French braid - how to weave and create beautiful hairstyles?

Girls can easily and quickly transform using a minimum of cosmetics and jewelry. One of the main solutions for a neat and beautiful appearance is styling. Modern hairdressing offers many ways to give hair an interesting and stylish shape. And the French braid remains a popular choice from season to season.

French braid — how to weave?

The main advantage of this hairstyle is the fact that, as a rule, the entire length of the hair is involved here. At the same time, the face is open, which helps to focus on stylish makeup. Today, masters offer many ways of weaving — from the simplest, which are easy to do at home, to intricate and complex, using unusual tools and jewelry. But in any case, if you are interested in how to braid a French braid, you should follow the following step-by-step algorithm:

  • take part of the hair from the crown;
  • divide into three strands;
  • shift the extreme curls to the middle alternately;
  • add yarn from the side of the head with each step until you have collected all the hair.

How to weave a French braid in reverse?

The reverse method of fixing curls is also considered a fashionable solution in a modern style. Here, the algorithm of actions is the same as for simple spikelets, but the strands are wrapped from the outside. This results in a volumetric and expressive styling. This option is suitable for hair of any structure. Even if you have brittle and thin curls, do not despair. The French braid, on the contrary, will add volume and splendor. Ideas with a strong tightening and fixation, as well as relaxed and textured solutions are in trend. The reverse method will help you look well-groomed and feminine with a minimum of effort.

french braids

This fashionable hairstyle is suitable for both long luxurious curls and short haircuts. The minimum allowable length is up to the chin. However, in any case, it is important that the hair structure is even and smooth. On curled curls, weaving can be lost in general form, but at the same time, the styling looks openwork and original. A feminine spikelet will not work on a cascade and any other haircuts with graduation. However, such a simple and at the same time attractive option will successfully complement the image in any style. Let’s see the most popular combinations:

  1. in a strict manner. Under a classic suit, the most tight collected hairstyle will be a good solution. Under a sheath dress and an ensemble of pencil skirts and blouses, a reverse French braid decorated around the head will also be a stylish choice.

french braids

  1. In a romantic bow. Under feminine dresses, flying skirts, openwork blouses and tops, any variation of spikelets is suitable. In addition, you can add a floral rim and contrasting ribbons here.

french braids for medium hair

  1. Casual style. Such styling will be a practical choice for comfortable jeans, shorts, simple T-shirts and sweaters. But in this case, stylists recommend not to experiment. Colored kanekalon has become a fashionable addition in recent seasons for casual looks.

beautiful french braids

  1. To the exit. Romantic spikelets remain a fashionable addition to evening and wedding ensembles. Volumetric and openwork weaving with the use of jewelry, ribbons and flowers are considered especially popular.

stylish french braid

French braids for long hair

If you can boast of lush hair, then you will have only one question — the choice of style. For long lengths, any weaving method is suitable. At the same time, stylists say that the more complex the hairstyle, the more original the whole image will be. French braids for long hair are often presented in a voluminous and openwork solution. Coloring in several shades has become a popular addition, which looks very attractive and unusual in the finished styling. An undistorted length is also an advantage in this case, even if the fixation is strong and tight.

french braids for long hair

French braids for medium hair

For girls with curls to the shoulder blades, there is only one important criterion — an even structure and the same length. But here stylists highlight a drawback, which is significant for many. French braids for long hair visually remove a few centimeters, so the styling looks shorter. If this state of affairs does not bother you, you can do both reverse and classic weaving. An actual solution would be a waterfall with loose curls. And to draw attention even more, use beautiful feminine jewelry with stones or flowers.

french braids for medium hair

French braids for short hair

A classic bob is considered an acceptable haircut for weaving spikelets. In this case, the actual solution would be two French braids on the sides, which can be formed both in a simple way and in reverse. However, this option will not add originality. To emphasize your outstanding style, stop at weaving from the back of the head. In this case, the hairstyle is high, all the strands are collected, and the face is open. It is important to complement French braids for short hair with kanekalon. Artificial bright or natural-colored curls will attract attention and lengthen the hairstyle.

french braids for short hair

Fashionable French braid hairstyles

Weaving is considered a technology, not a single styling option. Fashionable hairstyles are concise and strict, romantic and feminine, extraordinary and even outrageous. Here, the use of the most incredible accessories is welcomed, or you can do without additions. Stylish ideas are suitable for an open face, and look beautiful in an ensemble with bangs of different shapes and lengths. Therefore, such solutions are recognized as universal. Let’s see the most popular formation ideas:

  1. Wreath. A very popular choice, especially in the hot season, is considered to be hair completely collected in a spikelet, framing the head. The wreath can be made high on the crown or in the form of a rim along the forehead line.

