Fashionable short haircuts 2022 for women - top selection of the most stylish images

A well-chosen hairstyle will make the image unforgettable. Fashionable short haircuts 2022 for women will help to cope with the task. Stylists offer laconic elegant or daring torn options. The form is emphasized with the help of harmonious coloring.

Fashion trends 2022 for short women’s haircuts

Stylists welcome both classic performance and bold experiments when choosing hairstyles. Fashionable short haircuts in 2022 are represented by trends:

  1. With the help of a clear cut or creating torn ends, the desired effect is given. Rare strands acquire additional volume, thick ones are thinned out.
  2. Traditional bob, pixie, bob, cascade are offered in a classic version or played up by combining two hairstyles.
  3. Asymmetric details are endowed with a visually corrective effect. The differences in the lateral parts are created very pronounced or barely noticeable.
  4. The similarity with Asian motifs has become an actual trend. Confirmation is the fashionable short haircuts 2022 for women, made in the Korean version.
  5. Elegance is given by hairstyles with clearly defined contours. Sesson is endowed with similar characteristics. The opposite trend is the appeal to daring decisions, characteristic of the creation of the mullet.

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Haircut for short hair giving volume

Thin strands can be made lush using certain techniques. The volumetric version of the execution will help to achieve the desired effect:

  1. On the hair of both curly and straight structures, a pixie looks organically. The effect of volume is created by cutting strands along the entire length.
  2. Bean, characterized by a raised nape, will become indispensable. The front strands are recommended to be processed with an even cut.
  3. The page that creates smooth transitions looks good. Volumetricity is achieved with the help of a rounded shape.
  4. The classic cascade to give visual splendor is recommended to be done in a shortened version.

volume haircut for short hairwomen's short voluminous haircutstylish short haircuts

Women’s short haircut with bangs

Certain details act as a harmonious addition or the main accent of the hairstyle:

  1. A long, dense piece will help hide facial imperfections. An example is a smooth bang, created on a triangular shape, visually balancing the proportions.
  2. A shortened ragged detail complementing the pixie hairstyle, gavrosh will organically fit into the youth bow.
  3. It is allowed to beat ultra-short options by adding an elongated accent detail. In this case, the bangs create an asymmetric effect.
  4. For a face of the correct shape, a feminine detail is suitable, made in the form of a curtain that falls apart on the sides.

women's short haircut with bangsshort haircuts with bangscreative short women's haircuts

Short women’s haircuts without bangs

Owners of the correct oval are recommended to demonstrate the existing advantages:

  1. A simple solution is to create a clear square, processed with an even cut. The hairstyle is complemented by an even parting, dividing the strands into two halves, or creating asymmetry.
  2. If it is necessary to visually stretch the shape, they resort to creating a cascade or ladder, in which the side strands are cut off at the level of the chin or slightly higher. The lower strands have a slight height difference and are made in a shortened version.

short haircuts for women without bangsshort haircut for womentrendy short haircuts

Short women’s haircuts 2022 for thin hair

Rare strands are given visual splendor with the help of a well-chosen design:

  1. Stylists recommend turning to a multi-level effect. The performance is typical for a shortened cascade and pixie.
  2. It is allowed to make a square with an even cut or to embody a bean with a raised nape. Asymmetry will divert attention from shortcomings, expressed in cutting one temple, creating a difference between the side strands.
  3. Coloring in dark colors is welcome, visually making the strands heavier.
  4. Visual splendor will add highlighting of individual sections.

short women's haircuts 2022 for thin hairshort women's haircut for fine hairtrendy short haircuts

Short haircuts for curly hair

Owners of spectacular curls need a careful choice of design:

  1. A win-win solution is to turn to a square or a bob. When choosing a length, it is worth considering the property of curls to “jump”.
  2. It is allowed to make a “cap”, where the main volume is concentrated in the upper part.
  3. A cascade with an unexpressed length difference looks good. Multi-level clipping is created at the very bottom.
  4. It is allowed to make pixies. At the same time, they take into account that the hairstyle requires regular updating.

