Foil Nail Design - 48 Trendy Ideas for Long and Short Nails

Trends in the world of nail art are constantly changing, so girls can change their look as often as they wish. A few years ago, stylists offered the young ladies an original nail design with foil, which remains extremely popular to this day.

Nail design 2018 with foil

Bright and original nail design with foil originally belonged to the evening types of nail art, which girls did for going out and special occasions. However, today the situation has changed radically, and such a manicure can be found even in the simplest everyday looks.

In 2018, nail design with foil has become one of the most current trends, with the help of which nail art masters embody the most daring fantasies on the hands of clients. To create it, more than 10 types of foil are used, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. This season, the following types of nail art are especially in demand:

  • transfer — an unusually simple and convenient way to decorate nail plates, which any girl can easily use without resorting to the help of professionals;
  • squeezed — such a manicure turns out to be unusually bright, catchy and original, so it is used by young ladies who want to stand out from the crowd;
  • nail design with liquid foil — a way to depict almost anything on the claws;
  • nail art with ready-made stripes.

nail design 2018 with foil

Nail design 2018 with foil

original foil nail designnail design 2018 with foil

Foil nail design for short nails

Neat short claws, decorated with different types of nail foil, or stanol, look very cute and pretty. Shades for such nail art can be absolutely anything — a design with colored foil looks great, a delicate manicure in pink tones, exquisite snow-white options or broken glass in tandem with a deep dark coating. In all cases, the use of foil elements adds freshness, uniqueness and novelty to nail art, making it simply unforgettable.

Since short claws themselves are incredibly comfortable and do not cause discomfort in everyday life at all, nail designs with foil on them can be used at least every day. Nevertheless, if a girl does a manicure for work, you should not place too much decor on the plates and use bright and “flashy” shades of coatings.

foil nail design for short nailscolored foil design

Nail design with foil for long nails

Unlike short claws, long nail plates look somewhat defiant. Nail designs 2018 with foil stripes or other foil elements draw extra attention to them, so this nail art is only suitable for special occasions. Best of all, such a manicure on long claws will look as part of a themed party, but the very next day after this event, you should get rid of it, preferring simpler, calmer and more concise options.

However, neat stripes on long claws can be used in everyday life. As a rule, they are placed horizontally to visually reduce the length of the nail plate. One of the popular ways to arrange such pieces is a double or triple jacket, which looks very unusual, stylish and attractive.

foil nail design for long nailsnail design 2018 with foil stripes

Foil Nail Design Ideas

Creating a beautiful nail design with foil is not difficult — any kind of foil elements is simple and easy to use, so the help of professionals is not always required. In addition, today there are a huge number of variations and ideas of such nail art, which, if desired, any representative of the fair sex can use.

foil nail design ideasbeautiful foil nail design

Foil stripe nail design

The original nail design with transfer foil cut into strips came to us from Japan. Oriental girls are fans of everything shiny, so they began to apply foil elements on all fingers, giving their hands a bright, catchy and incredibly spectacular appearance. However, such a manicure looks too defiant, so the overwhelming majority of stylists advise decorating only accent fingers with foil stripes or placing them on all claws, but one at a time.

Gluing such strips is very simple, they can be placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally, lay out certain patterns from them, fill the entire surface of the claw and much more. So that the resulting nail art does not become a disappointment, it is useful to consider the following recommendations from stylists:

  • this nail design with colored foil or stripes with various effects looks very unusual — rhombuses, circles, iridescent tints, and so on;
  • foil stripes on claws of any length look especially harmonious if the substrate under them is matched to match. In this case, the joints are almost invisible;
  • stripes on a black background look impressive and solemn;
  • the stripes do not have to be the same width, they can be different;
  • to give the manicure a special chic, depth and sophistication will help stained glass gel polish applied over the base coat.

foil stripe nail designfoil nail design

Gold foil nail design

Luxurious and sophisticated nail design with golden foil is perfect for special occasions. It looks harmonious and complete, and the enchanting brilliance of gold attracts many enthusiastic and interested looks to it. In addition, recently, many girls have noticed that the golden frame goes well with marble.

