French with rhinestones - fashion trends for short and long nails

A jacket with rhinestones has not gone out of fashion for several years now — miniature pebbles give nails an elegant shining effect, transforming a laconic design. At the same time, such an idea does not go beyond the classics at all, easily fitting into both a strict design and a festive one.

French with rhinestones 2019

This year’s trend is short nails. If earlier most of the ideas were proposed for the nail plate of an impressive length, now comfort in everyday life has become more valuable, and naturalness has come into fashion. French with rhinestones on nails 2019 is a lot of ideas in a discreet and concise design that look beautiful on both long nails and short ones, without creating the effect of sloppiness and congestion.

French with rhinestones 2019

A stylish jacket with rhinestones 2019 is not only a classic with a miniature decor with pebbles. In addition to the classic design, new fresh design ideas are also relevant:

French for short nails with rhinestones

The most relevant ideas of what a French manicure with rhinestones can be are solutions for short nails that look gentle and concise. French manicure looks equally beautiful both on round nails and on square ones, small stones create a shining effect, giving the nails a more stylish and elegant look. For decor, in addition to rhinestones, you can add broths — tiny multi-colored balls.

French for short nails with rhinestones

When creating nail designs for short lengths, it’s important to maintain a fine line between flashy décor and congestion. A large number of rhinestones, especially in combination with a combination of colors or with a pattern, will look too gaudy on short nails, and the effect will not be at all what you wanted. Good french ideas with rhinestones for short nails are:

  • one or two stones on each nail;
  • French for short nails with rhinestones ideas

  • laconic design of one or two nails on the hand;
  • French for short nails with rhinestones options

  • luxurious and rich decor of one nail, a combination with other design ideas is possible.
  • French for short nails with rhinestones fashion

French on long nails with rhinestones

Whatever ideas the fashion of 2019 dictates, long nails will always remain relevant. With a French manicure, they look very bright, and at the same time gently, concisely. An important plus of long nails is that there are practically no design restrictions for them, regardless of the shape. On a nail plate of impressive length, it is easy to implement any design and decor ideas, the most popular in modern fashion are:

  • classic French manicure with rhinestones in a laconic design;
  • French on long nails with rhinestones

  • luxurious decor with rhinestones of one or more nails on the hand;
  • French on long nails with rhinestones ideas

  • decor with rhinestones in combination with drawings — a sticker or painting;
  • French on long nails with rhinestones ideas

  • a combination of rhinestones with sparkles, broths, stickers.
  • French on long nails with rhinestones options

French on sharp nails with rhinestones

Whatever the design, sharp nails look very bright and catchy, attracting special attention, and even in a classic design, a sharp jacket with rhinestones looks stylish and outrageous. As a rule, this form of nails is preferred by bright and creative girls who like special attention to their appearance, so most of the ideas are bright and catchy designs, for example, artistic painting with rhinestones, luxurious decoration with stones of one or all nails.

French on sharp nails with rhinestonesFrench on sharp nails with rhinestones ideas

French manicure ideas with rhinestones

Initially, the French manicure was concise and classic — a flesh-colored nail plate with a tip painted in white, it looked very gentle, neat and even conservative. Many today prefer this version of the nail design, which is universal and fits seamlessly into any female look, starting with strict and business classics and pumping evening or festive bows. But soon, stylists began to offer girls interesting design options in this style, including a white jacket on nails with rhinestones.

French manicure ideas with rhinestones

Later, fashion moved a little further, and modified French-style nail designs became more and more popular. So, now at the peak of popularity are different solutions for French manicure, including a combined design, different colors, moonlight, and other ideas. But a special love among girls and women of all ages was won by a jacket with rhinestones, which transforms the nail design and brings shine and shine to the image.

French manicure ideas with rhinestones ideas

White jacket with rhinestones

With all the abundance of various fashionable solutions, the unchanging classics always find their admirers. One of the most fashionable nail design solutions is a white French manicure with rhinestones, which can be either delicate and concise, or very bright. The advantage of the idea is its versatility — French manicure in white is ideal for any length and shape of nails and harmonizes with any outfit, and small rhinestones emphasize refined taste.

White jacket with rhinestones

There are a lot of options on how to decorate a white French manicure with rhinestones, the most successful and fashionable are such ideas:

  • laconic decor with pebbles on each nail;
  • White jacket with rhinestones ideas

  • catchy decoration with rhinestones of one or two nails on the hand;
  • White jacket with rhinestones options

  • combination of rhinestones with white patterns;
  • White jacket with rhinestones options

  • a combination of rhinestones with a multi-colored pattern on one nail.
  • White jacket with rhinestones ideas

Another idea of ​​a white jacket with rhinestones that deserves special attention is a wedding French manicure. This solution harmoniously combines the tenderness, lightness inherent in the classic dress of the bride, with a bright and stylish design, interesting and luxurious decor with shining rhinestones. If earlier such an idea was feasible only for long nails, then this year stylists offer fashionistas many options for short ones.

