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A great basis for creating a stylish everyday look will be the fashionable women’s t-shirts of 2021. The designers did their best, delighting the girls with a variety of models and colors. Among the rich assortment, you can easily find an option to your taste.

Women’s T-shirts 2021

In the collections of famous couturiers there are women’s stylish t-shirts in 2021:

  • the classic fitted style remains invariably relevant. It is recommended to choose a knitted fabric that has a pleasant ribbed structure;
  • in the trend of products with assemblies on the sleeves, which will be appreciated by the owners of narrow shoulders that require additional volume. An alternative solution is a thing equipped with soft shoulder pads;
  • for the summer heat, fashionable women’s t-shirts of 2021 with rolled up sleeves will be a godsend;
  • the model containing the finished knot that fixes the hem looks interesting. This detail provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate a slender waist;
  • the shortened version has a different hem design: with a raw, freely descending edge or with an elastic band that provides fixation under the bust;
  • asymmetry is achieved with the help of original cutouts, uneven hem, lengthening of the back;
  • for an evening out, products are designed, decorated with sequins, beads, pearls, laid out in the collar and neckline.

women's t-shirts 2021women stylish t shirts 2021branded women's t-shirts

Women’s oversized T-shirt

The well-deserved recognition of fashionistas was won by women’s T-shirts of the big sizes:

  • to enhance the impression will help a thing that is deliberately selected several sizes larger and looks like it was taken off someone else’s shoulder;
  • the ways of wearing a free product are varied: it is allowed to tuck the front part inside, tie it in a knot, leave it completely out;
  • the important point is to pick up the bottom, adjacent to the figure and balancing the silhouette;
  • oversize is performed in a shortened or elongated version. In the first case, it looks like a wide top, under which it is allowed to pry off a tight-fitting version. Another solution is a model, the length of which varies from covering the thigh to reaching the level of the ankle. In the latter case, side cuts will act as an additional highlight, opening the legs for viewing when walking.

women's oversized t-shirtplus size women's t-shirtsdesigner women t shirts

Women’s polo shirt

Fashionable women’s T-shirts, known as «polo» are associated with the classic style:

  • a distinctive feature of the style is a characteristic collar, fastened at the neck with several buttons;
  • this season, the traditional model has undergone some changes. Designers have come up with masculine, loose-fitting options that look great with skinny jeans;
  • another variety is a short women’s T-shirt, made in the form of a kind of top. A cropped polo is worn with trousers of various styles, pencil or pleated skirts;
  • the combination with sports «tennis» skirts is extremely successful, the composition looks organic and is made in the same style.

women polo shirtfashion women's t-shirtsbasic women's t-shirts

Long women’s T-shirt

An elongated women’s t-shirt will help to embody a variety of bows:

  • a thing that covers the hips and ends above the knee level will serve as an excellent alternative to a mini dress;
  • there is a length reaching the level of the ankle. Fashionable women’s long t-shirts in 2021 with a similar design are used as an independent wardrobe item or worn in combination with leggings, leggings;
  • a popular way to wear is to tuck the front into your pants and leave the back out. The result is a laid-back, relaxed look.

long women's t-shirtlong women's t-shirtwomen's fashion t-shirts for summer

Women’s printed t-shirts

Fashionable women’s t-shirts for the summer of 2021, decorated with all kinds of prints, will help to fully express individuality:

  • the application of inscriptions forming certain patterns is common. There is an arbitrary set of letters, statements on a romantic, motivating theme, catchphrases, logo names;
  • for young fashionistas, cartoon prints embodying their favorite characters will be a godsend. The current trend is the image of anime characters;
  • pop art style involves the bright application of portraits and figures of people forming an original composition;
  • on the eve of summer days, models containing a beach theme, for example, an image of sunglasses, are a hit;
  • African exoticism will be brought by coloring under a tiger, leopard, zebra;
  • floral themes, geometry, abstract motifs, patterns that correspond to the boho style do not lose ground.

