French on nails - stylish classic nail design

French on nails is an impeccable, elegant personification of impeccable taste and sense of style. This is the favorite and most common nail design for most fashionistas. A discreet classic jacket can be diversified and decorated in many ways, it will become more interesting and unusual.

French nail design

French on nails with a design is a stylish interpretation of the classic design of a French manicure. The beauty industry is improving every day, making adjustments and new types of design, you just need to keep up with the fleeting change in fashion trends. The most successful and common variations of the jacket:

  1. Color french. The easiest and most effective way to diversify a traditional manicure is to paint the smile line not with white, but with another colored varnish.
  2. French and rhinestones. Minimal inlay with crystals can transform nail art beyond recognition.
  3. French and modeling. A favorite decoration of the nail plate in a chic wedding manicure for most newlyweds.
  4. geometric french. Non-standard, incomplete design of the smile line will create an incredible newfangled design.
  5. reverse french. A new trend in the manicure world is a jacket, designed at the base of the growth of the nail, under the very cuticle.


French manicure for short nails

French for short nails is the most practical, convenient and versatile technique. This form will appeal to business women, whose occupation requires a dress code and strict rules. Young mothers and women who run the household will also not remain indifferent to this stylish and comfortable manicure. It looks very attractive, natural and elegant, modest and restrained, but does not cease to be the most used type of design. Short nails with a jacket do not need excessive decoration and look perfect without accessories.


French for long nails

A blue jacket on nails is a stylish color scheme for a change in the same nude-white range. The impressive length of the nails is an impeccable canvas for recreating an unusual, original nail art, there is enough space for a flight of fancy and the embodiment of bold ideas. Long nails are a favorite among showbiz ladies whose fingers are in the public domain and must look flawless. It is best to strengthen long nails with gel or build up with acrylic, for greater strength and durability of the created manicure design.


French on almond nails

French on almond-shaped nails looks unusual and extravagant. The very shape of the nails is conducive to the creation of a non-trivial, exclusive design. A nail plate similar to the nut of the same name is chosen by courageous, daring and strong women who are eager to emphasize their originality and inner core. For almond-shaped nails, a colored jacket with a well-curved smile line is suitable. Any decor in the form of stones, geometric rivets, glitter, kamifubuki and metal frames is a great way to diversify a stylish shape.


French on square nails

It is preferable to perform a classic jacket on nails on a square shape. A soft square with rounded corners is the favorite shape of beautiful ladies. Strict, concise and simple, she found favor with women of various professions. The length depends on the desired end result. For a simple classic white jacket on a nude camouflage base, a short length is suitable, for a manicure decorated with decorative elements, a medium and long nail plate is perfect, with ample space for the realization of fantasies and creative ideas.


French for sharp nails

French with rhinestones on sharp nails is a stylish choice for unusual, daring girls who want to attract attention. For everyday and business style, this form is not entirely suitable, but for a solemn, festive and informal design of nails it will be just right. This form is rarely used, so its owner will become the owner of a unique, exclusive design. Long pointed stilettos are a great nail shape in the aquarium design technique. An aquarium with a French manicure with sparkles looks voluminous, unusual and attractive.


French nail ideas

French nails with a pattern are just a small fraction of the extensive list of French manicure design options. Fashion trends do not stand still and fashionable novelties and techniques for applying a jacket appear daily. What are the most common and flawless ideas for a beautiful design of a French manicure:

  1. Retractable french. A special technology performed by gel, in which the smile line is laid out with white gel, and not painted over with a snow-white coating.
  2. aquarium french. A unique technology of volumetric decor under a thick layer of gel, creating a visual sense of multi-layered.
  3. Combined jacket. Combination of several types of manicure in one. It can be a French and moon manicure decorated with rhinestones or covered with a matte top.
  4. 3D drawing. The design made with thick gel looks very attractive on the handles, it can be drops, monograms and cute curls. This design looks especially expressive on a matte substrate.
  5. New York Manicure. Highlight one finger with a different color. A monochromatic coating or an accent detail with a painting and decorative decoration — depends on individual preferences.


French nail design with a pattern

French on nails with a pattern is conducive to the creation of a magnificent unique design. When the traditional presentation of the jacket gets boring and you want variety, a design using drawings will come to the rescue. The painting can be applied manually, using stamping, transfer stickers and a design slider. The most popular and stylish pattern in the new season:

  1. Floristics. Does not lose its leading position for many seasons in a row. Thin outlines of miniature toffees, Chinese painting with a flat brush or a slide sticker of a whole flower field — the choice of individual taste preferences.
  2. Fruit. Gorgeous summer design of a bright jacket. Watermelon, papaya, strawberry, orange and pineapple are excellent components of the fruit composition.
  3. Animalism. In the trend «wild» animal print. Leopard, tiger and zebra — will bring wildness and brightness to the image.
  4. Pattern with rhinestones and decorative sand. A pattern made with rhinestones or decorative powder looks unusual and original.


multi-colored french nails

A bright jacket on nails is the prerogative of the summer season, when you want to throw away the formalities and immerse yourself in a relaxed, informal atmosphere of relaxation. Cheerful bright colors will give a good mood and create idleness. How unusual to arrange a multi-colored jacket:

  1. Each finger is a different color. By painting each nail a different shade, a fun, spontaneous, light design is created. You can combine a multi-colored backing with a multi-colored smile line.
  2. Multicolored sequins. French with colored sparkles is attractive and brings a special zest.
  3. Matte color french. The base is covered with a matte top of a neutral beige translucent shade, and the regrown edge is painted with a glossy colored varnish.
  4. Color jacket with decor. They decorate multi-colored French manicure with rhinestones, broths, silver or golden ornaments, and painting.


