French on almond-shaped nails - design ideas for all occasions

French manicure has been associated with the classic variation of nail art for many years in a row. It can be created on nail plates that have different shapes, but a jacket on almond-shaped nails is reasonably considered the most feminine and sophisticated option.

French manicure on almond nails 2019

This season, almond-shaped French manicure is very popular among stylists and fashionistas, which is characterized by the following trends:

  • design methods vary from classics, when white, transparent, pastel coatings are used, to very unusual and original solutions;
  • French manicure can be created using several color shades, when the tip looks like a multi-layer one;
  • the shape of the tip can be modified, it is represented not only by the classic rounded version, but also by a triangle or a broken zigzag line;
  • certain decorative elements can be depicted in the tip area, for example, a flower or openwork weaving can organically fit into this part of the nail plate.

french manicure on almond nails 2019

French manicure on almond nails 2019

almond shaped french manicurefrench 2019 on almond-shaped nails

French for short almond-shaped nails

Unlike other varieties of nail art, when the main requirement is a minimum of decor elements, when creating such a design as a jacket on almond-shaped nails that have a shortened length, you can not limit your imagination:

  • a variety of design solutions can be applied: layering, a variety of tip shapes, decorating it with drawings;
  • French manicure on almond-shaped nails with a cat-eye design can also be present, it adds shine and a festive look;
  • you should be careful only when decorating with rhinestones, they can overload the image if they are applied in excess.

French for short almond nails

French on long nails almond-shaped

The jacket looks incredibly luxurious on almond-shaped long nails. This is due to the fact that the shaded part exceeds in area that which is on the nail plates of free length. In addition to the spectacular appearance, this feature provides an opportunity to show your imagination when creating a design:

  • the tip can be painted in one color or in several shades;
  • there is a design when the tip is lined with small rhinestones or sparkles, or these parts serve as dividing stripes;
  • instead of a standard even stripe, the tip may contain artistic painting made in the form of monograms, floral or floral ornaments.

french on long nails almond-shaped

french manicure ideas for almond nails

Stylists use a variety of ideas when creating a French manicure on almond-shaped nails:

  • the applied color palette is characterized by extreme richness, among the most common tones are snow-white, black, blue, red;
  • on the eve of the New Year holidays, shades that are associated with the symbol of the year — the Yellow Earth Pig — are incredibly relevant. This is the whole color palette of yellow, which varies from light, close to beige, to dark, almost mustard, sunny orange, golden, pink and pastel colors;
  • any muted matte color will look very elegant;
  • french on almond-shaped nails is characterized by a variety of shapes, it is a classic rounded version that looks like a heart, an inverted triangle, broken and smooth abstract lines;
  • a mirror rub will refresh the nail art and draw everyone’s attention to it;
  • all kinds of drawings help to make the design original and show your individuality.

french manicure ideas for almond nailsfrench manicure on almond nails

french manicure ideas for almond nails

almond shaped french manicure

White french on almond-shaped nails

Outside the influence of fashion, the classic jacket on almond-shaped nails, made in snow-white tones, continues to remain:

  • the traditional form of creating such a design is drawing a rounded smile painted white;
  • French on almond-shaped nails can be somewhat modified if the base is made snow-white, and some other tone is used to paint over a smile. It can be made in delicate pastel colors or extremely bright and saturated, for example, you can apply a red, yellow, blue tint;
  • classic french manicure, made exclusively in white tones, will greatly decorate certain additional decorative elements, among which you can designate pearls, sparkles, rhinestones, applying an openwork lace pattern.

white french on almond nails

Black french on almond nails

To create a deep and mysterious image, a black jacket is ideal, the almond shape of which softens the severity of this color and gives sophistication to nail art:

  • the traditional way of design is to paint over a smile in black. At the same time, it can be left rounded or modified by making it in the form of a triangle;
  • The jacket looks incredibly interesting and original on almond-shaped nails, in which both the main part and the smile are painted black. They are separated from each other by a transparent dividing line;
  • an alternative would be to make the dividing strip a color, such as bright red.

black french on almond nails

Red french on almond-shaped nails

If you want to stand out as much as possible and attract attention to yourself, you can create a red jacket on almond-shaped nails:

  • this design method will look especially impressive on elongated nail plates, where a significant space is painted over with red;
  • french red on almond-shaped nails is ideally combined with all sorts of bright decorative details, these are golden sparkles, transparent or multi-colored rhinestones;
  • you can enhance the effect of catchiness if you apply a mirror rub.

