Fashionable women's trousers, trends 2021 - how to look stylish, restrained and sexy?

A popular element of the wardrobe are fashionable women’s trousers, the trends of 2021 of which are extremely diverse. They are in every woman’s closet. It is important to follow the latest trends in order to make up-to-date images.

What women’s trousers are now in fashion in 2021?

Couturiers presented women’s trousers in their collections, the trends for 2021 of which are as follows:

  • wide. The choice of options is varied. They go to work, to the theater or restaurant;
  • with high seating. According to experts, this hit will remain relevant for another six months, or even more. It is worth remembering that the product lengthens the legs and masks figure flaws. This is the undeniable advantage of the style;
  • leather. A great option for bold fashionistas. There is a discreet or bright saturated design option;
  • fashionable women’s dress pants — the trends of 2021 are represented by traditional straight cut and arrows. The thing will fit perfectly into the office bow;
  • with shiny materials — like fashionistas who want to stand out from the crowd. Catchy products are appropriate at parties;
  • shortened. Provide an opportunity to show off beautiful ankles and fashionable shoes;
  • with prints. They look original, flowers, abstraction, marine life are in fashion;
  • bananas. They remain relevant for a long time and do not plan to lose ground. Versatile and suitable for almost any type of figure.

what women's trousers are now in fashion 2021women's pants trends 2021Women's High Waist Pants

Women’s suit with trousers

An organic component of stylish sets are women’s classic trousers:

  • This is the choice for ladies who adore business looks. For spectacular bows, you should choose bright color combinations, but discreet ones are also allowed. Of the actual prints, a cage and a strip are distinguished;
  • if you want to create a romantic look, it is recommended to pay attention to a suit with a V-neck and an English collar. It is allowed not to wear a shirt or blouse under it;
  • An interesting solution is a pajama-style trouser suit that looks extraordinary and attractive.

women's suit with trouserswomen's classic trousersstylish women's trousers

Women’s flared trousers

If you choose the right style for the figure, women’s flared trousers with a high waist will become indispensable. A distinctive feature of the style is an expanding silhouette. Among the varieties of models are the following:

  • hip flare. A classic that looks good on tall ladies with lush hips. With the help of the product hide the shortcomings of the legs;
  • flare from the knee. It has a standard width in the hip area, and the expansion starts from the knee. A balance is created between full sides and hips. Mandatory heel, visually stretching the silhouette. Ideal model looks on slender girls;
  • flared jeans are relevant at any time of the year, combined with numerous items of everyday wardrobe;
  • in retro style. Cause associations with the seventies. They have a high waist and a wide flare. An option for thin girls who need to create additional volume;
  • flare skinny. This model will appeal to ladies who are tired of tight-fitting trousers;
  • flare from the waist or palazzo. These high-waisted women’s trousers look good on slender ladies who are unsure of the beauty of their legs.

women's flared trouserswomen's flared trousers with high waistwomen's loose fit trousers

Women’s leather trousers

A popular element of the wardrobe that bold fashionistas like is women’s eco-leather trousers. The following combinations look unsurpassed:

  • with a classic jacket. It is worth remembering that the pants should complement the top. In summer, a basic T-shirt is added to the bow, in winter — a sweater or turtleneck;
  • with a sports sweatshirt or hoodie. This combination of things will help create an easy and informal look;
  • with a sweater or jumper. It is recommended to select voluminous knitwear;
  • with denim. A jacket or shirt made of denim material looks interesting with leather products.

women's leather trouserswomen's eco-leather trouserswomen's pants fashion 2021

Women’s chinos

Chinos — women’s cropped trousers, became popular immediately after they appeared:

  • are loose-fitting clothing made of linen or light cotton with cut pockets at the front;
  • the length is just below the ankle, but the products can be worn slightly tucked up. However, this must be done carelessly and several times. Chinos are sure to sit exactly on the figure;
  • 2021 trendy women’s trousers are versatile, combined with a variety of clothes and shoes. Looks good with oxfords, loafers, boots with heels. In cold weather, it is allowed to combine the product with jackets, leather jackets or loose knitted cardigans.

