French manicure with design - 72 photos of the best manicure ideas

French manicure with design is a variation of the timeless classic that will never go out of fashion, because millions of women have long and for a long time loved it. The newfangled trends of the coming year gravitate towards the fact that the leading masters of nail art combine many solutions in one set, from light decor to voluminous modeling, if desired.

French manicure 2020 with design

Which nail jacket with the design of 2020 will be at the peak of popularity in spring, summer, autumn and winter?

  1. Nobody canceled the traditional charming smile along the oval of the nail, this is a special chic and elegance. However, fashion dictates its own terms, and everything is subject to the whims of this changeable lady. Therefore, in the coming year, we will also be pleased with the changes in the design of the French and moon manicure, where a number of innovative trends will be traced. French lines can be asymmetrical, abstract, multi-colored, the shape is not only generally accepted, but also an envelope or a zigzag.

french manicure 2020 with design

  1. French manicure with design can be geometric, where the smile is drawn with clear or blurry lines, original, when the jacket consists of several figures or is drawn with openwork, monograms, curlicues, flowers, floral, ethnic and other ornaments. In spring and summer, a multi-colored solution will be very popular, accents on one or two fingers in the form of various patterns, the use of stickers, inscriptions and rhinestones.

french nails design 2020

French design for short nails

A French manicure with a design for short nails can be a reference choice if done carefully and with imagination. Experienced nail art masters offer:

  • an elegant solution with a subtle traditional smile, designer accents on one finger, which is decorated with stripes, glitter and small pebbles;
  • an original black and white version that combines lunar and French design, where the moon is drawn in clear geometric shapes;

french design for short nails

  • French manicure with a graphic design that matches trendy minimalism and combines diverse lines of white, gray, blue or salad color on a nude, beige, cream, pink or transparent base;
  • french envelope in delicate colors with a beautiful and cute floral pattern, a sprig of lilac, lavender, sakura, orchid, or flowers in the style of Japanese painting and in the spirit of Provence.

manicure french design for short

French manicure with design for long nails

French manicure for long nails with a design allows the flight of fantasy of experienced nail artists to run wild, use several drawings in one set, make plot compositions, elegant modeling and knitting, so that all elements of the pattern harmoniously overlap with each other. If you want to experiment in the spirit of the times and keep up with fashion, then you can easily make an extravagant solution that combines stylish geometry and graphics, a moon and a French smile, two or even three primary colors, negative space and other decor as desired.

French manicure with long design

A French manicure with a laconic design will emphasize all the charm of your delicate hands, where the pattern is traced with a cobweb and decorated with small pebbles, and a rich version in blue-red, red-white, white-blue, blue-white or black-and-white tones will add catchiness and brightness. beige or transparent base. The smile itself can be of various shapes, with an asymmetrical shift, patterned and openwork, floral and lace on any shape of the nail plate. Do not forget that sharp nails, an oval and a soft square are in trend.

french manicure for long nails with design

French design on almond-shaped nails

Style dictates its own laws, and now in the trend of a jacket on almond-shaped nails 2020 with a design that gravitates towards the eternal classic, it is made in white, but deviations from the canons are possible. Blue, green, purple, red, black, pink, pastel shades and a combination of iridescent and delicate tones will also be in fashion. On almond-shaped long nails, you can create many interesting solutions, both concise and catchy with diverse patterns in an accent form on one or two fingers.

french design on almond-shaped nails

Want variety? Use a French manicure with a design in a modern interpretation of a geometric smile with negative space and clear lines, you can triangles and envelopes, rectangles and rhombuses, depending on personal preference. A chic option, suitable not only for every day, but also for festive occasions and even for a wedding, is a wonderful French manicure in light colors with rhinestones and with an elegant selection of the moon.

french on almond-shaped nails 2020 with design

French design on square nails

Lovers of soft squares can also afford a French nail design with a pattern, where a marble pattern and an envelope, a rectangular and triangular smile will look great. Tenderness will add a floral pattern in green tones, for example, a sprig of lily of the valley, lavender, sakura, chamomile or wild flowers. On squares, not only the classic version looks great, but also voluminous decorations.

french design on square nails

If this form of nails suits you, then from the proposed variety you can easily choose a universal French manicure with a design for stylish everyday life and for a holiday. With voluminous modeling, knitted patterns, rhinestones or exquisite, noble patterns, especially in rich and catchy shades that fit perfectly into everyday work and saturate images with brightness, add a touch of mischief and coquetry.

french nail design with a pattern

French manicure with design

Lovers of everything unusual can be pleasantly surprised and delighted by the modern French nail design with a pattern and rhinestones, as well as sparkles, and foil, and vtrika, and golden or silver varnish, glitter and kamifubiki. Every year, leading masters update the eternal classics, bringing new ideas and trends to our usual manicure in accordance with the spirit of the times and fashion requirements. The aquarium technique has returned, the baking of flower petals, the veil, and the avant-garde can be safely attributed to the geometric and broken non-standard jacket, both plain and multi-colored.

french manicure design

Another French manicure with a design can easily combine several shades, where each finger has its own color, such a solution will be especially relevant in spring and summer, when you want to bring brightness, catchiness and saturation to any conceived image. To please the eye with a play of colors and diversify as much as possible the chic and sensual bows of street style and urban chic. Experiment and with pleasure combine rhinestones, playful drawings and a strict jacket in one manicure, getting amazing options that emphasize the beauty of your pens.

