girl in a headscarf

In the modern world, women in the cool season are used to putting hats on their heads or throwing on a hood. And for some, a scarf is associated with something ancient and rustic. However, with its help, you can create an unsurpassed feminine image, you just have to choose the right ensemble and the desired color of the product.

Today there are more than ten varieties of this element of clothing with different names. For example, it can be (a large knitted scarf), a bandana (a bright square scarf), or a neck scarf, which wraps the lower part of the face and nose in the cold season. All these options can radically change the image of any girl.

The first association that may arise at the mention of the word «shawl» is a peasant woman. But, if you tie it correctly and choose the appropriate outfit, you can look like a real queen. Perhaps, because of this, many women do not wear this beautiful accessory, because they do not know how to use it, and do not want to look funny and old-fashioned. However, Russian girls have been wearing headscarves for centuries, and this does not make them less feminine and elegant.

Fashion designers offer a wide selection of this item of clothing, using luxurious and sophisticated fabrics of various colors. In such an accessory, if used correctly, you will look cute and gentle.

Girl in a headscarf

One of the clearest examples is Kate Middleton, who wears this accessory with pleasure not only around her neck, but also on her head. The talented actress Audrey Hepburn also skillfully combined it with outfits, conquering millions of fans with her appearance.

Today you can pick up very stylish models of scarves. For example, it can be black with white polka dots — a classic option that suits absolutely everyone. And bright colors will always decorate and dispel the autumn mood with their colors. How not to pay attention to a girl in a headscarf and glasses? She will surely attract the eyes of others with her extraordinary and elegant way.

In winter, first of all, you need to take care of your health. However, women of fashion and at this time show a sense of style. A girl in a snow-white downy scarf will not only feel warm and cozy, but also stylish. This gentle, soft, beautiful and very warm accessory can be used at home, in the country or an evening walk. Going to visit, you can wear a beautiful dress, but a downy shawl thrown over the top will not let you freeze. It can be used instead of a scarf and a hat, and then you will not be afraid of any frosts.

A girl in a Russian Pavloposad shawl also looks very feminine. Bright color palette, unusual patterns and fringes make the product no less stylish and luxurious. It can be tied around the neck, over a coat, put on the head. In any case, it will be elegant and feminine.


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