Fuchsia manicure - ideas, novelties, trends for nails of any length

The charming fuchsia manicure, which owes its name to the flower of the same name, has become incredibly popular with the fair sex of different ages. There is a huge variety of design options for nail plates made in this color scheme, so each young lady has an unusually wide choice.

Manicure fuchsia 2019

In 2019, bright fuchsia manicure won the honorary title of one of the main trends of the season. It looks very beautiful and modern, which is why young ladies and older women like it so much. Although a monochromatic variation of this design also looks stylish, most girls in the new season will give their preference to combined types of nail art, in which this hot pink color is combined with black, white, gold and other shades.

In addition, in 2019, a fuchsia manicure can be complemented by a wide variety of drawings, stickers, rhinestone decor, acrylic powder, velvet sand, broths, and so on. Incredibly popular variations of moon nail art and French manicure, which are used to create this unusual and attractive color scheme.

fuchsia manicure 2019bright fuchsia manicure

Manicure for short nails, fuchsia

In 2019, it is absolutely not necessary to grow long claws, because they have faded far into the background and have given way to neat short nails of a natural shape. Meanwhile, even with a short plate length, you can decorate with bright colors and rich decor, which will make nail art very interesting and memorable.

Manicure for short nails, fuchsia, perfect for this. Even in a monochromatic version, it looks very feminine, bright and seductive. In addition, a French variation, light decor with rhinestones, broths and other voluminous elements, medium-sized drawings placed on accent fingers, a combination of matte and glossy finishes and other types of design are great for short claws.

manicure for short nails fuchsia

Manicure for long nails, fuchsia

For those girls who do not want to give up long nail plates, a fuchsia manicure with a matte top is best. It does not shine and does not reflect light, thanks to which the hands of a fashionista look neat, well-groomed and noble. In addition, matte nail art always emphasizes the ideal shape of the nails and can, if necessary, hide existing imperfections.

A monochromatic glossy finish, as well as a design with sparkles, rhinestones or patterns, can look vulgar on excessively long nails. For this reason, the best choice should be a matte top or a combination of a bright color with other, more neutral shades. So, in this case, a manicure 2019 fuchsia with black is perfect, and for a holiday or a gala event, you can choose a charming design with gold.

manicure for long nails fuchsia

Fuchsia Manicure Ideas

For girls who love to experiment with their image, masters in the world of nail art are always ready to offer fuchsia nails, manicure ideas with which can be very non-standard and original. The most popular design options among the fair sex have recently become the following:

  • moon manicure fuchsia;
  • two-tone compositions with a black or white tint;
  • french manicure;
  • rhinestone design;
  • fuchsia ombre manicure;
  • leopard print combined with a coating of a bright shade;
  • all kinds of options for nail art with drawings.

fuchsia manicure ideas

Matte fuchsia manicure

Stylish and incredibly attractive fuchsia matte manicure is the perfect choice for both everyday wear and for a festive event. Unlike glossy, it does not look too bright, but at the same time it looks very expressive. In addition, the matte finish does not shine and has an unusual texture that attracts attention. Matte fuchsia manicure is suitable for nails of different lengths and different shapes. To diversify it, one or more accent fingers can be covered with a glossy top, which will stand out very much against the background of matte nails.

matte manicure fuchsia

Manicure fuchsia with white

A fuchsia-colored manicure looks very elegant, elegant and noble, in which this bright shade is combined with a snow-white coating. Usually in this design, the main surface of the nail plates is covered with a bright pink gel polish, while various ornaments and patterns are depicted in white, a French line is drawn or the hole of its reverse version is painted over, several nails are highlighted as an accent. The opposite variation looks no less expressive, in which bright patterns are applied with the help of a gel polish of a bright color on a white background.

fuchsia manicure with white

Fuchsia manicure with silver

Exquisite manicure, fuchsia color with silver design, perfect for a special occasion. The use of silver in such nail art emphasizes the nobility of color and makes the image as a whole more rigorous and sophisticated. Although silver decoration is best placed only on accent fingers, it will also look great in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe smile line created in French nail art.

