A large gymnastic ball (fitball or Swiss ball) was originally intended for the rehabilitation of people after operations and injuries, as well as those suffering from cerebral palsy. Gradually, it was introduced into the world of fitness and it became especially popular among fans of homework. This is due to the fact that in order to maintain balance, it is necessary to strain a large number of muscles, including those that are difficult to work out with ordinary physical exercises.

Choosing a fitness ball

Choosing a fitness ball

To properly perform exercises for weight loss and strengthening the body, you need to choose the right gymnastic ball. The first criterion that must be considered when buying a fitball is the ratio of its diameter to the height of the person involved.

  • For people whose height is less than 152 cm, a projectile with a diameter of 45 cm is required.
  • For people with a height of 152 cm to 164 cm, a 55 cm ball is suitable.
  • For people with a height of 164 cm and up to 180 cm, a fitball of 65 cm is optimal.
  • Those who are over 180 cm tall will need a ball 75 cm in diameter.

Before buying, you must «try on» the ball for yourself. When landing on a properly selected fitball, the legs form a right angle at the knees. For pregnant women, there is a feature: the knees should rise slightly — this will provide a comfortable position for the stomach between the legs in the last trimester.

Next, you need to carefully examine the ball and find out its main characteristics. If there is an unpleasant smell from the projectile, then it is made of cheap rubber that cannot withstand heavy loads. It is necessary to check with the seller if the fitball has an anti-explosion system that ensures smooth deflation of air from the ball in the event of a puncture. This is especially true for people who are undergoing a rehabilitation course, as well as for pregnant women, since a fall from a burst ball during a fitness class can adversely affect the health of both the expectant mother and baby.

When inflating the projectile, its surface should create a feeling of density and be elastic. The seams should not be felt when the hand rests on the surface. The fitball can be with handles — this option is optimal for young children. Also, the projectile may have a massage surface to stimulate blood circulation. Having chosen a fitball, you need to pump it up correctly, since the pumped ball is less stable, and it will be more difficult to stay on it.

Proper exercise on the ball

Proper exercise on the ball

Physical exercise with the ball requires the preparation of a place for training. Choose a free space of the room away from large and sharp objects. In the initial stages, you can put a towel roller under the ball so that it is more stable. This will help facilitate getting used to a new type of load; then classes are carried out without additional stoppers.

An important point in fitness is proper breathing. Trying to maintain balance, a person involuntarily holds his breath, preventing the body from working in the right mode. This situation should be avoided and the respiratory process should always be controlled. The correct landing on the ball will help in this: they sit down with a flat back, put their feet together. Working with the abdominal muscles, maintain the correct position and monitor the frequency of inhalations and exhalations.

When compiling a fitness training program, beginners should consider the following points:

  • in the first lessons, you can stick your hand to the wall if you can’t keep your balance on your own;
  • weight loss exercises are repeated 10-15 times and performed in 1-3 sets;
  • if pain occurs at the time of performing a fitness element, you need to make sure that the technique is followed correctly, since non-compliance with it can lead to injury;
  • if classes with a fitball are needed for rehabilitation after an injury, then a consultation with the attending physician is necessary, and in some cases, the supervision of an exercise therapy instructor.

Each session begins with a light warm-up to prepare the body for action. At the end of the workout, stretching is done to restore the shape of the muscles.

Fitness classes with a ball are convenient in that familiar elements can be adapted to them. Over time, you will be able to independently select training programs for yourself, paying more attention to problem areas. Healthy lifestyle beginners can use the following set of exercises for weight loss:

  • They fall to the floor on their backs (for convenience, you can lay a gymnastic rug or a thick blanket), the legs are bent at the knee joints, the ball is placed between the feet, squeezing it tightly.

They rhythmically raise their legs and pull them towards themselves, then take them back.

  • Remaining in the same position with the ball clamped by the feet, they begin to lower their legs, first in one direction, then in the other direction.

Twist the body as much as possible, but with good flexibility, you need to ensure that the feet do not fall to the floor.

  • They remain in a prone position, throw their legs on the ball so that the shins lie on the surface of the fitball.

The palms are clasped at the back of the head, the shoulder section is torn off the floor and stretched with the chest to the knees. After — return to the starting position and repeat the exercise the required number of times.

  • The ball is placed in front of you, resting on its surface with your elbows, feet on the floor.

The whole body is drawn in one line. Hold this position for as long as you can.

  • They lie down on the ball with their stomach, slightly roll forward so that it is in the hips; legs extended, hands resting on the floor.

Straining the muscles of the back and lower back, raise the legs as high as possible.

  • They sit on the fitball, roll over it with their backs so that the ball is under the waist.

Feet rest on the floor, hands on the other side of the projectile also touch the floor surface. With an exhalation, raise the upper body, hold the adopted position for several seconds and lower back.

  • Remaining in a prone position on the ball, shift it under the hips.

Hands rest on the floor. They stretch their legs and roll the fitball, shifting it to the socks. Hold the adopted position for a couple of seconds, then return to the starting position.

  • Sit on the ball, feet rest on the floor.

Working with the buttocks and the press, they roll the ball under them from side to side.

Regular exercise on the gym ball will help strengthen muscles, reduce weight and develop a sense of balance.


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