women's chinoswomen's cropped trouserswomen's straight trousers

Women’s palazzo trousers

For several seasons, wide women’s high-waisted trousers, known as «palazzo», remain relevant:

  • judging by the latest designer shows, the style is recognized as a favorite of the catwalks. The model is universal, so it looks good on any woman, although it is ideal for thin girls;
  • however, plump ladies wear pants. Owners of magnificent forms need to choose a model from a light flowing fabric with an extension from the middle of the thigh;
  • You can wear a palazzo at any time of the year. When warm, it is worth combining the product with blouses or shirts, cropped jackets or tight-fitting T-shirts. In cold weather, they put on a pullover or turtleneck, jumper, leather jacket or blazer. Interestingly stylish women’s trousers look in combination with a shirt.

women's palazzo trouserswomen's high waist wide leg trouserslarge women's trousers

Women’s skinny pants

Skinny — women’s tight pants that emphasize the dignity of a toned figure. Therefore, it is recommended to choose pants of such a plan for those who do not have problems with being overweight. The original models stand out:

  • classic. An indispensable item in a woman’s wardrobe. Often sewn from cotton or costume fabric;
  • shortened. Open the ankle, allowing you to show off the beauty of the legs. You can add sandals or shoes with heels;
  • skinny jeans. A hit of the last few years, a choice for lovers of casual style;
  • ripped jeans. An interesting option for those who like to stand out. The same category includes products with scuffs.

women's skinny trouserswomen's skinny trouserswomen's high waist trousers

Women’s Capri Pants

An interesting style that has been popular since the fifties is the types of women’s trousers known as «Capri»:

  • stylists do not advise ladies of small stature with short or full legs to wear the model. Women in the body also better pay attention to other things;
  • capri pants are appropriate in different situations: they are worn to the office, for a walk. Pants are also suitable for creating romantic images. There are even sports models with pockets for picnics or forest walks;
  • Denim capri pants that are worn at any time of the year look interesting. Pants are combined with T-shirts and T-shirts, sweatshirts with prints;
  • in winter, you can stay on products with wool or elastane, suede or leather. It is important to wear elegant shoes for them, the top can be anything;
  • lovers of delicate images will appreciate the cuff variations, which can also be worn at work.

women's capri pantstypes of women's trouserswomen's straight trousers

Women’s breeches

An extravagant idea that will appeal to lovers of originality is fashionable women’s trousers, known as breeches:

  • the product is wide at the hips and narrowed from the knee down. Breeches perfectly mask slightly large hips and compensate for the narrowness. Short girls wear a thing with shoes with heels;
  • experts recommend combining pants with classic shirts or T-shirts of a simple silhouette, turtlenecks or jackets. Fit into the image and cardigans.

women's jodhpur trousersfashionable women's trouserswhat women's trousers are now in fashion 2021

Women’s skirt-pants

A great compromise between femininity and practicality — loose women’s skirt pants:

  • it is a comfortable and sophisticated piece of clothing. The first variants appeared 200 years ago. The thing is universal and suits almost everyone, but the features of the figure are taken into account so as not to add extra volume;
  • relevant this season is the model of trousers-skirt with the most free cut. The length is preferably maxi or slightly below the knee. Of interest is the style, reminiscent of a sun skirt;
  • Any color scheme is allowed. All sorts of shades are allowed, although bright colors, bold and bold prints are more welcome;
  • fashionistas should pay attention to the style with a smell. This is an original option for those who are tired of typical office products.

women skirt pantsloose women's trouserswomen's high waist wide leg trousers

Women’s slacks

Slacks have a universal purpose — women’s trousers, the fashion of 2021 for which is represented by a variety of trends:

  • pants are suitable for playing sports, fit into the office style, look great at parties. The colors of the products are selected individually, depending on what image you want to create;
  • slacks go well with chiffon blouses, which are recommended to be tucked in. Shirts and T-shirts are welcome. A trench coat or coat is thrown on top, while focusing on the belt. The existing flaws in the hip area are masked with a long and wide tunic.

