Flower manicure - 52 photos with stylish ideas for nails of any length

Flower manicure is one of the most feminine and romantic solutions when creating an original nail design. Depending on the chosen image and color scheme, it can be delicate, made in pastel colors, or extremely bright and saturated, designed to make eye-catching bows.

Manicure 2018 with flowers

Many stylists prefer to use a manicure with 2018 flowers to complement trendy bows, the fashion trends of which are extremely diverse. They are as follows:

  • a variety of colors, one, two or more shades can be used to create a pattern. At the same time, they can be restrained or, on the contrary, as bright and even acidic as possible;
  • a color palette similar in shades is used or, on the contrary, the most contrasting;
  • a manicure with flowers can be made using small flowers or, on the contrary, very large elements that occupy almost the entire surface of the nail plate;
  • floral motifs can be complemented by floral ones, this combination looks incredibly organic;
  • the ornament can be drawn with varnish, made using stickers or by laying out colored rhinestones;
  • nail art can have a different purpose. Restrained pastel options are perfect for everyday walks or for going to the office. A bright and rich design containing golden or silver decoration will be a great addition to evening dresses;
  • representatives of the fair sex of different ages will be able to choose the appropriate design. For young girls, both bright and delicate pastel nail art are suitable. Older women are advised to opt for a more restrained and elegant option.

manicure 2018 with flowers

Manicure 2018 with flowers

manicure with flowers 2018 fashion trends

Manicure for short nails with flowers

Owners of shortened nail plates will be able to decorate them and bring zest to the image if they use the “flowers” ​​nail design. It is recommended that the following points be taken into account:

  • flower images of large sizes can cover one nail or several, but not all, so as not to overload the image;
  • fingers can cover small flowers, while they can be applied to the entire surface of the nail plate or only to a certain part.

flower manicure for short nailsflower nail design

Manicure with flowers for long nails

On elongated nail plates, you can create almost any manicure with flowers on the nails. You can designate such stylish and original variations of its application:

  • the ornament, at the request of the owner of nail art, can be small or large. In the first case, the drawing can be applied to a bright base, and in the second case, it is recommended to apply it to a pastel background;
  • images can be drawn exclusively with varnish or appear in combination with rhinestones;
  • the drawing can be drawn with clear graphic lines or smoothly and artistically.

manicure with flowers for long nailsmanicure with flowers on the nails

Flower Manicure Ideas

The fair sex of different ages appreciated the flower manicure. Among the variety of solutions presented by stylists for its design, the following can be identified:

  • an extremely interesting variation of the classic jacket or moon nail art is its decoration with a similar ornament;
  • lovers of elegant bows will appreciate the combination with transparent varnish;
  • images can be applied in the traditional way or using volumetric technology;
  • manicure with flowers looks very organic in combination with fears;
  • if you want to make the image as memorable and eye-catching as possible, you can opt for large drawings;
  • you can combine two techniques at once and apply a gradient;
  • the ornament can be applied not only by drawing, but also by applying sliders to the surface;
  • one of the deepest and richest options is the use of black;
  • nail design 2018 «flowers» can be everyday, office, evening and even wedding.

flower manicure ideasfloral manicure

French manicure with flowers

A win-win option, which is the embodiment of femininity and elegance at the same time, is a French manicure with flowers. It can be made in the following variations:

  • flower petals can capture the tip or be located exclusively in the middle of the nail plate;
  • French manicure with flowers can be done in traditional white or pastel colors or using all sorts of bright colors. At the same time, they can decorate both the main part and the tip;
  • association with moon nail art is allowed, while the tip and hole are painted over in tones similar in color.

french manicure with flowersfrench manicure with flowers

Transparent manicure with flowers

One of the common design solutions used in order to create a delicate manicure with flowers. It comes in the following design variations:

  • floral ornaments, made in muted or saturated colors, can be applied to a transparent base;
  • the main part can be painted in any specific color, selected at the request of the owner of nail art. At the same time, all kinds of transparent floral motifs are applied to the base, corresponding to the negative space style.