Matte french on nails

A beautiful jacket on the nails in a matte finish is a stylish and fashionable jacket. Any design covered with a velvet top looks different and opens up in a new light. Top Matte French Manicure Options:

  1. veil effect. It is created by applying a translucent black base, on top of which a black jacket or a rich black pattern is drawn. As a pattern, applying a lace print is optimal.
  2. mat and gloss. A matte smile line on a glossy substrate looks spectacular and defiant. You can highlight several nails with a matte top, and leave the rest in gloss and decorate with related accessories.
  3. Negative space manicure. Leaving the unpainted area of ​​​​the nail creates a new-fangled stylish design that is especially gorgeous in a matte finish.
  4. Mat and rhinestones. The radiance of rhinestones is unimaginably emphasized by the velvet structure of the matte finish.


French glitter nails

Delicate jacket on the nails decorated with sparkles will appeal to romantic, flirtatious ladies. The playful glow of shiny nails can drive you crazy and charm in an instant. Girls who prefer a brilliant manicure are distinguished by their easy character and sensuality. What method can be used to decorate a jacket with sparkles:

  1. Kamifubuki. Large fantasy-shaped sequins combined with a French manicure are the perfect choice. If you cover such a design with a frosted top, it looks sealed under frosted glass and more interesting.
  2. liquid foil. Gives incredible shine to hundreds of particles of different sizes and has exceptional visual qualities.
  3. Glitter and pattern. Glitter can create an intricate pattern or paint over a shiny finish.


French on nails with rubbing

A wedding jacket on the nails covered with a rub will add mystery and charming shine to a gentle look. Every girl, on the most responsible and important day in her life, wants to look gorgeous and flawless from hair to nail tips. With this task, a bewitching rub for nails will cope in no time. What design is created using rubbing:

  1. Mirror rub. A magical mirror reflection on the nails enchants and bewitches. The smile line, decorated with a mirror rub, looks impressive and extravagant. The maximum reflective effect is achieved by applying a silver rubbing with microparticles on a black substrate.
  2. Pearl powder. A translucent rubbing with a pearl effect will give an extra luxurious shine and radiance.
  3. Chameleon powder. A beautiful, shimmering rub in different shades will give a charming, magical visual effect.


french gradient on nails

French ombre on nails is a spectacular and stylish modification of the classic French manicure. What could be more graceful than a soft, smooth transition from one color to another? French Design Gradient Design Ideas:

  1. French ombre. It is performed in the traditional French range, but it does not have a clear border between colors, but is performed with a light transition that changes shades. On top, you can apply a pearl rub and increase the charming look.
  2. shiny gradient. It has the same execution technology, only with the help of sparkles.
  3. color gradient. The smile line is outlined with multi-colored varnishes with a gradient transition.
  4. gradient and french. A novelty in nail design. First, an airbrush gradient is performed from a dark color at the base, to a lighter shade in the area of ​​​​the overgrown end, and the smile line is drawn in a dark shade.


Lunar french on nails

Types of jacket on the nails are multifaceted and have many variations. The combination of French and moon design is widely used in the nail industry and is an integral part of an elegant and chic look. How to make a moon-French jacket in an unusual and original way:

  1. Standard moon jacket. It stands out from the nude-white scale and combines two techniques in one manicure, the area of ​​the regrown edge and the hole are decorated with color.
  2. Brilliant moon french manicure. One or both zones of the hole and the jacket are covered with glitter.
  3. rhinestone border. The zone of the hole is indicated by rhinestones, it can be a thin strip of crystals or a voluminous sparkling pattern.
  4. Wide smile line. The smile line can be started in the middle of the nail plate. This option applies to both French and lunar design.
  5. Double Hole Line. The lunar zone is painted over with colored varnish and, through the distance, is emphasized by another stripe.


Golden french on nails

An unusual jacket on nails in gold color looks luxurious and rich. For girls who want to make a lasting impression, this design will help them achieve their goals. How to add gold to a stylish classic jacket:

  1. Golden powder. The area of ​​the regrown edge can be covered with a golden rub.
  2. Gold leaf. The transfer foil looks stylish in the French area, especially on the contrasting coating of black, red and navy blue. One New York-style nail can be highlighted with foil in different shades, creating an iridescent effect.
  3. Gold glitter and liquid mica. Another type of gold jacket, provides a smooth and dense filling with sparkles.
  4. golden gradient. With holographic gold glitter, you can create a smooth gradient transition without a clear distinction.


neon french nails

Summer jacket on nails in catchy acid shades is the perfect summer solution. When is the best reason to show off a bright nail design if not during the holiday season? Girls who choose neon shades are distinguished by their explosive nature and non-standard taste preferences, but they are very bright and interesting personalities. What neon manicure is at the peak of popularity:

  1. neon gradient. The most fashionable type of acid jacket is a smooth transition of many neon shades.
  2. multi-colored jacket. Each finger is painted with bright neon shades of orange, lemon, aquamarine, crimson, or a striped manicure is done in the smile zone with several neon shades.
  3. Acid jacket with design. Drawings, abstraction, rhinestones, decorative stickers and rivets are the best options for decorating a bright coating.


French with geometry on nails

French with a triangle on the nails is non-standard and not familiar in the classic sense of the jacket. The fashion world does not stand still and develops new types and ways of decorating flawless nails. For a triangular geometric jacket, the almond-shaped and sharp shape of nails of medium length will be most suitable, and for a square, a different style of geometric design is selected. How to beautifully geometrically reproduce French:

  1. Geometric abstraction on the smile line. A smile line is outlined, inside which separate geometric details are drawn, each of them can be decorated with different colors.
  2. Standard jacket and geometric shapes. You can make a classic French manicure and decorate with geometric details. Minimalism is the best solution. A square or triangle in the middle of the nail plate looks concise and stylish.



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