women's slacks trouserswomen's pants fashion 2021women's pants trends 2021

Fashionable women’s sports trousers

In the wardrobe of any girl, women’s sports-style trousers should be present. The model range is so wide that you can find an option that suits a particular lady:

  • straight. A classic that never goes out of style. Suitable for any girl, complexion is unimportant;
  • wide. Suitable for overweight women, because they hide body flaws;
  • with cuffs. Look stylish and catchy, suitable for tall women;
  • flared. The golden mean between straight and wide variations;
  • narrow. Look good on thin girls;
  • shortened. Ladies who want to show off beautiful ankles will like it.

fashionable sports pants for womenwomen's sports trouserstypes of women's trousers

Women’s oversized trousers

Justified recognition was won by large women’s trousers:

  • look great on the figure and help to mask the existing flaws;
  • that short girls should not combine pants with low-cut shoes. Ladies of high stature allow themselves such;
  • for beautiful images, it is allowed to use blouses, shirts, turtlenecks, sweaters and jackets.

women's oversized trouserslarge women's trousersfashionable women's trousers for overweight

Women’s boyfriend pants

Women’s high-waisted trousers, known as boyfriends, have firmly established themselves in the wardrobe. These are straight-cut pants that visually resemble men’s a little:

  • narrow. Tight fit to the leg, emphasizing the dignity of the figure;
  • shortened. It is recommended to wear tall girls;
  • torn. Look extraordinary and catchy;
  • with patterns. An option for girls who are tired of classic and boring pants without decorative elements;
  • knitted. Comfortable to wear and does not restrict movement.

women's boyfriend pantswomen's high waist trouserswomen's cropped trousers

Women’s black cargo pants

Women’s trousers with an elastic band at the bottom are recognized as a hit of the last season. However, cargo continues to hold its ground:

  • black products fit perfectly into a business style, combined with sneakers and shoes, T-shirts, shirts and blouses;
  • it is allowed to try sports jackets if you want the image to be original.

Women's Black Cargo Pantswomen's trousers with elastic at the bottomfashionable women's trousers

Women’s cigarette trousers

The embodiment of the «unisex» style are straight women’s trousers, known as «cigarettes»:

  • products are convenient, practical and versatile. It is allowed to combine with a variety of tops and shoes. For example, for a walk, they take comfortable boots and an oversized sweater;
  • for a romantic look, feminine shoes and a flowing blouse are suitable;
  • for a business style, you should take pants in black and a light blouse or shirt. In the summer, they wear bright t-shirts that will help you stand out from the crowd.

women's cigarette pantswomen's straight trouserswomen's cropped trousers

Women’s pants boho style

Free-cut women’s trousers are sewn from natural fabrics, embodying the popular boho style:

  • images using boho are original and light. Thanks to the free cut, the products mask the flaws of the figure;
  • there are models suitable for full girls. Excess weight is masked by frills, folds and draperies;
  • for combinations, cotton, linen tunics, blouses containing embroidery, appliqués are used.

women's pants boho stylewomen's loose fit trousersloose women's trousers

Fashionable women’s trousers for full

Modern designers are developing women’s trousers in large sizes in a variety of variations:

  • classic. Ideal for creating office and strict images;
  • pilots. It is recommended to wear in the warm season;
  • sultans. Look feminine and romantic;
  • bananas. Popular version for full girls;
  • narrower. It is worth choosing carefully and wisely so as not to spoil the impression of the figure;
  • wide. Ideal for full ladies.

fashionable women's trousers for overweightplus size women's trouserswomen's pants fashion 2021

Women’s checkered trousers

One of the main favorites of the season is plaid women’s trousers:

  • the main thing is to choose the product in size so that the pattern does not deform. A large cage makes you fat, so ladies in the body should be more careful with the print. It is better for owners of magnificent forms to pay attention to a small pattern;
  • checkered pants should be worn with plain products without unnecessary decor, because the product makes an increased emphasis on the image. The top is selected based on the situation to which the image is timed.

women's plaid trousersplaid women's trousersstylish women's trousers


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