French manicure for oval nails - fashionable design ideas for any length

French manicure for oval nails is rightly recognized as one of the most sophisticated and elegant variations of stylish nail art. Stylists offer a variety of ways to design it: these are both bright color solutions, and emphatically delicate and sophisticated.

French manicure for oval nails 2020

Fashionistas will be able to choose for themselves a variety of options, which are represented by a jacket for short oval nails or for elongated nail plates. Among the current trends of this season are the following:

  • the classic design, which is offered in traditional white and pastel colors, does not lose its position on the fashionable Olympus;
  • the design can be made extremely bright if the appropriate tone of the coatings is applied for this. In this case, one or two or more saturated shades can be taken as a basis. An extraordinary solution is rainbow nail art;
  • you can bring variety with the help of all kinds of patterns and a variety of decorative elements, such as sparkles, rhinestones, foil.

french manicure for oval nails 2020french on oval shape with design

French for short oval nails

On shortened nail plates, you can perform a neat, sophisticated and sophisticated nail art:

  • a win-win solution will be a classic, presented in a snow-white or pastel version;
  • a colored jacket for short oval-shaped nails is also allowed, however, when creating it, special attention should be paid to the quality of its application. Due to the fact that the area is insignificant, even the slightest flaws will be noticeable;
  • if you want to decorate the design with a pattern or rhinestones, this is allowed, but it is better to limit yourself to one finger, a maximum of two. This is necessary so that the image does not come out unnecessarily overloaded. An image of openwork lace or gossamer is ideal.

french short oval nailsfrench on short oval nails

French manicure for long oval nails

A jacket on long oval nails will look truly unsurpassed. The indisputable advantage of such nail art is that stylists can embody any manifestation of fantasy due to the presence of a significant surface:

  • the shape of the “smile” and its size may differ. The tip can be made rounded, triangular, single or double, oblique, small or occupying almost half of the plate;
  • absolutely any color scheme can be used, in a light, bright, dark version, everything will depend on the individual preferences of the young lady;
  • the design may contain all kinds of drawings, while they may differ on different fingers;
  • decorating with sparkles or rhinestones, the use of rubbing is welcome.

french manicure for long oval nailsfrench on long oval nails

Fashionable french on oval nails

Nail art masters use all sorts of solutions when they create a jacket for short oval nails 2020 or for elongated nail plates:

  • nail art can be done in a multi-colored variation using two or more shades for this. If desired, you can even embody a rainbow pattern on your nails;
  • gentle performance in pastel colors remains invariably relevant;
  • you can diversify the design with the help of various drawings;
  • french manicure on oval nails can be made extremely bright if you decorate it with rhinestones;
  • the most popular colors used for decoration are white, red, black;
  • the matte version will look incredibly elegant;
  • the “smile” area can be presented in an unusual design, for example, made oblique;
  • Rubbing will add a unique shine to the nails.

trendy french on oval nailsunusual french on oval nails

Colored French manicure on oval nails

Girls who want to attract attention as much as possible can create a colored jacket on oval nails:

  • on different fingers, you can alternate a variety of bright colors, they are taken in the amount of two or more shades;
  • another way would be to combine several tones on one nail plate. You can use them in any quantity, if desired, creating original iridescent overflows;
  • manicure colored jacket on oval nails can be complemented by drawings. It is advisable to apply them on one or two fingers so that the image does not come out overloaded;
  • on one or more fingers, you can apply contrast by painting them in laconic black or white.

color french manicure on oval nailscolored french on oval nails

Gentle French manicure on oval nails

A win-win solution, suitable for complementing any look, will be a gentle jacket on oval nails:

  • for its embodiment, traditional white, pastel colors are taken. For example, the base can be made pale pink or beige, and the tip can be painted white;
  • the tenderness is additionally emphasized by well-chosen patterns that cover one, several or all fingers. It can be an imitation of openwork lace, delicate floral ornaments, petals traced or lined with small pebbles.

gentle french manicure on oval nailsdelicate french on oval nails

French with a pattern on oval nails

A jacket on oval nails 2020, decorated with a pattern, will look truly unsurpassed:

  • floral motifs do not lose their relevance, which can only be painted with varnish or contain an addition in the form of rhinestones;
  • on the eve of summer, a French manicure for oval nails, containing the image of butterfly wings, is gaining popularity;
  • nail art becomes refined and refined due to the presence of lace patterns;
  • the drawing can be located closer to the base or in the middle of the nail plate, or capture the tip. In the latter case, it is advisable to do this technique on one finger;
  • drawings can be not only drawn, but also applied using stickers.