trendy french braid hairstyles

  1. French openwork braid. The lace style option looks very beautiful and impressive. For openwork weaving, the reverse technique is more suitable. Here the main idea is to straighten the side curls on each turn. In this form, 2 French braids look especially attractive.

reverse french braid

  1. French messy braid. The effect of uncombed styling has been in the trend for several seasons in a row. For such a solution, it is necessary to braid the curls in a free form and even randomly, capturing strands of different thicknesses.

stylish french braid

  1. Zigzag. The variant of zigzag weaving all over the head looks original and stylish. Such a spikelet begins from the temple, and ends under the back of the head. Both classical and reverse techniques are relevant here.

how to french braid

Two french braids

Double weaving remains a stylish solution in modern fashion. This option not only attracts attention, but also hides a few years in age. After all, 2 French braids look playful and even childish. A fashionable choice would be the reverse technique, which looks more voluminous and expressive. However, the standard spikelet is also in trend. Loose ends can be left from the back of the head or formed into small ponytails. By straightening the side strands in each turn, you will make the hairstyle openwork and romantic. This idea is relevant for those who have thin hair without volume.

two french braids

French braid with ribbon

A popular addition to a fashionable hairstyle is a satin ribbon. Often craftsmen use a bright or printed accessory. But recently, ribbons with rhinestones, sequins, and embroidery have also been considered an actual solution, which adds a special charm and elegance. An alternative solution was French braids with threads. In this case, multi-colored wool or silk yarn is used. The ribbon can replace one strand or act as an independent decoration, passing in the middle of the spikelet. With the help of a bright braid, you can fix the hairstyle by decorating the end with a bow.

french braid with ribbon

French braids with kanekalon

The fashion trend of the last season was the addition of artificial hair that is woven into the ear. Kanekalon is presented in a variety of colors. Bright and saturated colors are in fashion, but you can also choose a design that is as close as possible to the natural shade of the hair. French braids with kanekalon can increase the length by more than 50 centimeters. For such hairstyles, the technique of reverse or bulk weaving is often used. However, bright strands can be formed into a beautiful tail if you fix the styling on the back of the head.

french braids with kanekalon

voluminous french braid

Another stylish idea is represented by the option of volumetric weaving. In this case, the most popular solution was the imitation of the Iroquois. The spikelet is formed from the line of the forehead, passing through the entire head in the middle. Beautiful French braids can only be done using the reverse technique, carefully straightening each turn on the sides. To achieve even more volume, stylists pre-corrugate the hair with an iron. An alternative may be a pile, but this option injures the hair structure.

voluminous french braid

Spit french waterfall

If you do not want to completely collect your hair and prefer not to hide the length, then the current choice for you is a hairstyle with a waterfall. In this case, the spikelet is woven horizontally. The strands captured from above are passed through the coil and fall freely along the neck. Weaving a French waterfall braid is best done in the classic way, but stylish variations in the reverse technique are also possible. Such styling will stylishly complement casual looks in a romantic style and beautiful evening or wedding combinations. Free curls stylists offer to form into soft waves.

french waterfall spit

French braid on the side

Asymmetry has been trending in modern fashion for several seasons in a row. And to achieve such an effect in a hairstyle, it is not necessary to resort to a radical haircut. Such a stylish styling can be done with the help of weaving. The French braid on the side can collect the hair completely or be combined with loose curls on one side. In this case, the reverse and openwork technique is suitable. But if you need to take into account a strict dress code, it is better to braid the spikelet in the classic way. Laying can be formed along the entire length or leave a lush tail from the back of the head.

side french braid

French braid with tail

Stylists beautifully combine the spikelet with other types of hairstyles. One of the most popular is the ensemble with a tail. A simple and easy way is to weave on the head with fixation on the back of the head or on the side. After pinning, the hair falls freely. A stylish French braid can also start from an elastic band. In this case, it is necessary to comb all the hair into a ponytail. Then separate a third of the hairstyle and form an ear. Then wrap the tail in a spiral with a pigtail and pin a flower or use a transparent silicone rubber band. Loose curls can be shirred, twisted with a curling iron or pulled out.

french braid with ponytail

French braid with elastic bands

An alternative technique that does not require complex weaving is the use of rubber bands. In this case, instead of coils, the strands are fixed with thin silicone bundles, which can be either bright or transparent. In this case, the formed tails must be passed through the previous one. The hairstyle is voluminous and openwork at the same time. Laying can be done both on the head and from the back of the head. The only exception is the French braid on the head, which will not be held in such a relaxed form.

French braid with elastic bands


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