transparent manicure with flowersgentle manicure with flowers

Manicure with three-dimensional flowers

An extremely original and extraordinary solution is a nail design with three-dimensional flowers. Such elements are created using special materials that allow you to imitate modeling. The detail can be covered with acrylic powder, giving a velvety effect, or you can do without it, imitating smooth petals. A three-dimensional image may consist of several large or many small details.

flower manicure

Manicure with flowers and rhinestones

A nail design with flowers and rhinestones looks truly luxurious. There are such variations of its design:

  • any rhinestone can act as a central element and be located inside the flower;
  • rhinestones can be laid out along the edge of the petals;
  • rhinestones can be laid out as openwork patterns or in the form of separate strips.

manicure with flowers and rhinestonesnail design with flowers and rhinestones

Large flower nail design

A spectacular option to grab everyone’s attention is a floral nail design containing large details. It can be supplemented with the following elements:

  • individual large petals or the entire flower can be drawn;
  • the image can be smooth or three-dimensional;
  • decoration with rhinestones is welcome; in combination with large petals, they look incredibly harmonious.

big flower nail designflower nail design

Manicure gradient with flowers

One of the most original solutions is a gradient manicure with flowers. Its characteristic features are the following:

  • for decoration, a combination of two or more shades can be used;
  • tones can pass into each other extremely smoothly or more sharply;
  • similar shades or contrasting ones can be used. For example, it can be a yellow and red manicure with flowers;
  • the petals are placed on top of the background, which looks like an overflow of one tone into another.

manicure gradient with flowers

Floral slider manicure

It is very easy to create a manicure with flowers, which is complemented by sliders. These details are stickers that can be easily transferred to the surface of the nail plate. They can be placed in the following ways:

  • sliders can be on all fingers or cover only certain nail plates;
  • as for the color scheme, it can be delicate and pastel, for example, it is a pink manicure with flowers, or bright and saturated, for example, it is red, yellow, lilac shades.

flower slider manicuremanicure 2018 with flowers

Black manicure with flowers

Lovers of non-standard stylistic solutions can opt for such an option as a beautiful manicure with flowers, the basis of which is a black tone. Among the features of its design are the following:

  • the main part, painted in black, can be matte or glossy. In the latter case, it may be a design known as «cat’s eye»;
  • on a black background, petals can be drawn, which are applied in absolutely any shades. They can be large and occupy a significant part of the surface of the nail plate, or vice versa, small and almost invisible;
  • a manicure with flowers on a black background can be done using rhinestones.

black manicure with flowersbeautiful manicure with flowers

Lunar manicure with flowers

One of the great classic solutions is a colored, black or white manicure with flowers, made in the form of moon nail art. It is characterized by the presence of the following details:

  • the holes can be transparent, delicate pastel or bright colors;
  • lunar design can be combined with a jacket. In this case, the petals can go to the tip or hole, drawn in a tone contrasting with the main part;
  • the flower can be located in the area of ​​​​the bow and serve as its spectacular variation. In this case, the petals are arranged as an environment of a rounded hole, which acts as a central element;
  • the hole can be painted with varnish or lined with rhinestones.

moon manicure with flowersmanicure with flowers 2018 fashion trends

Wedding manicure with flowers

Girls who are preparing for the wedding ceremony will be able to make an incredibly stylish manicure with flowers. It fits very harmoniously into the overall image of the bride and serves as an organic addition to it. Among the common stylistic decisions are the following:

  • the use of traditional colors is welcome, which is represented by white, beige, cream, peach, soft pink shades;
  • the drawing can be applied to a transparent base or, on the contrary, be transparent and made on any background, giving the nails a negative space effect;
  • images can be smooth, drawn on the surface, or three-dimensional;
  • floral patterns can cover the entire surface of the nail plate or only a certain part, or be located in a single copy.

wedding manicure with flowersstylish manicure with flowers


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