women's printed t-shirtsfashionable women's t-shirts for summer 2021women's t-shirts for summer

Women’s hooded T-shirt

One of the extraordinary varieties that women’s T-shirt models are presented with is a hooded style:

  • the detail is executed in identical colors or makes a spectacular contrast. In the latter case, the hood can overlap with sleeves, pockets of the same color;
  • an interesting thing looks like a lightweight version of a hoodie, which is complemented by an elastic band or a drawstring located in the hem area;
  • the product can be worn under outerwear corresponding to a sports or casual style. The hood will act as a great alternative to a headdress and will protect from the wind if necessary.

women's hooded t-shirtwomen's t-shirt modelsunusual women's t-shirts

Women’s striped T-shirt

The hits of the season included a striped women’s T-shirt:

  • the arrangement of the strips occurs longitudinal, transverse, diagonal. A vertically applied strip is recommended for owners of magnificent forms;
  • to decorate things, two shades or more tones are used. If you choose bright colors, the model will serve as the main focus of the image;
  • with the onset of summer, it is important to apply a marine theme, when an anchor is depicted against the background of blue and white stripes.

women's striped t-shirtstriped women's t-shirtbeautiful women's t-shirts

Sports women’s t-shirts

For lovers of an active lifestyle, a women’s fitness t-shirt will be a godsend:

  • an elongated model can have a laconic design or contain cutouts on the shoulders, through which the straps of the top that is tucked under the bottom are visible. The kit often comes with leggings or bike shorts;
  • a shortened version is popular, serving as a replacement for a sports topic. The model provides an opportunity to demonstrate to others the perfect press;
  • the collar zone is made like a polo, has a triangular, oval neckline.

sports women's t-shirtswomen's fitness t-shirttypes of women's t-shirts

Women’s sleeveless T-shirt

The trend variation, which presents the types of women’s T-shirts, is a sleeveless style:

  • a one-color concise thing — the perfect solution for going to the office. Due to the lack of sleeves, it is convenient to pry it under a jacket or jacket;
  • the hit of the season is the version with soft shoulder pads. This model shows a young lady with sloping shoulders and missing volume in this area. Owners of an inverted triangle figure should refrain from such a design;
  • the presence of a variety of decor is welcome: original prints, draperies, patterns lined with small pebbles.

women's sleeveless t-shirttypes of women's t-shirtswomen's t-shirt models

Women’s bodysuit

A certain convenience and comfort will be provided by unusual women’s T-shirts, known as «body»:

  • The product combines the characteristics of two of these things at once. Thanks to the features of the cut, you can not worry about your appearance if you combine the model and low-rise jeans;
  • a thing may have a drapery in the bodice area, a zipper in the neckline, giving a special piquancy;
  • lace inserts and stripes will add romance;
  • an option that is not overloaded with excessive decor is ideal as part of a trouser set. The costume includes pants of any style or a skirt, an elongated or shortened jacket.

women t shirt bodysuitunusual women's t-shirtsfashionable women's t-shirts for summer 2021

Women’s one-shoulder T-shirt

Beautiful women’s T-shirts, which open one shoulder for viewing, are reasonably recognized as a favorite of fashionistas. The effect is achieved in several ways:

  • cut, due to which one shoulder looks lowered;
  • deep cut on one side. Fixation on the body is provided with a wide or narrow strap;
  • oblique line, with which the shoulder and arm are fully opened. The other side is made radically contrasting and closed;
  • the highlight will be a collar under the throat, which on the one hand connects to a solid closed part, and on the other sets off a piquant neckline;
  • the open shoulder area is emphasized by a wide flounce or several frills, going in several layers.

women's one-shoulder t-shirtbeautiful women's t-shirtsshort women's t-shirt

Branded women’s t-shirts

Designer women’s t-shirts are characterized by an extremely diverse design:

