Manicure-stretching - fashionable nail design for every day and for evening outings

Gradient color transitions have become a popular technique in contemporary nail art. Designers have been experimenting in this style in an original way for more than a season, offering new interesting ideas. Fashionable stretch manicure is considered not only stylish, but also a universal choice for any look.

Nail design 2018 stretch

In the new season, stylists present a variety of interpretations of beautiful transitions, using not only color palettes, but also beautiful decor. A stylish gradient can act both as a base and perform a decorative function throughout the design. At the same time, the fashionable ombre remains a universal solution for nail plates of any length and shape. Manicure 2018 stretching is represented by three actual ways of execution. Let’s get to know them:

  1. Horizontal direction. The border between the transition of shades often runs horizontally. This option looks especially good on long and narrow nail plates, since it does not visually add extra volume.

nail design 2018 stretching

  1. Vertically. A vertical gradient is also considered a stylish solution. This method is successful for short and wide nails, as it visually stretches the plates and gives the handles a grace in general.

manicure 2018 stretching

  1. Geometry. The most original and very attractive design is considered to be a design with a clear transition boundary. Often such ideas are presented in the form of geometric diamonds in gradient colors, both in one palette and in contrasting shades.

manicure stretch color

Manicure-stretching for short nails

The natural length remains in trend. This choice always emphasizes accuracy and is suitable for active girls. Short nails are considered especially relevant for business women who are forced to observe restraint and conciseness in their combinations. The new manicure 2018 stretch is presented in light and delicate colors that make small nail plates neat. A fashionable solution will be not only a color transition, but also in an ensemble with sparkles. And in this case, it is better to place the glitter at the root. A stylish addition will be a pattern on one finger according to Feng Shui.

manicure stretching for short nails

Manicure-stretching for long nails

For girls who can boast of beautiful long nails, the choice of interesting and stylish ideas is more extensive. Here you can use concise and light combinations of shades or make a brighter and more saturated design. In addition, a beautiful stretch manicure over a long length looks spectacular with overhead and expressive decor, for example, rhinestones and stones, molded patterns, drawings. The actual form is considered to be a soft square and pointe shoes. However, if you like streamlined almonds, then trendy design is not a definitive choice for nail finishes.

manicure stretching for long nails

Manicure-stretching on sharp nails

In a separate show, stylists present ideas for the sharp shape of nails. Here, the masters emphasize the popularity of transitions from a light root to a dark edge. This option visually lengthens the nail plates and accentuates the pointed contour. In this case, the gradient can be done both on all, but also separately selected fingers. A stylish addition will be a contrasting triangular French stripe. A manicure-stretching color looks spectacular in an ensemble with sparkles or rubbing. In the latter case, stylists suggest using a holographic or pearl pigment.

manicure stretching on sharp nails

Stretch Manicure Ideas

Beautiful transitions can be done in several ways. The most popular is by hand with a brush and several varnishes of different colors. However, air puffing is considered more convenient, which quickly and evenly distributes shades, creating a soft, almost imperceptible border. As a rule, masters choose two tones, where one is the main one, and the second one acts as a finish. However, triple combinations are also in trend. But let’s see the most fashionable solutions in modern nail-art:

  1. Matte effect. The design always looks neat and tidy with a matte top finish. This tool is great for both light and pastel colors, and dark rich varnishes.

ideas for manicure stretching

  1. Manicure Japanese stretch. This technique has gained incredible popularity due to its naturalness. Here, the nude shade, as close as possible to the color of the nail plate, acts as the main color. Thus, even when the nails grow back, the border is almost invisible and the overall design looks fresh and stylish.

manicure japanese stretch

  1. With rubbing. A stylish gradient can also be done with the help of a rubbed pigment. A rub of light colors can also be used as a finish on a finished color ombre.

stylish manicure stretching

  1. With rhinestones. Sparkling crystals are considered fashionable decor in modern nail-art. Even in the most modest image, such an addition will add a touch of sophistication, elegance and sophistication.