french nail design with pattern and rhinestones

Glitter french manicure

The French nail design with sparkles, kamifubiki and glitter looks great, both in the multiple and in the accent single version, when the glitter is applied to one or two fingers, or the smile itself is drawn. An excellent choice for elegant everyday life is nail art, which combines both a brilliant smile and full coverage of the entire nail with glitter. Glitter can also be used in drawing the lines of drawings; experienced craftsmen harmoniously weave it into the plots of diverse patterns.

french manicure with glitterglitter french nail design

Colored French manicure with design

If you prefer catchy solutions, but at the same time gravitate towards the classics, then your choice is a colored jacket manicure with a pattern, both in rich and pastel colors. Excellent combinations are presented in multi-colored tint combinations, where even the color jacket itself with a design can consist of several colors or in a gradient transition. Trend patterns, according to stylists, can be not only floral, but also inscriptions, stickers, floral, geometric and graphic, abstract and animalistic ornaments and their combinations with each other.

color french manicure with designmanicure color jacket with a pattern

White jacket with design

Something that will never go out of fashion and is timeless is a white jacket manicure with a pattern, when you rely on complete femininity, sensuality and romance. This design is inherent in elegant women, it is chosen with great pleasure by brides and true ladies to create a magnificent addition to charming images that captivate with their pristine beauty and charm. Leading craftsmen offer stylish solutions with graphics and geometry, gossamer, stencil and Japanese painting, which is a real hit of the coming year.

white jacket with designwhite french manicure with a pattern

Black jacket with design

Another true 2020 trend is the black nail jacket with designs ranging from retro and minimalist to oriental with lots of monograms and swirls, rhinestones, veils and a mixture of various lines and insects. Laconic nails with delicate branches of plants and flowers are also interesting, as are black and white versions with openwork patterns and clearly traced frosty hoarfrost.

black jacket with designblack jacket with design 2020

For a celebration, a French manicure with a design in dark colors with gold and a complete abstraction, both on a smile and in an ornament, are suitable. A stylish and magnificent option will turn out with a modest pattern, consisting of thin lines that end in small rhinestones, you get a stunning and beautiful effect of elegant droplets with a crystal sheen. This solution will definitely decorate your hands even in an evening ensemble.

french nails with designfrench on nails with black design

Red jacket with design

What happens if you combine two classics of the genre in one set, for example, a jacket with a design and red? A chic nail art for all occasions that meets all the canons of manicure, especially in royal red and white, red and black and blue and red combinations. The pattern can be any of the trendy ones, if desired, here the choice will already depend on your personal preferences and the skills of the master. Additionally, you can use rhinestones, glitter, glitter, foil, metal figurines, stickers and stamping, as you like.

red jacket with designfrench with design

French manicure with a pattern

What French manicure with a pattern was demonstrated by famous models on the world catwalk?

  1. Updated neoclassic in white tones with delicate flowers in a minimalist style in the spirit of Japanese and handmade Slavic painting, openwork ornaments, perfect for wedding dresses and decorated with rhinestones.

french manicure with a pattern

  1. Ethno motifs for country and antiquity combined with dots, lines and drops, polka dot pattern, cage and stripes, marine theme, relevant for summer.

French manicure with a pattern 2020

  1. Stylish geometry and graphics in multi-colored design and a broken trendy jacket and elegant monograms and curlicues in oriental style, both on a delicate and rich bright background.

French manicure with a pattern

  1. Asymmetrical predatory beautiful jacket with a design with a leopard smile, musical motifs, hit inscriptions, letters and whole plot compositions, a combination of a moon and a French smile is allowed.

french manicure with a pattern 2020

French manicure with gold

An incomparable and relevant choice for all times, especially in evening fashion, is a French manicure with stones in tandem with golden lacquer and additional foil decor, thin golden stripes and small figures, which gives your fingers a special chic and charm and is ideal for charming elegant dresses. dresses. Gold is wonderfully combined not only with white, but also with red, blue, green and black. An interesting design will turn out on a transparent base with negative space and thin golden stripes.

french manicure with goldfrench manicure with stones

French manicure with rubbing

Another trendy option is a stylish French manicure with a design using any powder, both mirror and pearl. Rubbing nail art is very self-sufficient and can do without patterns, but if you wish, you can easily make gradient transitions, cobwebs, delicate small flowers and stylish geometry or graphics to choose from. The actual solution, according to stylists, will be a combination of two smiles in one set, where the moon line is decorated with rhinestones.

french manicure with rubbingstylish french manicure with design

French manicure with flowers

An excellent and relevant choice for a warm spring and a colorful summer is an avant-garde and classic jacket with a design and floral patterns, especially in a multi-colored design, when each finger has its own catchy and bright color, bringing a bit of sparkling joy and rainbow fun to our everyday life. Any flowers on such a background will look amazing and blend harmoniously into everyday bows. For lovers of conciseness, leading craftsmen can offer exquisite and delicate flower modeling or drawing small and delicate flowers, it is possible on a black and white basis.

french manicure with flowersclassic french design

French manicure with foil

Golden, blue, black, red, green, yellow, purple, lilac and especially white jacket on nails with a design looks amazing in combination with diverse foil. To create abstract patterns, experienced craftsmen use not only ordinary multi-colored foil, but also metal or holographic, which makes the manicure not only exquisite, but also iridescent, voluminous and catchy, with highlights and overflows. Additionally, you can decorate the result with a cobweb, thin stripes or lines and rhinestone inclusions.

white french nails with designFrench manicure with foil


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