gold foil nail designgold foil nail design

Black foil nail design

The black coating allows you to fully appreciate the beauty and brilliance of the foil elements. The rainbow decor looks especially good on it, which always makes nail art truly delightful. Staniole decor can be combined with a glossy or matte finish, but the latter is the most preferred. The design of black foil nails attracts hot-tempered, strong and self-confident women who are not afraid to be in the spotlight.

black foil nail designblack foil nail design

Matte foil nail design

In a noble matte design, foil nail design becomes an unusually solemn evening option, which is perfect for going out or important events. To create it, a matte steel or a similar coating can be used, which complement each other remarkably. This type of nail art can be used at any time of the year, however, for the autumn-winter period, black or blue nail design with foil is better suited, and for a warm summer, mint, pale pink or purple.

frosted foil nail designblue foil nail design

Flamingo and Foil Nail Design

One of the main trends of recent years has been the image on the nail plates of all kinds of animals and birds, some of which look simply charming. So, modern masters of manicure art can offer their clients to make a stylish nail design with foil and complement it with a bright and original image of a flamingo. In this case, there should be only one drawing, so as not to overload the nail art and not make it too defiant.

flamingo and foil nail design

Foil french nail design

Foil elements can diversify the usual French manicure, which in some cases looks too strict and conservative. The classic white nail design with foil takes on a bright, original and unusual appearance, which immediately makes its owner incredibly attractive. Often, the design of French nails with foil is complemented by thematic drawings, lace patterns. In addition, the staniole strips can be laid out along the smile line, thus eliminating the need to use a coating of a different color shade.

foil nail designstylish foil nail design

Nail design with foil and rhinestones

Masters of manicure art successfully combine different manicure techniques and ways of decorating claws in one nail art. So, along with foil, you can use rhinestones and shiny pebbles, which will make the manicure even more luxurious and sophisticated. With these types of decor, you can decorate the coating of any color shade, but the white and beige nail design with foil, complemented by transparent rhinestones, looks especially sophisticated.

So that the result does not disappoint the master and the client, using rhinestones and pieces or cuts of the frame, you must consider the following useful tips:

  • on short claws, only small stones look good, which, moreover, should not be too much;
  • if colored rhinestones are used, they must be in harmony with both the main coating and the frame;
  • it is necessary to use gel polish as the main coating — only on it the decorating elements will hold for a long time and reliably;
  • colorless rhinestones and chameleons are suitable for any nail art.

nail design with foil and rhinestones

Nail design smears with foil

An original foil nail design can be obtained with a couple of neat brush strokes of varnish or acrylic paint, which will add extravagance to it. In most cases, such decor methods form some kind of abstraction that does not carry a specific meaning. However, these images are incredibly stylish and attractive.

foil nail design

foil diamond design

Korean fashionistas have recently introduced a new dazzling trend into fashion — decorating nail plates with artificial “diamonds”, which very much resemble real diamonds. Such a nail design with foil pieces, which was able to gain unprecedented popularity among girls and women of different ages, will look especially good on New Year’s Eve.

To create it, foil pieces are fixed on the nail plate with a transparent varnish. This technique requires certain skills, accuracy and accuracy, so only a qualified master of manicure art can do it well. In addition, it will take a lot of time to create such nail art, however, the result is really worth it.

foil nail design

Nail design casting, foil

Many fashionistas also appreciated another modern trend — nail design with foil and casting. It looks very bright, spectacular and unusual, but its creation requires strict adherence to a certain sequence of actions, such as:

  1. Make a hygienic manicure using any known method.
  2. Cover all nail plates with base and dry in a UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  3. Cover all the nails with the varnish that you have chosen as the main coating, dry thoroughly in the lamp and remove the sticky layer.
  4. With a special black gel paint, apply the desired pattern without sparing the means. The layer of paint must be thick, otherwise the frame will not print well.
  5. Gently attach the foil pieces to the pattern and tear off sharply. After that, a noticeable layer should remain on the surface of the nail plate.
  6. Cover the drawing again with a piece of steel. If you did everything right, you will get a delightful imitation of liquid metal.

nail design molding foil


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