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French manicure has gained great popularity among beautiful ladies due to its femininity and elegance. Although traditionally this nail art looks very modest and concise, the masters actively complement it with other elements. A jacket with a design can be bright and attractive, and the number of its variations reaches a huge variety.

Nail design — french 2018

The most common variation of such nail art is the “white jacket” nail design, which can fit into absolutely any image. Such a manicure emphasizes the natural beauty of women’s hands, is not striking, but at the same time looks very neat. Combining extraordinary femininity, beauty and elegance, the snow-white jacket has not lost its position for several decades, and 2018 was no exception.

Meanwhile, in the coming season, nail art masters often deviate from traditional classics, “diluting” it with other types of design. So, for example, in 2018, a French manicure can be supplemented with the following elements:

  • shiny stones and rhinestones;
  • blotches of other color shades;
  • all kinds of drawings;
  • highlighting wells in the same or a different color;
  • The novelty of 2018 was the French Millennium technique, in which the smile line stands out not only with a different color scheme, but also with numerous shiny elements — glitter, sequins, tinsel, confetti, and so on.

french nail design 2018white french nail design

French on almond-shaped nails with design 2018

The trend for neat almond-shaped nails has not lost ground for several years. Girls and women like their aesthetics, emphasizing the natural beauty and femininity. As a rule, such claws have a slightly elongated shape, so they do not look vulgar, but very gentle, cute and charming.

The almond-shaped French nail design can be both classic and bright and unusual. In 2018, masters of manicure art advise girls who have chosen this always relevant option for themselves to “try on” the following types of nail art:

  • classic French manicure with a snow-white tip and a transparent surface;
  • nail art with small stones that have a neat shape. They can be scattered over the entire surface of the nail plates of the accent fingers or decorate the claws with neat even stripes;
  • French nail design with a pattern 2018 looks great on almond-shaped claws. In most cases, girls and women give their preference to floristic themes, which become especially relevant in the spring and summer season;
  • nail art with rhinestones will be appropriate at a celebration or party. So that it does not look vulgar, large and defiant jewelry should be abandoned, giving preference to neat small pebbles;
  • in 2018, a jacket with a design on a geometric theme will be relevant. With a stylish look and minimalist décor, it will fit perfectly into any outfit. In the case of an almond-shaped claw, preference should be given to a French manicure, made in universal black and white.

french on almond-shaped nails with design 2018French almond shaped nail design

French design 2018 — square nails

Square nails look a little rough and defiant. In 2018, the masters of manicure art agreed that it is better to refuse this form of claws, preferring more feminine and neat oval or almond-shaped plates. However, some girls strongly disagree with this, since square nails attract them the most.

For those young ladies who do not want to part with the usual «square», experts are ready to offer several options for decorating their claws. The most popular trend this year has been the classic French manicure, with a design in the form of a simple and concise print, such as polka dots or a minimalist decor of rhinestones and shiny stones.

In the case of choosing a square shape of nails, you should not experiment with color. It is much better to give preference to the classic combination — a snow-white smile line and a pinkish or beige surface that emphasizes the natural beauty of the handles. You can diversify such nail art with bright pebbles, kamifubuki or small drawings applied using acrylic paint.

french design 2018 square nails

French design on sharp nails 2018

In 2018, models with sharp claws can be seen on many world catwalks. The trend to wear nails with a sharp, somewhat provocative shape is only suitable for bold, self-confident girls who are not afraid to be in the spotlight. You can decorate such plates in different ways, including the design of sharp French nails that is very popular among modern fashionistas.

In addition to the timeless classics, other options are available for owners of long sharp claws, for example:

  • French manicure with a thickened smile line;
  • jacket with lace design;
  • nail art with textural details;
  • decor with all kinds of drawings and patterns, for which the area of ​​u200bu200bthe nail plates is sufficient.

french with design on sharp nails 2018french sharp nail design

French design for short nails

Owners of short nail plates who cannot or do not want to grow long nails should not worry this year, because the masters of manicure art have prepared many interesting and original options for them. So, for example, in the 2018 season, a jacket with the design of the following varieties will be relevant:

  • black gothic nail art;
  • fatal scarlet manicure, which is ideal for going out;
  • white jacket with a design of various patterns and patterns — this design is suitable even for a young bride;
  • colored corner french manicure;
  • reverse french nail art;
  • oblique french manicure.

french design for short nailsfrench manicure design

French manicure with design — ideas

Although a jacket with a design is not the easiest type of manicure, it is very popular among the fair sex, so masters in the world of nail art are in no hurry to abandon this technique. On the contrary, every year French manicure is complemented by various types of decor, experts experiment with color combinations, the shape of the nail plates, the technologies used, and decorative elements, getting more and more new ideas.

