Gentle winter manicure - fashionable nail design for all occasions

A gentle winter manicure will appeal to many women and girls, because in the new season it looks amazing. With interesting patterns, like snowflakes and plot winter drawings, as well as with viscous, Japanese flower painting, frosty frost, thin lines and elegant graphics.

Delicate winter manicure 2020

What gentle winter manicure of 2020 will be at the peak of popularity in the new season?

  1. Design for short nails of diverse shapes, both ovals and non-sharp squares. True fashionistas will like the New Year’s winter beautiful delicate manicure in a nude version on a matte and glossy basis, with various additional designer decor in a concise version. It can be stars, snowflakes, insects, flowers and plants — the novelties of this winter. A wonderful choice for every day, suitable even for business bows, and for a holiday for those who prefer minimalism.

gentle winter manicure 2020

  1. Gentle trendy winter manicure on an oval, sharp and almond-shaped nail plate on long nails with hit inscriptions in white, cream, powder, beige, gray and pastel colors. A great solution for stylish everyday life and special occasions — a great option with smooth gradient transitions, for example, white-cream, brown with coffee, white-beige, diluted thin and openwork ornaments made using gossamer and various lines.

gentle winter manicure 2020

Delicate winter manicure for short nails

Do you want to make a gentle winter manicure for short nails? Style trendsetters offer sophisticated solutions for every day as well as for festive occasions. The enticing idea, which is new for this winter, consists of glitter, single accents made with glitter or gold or silver lacquer, rhinestones, marble veins and knitted patterns, for example, braids and wide weaves.

delicate winter manicure for short nails

Delicate exquisite winter manicure is an original combination of jacquard patterns and ethnic motifs, snowflakes, deer, funny animals, fairy-tale and cartoon characters. This design looks great on a gray and beige background, diluted with pink and white accents. It is also allowed to use kamifubiks, inscriptions and sand, powder and metal small figures, negative space has returned to fashion, which looks very non-trivial on short nails.

gentle winter manicure for short

Delicate winter manicure for long nails

If you want to make a trendy winter gentle manicure, the almond shape is the best solution for this nail art. This season will be in high demand among true connoisseurs of beautiful design:

  • stylish abstract geometry and laconic graphics;
  • Japanese flower painting, for example, orchids, a sprig of lavender, barberry with rhinestones;
  • snowflakes, dots imitating snow, droplets, shiny accents on one or two fingers.

winter gentle manicure almond shape

Also, a gentle winter manicure looks great on pointe shoes, squares and sharp long nails, and leading masters with great pleasure will offer many interesting options, both in a single-color design and with all kinds of thematic patterns and frosty patterns, frost, lace, veil, viscous, shine and rhinestones. When you want something unusual and at the same time fragile, you can easily choose laconic options in white, gray, beige and cream colors with funny faces, ornaments, monograms, curlicues.

delicate winter manicure for long nails

Delicate winter manicure for almond-shaped nails

The undeniable hit of the season is a gentle almond-shaped winter manicure with stars, bears, mice, the mistress of the year — a rat, mittens, Christmas decorations, a moon, a night sky and snow-covered trees, it looks especially beautiful on a white, gray and blue background. Do not forget that rubbing and glitter are still in fashion, and their combination in one set will make an excellent impression, because the resulting version will sparkle not only during the day under the sun, but also in the evening under the spotlights at club events.

delicate winter manicure for almond-shaped nails

If you want to make a beautiful gentle winter manicure, then abstract geometric patterns combined with glitter and a multi-colored coating of one or two nails will be an excellent choice. Laconic graphics are also in use, and kamifubiki, small rhinestones and glitter on a cream, beige or gray base are a chic idea for an elegant evening that will not lose its relevance after a festive night. Because this nail art will fit perfectly with any everyday bows.

gentle winter manicure almond shape

Gentle winter manicure on square nails

Prefer a square nail plate? Then feel free to choose a fashionable gentle winter manicure 2020 for non-sharp squares, both long and short. What can the leading masters of nail art offer us? Unique designs that combine several pastel shades, pink, white, blue and gray, cream and powder among themselves. Additional decorations include small and large snowflakes, dots, droplets, inscriptions, a moon jacket and medium-sized transparent rhinestones. The base can be any light color or nude, both glossy and matte.

gentle winter manicure on square nails

Another gentle winter manicure on square nails is stunning shiny options in “silver” and “gold”, with sparkles or glitter evenly applied along the entire length of the nail plate. This solution is a great choice not only for New Year’s Eve, but also for all subsequent holidays and weekdays, it will delight its hostess and others with its appearance. A chic choice for a holiday is a magnificent white manicure with an openwork golden ornament and rhinestone splashes, suitable even for a wedding dress.

fashionable gentle winter manicure 2020

Delicate winter manicure ideas

What beautiful gentle winter manicure do the leading masters of nail art offer us in the new season?

