Folding jacket - 60 photo and video ideas for fashion design

Folding jacket 2020 is a lot of interesting ideas presented by leading nail art masters aimed at improving the quality of the appearance of your beautiful pens. With such a design, any woman will become a real fashionista and will be able to show off her magnificent manicure.

Folding jacket 2020

In modern nail art, the eternal classic is at the peak of popularity — this is a folding jacket with a design that embodies the best ideas of French and moon manicure, and leading masters with great pleasure use advanced and retro technologies in their masterpieces, decorating our fingers with great ideas, like concise, and with beautiful decor. Do not forget that this summer promises to be not boring, so not only a monochromatic magnificent smile is in fashion, but also catchy accents with diverse trendy patterns.

folding jacket 2020

A laid-out classic jacket is the best solution for those who have a strict dress code at work, because it, made in accordance with all the canons, will be a chic finishing touch to business suits, bringing a touch of perfection and true French charm to any conceived image. Always up-to-date, at any time of the year, but especially in summer, this design will become universal and suitable for all occasions, it will brilliantly fit into a hit everyday life, an elegant evening and a bright vacation period.

Lay-out jacket for short nails

Minimalist lovers can rejoice, because a short folding jacket at a natural length and a diverse shape of the nail plate is becoming very popular, especially for working women, whose nails should always look not flashy, but tasteful and well-groomed. Monotonous white French and moon manicure can be safely attributed to concise options, however, even on a short nail plate, you can make a not boring design in pink, lilac, yellow and red, black, blue, green and orange tones.

folding jacket for short nails

A folding stylish jacket on short nails can easily combine French classics and a variety of patterns that have soared to the top of fashion Olympus this season. The trend is original abstract plots, graphics and geometry, abstraction, tropics, plant and floral drawings. For example, you can make a magnificent delicate design with small and large accent flowers, or add fragile droplets lined with small rhinestones.

short folding jacket

Lay-out jacket on long nails

The always bright and fresh yellow laid-out jacket perfectly dilutes the monotonous everyday life with summer saturated colors, exploding it with a charming sunny smile. It is perfect for those fashionistas who are used to creating positive and life-affirming images filled with sophistication and brilliance. The color itself is so rich that it perfectly emphasizes the tan and is completely suitable for a successful addition to vacation bows.

yellow folding jacket

In addition to yellow, a multi-colored folding jacket in any rainbow and pastel palette is in fashion, and for those who prefer a canonical design, leading masters will gladly offer a classic French and moon smile in white. These solutions suggest an ideal jacket, so you can easily add a variety of decor to it, for example, enrich it with rhinestones, glitter, foil, pebbles, metal figures and thin lines, make a graphic pattern from a cobweb, or stylish geometry and abstraction.

Lay-out french on square nails

In order for your fingers to always be in trend, you can safely use a folding French square with soft edges, because sharp square nails have not taken a leading position this year, but lovers of this form can please themselves with slightly rounded nails. A comfortable and up-to-date soft square will look great on long nails and a medium-length nail plate, although those who prefer minimalism and naturalness, and at the same time have their own not very large and short beautiful fingers, can easily look for the solution they like.

A folding jacket on a square looks great in a multi-colored version, when several colors are combined in one manicure, for example, white-yellow, black-white-yellow, red-blue, orange-green, white-blue, pink-lilac and other, both catchy and daring, and gentle combination. Given that this design is done with a gel, it would be preferable to turn to an experienced nail art master who will not only lay out the jacket perfectly, but also tell you which patterns suit you best and decorate your fingers with a magnificent designer decor.

folding french square

Lay-out french ideas

What manicure folding jacket will be in high demand among true fashionistas? This season, trendsetters offer unique novelties, both French and lunar design, to all representatives of the weaker sex. No one will surprise anyone with ordinary canons, therefore, it is stylish and tasteful to alternate a smile with a full patterned coating of the nail plate, or single accents with additional designer decor, as well as an inverted smile and a slight gradient.

folding french ideasfolding French manicure

Fold-out jacket with sequins

An impeccable chic option for the successful completion of elegant everyday bows is a decorative folding jacket with glitter, glitter and kamifubiki. White, black, blue, red and yellow manicures in all shades of dominant colors are in fashion, combined with golden and silver varnishes, where the nail can be completely covered with glitter or the smile itself can be drawn, both traditional and various geometric.