short haircuts for curly hairshort haircuts for curly hairshort hair styling

Short haircuts for thick hair

Dense strands provide an opportunity to create stylish hairstyles. Short haircuts for girls are represented by trends:

  1. When choosing a classic square, the tips are not processed with a straight, even cut, but are thinned. Reception will help the strands lie down better and acquire the desired shape.
  2. A good solution is a pixie, which is embodied both in an ultra-short version and is complemented by an elongated bang.
  3. Young fashionistas will appreciate creative options — crop and mullet. Hairstyles are given a torn structure.

short haircuts for thick hairshort haircuts for girlstypes of short haircuts

Short haircuts for a full face 2022

A well-chosen hairstyle contributes to the visual stretching of the face:

  1. It is worth paying attention to the design of the side strands. When creating a cascade, cutting below the cheekbones, closer to the chin line, is embodied.
  2. It is allowed to make a pixie with highlighted side parts framing the face.
  3. A good solution is a caret for lengthening. The back of the head is made shorter than the front parts. A bob with a raised back area is endowed with a similar effect.

short haircuts for full face 2022fashionable short haircuts 2022 for obese womentrendy short haircuts 2022

Bob haircut for short hair

Classic hairstyles do not lose their relevance. These are fashionable women’s haircuts for short hair made in the form of a bean:

  1. The option is suitable for owners of a triangular face type, since attention is diverted from a wide forehead. Bob harmoniously looks on a round or oval shape.
  2. Visually correct the shortcomings will help length differences in the side parts.
  3. Bob is allowed to be processed with an even cut, which is suitable for thin strands. If necessary, thinning is resorted to the formation of layers.
  4. Bob is characterized by a raised nape, giving visual splendor in this area. Cutting on the leg remains popular, with the help of which the neck opens.
  5. For the embodiment of a youth bow, a variant with a shaved temple is suitable.
  6. If you want to spend a minimum of time on styling, you should turn to the grunge style. Deliberate negligence is embodied with the help of a pronounced torn effect.

bob haircut for short hairfashionable women's haircuts for short hairfashion trends 2022 for short women's haircuts

Pixie haircut for short hair

Daring hairstyles do not lose their relevance among young girls. These are trendy short pixie haircuts for women:

  1. A bold experiment will be an ultra-short length applied over the entire surface. The bangs are barely noticeable, completely opening the face.
  2. It is allowed to make a hairstyle close to the classics, resorting to combining with a bean.
  3. Asymmetry is endowed with a corrective effect, lengthening to one side. It is permissible to implement the reception with the help of a bang, designed with the appropriate method.
  4. An interesting solution is a pixie with cutting off the upper strands in the form of a cap. A variation of the hairstyle looks organically on curly curls.
  5. It is allowed to resort to bold experiments. An example is a short female haircut with shaved temples. The remaining parts are made more elongated, creating a game of contrast.

pixie haircut for short hairshort haircut for women with shaved sidesvery short haircuts for women

Haircut «cascade» for short hair 2022

The popular classic hairstyle is offered in an unusual interpretation. This haircut «cascade» for short hair:

  1. It is allowed to resort to both a smooth version with a slight difference in length, and a multi-level design.
  2. The addition of a bang is welcome, which is created in a shortened torn version or in the form of a curtain that splits into two sides.
  3. An alternative solution is to make a cascade with the design of the front in the form of a ladder. In this case, clipping starts from the cheekbones or falls below.
  4. It is allowed to process the layers of the cascade with even cuts or torn thinning.

haircut cascade for short hair 2022

Shaggy haircut for short hair

Certain variations of hairstyles are designed for thick dense strands. These are short voluminous haircuts, known as «shaggy»:

  1. The characteristic features of the design are the creation of a torn effect. Thanks to this, the hairstyle is translated as «shaggy.»
  2. Shaggy is an interesting interpretation of the cascade. The hairstyle is multi-layered and processed using thinning.
  3. Shaggy is endowed with a youthful effect, visually stretches the oval of the face, gives visual growth. The hairstyle needs regular updating. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting split ends.

