French for short nails - 56 photos of the most fashionable design ideas

Nail art is an important part of the image of any girl. There is a stereotype that a French manicure looks good only on long nails, but there are many variations with which you can create a French manicure on short nails.

French for short nails 2019

This season, many stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas nail design french 2019 for short nails:

  1. French manicure invariably looks impressive and beautiful. Nail designers are not afraid to implement even very bold ideas.
  2. French for short nails this year has become even more interesting — girls can decorate their own nail plates with rhinestones, drawings, applications, stickers.
  3. As a pattern, you can use any print — both simple and complex and intricate. For a romantic look, you can choose a lace pattern or flowers. French manicure with geometry looks unusual.
  4. This year, a color jacket is relevant, which looks very original. You can use bright and saturated varnishes, combining pale and bright shades of the same color or contrasting tones. Possible colors: dark blue, burgundy, purple with gold and many others.
  5. Rhinestones, sequins and other decorations for nails are in fashion. Due to this, you can easily make a manicure. The ideal option will turn out if you use colored gel polish and beads of a similar shade or varnish that matches the color.
  6. In 2019, matte design is also relevant. To create it, pastel or pale colors are mainly used. Combine such a varnish with a white or contrasting shade. The matte version with a glossy “smile”, made in dark or deep color, looks interesting. Lace on one finger is also in fashion.

red manicure french 2019

French for short nails 2019

red french 2019beautiful red french

French for short square nails

There are many options for French manicure for shortened square nail plates. The most popular options among girls, in which a jacket for short square nails is presented, are:

  1. Classic: manicure with a crescent-shaped line. You can complement it with bright colors, sparkles and rhinestones.
  2. Red jacket for short square nails with a pattern. You can not cover the entire nail plate with this color, but use it only for the tip.
  3. White patterned design. Moreover, not all plates can be decorated with images, but only one, so that there is an interesting accent. Square nails provide a lot of room for creativity.
  4. White nail art with floral or animal prints.
  5. Black and white jacket — this combination always looks impressive.
  6. Pink design that looks feminine and pretty.
  7. A triangular option that allows you to visually stretch the length of the nail plate.
  8. The double smile design is an unusual and eye-catching option.

red jacket for long nails

French for short square nails

red french nail designred jacket with design

French for short oval nails

The oval shape of the nails is reasonably considered universal, since any design can be made on them. A small length of the nail plate is enough to make a beautiful design. You can offer such options in which a jacket is presented for short oval nails:

  • flesh or nude color in combination with such shades: blue, lavender, pink, mint, turquoise, coral, sand, black, purple, fuchsia, emerald, blue;
  • with a discreet pattern;
  • with rhinestones and crystals;
  • with voluminous application;
  • with pearl dust;
  • with tiny feathers;
  • with ready-made patterns produced by dies;
  • with foil for manicure;
  • with a variety of sparkles;
  • lace on a pastel background;
  • accents in the form of holes of a spherical or geometric shape;
  • with floral prints, drawings in the form of animals or butterflies;
  • with contrasting contour;
  • matte or glossy version.

red jacket for short nailsmanicure red french

French ideas for short nails

Manicure is a great decoration for any woman’s hands. Short nails can look very attractive if you use a jacket on short nails. Stylists offer many ideas for this length:

  • gentle version, made in pastel colors;
  • Bright design that will bring freshness to any look. You can make both the entire nail plate and its edge bright;
  • the tip of the nail, designed in the form of a wave, triangle, rhombus or heart;
  • with a variety of drawings, rhinestones, stickers;
  • with the effect of aging or sugar glitter;
  • with black elements
  • with geometry;
  • jacket for short nails, decorated on the side of the nail plate;
  • «cosmic» drawings, decorations in the form of stars, crescents;
  • with lace elements;
  • with a steel sheen;
  • with ombre effect.

red french nails

French for short nails with a pattern

Fashionistas who want to express their individuality will be able to make all kinds of drawings for a short jacket. Among the most relevant design options are the following:

  • drawings with flowers, spring motifs;
  • images with hearts;
  • one drawing, broken into several nails;
  • animal prints, for example, cats and their footprints are very popular;
  • geometric drawings;
  • lace elements;
  • intricate designs with rhinestones;
  • fantasy and abstract prints;
  • snowflakes, bows and other cute miniatures;
  • drawings in the form of birds;
  • images of branches;
  • drawings with butterflies and some other insects (for example, dragonflies);
  • drawings depicting girls;
  • options that make the “smile” line unusual;
  • space drawings.

red french on sharp nailsred spicy french

Black french on short nails

Many women of fashion rightly consider a short black jacket to be universal. The main trends of 2019 used in its design include the following:

  • glossy black design on white shellac — these two opposites are in perfect harmony with each other;
  • mirror black jacket for short nails — looks very bewitching and magical;
  • matte black nail art, combined with a variety of shades of the base coat;
  • charcoal design with triangular border;
  • dark french manicure with geometry;
  • black lacquer with sculpted appliqué on one of the fingers;
  • black french manicure with rhinestones;
  • black design with Chinese murals;
  • «smile», performed in black with sparkles;
  • «aquarium» black jacket.