fold-out french sequinsdecorative folding french

Retractable aquarium jacket

The fact that retro reigns on the world podium is indicated by the folding French aquarium, which has returned to the present with great brilliance, and impresses with its novelty and updated design. Today in nail art we will not see two repetitive solutions, because aquarium technology is very versatile, and we are offered the best options that embody original ideas with sparkles, confetti and rhinestones in blue, blue, mother-of-pearl, pearl white, purple and black tones , both with accent full nail covers, and only with a jacket.

folding aquarium frenchfolding french aquarium

White folding jacket

The true charm of French manicure is a summer folding jacket in snow-white tones, a classic of the genre, proven for centuries, because it came to us from the middle of the twentieth century, and has been in the leaders of nail art for so long, as a tribute to hit retro and canons of beauty. Still in fashion will be variations of white tone, mother-of-pearl, milky white and pearl shades. You can make a traditional smile, or diversify it with all sorts of patterns, both concise and catchy.

white folding jacketsummer folding jacket

Folding color jacket

The trend of this summer is a blue, yellow, green, red, black and blue folding jacket, which can be made in the best traditions of the genre, or combine several patterns, for example, a French and Hollywood smile, openwork patterns and monograms, flowers, plants, excellent — marine themes and the tropics, especially during the holiday period. Ornaments are applied in a single accent design so as not to burden the appearance of the manicure.

blue folding jacketfolding color french

Red folding jacket

Very relevant this summer is a bright laid-out jacket in red, which saturates the images with catchiness and all summer colors, creating a certain aura of extravagance and elegance in one set, because this dominant color has been a classic of the genre since the time of Marilyn Monroe. It can be kept in one tone, combine French and full coverage and combined with other iridescent shades at will for every taste and color.

red folding jacketbright folding jacket

Black folding jacket

If you want to add catchiness, then feel free to choose a beautiful folding jacket in black, especially in a trendy graphic design with an abstract smile line, both ordinary and triangular, or an envelope traced with lines, dots and zigzags. A stylish dark manicure will successfully complement a diverse decor in the form of rhinestones, a combination of several colors, for example, black and red, yellow and black, lilac, black and white shades.

black folding jacketbeautiful folding french

Transparent folding jacket

Lovers of everything original can easily look for themselves a stylish folding jacket with a transparency effect when a crystal manicure is done. Leading masters of nail art demonstrated interesting solutions with great pleasure, which became hits of this summer. These include a non-trivial design, where the jacket is completely transparent, and unobtrusive decor in the form of dots, droplets and flowers in the spirit of Japanese painting only enhances the beauty of the selected options.

transparent folding jacketstylish folding jacket

Folding stained glass jacket

Style legislators suggested using a lay-out art jacket in the coming season to create the perfect manicure. The mod will be:

  • original nail art on soft square and trendy oval nails in red, blue, purple, lilac, black, yellow, orange and blue, perfect for successfully complementing sophisticated street style and urban chic looks;

folding stained glass french

  • fashionable folding jacket on a diverse form of the nail plate with additional designer decor in the form of rhinestones, glitter, confetti and glitter, both throughout the nail and along the contours of the patterns;
  • interesting drawings in oriental style, in the spirit of Japanese painting, stylish graphics and geometry, abstract curlicues and monograms, whole plot compositions located both on a smile and throughout the nail plate in single accents.

Fold-out jacket with rhinestones

What lay-out jacket design with rhinestones in 2020 will be in high demand among true fashionistas?

  1. Multi-colored, bright and rich manicure in yellow, red, black, blue, green, purple tones, where rhinestones are a good addition, beautifully laid out along the contours of the drawings, or randomly, but systematically scattered throughout the nail plate, both throughout and along the oval , or corners of the nail in a single focus on one finger. An oriental-style variant with pebbles of various sizes and even a small chain attracts.

folding jacket with rhinestones

  1. A chic classic folding jacket in white tones, on which leading craftsmen create rhinestone plot drawings that embody original ideas of abstraction or animalistic or floral motifs. Inscriptions lined with rhinestones and summer themes for every taste and color are allowed. If you wish, you can easily make a butterfly with a flower, an anchor with a boat and sails, palm trees, the sun, stylish graphics and geometry, droplets and curlicue monograms.

folding french design

  1. Gorgeous wedding snow-white fold-out jacket, you can combine two smiles in one set, moonlight and French, succinctly decorated in an accent version with rhinestone splashes on one finger. This manicure will easily fit into wedding dresses, completing them with notes of perfection, youthful freshness and fragility, so characteristic of any bride.

folding french design 2020


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