red french on almond-shaped nailsred french on almond nails

Blue french on almond nails

A blue jacket on almond-shaped nails is reasonably recognized as a universal solution. This is due to the fact that this shade is perfectly combined with completely different clothes and fits into any style, from office to evening:

  1. The laconic design option will be a win-win solution for making everyday or business bows. It consists in applying a transparent base and staining with a blue tone of a smile.
  2. If you want to make a spectacular evening bow, you should use abundant decoration with rhinestones, they can be ordinary transparent or made in different colors. Ideal combination with red stones.

blue french on almond nailsfrench on almond-shaped nails

Triangular french on almond-shaped nails

In recent seasons, a real fashion trend is a triangular jacket on almond-shaped nails:

  • the name of this type of nail art appeared due to a special technique for drawing the tip, which does not look like a classic rounded one, but looks like an inverted triangle;
  • the triangle can go from the middle of the nail plate and narrow in the smile area;
  • the triangle may have a different arrangement when it is drawn with a sharp base directed towards the middle of the nail plate;
  • a triangular design can be created by a dividing strip, transparent or colored, which is located between the base and the tip, painted in one shade;
  • a brilliant jacket on almond-shaped nails looks extremely bright and elegant, it is ideal for making spectacular evening bows.

triangular french on almond-shaped nails

French on almond-shaped nails with rhinestones

Another catchy and festive option is a jacket on almond-shaped nails with a design containing rhinestones:

  • shiny pebbles can cover the smile area, serving as a dividing line or representing a pattern that affects this area;
  • the image of floral or floral ornaments, an openwork pattern is common. When using multi-colored rhinestones, you can lay out variations of various color patterns.

french on almond-shaped nails with rhinestones

Matte french on almond-shaped nails

Such an original design as a jacket on an almond shape can be made not only in a traditional glossy, but also in a matte version:

  • a matte finish can be used to paint over a specific part, for example, only the tip or base, or for the entire nail plate;
  • not only colored varnishes can have a matte structure, if the base is meant in a transparent version, it can also have a matte effect.

matte french on almond-shaped nails

French with a pattern on almond-shaped nails

You can make an incredibly beautiful jacket on almond-shaped nails if you decorate it with drawings that can be made on completely different topics:

  • a traditional design solution would be to depict floral or floral ornaments, they are relevant not only in the summer, but also in the winter season;
  • recently, ethnic motifs have become extremely popular, they are considered a real fashion trend;
  • geometry does not leave the fashionable Olympus, so all kinds of shapes, points, lines can be applied to the nails;
  • New Year’s theme is especially relevant on the eve of the holidays.

french with a pattern on almond-shaped nails

French on almond-shaped nails with rubbing

The French manicure on almond-shaped nails, containing a mirror rub, looks incredibly catchy and spectacular:

  • a brilliant coating can be applied over the main one, giving the nail plates an iridescent effect;
  • a good technique would be to combine a mirror rub with a variety of sparkles, rhinestones, foil.

french on almond-shaped nails with rubbing

Unusual jacket on almond-shaped nails

Fashionistas who prefer extraordinary bows will be able to use an unusual almond-shaped French nail design:

  • originality can be achieved through the selection of contrasting, seemingly incompatible colors, an unusual shape of a smile, images of interesting, rarely seen drawings;
  • the smile may not be completely painted over, but only up to the middle, this effect can be applied on one, several or all fingers;
  • the smile zone can go beyond the usual boundaries and go far into the main part. Such an unusual continuation of the borders can be carried out with the help of clear straight lines or openwork curls;
  • french 2019 on almond-shaped nails can be done using two multi-colored lines starting at the base and continuing to the smile area. They outline the tip by crossing each other in the upper part of the nail plate.

unusual jacket on almond-shaped nailsFrench almond shaped nail design

New Year’s jacket on almond-shaped nails

You can give yourself a festive and solemn mood if you make a New Year’s jacket on almond-shaped nails:

  1. To create such nail art, the corresponding paraphernalia is used, which consists in the image of snowflakes, frosty patterns, snowmen, deer, Christmas trees and Christmas decorations and other elements.
  2. The design can look like a New Year’s one due to the abundant decoration with all kinds of shiny details, such as rhinestones, beads, kamifubiki, small sparkles. Gold and silver glitter will give a festive look, even if the elements are arranged in random order.

New Year's french on almond-shaped nailsNew Year's french on almond-shaped nails


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