White jacket with rhinestones fashion

Black jacket with rhinestones

In second place in popularity after the white French manicure was black, which is no less neutral and versatile, but due to the contrast of the colors of the nail plate and the “smile”, it looks more bright. A beautiful jacket on nails with rhinestones in black is a lot of fashionable ideas that will emphasize your individuality:

  • laconic jacket in black with rhinestones;
  • Black jacket with rhinestones

  • combining a monochromatic nail design with a jacket;
  • Black jacket with rhinestones ideas

  • matte black jacket with rhinestones;
  • Black jacket with rhinestones fashion

  • black jacket with a pattern and rhinestones.
  • Black jacket with rhinestones options

Red jacket with rhinestones

Lovers of bright colors will certainly like the red jacket on the nails with rhinestones, which looks very catchy and elegant. This color has many completely different shades, ranging from catchy and defiant scarlet to elegant burgundy. Such an idea as a red jacket looks beautiful and bright by itself, and the decor with rhinestones will enhance this effect.

Red jacket with rhinestones

In the case of the red color of the jacket, which looks better on medium and long nails, it is very difficult to overdo it with the decor — the catchy idea itself attracts attention. Therefore, there are no limits in decorating nails with rhinestones; both a laconic single stone on the nail plate and a luxurious decor in combination with other design options look equally beautiful.

Red jacket with rhinestones ideas

Color jacket with rhinestones

In the spring and summer seasons, a beautiful jacket with rhinestones of various juicy shades is very popular, moreover, there can be different colors of nails on one hand. In terms of the effect produced, such an idea is the complete opposite of the classic French manicure, laconic and gentle — the colored jacket looks very creative and cheerful. The downside of the idea is that it does not fit into a strict business image.

Color jacket with rhinestonesColor jacket with rhinestones ideas

French with rubbing and rhinestones

If you like a shining mother-of-pearl shine on your nails, then a design such as a jacket with rhinestones can be decorated with a rub. Decor is a powder of fine fraction, which is gently rubbed into the nail plate with a special sponge and fixed with varnish. The effect of rubbing can be different, depending on the material — a light and delicate pearl sheen, a mirror surface, a bright shade. With the use of this decor option, the nail design is transformed and acquires a radiant elegant shine. Rubbing looks beautiful on nails of any length.

French with rubbing and rhinestonesFrench with rubbing and rhinestones options

Blue jacket with rhinestones

Those who love calm, restrained tones may like the French nail design with rhinestones in blue, which is very versatile — some of its shades look bright and catchy, while others, on the contrary, look elegant and elegant. The layout of the decor can be anything, and any option will be beautiful and delicate, but a particularly effective idea is to use blue or ultramarine rhinestones.

Blue jacket with rhinestonesBlue french with rhinestones ideas

French with rhinestones and pattern

This version of the nail design, like a jacket, has one important advantage — it is so light and neutral that it can be combined with any other decor idea. The most popular is a white or colored jacket with rhinestones on the nails in combination with a pattern. Previously, this idea was used exclusively for the design of long nails, but the fashion of the current year, adapting to the trends, offers many interesting ideas for short lengths.

French with rhinestones and pattern

With the help of drawings, it is easy to create a stylish and sophisticated French nail design, and miniature shining stones, being a powerful accent, will help to emphasize the effect. Popular ideas for combining rhinestones with drawings are:

  • delicate French nail design in white;
  • French with rhinestones and pattern white

  • elegant black French manicure with rhinestones and a pattern;
  • French with rhinestones and idea pattern

  • bright and catchy color ideas.

Pink jacket with rhinestones

Another popular color for French manicure is pink, used in two variations;

  • the nail plate instead of nude is painted pale pink;
  • French with rhinestones and pattern

  • the tip of the nail is formed in a bright pink color.
  • Pink jacket with rhinestones

Both of these ideas look soft and gentle, they are an excellent background for creating any nail design, including a jacket with rhinestones on the nails. A manicure can be both discreet and laconic using a few pebbles on a pink background, or luxurious using painting, a large number of rhinestones and broths. At the same time, the pink color of the nails is neutral and organically fits into any image.

Pink jacket with rhinestones options

Wedding jacket with rhinestones

Every girl wants to look special on her wedding day, and it is important to pay maximum attention to every detail of her image. Far from the last on the list of priorities is a manicure, which should be in harmony with the delicate image of the bride, and at the same time not be too simple. According to stylists and many girls, the ideal solution is a French wedding manicure with white rhinestones, which emphasizes the tenderness of the image, and at the same time has a festive, elegant effect.

Wedding jacket with rhinestones

There are endless ideas of how a wedding jacket with rhinestones can look like, and they are applicable for any length of nails. Conventionally, the variety of options can be divided into:

  • classic laconic jacket with several silver rhinestones;
  • Wedding jacket with rhinestones ideas

  • rich decor of nails with rhinestones and broths;
  • Wedding jacket with rhinestones options

  • a combination of French design with rhinestones and an elegant pattern.
  • Wedding jacket with rhinestones pattern

French pedicure with rhinestones

Considering the fashionable ideas of nail design in 2019, it is important to remember not only graceful handles, but also legs, which is especially important in the warm season. For a pedicure, discreet and concise options in light colors are more suitable. Especially popular is the idea of ​​​​a classic jacket with a miniature rhinestone decor at the base on one nail or on all.

French pedicure with rhinestones

Pedicure options have no limits, and a wide variety of ideas find their admirers. So, black pedicure, color or black and white jacket with rhinestones is popular. Unlike the classic idea, which is neutral and delicate, this solution looks bright and creative, harmoniously fits into the everyday summer look, and thanks to the rhinestones it looks elegant and festive.

French pedicure with rhinestones pattern


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