Glitter French manicure - 35 photo ideas for fashion design

The classic jacket with sequins has always been popular among fashionistas and lovers of shimmering design. However, the cutting-edge nail styling trends have changed a bit. This year, the usual outlines and combinations will no longer be as relevant as the newfangled trends that have come. Therefore, if you want to look beautiful and stylish, you need to familiarize yourself with them.

Glitter french manicure 2020

To diversify the list of beautiful nail art, the masters presented an updated jacket with sparkles 2020. Impeccable design, rich shades, color transitions, additional floral ornaments and much more will be in demand this year. It will not do without decorative elements in the form of rhinestones of all sizes, iridescent beads, shiny pollen, voluminous stickers.

Ideas are suitable for any length and shape of the nail plate. However, for each type it is important to take into account some nuances. The most delicate designs are provided for short nails of almond or square shape. And on more oblong, lengthening options, you can put more jewelry and rhinestones. A beautiful French manicure with sparkles and multi-colored smiles along the edge deserves special attention.

French manicure with sparkles 2020

French for short nails with sparkles

Short nails are considered the most versatile, so most ladies prefer this length. Business women and connoisseurs of practicality will definitely like the innovations for French-style design. Delicate design in light colors will look more elegant if you add miniature rhinestones along the bottom edge of the nail, repeating the shape of the cuticle.

French manicure with sparkles for short nails will visually make the fingers long and the hand more elegant if you form a row of small shimmering pebbles along the entire length. The main thing is not to overdo it with rhinestones, since an excessive amount or too large size of sparkles can negatively affect the appearance of the nail plate, shorten it.

short nails

French manicure for long nails with sparkles

Long nails will be in high demand this year. Fashionistas no longer consider them defiant or ugly. And in the case of a French manicure, this means that you can add more rhinestones and shine! Gentle variations present a neat jacket with a stretch of sparkles. This technique looks extremely elegant. With this design, you can go to work, and on a date, and on a holiday.

A matte finish will help to emphasize all the charms of a long nail plate. Using this technique, you can soften the shape and dilute aggressive accents. Sequins and rhinestones are better to choose large ones so that they occupy most of the nail. Stylists recommend considering options with shimmering pollen or rubbing on one or two fingers.

long nails

French manicure on square nails with sparkles

The most relevant and popular form of the nail plate has become a «soft square». This outline is slightly different from the generally accepted concept of square marigolds. However, any young lady who wants to follow fashion trends has already signed up for a correction in the salon. Among the ultra-modern designs, combinations with other techniques can be distinguished. For example, a combination with ombre, matte finishes or a cat’s eye.

A pink jacket with sparkles on all fingers looks festive, suitable for parties, corporate events. And more classic, everyday interpretations involve neat decoration of one or more marigolds. Often, girls add miniature rhinestones to the ring finger. This technique looks very versatile and is suitable for all kinds of outfits, images.

square feet

French on almond-shaped nails with sparkles

For lovers of more rounded outlines, an almond shape is provided. French manicure on it can also be decorated in different ways. First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the assortment of stickers and all kinds of drawings. Floral and geometric designs will be at the peak of popularity this year. However, if you prefer enchanting brilliance and glamorous details, you will love rhinestone decorations.

Manicure french with sequins almond shape will become your favorite everyday design. Thanks to decorative elements, you can achieve chic reflections, overflows and highlights. Although it may seem that such variations of a more festive style are not. An extensive color palette broadcasts diverse combinations with many tricks and bows.


Beautiful jacket with sequins

French manicure no longer means boring, monotonous and banal designs. The variety of modern designs is very large, so even a sequin jacket is available in many shades. The hottest colors are:

  • white;
  • black;
  • red;
  • yellow;
  • pink;
  • blue;
  • violet;
  • blue;
  • emerald.

Neutral nude tones will also be in high demand, especially in combination with gold or silver accents. Therefore, if you choose a universal beige design for yourself, you definitely won’t go wrong. Decorative details in the form of stickers, drawings, rhinestones, foil, shiny dust, volumetric elements are suitable for any color, length and shape of the nail plate.

beautiful jacket with sequins

White jacket with sequins

Classic variations will never go out of style. Stylists sincerely advise to pay attention to the white French manicure with sparkles. It provides traditional bright smiles that can be decorated in an unusual way. The best ideas are to decorate with rhinestones, pollen or modeling. Neat strands of sequins look very feminine, elegant.

The versatile design features beautiful designs on the ring finger. For spring decorations, buds, flowers, petals are suitable. The hot summer period means colorful illustrations of the sun, sea waves and the like. And the autumn season is filled with pictures of rainbows, clouds or raindrops. The actual reception of a soap suds manicure also deserves careful consideration.

white french

Red jacket with sparkles

The most exclusive performances will not do without red. French with sparkles on the nails in combination with scarlet shades looks very feminine and is considered universal. It can be served in different ways, but rhinestones will serve as key attributes of the perfect manicure. First of all, it is worth noting everyday options with the use of large shiny elements concentrated on the edge of the nail plate.

