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Recently, a gentle image among young girls is becoming more and more popular. And this is natural. Sooner or later, jeans, trousers, simple T-shirts get bored. I want something new and at the same time feminine. How to create the same gentle image?

Gentle image of a girl

First, pay attention to light, weightless fabrics. They are typical for this image.

Secondly, think about skirts and dresses. Like it or not, but jeans and trousers are not quite suitable clothes for creating a stylish gentle look. Models knee-deep and a little lower emphasize the silhouette, the curves of the feminine figure. Skirts made of flowing fabrics and models with flounces and ruffles are ideal.

Next, let’s look at the color of the clothes. Try to choose models of gentle, light colors. Pastel shades are most suitable: light milky, green, pink, purple, shades of yellow. The turquoise color looks very beautiful and fresh — the color of the sea wave.

Don’t forget about makeup. Only gentle tones are appropriate here, in this case, say no to bright lipstick and overly expressive eyes. The skin should be velvety, and a slight blush will shade it. To create a gentle make-up, you must first cleanse the skin of the face, then moisturize it with serum, and only then apply the base product. The most important thing is that others do not understand that you have used makeup. Nature is above all.

Shoes are important in creating a gentle image of a girl. Lightness and weightlessness will be given to you by high heels that visually stretch your legs and make your walk even more feminine.

The logical conclusion of a charming image should be a hairstyle. To logically complete a feminine gentle image, it is worth making beautiful curls, you can either let your hair down or make a “malvinka”.


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