Foam manicure - a fashion trend in the art of nail art

Manicurists have again introduced the effect of foam on nails to the list of current trends. This decision made a real sensation in the nail industry and the world of beauty, so it’s time for you to learn more about this technique. Thanks to the unusual design, a large selection of all kinds of color variations and ease of reproduction, this design will become even more popular this year.

Foam manicure 2020

If you are actively looking for the perfect style direction for your fingers, you will love the latest trends. Ultra-modern interpretations of fashionable nail art combine original, exclusive, interesting techniques. Special attention deserves a manicure with foam, which was presented in improved versions. Current designs have an unconventional texture, reminiscent of sea foam. And in some cases even a snake skin.

This technique has been in great demand for several seasons, but newfangled trends will exalt it even higher. This type of design is suitable for any length, shape, shape of nails. The stylish color palette is so multifaceted that the embodiment of any favorite shade on your fingers is available. A harmonious combination with other techniques will impress the most inveterate critics of nail design.

foam manicure 2020

Foam manicure for short nails

The length of the nail plate does not matter, meet the modern foam manicure for short nails 2020. Almond and “soft square” have become the most trendy forms, so pay attention to such outlines. The most feminine and delicate variations will be light nude shades of the coating. But, if you are a lover of bright saturated colors, you should pay attention to red, purple, yellow or orange.

The combination of various styles in one design solution looks impressive. Stylists and leading nail maters recommend giving preference to matte designs, and focusing the foam manicure itself, made in contrasting colors, on several fingers or on one ring finger. A glossy finish with small areas of an unusual effect looks great on almond-shaped nails.

Foam manicure for short nails

Foam manicure for long nails

Long nails provide more room for work that you can do yourself. The technology is not complicated, so every fashionista can try to make a manicure personally. For a long nail plate of any shape, exquisite shades of pink, blue, purple, emerald are suitable. A metallic or silver nail design with foam will add a more spectacular result.

Among the additional techniques, rubbing can be distinguished. This technique will embody more shimmery highlights on your fingers. Additional decorative elements are available in the form of rhinestones, sequins or beads, which will appeal to grammer girls. Classic options include matte finishes in black, white or gray with glossy tints.

Foam manicure for long nails

Foam Manicure Ideas

Getting the effect of stunning bubbles is very simple, for this you need only the usual miles of foam from any foaming composition in the form of a gel, shampoo and sweat-like substances. Therefore, every fashionista will be able to embody the desired nail design with soap foam. The most versatile options suitable for every day, business meetings or romantic dates include neutral shades with a matte finish. And for a more festive design, it is worth considering the effect of rubbing, «cat’s eye» in contrasting colors.

foam manicure ideas

Black foam manicure

Dark tones, especially black, are popular among business ladies who prefer universal coatings for the nail plate. If you are looking for a practical yet beautiful manicure to visit the workplace, be sure to check out the foam nail design. It is fashionable to perform it even on your own, so caring for your fingers depends only on you.

For a more spectacular appearance, the use of rhinestones, beads, foil and other additional elements is acceptable. The combination with beige, pink, light shades looks unique and feminine. Saturated tints of emerald, blue, purple will add more elegance and restraint. And silver or gold inserts are suitable even for parties.

black foam manicure

Red foam manicure

Girls who believe that scarlet colors for nails look defiant are greatly mistaken. Foam red manicure, in fact, is considered the most spectacular, chic, sophisticated alternative for your nails. This tone has long become universal and perfectly complements any image. The combination with gold splashes or voluminous textures looks especially beautiful.

If you are not a fan of such an expressive nail design, but love rich scarlet tones, stylists recommend that you familiarize yourself with simpler, minimalist interpretations. The current technique looks elegant on one or more fingers. However, a bubble design on nails with foam, focused on certain areas, will be more modern.

red foam manicure

Bubble manicure with foam

The most practical solution for connoisseurs of unusual nail design. Girls who want to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to a new manicure can do it in person in a matter of minutes. Rainbow overflows on the fingers look very unusual and colorful, so pay attention to colorful shades, study competent combinations and get to work!

It is best to perform these techniques on light or neutral color transitions. Thus, it will be possible to achieve a stunning effect of soap bubbles. Foam on the nails is applied as the final stage of the procedure, after covering the base and top. The bubbles must be carefully distributed over the plate, dried and carefully removed with a cotton pad.

bubble manicure with foam

Manicure with waves and foam

The hot season is getting closer, so it’s time to create a selection of the best nail art for the summer. The main association is beach sand, sun and sea. Why not embody these aspects on your nails? An ideal basis for the realization of your ideas will be a matte finish in light shades. You can paint the upper part of the plate blue, the lower part pale yellow, and form the bubbles themselves in the middle so that they divide the nail in half. So the sea foam manicure turned out.