red jacket ideasred french nails

Red short jacket

For brave girls who want to stand out from the crowd, a red jacket for short nails is ideal. It adequately competes with more calm shades and helps to give effect to any image. Here are some popular design options:

  • moon french manicure;
  • inverted jacket for short nails;
  • red nail art with lace motifs;
  • red design with various stickers;
  • french manicure in red with natural applications and drawings;
  • gradient manicure;
  • multi-texture jacket;
  • red in combination with other shades: pastel, pink, fuchsia and other tones;
  • red with strict geometry;
  • a combination of a black base and a red «smile».

red french 2019

Color jacket for short nails

In recent seasons, a short colored jacket has become extremely popular:

  1. Many girls choose very bold combinations. Using this kind of nail design, you should give preference to a semicircular or oval shape of the nail plate. The length should not be too long.
  2. As for colors, it is better to choose a soft pink shade, pastel and peach, bright orange. But you can use any other colors that the girl likes, since such a manicure looks advantageous in any case.
  3. The main thing is that the colored jacket for short nails is combined with the overall picture of the image and is appropriate for the event that the fashionista is going to attend. Additionally, nails are decorated with sparkles, rhinestones, pebbles.

red jacket with a patternred french on nails with a pattern

Nude jacket for short

Incredibly gentle and feminine looks manicure for short jackets, made in a nude version:

  1. It is relevant for cold days when there is not enough spring warmth. This combination is already considered a classic.
  2. You can decorate a nude manicure with stickers, appliqués, sparkles, nail foil and all kinds of prints. Thanks to this, you can create a harmonious and holistic image.

manicure red jacket with a pattern

Nude jacket for short

red matte frenchred jacket with gold

French for short nails with rhinestones

A good choice if you want to add shine to your nails is a short jacket with rhinestones. This element of decor is suitable for any color. The most frequent elections of women:

  • white with rhinestones — a gentle and festive option at the same time;
  • black and white French manicure with rhinestones — this combination always remains in fashion;
  • white with flowers and rhinestones;
  • white with red rhinestones;
  • white with rhinestones and pattern;
  • other shades of flowers in combination with rhinestones.

red jacket with rhinestones

French for short nails with rhinestones

red manicure with rhinestonesred jacket with flowers

Short blue jacket

Blue color is a symbol of calmness and confidence. French manicure for short nails, made in this color scheme, looks elegant and elegant. All sorts of options for such a manicure are relevant: with rhinestones, sparkles, drawings, lace motifs, geometry, space elements. The ombre design looks very interesting, in which the blue color smoothly transitions from a dark shade to a light one. This nail art is suitable for girls and women of all ages. It is best to use these shades of blue in French manicure:

  • aquamarine;
  • indigo;
  • azure;
  • dark blue;
  • rich blue;
  • pale blue;
  • sky blue.

red jacket with sequins

White jacket on short nails

The classic option is reasonably considered a white jacket on short nails. This color gives the image of tenderness, femininity and purity. It is a good choice for wedding events. Interesting design options:

  • white with blue rhinestones;
  • white with peas;
  • white with geometry;
  • white with floral motifs;
  • manicure with lace elements;
  • French manicure with drawings in the form of animals, birds, insects;
  • nail art made in the form of a shell;
  • white with gilding;
  • white with rhinestones and sequins.

red jacket with foil

French for short nails with sparkles

When the usual options for nail art are already boring, a short jacket design, complemented by sparkles, will come to the rescue:

  • stylists highly recommend this version of manicure for a wedding;
  • sparkles look interesting in combination with an ombre, a semicircular stroke, on a pink background;
  • many masters suggest spraying with sparkles and using them abundantly on the nail plate;
  • you can cover with sparkles not all nails, but only one or two. It is important to focus on the situation to which the manicure is timed.

red jacket with blackred french nails

French for short nails with stones

Shiny stones look good in combination with any color. They are able to effectively decorate a jacket for short 2019:

  1. You can use both the universally white color of the stone, and the stone to match the main color of the nail plate, or take the decoration in contrast.
  2. It is often recommended to decorate only one nail with a stone to make an accent.
  3. The sizes of the stones can also be different — it all depends on what the girl wants. In any case, stones for short nails with a jacket will invariably be appropriate.

manicure red french

Pink jacket for short nails

Pink color is the choice of many girls, thanks to it, you can create a very feminine and delicate look. French nail design for short nails, made in this color scheme, is one of the most successful options:

  1. The pink shade can be used both for the base and for the “smile”.
  2. They combine pink nail art with feminine patterns, lace motifs, prints in the form of flowers, birds, butterflies. Glitter with rhinestones also looks good.
  3. Pink color is universal and will be appropriate in many situations. The main thing is to decide on a pattern or additional application, which will become the highlight of the whole manicure.

red jacket with silver


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