps. Models will be a godsend, complemented by plastic stretchy elastic bands.

summer shoes for obese womenfull leg summer shoessummer shoes for women 2022

Fashion shoes for women 2022

Elegant models are characterized by versatility and complete collections for the warm season. Fashion shoes for women are characterized by trends:

  1. For the manufacture of the top, fine leather is taken, perforation is allowed.
  2. There are products with a shiny satin top, designed for an evening out.
  3. Romantic notes are endowed with shoes in which the strap braiding the ankle is complemented by a tulle bow. The decor is placed in the heel area.
  4. A practical solution would be loafers, decorated from the front with a fringe, a metal buckle or a chain.

fashion shoes for women 2022fashion shoes for womensummer fashion shoes for women

Orthopedic summer shoes for women

Especially comfortable footwear is provided for movement on long distances. This is a fashion orthopedic shoes for women:

  1. Products are equipped with a well-flexible sole, providing comfort when moving. Equipment with a tractor relief is welcome, providing stability.
  2. Additional comfort in wearing is provided by perforations concentrated over the entire surface or in the side parts. Models are made in the form of sneakers, sandals with wide straps

orthopedic summer shoes for womenfashion orthopedic shoes for womencomfortable fashion shoes for women

Fashionable beach shoes 2022 for women

Comfortable models are provided for relaxing on the sea. Beach fashion shoes 2022 for women are endowed with the following characteristics:

  1. Rubber flip flops with elastic wide soles look interesting. Eccentricity gives decoration with cartoonish, geometric, abstract prints.
  2. An interesting interpretation of flip flops will be puffy models with straps radiating from the jumper between the fingers.
  3. It is allowed to pick up comfortable sandals with a sole equipped with a tractor relief. The upper wide straps are quilted.

fashion beach shoes 2022 for womenfashion shoes 2022 for womenfashion summer shoes for women 2022

Women’s iziki

In hot weather, a model characterized by a lightweight structure is indispensable. These are the most comfortable summer shoes for women, known as «iziki»:

  1. In appearance, the product resembles sneakers with a textile top. The latter is often made in a knitted version. There is an addition with side transparent inserts in the form of a grid.
  2. To fix the foot, a wide lacing is provided, affecting almost the entire front surface.
  3. The sole is made well bendable with a light tractor relief.

female izikimost comfortable summer shoes for womenfashion shoes for women

Fashionable sports shoes for women 2022

Comfortable models are designed for active girls. This is a fashion sports shoes for women:

  1. The trend is sneakers characterized by a lightweight structure. For manufacturing, thin leather, textiles are taken, there is an addition with mesh inserts.
  2. In the warm season, sneakers made in white pastel colors look harmonious. Supplement with inserts of saturated shades is allowed.
  3. Popular sports models include sneakers made in the form of converse, complemented by a contrasting design of the toe and lacing.

fashion sports shoes for women 2022fashion sports shoes for womenfashion sneakers for women 2022

Fashionable rubber shoes for women

Designers have provided products designed for rainy weather. This is the summer rubber shoes for women:

  1. A popular solution is boots with a shortened top, made in rich bright colors. The trend is yellow, light green, raspberry colors.
  2. There are originally designed rubber boots, in which the lower part is made solid, and the upper part has an openwork structure.
  3. Models made in a transparent version look extraordinary, under which it is permissible to raise bright socks.

fashion rubber shoes for womensummer rubber shoes for women

Summer sandals for women

An alternative to the usual sandals will be models characterized by increased comfort. This is a fashion shoes for women made in the form of sandals:

  1. Sports-style products with a top in the form of wide straps equipped with metal buckles or elastic bands are popular. The sole is thickened and complemented by a tractor relief.
  2. Sandals designed in the form of flip flops with jumpers between the toes look original. The strap running at the top of the foot can be decorated with large rhinestones. An alternative solution is details made in a braided version in the form of a pigtail.