Glossy options are also available, often in blue, blue or turquoise shades. To accurately convey the effect of a wave or foam, you can add voluminous details in the form of a starfish, fish, pearls. For glamorous girls, leading nail maters have created exclusive combinations with newfangled effects, alternatives with sparkles, rhinestones and other decorations.

wave and foam manicure

Foam manicure rubbing

Another unique way to make your fingers more expressive and attractive. This technique allows you to achieve fabulous flicker, overflow and glare. Stylists sincerely advise considering cutting-edge nail design with foam and rubbing. The most popular colors are:

  • red;
  • coral;
  • pink;
  • yellow;
  • Orange;
  • sky blue;
  • blue;
  • violet;
  • green;
  • emerald.

For lovers of the classics, tone shades of black and white are provided. Beige nude tones will give the overall design more tenderness, softness, and make the whole image more feminine and pleasant. If you want to pick up an interesting combination and embody it on your fingers, you can choose a variety of colors for each nail, so you get an unusual colorful design. Pink foam manicure looks relevant with the addition of additional decorative elements in the form of rhinestones, beads, volumetric details.

foam manicure rubbing

cat eye manicure

There are never enough sparkling reflections and flicker, so every fashionista can combine the ultra-modern cat-eye technique with bubbles. Deep shades of burgundy, dark blue, green or purple look beautiful. However, you can choose the palette at your own discretion. If you are a supporter of non-traditional designs, you can dilute the coating with cobwebs, geometric ornaments. Foam manicure design with additional sparkles or rhinestones has already won the hearts of many ladies.

cat eye manicure

White manicure with foam

The most classic and practical designs look perfect in combination with white shades. If you want to choose a universal option for everyday life, workdays and romantic meetings, pay attention to the light coating. You can independently realize the desired designs with this technique, you just need to carefully understand the nuances of its execution.

White color will serve as an ideal base, so a manicure with foam bubbles will complement diverse looks for any season, be it spring, summer, autumn or winter. Nails for every day look attractive in a velvet look, options for the office are conducive to the selection of contrasting colors, bitmaps, and exclusive techniques. And evening interpretations include the addition of rhinestones, foil, sparkles or beads.

white manicure with foam

Nude manicure with foam

Have you always admired beige shades and in search of cutting-edge nail art? Or have you always preferred bright tones on your fingers, but want to change your image and surrender to gentle tones? Then you will be impressed by the newfangled soft colors and soap foam manicure. Nude colors look more feminine on a matte finish, but the effect of rubbing, gloss also looks elegant and easy.

You can give bright accents with the help of amazing drawings or by painting several marigolds in a contrasting color. Combinations with red, pink, white or black coatings are considered the most harmonious. If you crave to decorate your manicure with a variety of elements, the masters recommend small neat rhinestones, shiny pollen on the ring fingers, bitmaps or geometry.

nude manicure with foam

Manicure with soap foam and sculpting

The embodiment of non-traditional manicure designs implies not only a manicure with a foam effect, but also voluminous textures, additional details and textured modeling. Relief drawings of diverse subjects have been very popular for several seasons. For a sunny springtime, fashionistas choose exquisite buds and flowers. The hot summer season means sea texture waves, palm trees, fruits and similar attributes of a foamy surface. In autumn, twigs, yellowed leaves are in demand, and in winter — snowflakes.

soap foam manicure

Blue foam manicure

Shades of blue are relevant at any time of the year and always look mega-stylish. Deep shades have been at the top of trends and trends in the nail sphere for a long time. Every young lady who is interested in current innovations already knows that a blue foam manicure will look ultra-modern, beautiful and feminine. Therefore, it’s time to find out a little more about acceptable techniques and newfangled decoration.

Matte finish is especially in demand among business women who want to look appropriate in the eyes of their colleagues and employees. Street fashion is about daring combinations of bubble design with geometric, minimalist and even animalistic influences. And the classic options, for all sorts of occasions, imply the effect of rubbing, foil, cobwebs and other decorative elements. Therefore, if you think that foam bubbles over a blue base are for you, get to work!

blue foam manicure

Golden foam manicure

You were unexpectedly invited to a party, but your fingers are not ready? Rather, dilute the soap with fashion and prepare a golden gel polish. Golden nails themselves look festive, but a foamy exquisite manicure will help to make a splash among guests and other ladies. Each girl can independently embody it, it only takes a little time and effort. Glamor fans can decorate their nails even more with rhinestones, sparkles, foil or rubbing technique. However, it is important to remember that a manicure with foam already looks very festive.

golden foam manicure


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