nail design stretching

French manicure

French style in modern nail-art fashion remains a classic choice that will stylishly complement any look. The combination of a white smile and a neutral base is considered traditional. However, due to the unattractiveness of such a design, stylists perform a jacket in bright colors, complement it with decor and decoration. An unusual execution technique is also considered a stylish solution to attract attention. And in this case, the French manicure-stretching will be relevant. Such an idea is especially successful for those who are forced to observe the limits of restraint, but want to emphasize their originality.

manicure stretch french

Lunar manicure with a stretch

An alternative solution to the French style was the selection of a crescent at the root of the nail plates. A color stretch manicure is often presented in a combination of a transparent hole and a gradient base. And here you can use both shades of a neutral palette, as well as ensembles of delicate pastel colors, combinations of light and dark varnish. Lunar design can be combined with a French smile. In this case, the hole and the strip along the edge are best done in the same color. In addition, the selected root can have not only the shape of a crescent, but also a geometric triangle or a concave bracket.

moon manicure with stretch

Stretch nail design

Any drawings and patterns can be applied to the gradient background. However, combining the two techniques, stylists recommend making images not large-scale, but on several fingers, for example, in the style of Feng Shui. If you want to decorate all the nail plates with a pattern, then an abstract pattern would be a good choice — geometry, monograms, lace and others. And here the nail design with sparkles with a pattern has become a fashion trend. Another popular solution was the transition from finger to finger of the drawing itself. Butterflies, dragonflies and flowers were popular choices in this case.

stretch nail design

Glitter manicure

The fashion trend of the last few seasons has been color transitions in combination with glitter. Glitter stretch nail design is represented by several ideas. The simplest solution is considered to be a monochrome coating with a transparent varnish with glitter of an already finished ombre. And in this case, the gradient base looks better in bright and saturated colors. Gentle and very romantic looks ombre with light varnish and gold or silver sparkles. The dark finish will effectively complement the transparent background. Summer manicure-stretching masters offer to decorate with large glitter or kamifubuki.

glitter stretch manicure

White stretch manicure

If you are looking for an option that is universal for different bows, then a light shade of the classic palette will be a good choice as the main color in a manicure. White stretch nail design can be complemented with both bright and pastel varnish. Ensembles with pink, blue, turquoise and lilac are considered especially popular. For such ideas, rhinestones, stones and pearls will be an actual addition. If you want to add a bright accent to nail-art, then dark or bright varnish will be relevant. Combinations with black, red, blue and others are in trend. A white gradient with sparkles will add tenderness.

white manicure stretching

Black manicure-stretch

Another versatile choice is black lacquer. The advantage of such solutions is catchiness and attractiveness. The dark classic shade looks great on both short and long nail plates. A stylish stretch manicure can be supplemented with rich deep color. Combinations of black with emerald, sapphire, wine, purple and other colors are considered especially popular. Glitter also looks great on a dark background. Silver and gold sequins remain relevant. But you can also choose a color decor.

black manicure stretching

Bright stretch manicure

Bright colors always attract attention. Such ideas can become a catchy accent or a spectacular addition. A trendy stretch nail design is popular in the ombre style with rainbow transitions. And such ideas can be done both vertically and horizontally or in a geometric interpretation. In trend and gradient in one color scheme. And in this case, saturated and bright colors are suitable — turquoise with blue, coral with red, light green with emerald and others. A bright ombre can also be made in the form of a French stripe, if it is necessary to maintain conciseness in the image.

bright manicure stretching

Manicure-stretching with silver

A stylish addition to the design in any color is the silver decoration. Rubbing can act as a decoration. In this case, a holographic and mirror pigment is suitable. Best of all, such tools look in an ensemble with cold saturated and pastel colors, where a blue stretch manicure has become especially popular. A silver addition can also be made using glitter, both large and small. The design with a combination of sequins of different colors looks very impressive and elegant — under silver and gold, candy, in blue shades and others.

silver stretch manicure

Transparent stretch manicure

A beautiful transition can also be made on a colorless basis. Such ideas look especially gentle and elegant. In addition, a light stretch manicure will perfectly complement both strict business bows and gentle romantic style and even sophisticated looks for going out. A transparent background is best complemented by a rubbed pigment — pearl or holography. Simple sequins of gold or silver color will also be a stylish addition. But in this case, the glitter structure should be fine.

transparent manicure stretching


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