For many years, the classic snow-white jacket has not lost its position, which looks incredibly elegant and sophisticated. Bold and self-confident fashionistas who want to create the image of a vamp woman can make a “red jacket” nail design on their claws, and gentle and romantic natures can do French nail art in pastel shades. There is a huge variety of variations, among which each girl will be able to choose something for herself.

french manicure design ideas

French manicure with design — ideas

red french nail design

French nail design with a pattern

You can complement the French manicure with drawings, regardless of the color scheme in which it is made. Meanwhile, if almost all options are suitable for a classic French manicure with a snow-white smile line and a nude main surface, then you should be careful with other colors. In most cases, girls and women prefer the following images:

  • romantic motifs on a floral theme — twigs, flowers, leaves;
  • lace. Delicate and sophisticated openwork patterns are perfect for a romantic date or celebration, in addition, they can be complemented with other types of decor. So, for example, a young bride can choose a French nail design with a pattern and rhinestones;
  • funny little animals and faces;
  • images on a space theme;
  • thematic drawings dedicated to any event or holiday.

french nail design with a patternfrench nail design with pattern and rhinestones

Black French Nail Design

Although black gel polish looks a bit gloomy, it has been at the very top of popularity lately. Girls and women do manicures using this unusual coating and achieve amazing results. So that excessively dark nails do not catch the eye and do not make the image mournful, stylists advise young ladies to apply a black jacket with a design that looks stylish, bright and ultra-modern.

The most successful combinations when creating a French manicure are obtained by using snow-white and nude shades along with black. Such combinations refresh the trendy look and make it incredibly attractive. When going to a celebration, you can use a spectacular combination of black and gold — this tandem will not leave its owner unnoticed. In addition, masters of manicure art advise, if desired, to diversify nail art with the following decorative elements:

  • peas;
  • abstract motives;
  • lace patterns;
  • bows;
  • rhinestones and pebbles;
  • twigs and flowers;
  • geometry.

black french nail design

Black French Nail Design

black jacket with design

French nail design with rhinestones

A beautiful French nail design can always be complemented with charming rhinestones that will give it a sophisticated and solemn look. At the same time, shiny pebbles can be arranged in different ways — along the smile line, in the form of even stripes or pretty patterns, in a chaotic manner. If you have short nail plates, you should not overload the nail art and use too many rhinestones — it is much better to decorate only accent fingers with them.

french nail design with rhinestones

Color french nail design

Experimenting with different types of nail art, nail artists have long offered their clients to do French nail art using unusual color combinations. Often one of the shades in such a design looks very bright and catchy, while the other, on the contrary, is muted, due to which it sets off the first one somewhat.

A colored jacket with a design also has its fans. However, since this type of nail art itself is very bright and attracts a lot of interested looks, it must be decorated with a small amount of decorative elements. A good way is to highlight accent nails with small patterns, stripes of rhinestones, or even do a French manicure only on the ring fingers, and paint all the rest in one color.

color french nail design

Color french nail design

color jacket with design

Glitter french nail design

Nail art with shiny decorative elements is perfect for going out and special occasions. One of these types of nail plate design is the French millennium, which is created using sparkles and glitter. As a rule, only the smile line is given shine, although, as with all types of nail art, various variations can be present here. For going out, it is better to use bright color combinations — a gold or red jacket with a design looks just great.

glitter french nail design

French nail design with rubbing

Favorite by many, the “French manicure” nail design with the addition of a rub looks incredibly beautiful. In this case, it is best to use colored sand to achieve the desired effect, although acrylic powder is also quite suitable. When rubbing two or three accent fingers, such a jacket with a design can be used for everyday wear, while pigment nail art is best suited for celebrations.

french nail design with rubbing

French «nautical design»

When going to the sea, many girls decorate their pens with nail art on the appropriate theme. To do this, you can use a French manicure, the unusual design of which will attract the attention of others to its owner. As a rule, in this case, the smile line is painted in blue or cyan. In addition, it can be decorated with a striped print or complemented by a thematic pattern.

french nautical design

French nail design with flowers

Floral theme in the world of manicure art is used very often. You can also complement it with a French manicure, which in itself looks elegant and sophisticated. So, gentle, pretty and romantically inclined young ladies often give their preference to a snow-white jacket with drawings on a floral theme. Young ladies who like to impress others can choose a “bright jacket” nail design and complement it with 2-3 large flowers.

french nail design with flowers

Wedding jacket with design

Young brides on the eve of their marriage think over the image to the smallest detail. In particular, special attention is paid to the handles, which should look perfect, because they will always be in the spotlight. In most cases, the choice of newlyweds falls on a classic jacket with a design that looks very gentle, feminine and attractive.

The following types of nail art are perfect for a wedding celebration:

  • jacket with lace design;
  • french manicure with delicate patterns;
  • reverse french;
  • a combination of moon and French manicure;
  • different options with rhinestones.

bridal jacket with designclassic french design

Wedding jacket with design


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