Other fashion designs are available. They involve a matte finish, the use of popular techniques. For example, the effect of rubbing, stretching or cat’s eye. Stunning iridescence, reflections and highlights will make your pens more elegant and emphasize your sense of style. And small stickers, drawings or voluminous details on one nail will add another bright accent.

red jacket

Black jacket with sequins

A more strict and serious outline will help to achieve a jacket with sparkles on the tips in black. Updated nail art with dark smiles will gain more popularity among business ladies as it is perfect for office work. The gentle contrast of nude and black tones looks elegant. Therefore, with such nails, you can even go to a working corporate party.

You can decorate them in many ways, from minimalistic, animalistic or floral ornaments to voluminous sparkles. Rhinestones can be placed at your discretion, in the lower or upper part of the nail plate. The base coat can also be velvet or iridescent, because there are many cutting-edge techniques available that perfectly complement the French style.

black jacket

Blue jacket with sequins

Shades of blue have been conquering the fashion world for more than a season. The field of manicure did not miss this trend, so many modern trends have been added. Popular this year will be the design of French nails with sparkles in cold colors. If you’re looking to look classy and trendy, you’ll want to consider shaped rhinestones or sparkly pollen interpretations.

Nail masters are advised to embody geometric ornaments, drawings of flowers, buds or other thematic images. Ombre, matte finish, cat eye or foam designs will look fashionable on one of the fingers. However, if you want more shimmer, you can stretch blue glitter from the edge of the nail to the middle.

blue french

Yellow jacket with sparkles

Color jacket with sequins allows you to combine irreplaceable classics with newfangled design solutions. If you’re on the lookout for something versatile to wear to your fingers for the summer, opt for warm shades of yellow or orange. These colors look great in combination with golden elements or shiny pollen.

In addition, a variety of ideas provide for very elegant interpretations with rhinestones. They can be chosen in any size and shape, as long as they fit the length and shape of your nail plate. You can emphasize yellow smiles with thin lines, strokes or bitmaps. Floral motifs are best displayed on one or more fingers.

yellow jacket

Green jacket with sparkles

The French design in emerald tones has been loved by the ladies since last season. French manicure with gold sequins was especially liked by representatives of street style. Bright shades of green effectively emphasize women’s hands and make the image more holistic. Golden pollen will look perfect on a single nail of the ring finger.

An extraordinary shimmering design is not complete without additional drawings and decorations, the images are selected according to the seasonal style. Still, you can often come across voluminous modeling techniques, massive rhinestones or emerald-colored sparkles. It is better to use any decorations on top of a diverse coating in the form of a matte technique, ombre, cat’s eye.

green jacket

French manicure with sparkles or rhinestones

Glamor girls can afford even more shimmer. French manicure with sparkles and rhinestones is suitable for every day, for office days, holidays or parties, the main thing is to correctly combine it with your outfits. A characteristic feature is the prohibitive amount of sparkles, laid in a special way. Sequins can be formed into diverse shapes, strokes or stripes that separate a smile along the edge of the nail. And lay the rhinestones and crystals themselves on the lower part or along the entire length of the plate.

with sequins and rhinestones

French manicure with sparkles and a pattern

Miniature images and pictures have acquired the title of timeless classics. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the jacket with sparkles and a pattern. Rhinestones, beads and shiny elements play the role of original, bright accents. They are available in different shapes, shapes and sizes. The choice must be made based on the length and size of your nails.

Drawings often adorn only one ring finger. They can be of various sizes, themes and styles. Fashionistas select images depending on the time of the year or season. New-fangled design is conducive to the joint use of current techniques. With their help, you can arrange not only a matte interpretation, but many others. Especially popular will be the effect of bubbles, overflows and highlights.

with drawing

Transparent jacket with sparkles

Feminine and elegant variations are represented by a jacket with silver sequins. Such an exclusive design implies the absence of beige, pink or white varnishes. The obligatory crescent along the edge of the nail is painted in a silvery tone, and the rest of the plate is transparent. Thus, you can achieve a practical design for any occasion.

A very popular technique for such a design has become a radiant gradient or stretching of sparkles. They are available in many colors, so you can choose any that suits you. Even the brightest shades of shiny elements will look fashionable and stylish. Decorative rhinestones, modeling, drawings and stickers are welcome. However, in order not to overdo it, it is better to focus them on one, maximum — two fingers.

transparent with glitter

Nude jacket with sequins

Beige color is distinguished by its versatility, because it is combined with any shades and all sorts of styles. A nude jacket with sequins at the ends will become a favorite model of modern youth and women of any age category. Shimmering overflows take on the role of a bright accent, however, additions of diverse iridescent pebbles, rhinestones or beads are also possible. Designs in such delicate shades will be very popular this year. Matte finishes, rubbing and neat patterns will help create amazing spring and summer manicure ideas.



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