short voluminous haircutsshort haircut for womenshaggy haircut for short hair

Bob haircut for short hair

A win-win option is to turn to a universal solution suitable for any type. These are the types of short haircuts, known as «kare»:

  1. A simple trick is to resort to processing with an even cut that creates the same length. The design is preferable for owners of the correct oval of the face.
  2. The corrective effect is endowed with an asymmetric square with a difference in the side parts. A daring option is resorting to a shaved temple on one side. If necessary, the part is covered with upper elongated strands.
  3. The square is combined with shortened, even, milled, elongated asymmetrical bangs, a curtain that splits into two parts.

types of short haircutsshort women's haircuts 2022 for thin hairbob haircut for short hair

Haircut «asymmetry» for short hair

Certain design techniques help to visually correct the face. Confirmation is the styling for a short haircut, which has asymmetrical features:

  1. Shortening in one side and lengthening in the other is popular. Reception is typical for bob and square.
  2. When creating a pixie, asymmetry is expressed by shaving one temple. It is allowed to create a similar design on more elongated hairstyles: square or cascade. In this case, the shaved temple is allowed, if necessary, to be covered with upper strands.
  3. Asymmetry is played up by playing in contrast. One side part looks bold, the second can be made concise by processing with an even cut.

short hair stylingshort haircuts for girlsasymmetric haircut for short hair

Haircut «Aurora» for short hair

The usual cascade can be played in original interpretations. These are trendy haircuts for short hair, known as «Aurora»:

  1. The peculiarity of the hairstyle is cutting out in the crown area and a uniform decline along the entire length. Layering is accentuated with thinning for a bold, ragged effect.
  2. The hairstyle looks win-win on thick strands that require thinning.
  3. It is allowed to combine the «Aurora» with a variation of the bean, lifting the back of the head and making it on the leg.

trendy short haircutsfashionable women's haircuts for short hairaurora haircut for short hair

Korean short haircuts

Asian motifs have earned the recognition of girls. Fashionable short haircuts made in the Korean version serve as confirmation:

  1. Out of competition remains a square, processed with a classic even cut. Another popular hairstyle is a cascade, which does not have a strong difference in length.
  2. The addition of a bang-curtain, splitting into two sides, is popular. An alternative solution is to shape the front of the cascade like a ladder by cutting it out below the cheekbones.

trendy short haircutstypes of short haircutskorean short haircuts

Haircut «mullet» for short hair

Youth interpretations of hairstyles are relevant for young girls. This is a torn haircut for short hair «mullet»:

  1. The peculiarity of the hairstyle is cutting out in the crown area and elongated strands in the back of the head.
  2. In the upper part, a semblance of a hat is created, complemented by a smooth bang or a detail that splits into two sides.
  3. The hairstyle is subjected to a pronounced thinning, giving a strong ragged effect.

torn haircut for short hairshort hair stylingmullet haircut for short hair

Short haircut «crop»

Lovers of bold experiments will appreciate certain hairstyles. These are very short women’s haircuts «crop»:

  1. The design is masculine. Effects are achieved by shaving the temples.
  2. The upper part is processed like an ultra-short pixie, creating an original crown.
  3. The back of the head is cut off, echoing the shaved temples.
  4. It is allowed to beat the design with the help of contrasting staining. The upper part is made darker compared to the temples. There are also options with the design on the contrary.

very short haircuts for womentrendy short haircutsshort haircut crop

Haircut session for short hair

Lovers of elegance will appreciate the similarity with the French style. These are creative short women’s haircuts «Sesson»:

  1. To create a design, smooth lines are characteristic, consisting in a difference from an even bang to the side parts, turning into a more elongated nape. As a result, an original variation of the semicircle is formed.
  2. The hairstyle harmoniously looks on heavy even strands, emphasizing a healthy shine.
  3. The bangs covering the forehead are endowed with a corrective effect, suitable for owners of a triangular face type.

creative short women's haircutsstylish short haircutssesson haircut for short hair


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