French with a pattern on oval nailsfrench on oval nails 2020french manicure for oval nails 2020

French manicure for oval nails with rhinestones

You can give the design brightness and shine, if you apply such an option as a jacket on oval nails with rhinestones:

  • a win-win way would be to use a concise decoration with pebbles. To do this, they can be laid out at the base in the zone of the hole or completely fill this area with them;
  • french manicure on oval nails can be significantly decorated with rhinestones. To do this, use the complete filling with pebbles of one or more colors of a selectively defined nail plate;
  • rhinestones can serve as a component of any pattern. For example, they can complement a flower or decorate butterfly wings.

french manicure on oval nails with rhinestonesfrench on oval nails with rhinestones

White french on oval nails

A classic that is not influenced by fashion is a white jacket on oval nails:

  • a snow-white shade is used to decorate the tip, but a certain nail plate can also be painted over with it. On other fingers, the base is taken in a transparent version or in delicate pastel colors;
  • a white French manicure on oval nails can be done using a rub, which gives a unique shine;
  • snow-white varnish can be traced with lace patterns that serve as an organic complement to nail art;
  • the tip on several fingers can be decorated with a white tint.

white french on oval nailsfrench on oval nails

Red French manicure on oval nails

In order to harmoniously emphasize an evening outfit or brighten up a casual look, you can stop at such an option as a red jacket on oval nails:

  • this color is catchy in itself, so you can simply paint over the tips of the nail plates with it;
  • the base can be made transparent, white, and the aggressiveness of red can be softened by applying delicate pastel shades;
  • French manicure for oval nails can be created using non-standard shapes, for example, the tip can be drawn not oval, but made in the form of a triangle;
  • red color will look unsurpassed in combination with rhinestones.

red manicure french on oval nailsred french on oval nails

Black french on oval nails

A black French manicure on oval nails can give depth and mystery to the image:

  • black color is universal, so it can be combined with any other shade. Both delicate pastel and bright red color, which can be used as a base, will look unique. In this case, it is advisable to apply them on several fingers, and make other nail plates transparent;
  • due to the saturation of the black shade, you can make a jacket on an oval shape with a design containing lace patterns traced in thin lines. They will look clear and at the same time incredibly gentle;
  • an extremely successful combination will be a combination with gold or silver.

black french on oval nailsblack manicure french on oval nails

Matte french on oval nails

Sophistication and nobility will give the image a matte jacket on an oval shape:

  • absolutely any color scheme can be chosen, both discreet pastel and extremely bright;
  • an unusual jacket on oval nails can be made in a rainbow version. To do this, all the necessary bright shades are taken and arranged alternately on the fingers or combined on one nail plate;
  • you can make a French design in the form of an ombre, while matte finishes give it an unrivaled look.

matte french on oval nailsFrench on an oval shape

Oblique french on oval nails

An extremely original solution will be a jacket on oval-shaped nails, in which the “smile” is made in an oblique version:

  • the tip of the nail plate is formed in this way: on the one hand, the “smile” becomes thin, barely noticeable, and towards the other side it expands;
  • «smile» can be made in a single or double version, even more than two shades can be used;
  • “Oblique” nail art can be done with a relatively thin tip, or a significant area can be captured under the “smile” area, occupying almost half of the nail plate.

oblique french on oval nailsbeautiful french on oval nails

French manicure for oval nails with rubbing

With the help of rubbing, you can create an incredibly beautiful jacket on oval nails:

  • a shiny finish is often applied over the main design, giving it extra shine and luxury in this way;
  • rubbing is used mainly in the pearl version, this is the most successful solution for French design;
  • nail art design can be classic, with a clear drawing of the tip, or made in the form of an ombre.

french manicure on oval nails with rubbingtrendy french on oval nails

Bright french on oval nails

If you want to make the image catchy and memorable, you can apply a bright French manicure on an oval shape:

  • the easiest way to design is to paint over the tips with saturated colors, due to this, the brightness of nail art is achieved;
  • originality can be emphasized even more if you use multi-colored rhinestones or sparkles that are laid out on the tip or in any other part of the nail plate;
  • a win-win way to create a memorable nail art will be to supplement it with catchy images, for example, this is a yellow jacket on oval nails with a pattern presented in the form of floral ornaments, fruit themes, butterflies.

bright french on oval nailsoval french manicure


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