  • on the catwalks there are not only sports models, but also exquisite, trimmed with lace, containing flounces;
  • a special category includes tight-fitting products designed to be worn under a bustier dress or under a corset;
  • strict laconic interpretations will perfectly fit into the office style;
  • belly tie design is one of the top ideas;
  • vertical drawstrings are allowed, creating the effect of drapery;
  • leading positions are occupied by graphic drawings;
  • Numerous brands offer basic women’s T-shirts: Tom Tailor, Kenzo, Balenciaga, Gucci, Karl Lagerfeld, Guess, Calvin Klein.

branded women's t-shirtsdesigner women t shirtsbasic women's t-shirts

Women’s T-shirt Tom Tailor

The epitome of elegance is rightly recognized as women’s t-shirts for the summer, which are produced by Tom Tailor:

  • the brand is characterized by monochrome execution of products, the color palette is dominated by restrained or soft pastel;
  • a small print often acts as a decor, which is applied in the form of a long inscription consisting of small sides. Capital font affects a certain area of ​​the front surface.

tom tailor women's t-shirtwomen's t-shirts for summerfashion women's t-shirts

Women’s T-shirt Kenzo

An unsurpassed bow will help create a Kenzo women’s t-shirt:

  • a distinctive feature of the products is the image on the front surface of the tiger’s head, which is drawn exclusively with the help of a contour or contains shaded details;
  • a large inscription «Kenzo» is applied over the image of the original drawing;
  • there are also laconic options, in the manufacture of which only the company logo is taken as decoration.

kenzo women's t-shirtwomen's kenzo t shirtwomen stylish t shirts 2021

Balenciaga women’s T-shirt

Balenciaga women’s T-shirt will help to make the image bright and unforgettable:

  • catchiness will give a design consisting of a repeating brand name. The highlight is that it is applied in different languages;
  • the brand emblem and its name can act as a decor;
  • the palette is taken traditional black and white or saturated. Brave fashionistas will appreciate a thing with iridescent multi-colored stains.

balenciaga women's t-shirtbalenciaga women's t-shirtwomen's oversized t-shirt

Women’s T-shirt Gucci

Connoisseurs of eccentricity and shocking will be delighted with the Gucci women’s T-shirt:

  • the company’s designers have fully shown their imagination, developing prints. Any unusual drawing is welcome — a scattering of stars, images of popular cartoon characters;
  • if you want to purchase a basic item, it is recommended to stop at a model with the inscription «Gucci» and characteristic red-green stripes.

gucci women's t-shirtwomen gucci t shirtwomen's t-shirts 2021

Women’s T-shirt Karl Lagerfeld

The Karl Lagerfeld women’s T-shirt is characterized by a unique, incomparable style:

  • on the front of the product is a schematic image of a character associated with this brand. This is a man in sunglasses and a suit, portrayed in full growth or shoulder-length;
  • another variation of the design is the word «Karl», consisting of letters lined with rhinestones. The rest of the brand name is applied in small concise letters.

karl lagerfeld women's T-shirtkarl lagerfeld women's t-shirtfashionable women's t-shirts for summer 2021

Women’s T-shirt Guess

The popular company Guess presents incredibly stylish women’s fashionable t-shirts for the summer:

  • preference is given to monochrome colors. At the same time, a design consisting of a brand logo and certain additional details is applied to a plain background;
  • the letters forming the name «Guess» are executed in saturated colors — red and green. Alternative solutions are also allowed, for example, the use of golden paint;
  • The design looks interesting when the logo is enclosed in an inverted triangle, the contours of which are drawn in a scarlet tint.

guess women's t-shirtwomen's fashion t-shirts for summerwomen's t-shirt models

Women’s T-shirt Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein women’s T-shirts are characterized by restraint and conciseness:

  • preference is given to the classic colors — black and white;
  • the name of the trademark, which is applied in different variations, serves as decoration. The image of large capital letters «CK» or a small logo is allowed, which is applied in the full version;
  • some models are designed in an original way, when the inscription is enclosed in a contrasting rectangle that stands out against the general background.

beautiful women's t-shirtscalvin klein womens t shirtscalvin klein women's t-shirt


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