In any case, a fuchsia-and-silver manicure looks very impressive and fresh, giving a fashionable look sophistication and charm. In order not to violate the integrity of the image, stylists recommend combining such nail art with silver jewelry, which, however, should not be too much. The best choice is a pair of laconic rings and a simple bracelet on one hand.

fuchsia manicure with silver

Manicure fuchsia with black

The versatile black color with any bright shade creates the perfect contrast combination that always looks beautiful and stylish. Nevertheless, with all the colorfulness, this combination of colors is not too striking, it attracts with its discreet charm. A dark fuchsia manicure combined with black will be appropriate even for business meetings, while brighter options are best used for friendly meetings, club parties or romantic dates.

fuchsia manicure with black

Fuchsia manicure with rhinestones

Since this color scheme itself is very bright and saturated, you should not overdo it if you choose rhinestones as a design. A fuchsia color manicure with rhinestones is best used for holidays and special occasions. As a rule, with the help of rhinestones, only accent nails stand out, which should be no more than 2-3 in one image.

If rhinestones are used to decorate each nail plate, they should have a concise purpose and small size. For example, with the help of small shiny pebbles, you can highlight the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole or separate the smile line from the main surface in French nail art.

fuchsia manicure with rhinestones

Fuchsia manicure with a pattern

A charming fuchsia manicure with a pattern looks very feminine. If the accent fingers in this design are highlighted with small-sized images, such nail art can be appropriate even in everyday life. In most cases, masters of manicure art draw exquisite ornaments and white flowers against such a background, however, drawings of yellow, orange or gold shades also look very good.

Thin, neat cobwebs in platinum or silver color will help create an exquisite festive design. Young ladies who are in a romantic mood can choose a not too colorful butterfly or an elegant flower and decorate these drawings with shiny rhinestones. In addition, fuchsia manicure can be perfectly decorated with oriental painting with hieroglyphs or traditional ornaments.

fuchsia manicure with a pattern

Fuchsia manicure with gold

An incredibly beautiful manicure, fuchsia with gold, will help to create a truly royal look. It looks very impressive as a monochromatic coating with highlighting accent fingers with a golden sheen, as well as elegant golden drawings against the background of bright and rich nail plates. In both of these cases, the image of a fashionista must be complemented with exquisite jewelry made of natural gold, which will look very harmonious in tandem with similar nail art.

fuchsia manicure with gold

Manicure fuchsia french

If a few years ago French nail art was performed exclusively using snow-white gel polish, today the situation has changed radically. For girls and women of different ages, color variations of the jacket are incredibly popular, which look very bright, interesting and attractive. So, using a rich color, the following combinations look best:

  • the main surface of the nail plate is covered with a bright shade, and the smile line is covered with white, silver or golden gel polish;
  • bright nail tip combined with a transparent surface;
  • bright nail tip in tandem with a white main surface;
  • in addition, in recent years, a fuchsia manicure with a design created using sparkles, rhinestones, broths, monograms, various patterns and other decorative elements has been very popular.

fuchsia french manicure

Manicure fuchsia «cat’s eye»

A beautiful fuchsia-colored manicure made using the “cat’s eye” technique looks incredibly interesting, stylish and elegant. Depending on the saturation and intensity of the shade of gel polish, it can be everyday or festive — this nail art is equally well suited for both a business woman going to negotiations and a young lady who has a cocktail party or a walk with friends.

fuchsia cat eye manicure

Fuchsia Glitter Manicure

A fuchsia manicure with sparkles looks elegant and festive, which can be scattered over all fingers in a chaotic manner or used to highlight accent nails. In addition, sparkles can decorate the lunula area or the smile line. Do not give up their positions and stretch marks with sparkles. With bright and rich color, both gold and silver sequins look great, so you can create a variety of designs.

fuchsia glitter manicure

Fuchsia manicure with flowers

On the nails covered with this juicy and rich shade, both romantic daisies and luxurious rosebuds look great. To perform them, you can take not only a contrasting shade, for example, white, black, gold, yellow or orange, but also a color that is close in tone to the main surface coating.

Manicure ideas, fuchsia, with floral motifs, can be very diverse — these are small wildflowers, and large poppies, and exquisite lilies. When creating nail art, it is not forbidden to use volumetric elements, green plant motifs, complex ornaments, modeling and slider design.

fuchsia manicure with flowers


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