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It is not difficult to choose a dress according to the type of figure if you know the basic rules. Don’t understand what it’s about? No problem! In this article, we will describe how to choose a dress that will hide all its flaws.

Figure Types

To begin with, any female figure can be attributed to one of four types. If a girl has a wasp waist, long graceful arms, a non-fluffy chest and wide hips, then her figure is called a “pear”. This type is the most common. The second type is «apple». Broad shoulders, luxurious breasts, the absence of a pronounced waist and narrow hips — these are the characteristics of ladies-«apples». The third type includes rectangular figures (the width of the shoulders, waist and hips is almost the same). And the sexiest, according to most representatives of the stronger sex, the type of figure is the «hourglass». The very notorious «90-60-90» or female proportions close to these parameters. It is to them that one should strive, choosing dresses that hide figure flaws.

Choosing a dress

If you are one of the happy owners of an hourglass figure, when choosing a dress, you can only focus on the color and appropriateness of the style of the dress for a particular event. «Pears» need to balance the silhouette. Dresses with a detachable waist and decor in the form of frills, bows and ruffles at the top will do it best. A loose cut-off skirt in an A-line silhouette will hide problematic hips.

The primary task of the “apple” lady is to divert attention from the waist and lengthen the silhouette. Tailored on an oblique model, as well as high-waisted dresses are the best solution. You can also stretch the silhouette with the help of prints (vertical narrow strip, vertical color blocks).

If the figure has the shape of a rectangle, then you should choose dresses with a bright accent on the waistline. It can be an X-shaped intersection of stripes, a smell, a belt. Deep V-neckline and layered puffy skirts will help to create feminine curves of the body. Asymmetry and pleating are also welcome.


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