  1. The novelties of the season include a design with broken glass stretched along the entire length of the nails and aquarium equipment with sparkles, a light ombre, snowflakes and white or blue dots on a light base. The jacket remained in fashion, both French and Hollywood, original thematic drawings, rhinestones, matte variations, knitting, rubbing, golden and silver sheen.

gentle winter manicure ideas

  1. A gentle winter manicure looks amazing on a white and light pink background with additional designer decor in the form of golden inserts and drawings of Christmas toys, fairy-tale characters, stars, thin lines, garlands. Single rhinestones, powder and sand, three-dimensional patterns, shiny accents on one or two fingers are a good decoration.

beautiful gentle winter manicure

Gentle winter French manicure

Do you want to please yourself with an unusually sophisticated solution? Then choose a gentle manicure, a winter jacket design, both French and Hollywood with a moon smile. Both options will be in vogue in the coming 2020, so you can’t go wrong with a very expressive French manicure combined with a full coverage of several fingers in white and nude with gold or silver lacquer and exquisite patterns.

delicate winter French manicure

Delicate winter French manicure is a great addition to festive, wedding, evening, club and everyday looks, which will bring a touch of romanticism and true charm to the selected bows. These solutions look especially beautiful and sophisticated with graphics and rhinestones on short nails, both on a matte and glossy basis, in white-pink, beige-white and creamy-white tones. This design looks unusually feminine and elegant, suitable not only for a holiday, but also for business images.

gentle manicure winter design

Delicate winter manicure, snowflakes

Light and non-binding, bewitching in its appearance, gentle winter nail design with thematic drawings, for example, small and large snowflakes on a light basis, is a great choice for stylish everyday life and holidays. After all, diverse snowflakes give a feeling of weightlessness and airiness to your fingers, they look beautiful in combination with dots imitating snow, shiny inserts, small rhinestones, Christmas decorations and volumetric patterns, viscous and powder.

gentle winter snowflake manicure

Another great idea is a gentle winter manicure with one large snowflake painted with silver or white varnish on a blue or pastel background with rhinestones in the middle of the snowflake. For those who prefer a French manicure, you can easily draw a jacket of snowflakes or frosty patterns, frost or lace and combine it with a full accent coating of several nails.

gentle winter nail design

Delicate winter manicure with rhinestones

The hit of the upcoming 2020 is a pale pink winter manicure, as well as blue, white, beige and gray, cream and powder with multi-colored spectacular combinations, additional designer decor in the form of rhinestones, glitter, confetti and aquarium equipment. Rhinestones can be used in a single design, or be beautifully laid out in certain patterns, both in oriental style and in a laconic design. Beautiful offers from nail art masters:

  • a combination of rhinestone lines and negative space;
  • decoration with stones of the oval of the nail plate.

gentle winter manicure with rhinestonespale pink winter manicure

Delicate winter matte manicure

An excellent choice for stylish everyday life and festive events — unusually gentle winter nails on a matte basis. This manicure can combine matte and gloss, several color shades, concise drawings and rhinestone blotches. An excellent addition will be knitting and volumetric patterns, such as braids and weaves, lined Christmas toys and other themed figurines, angels and stars.

gentle winter matte manicure

Winter delicate matte nails look great in combination with diverse ornaments, knitted and ethnic motifs, snowflakes, dots, droplets, birds and funny faces of animals and fairy-tale characters. A special chic is trendy inscriptions and a purely nude manicure or with a laconic floral ornament. However, in the coming season, white, gray and beige designs in classic retro solid colors will be in demand.

soft winter nails

Monochromatic gentle winter manicure

The fact that retro dominates the world podium is indicated by winter manicure in gentle colors in a monophonic design. A great idea for any occasion, because this design is perfect for a holiday, and for everyday life, especially for business suits. White, blue, beige, gray tones and all pastel shades on the diverse form of the nail plate are in fashion. Tempting — on ovals, almonds and sharp nails, although pointe shoes and squares are still in demand.

plain gentle winter manicurewinter manicure in gentle colors

Delicate winter manicure, knitting

What could be more pleasing to the eye than a pale blue winter manicure with knitted volumetric patterns, such as braids, various bindings, monograms and lace curls. A chic fashion choice not only for special occasions, but also for elegant everyday life. The knitting also looks great in pink and cream, gray and beige tones, combined with thematic laconic patterns.

gentle winter knitting manicurepale blue winter manicure

Gentle winter powder manicure

If you want to make a gentle winter manicure, the novelties of the season, which are offered by trendsetters and leading nail art masters, are full of interesting ideas. So, in 2020, laconic floral ornaments made in the spirit of Japanese painting, broken glass, cobweb patterns and the use of diverse foil can be traced in the winter theme. It looks great on an unusually elegant powdery tone.

gentle winter powder manicuregentle winter manicure novelties

Gentle winter manicure with rubbing

A wonderful idea for a chic holiday design is a pale blue winter manicure with a versatile rub, white, cream and pink nails with pearl, mother-of-pearl and mirror powder will still look great. A good addition will be rhinestones and glitter, gradient transitions and three-dimensional patterns. Do not forget that the trendy form of the nail plate is almonds and sharp nails.

gentle winter manicure with rubbingblue winter manicure

Silver gentle winter manicure

Another seasonal hit is a brilliant, delicate winter manicure with silver lacquer, which can be either plain with full nail coverage, or made in single accent variations with ombre, using the aquarium technique, complemented by exquisite thematic patterns. A win-win universal solution for a holiday and for every day — a manicure with angel wings, shiny lines and drawing with glitter of diverse figures, stars, Christmas trees and other interesting ideas.

silver delicate winter manicureshiny gentle winter manicure


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