shoe fashion trends for summer 2022 for womensummer sandals for womenfashion shoes for women

Fashion loafers 2022 for women

Popular demi-season models have moved into collections designed for the warm season. This is the fashionable summer shoes for women 2022 made in the form of loafers:

  1. There are products made of thin velvety suede or leather. In the latter case, perforation equipment is welcome.
  2. The decor in the front is selected at the individual discretion of the fashionista. These are large chains made in a metal or plastic version, fringe from strips of leather or suede.

closed summer shoes for womenfashion loafers 2022 for womenfashion summer shoes for women 2022

Fashion sneakers for women

Popular sports models are presented not only in the form of sneakers. Comfortable fashionable shoes for women, designed as sneakers, are in demand:

  1. Concise products decorated in light shades are popular. Eccentricity gives decoration of the side surface with pop art drawings, cartoon prints.
  2. Converses made in traditional black, red or delicate pastel shades do not lose their relevance. An integral attribute is the white toe and lacing, identical in tone.
  3. Sneakers are worn with brutal ripped jeans or romantic flared chiffon dresses.

comfortable fashion shoes for womenfashion sneakers for women

Fashion boots for women

Lovers of certain models will appreciate products that have passed from demi-season collections. This is a summer fashion shoes for women in the form of boots:

  1. The brutal design with lacing and a sole equipped with a tractor relief is popular. It is allowed to decorate boots with a high top, but equip them with perforations.
  2. An alternative solution is to resort to mesh inserts that provide a breathable structure.
  3. Low boots made of velvety suede are common. When choosing a color scheme, preference is given to sand, beige, pale pink shades.

fashion boots for women

Fashion sneakers for women 2022

Among lovers of sports bows, certain styles remain relevant. Fashionable sneakers for a woman are selected taking into account the following characteristics:

  1. Products with a breathable textile or mesh top are indispensable. There is a design made of leather, equipped with perforations. The sole is made light, but elastic and well bending.
  2. Light colors prevail, represented by gray, beige, white shades. Saturation is given by bright inserts or colors. The trend is yellow, orange, red.

fashion sneakers for women 2022fashion sneakers for womanfashion shoes in 2022 for women

Women’s topsiders

Certain models are endowed with original memorable characteristics. This is the 2022 summer shoes for women in the form of topsiders:

  1. The collections were replenished with models with low speed or thickened soles with a tractor relief.
  2. A distinctive feature of topsiders is a lace stretched along the upper part. The detail gradually transitions into traditional lacing.
  3. There are discreet light matte or rich bright or metallic colors. Lacing is made in a similar tone or in a contrasting version.

women's topsiderssummer shoes for women 2022closed toe summer shoes for women

Women’s summer clogs

In the warm season, certain models become in demand. Fashion trends in shoes 2022 for women are presented in the form of clogs:

  1. Popular products with a closed toe, equipped with perforations. The sole is made in the form of a low wedge with a hollow middle part.
  2. An alternative solution is a clog with a cutout in the toe area, which provides an opportunity to demonstrate a beautiful pedicure. Products are complemented by a stable heel 3-5 cm high.

women's summer clogsshoe fashion trends 2022 for womenfashion shoes 2022 for women

Women’s summer mules

Models that combine elegance and comfort have earned popularity among fashionistas. This is a stylish summer shoes for women in the form of mules:

  1. Products with a closed toe, made in a pointed version, are common. It is welcome to equip with an original decor in the form of a metal buckle, laying out with rhinestones.
  2. The sole is made thin at low speed. There is an addition with a barely noticeable heel.
  3. The double color looks interesting. Mules are divided into two parts, one of which is made monochrome, the second imitates the structure of a reptile.
  4. An extraordinary solution — transparent mules. The translucent structure characterizes both the upper and the heel. In front, the products are decorated with a circle lined with rhinestones, or with a large metal buckle.

women's summer mulesstylish summer shoes for womensummer shoes for women


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