Glitter manicure - the most fashionable ideas for long and short nails

Glitter manicure is an addition to the image, which is especially relevant on the eve of the New Year holidays. He is able to give a great mood and create a sense of celebration. The design can be both concise and as bright as possible.

Glitter manicure 2019

In the coming year, it is predicted that one of the trends will be a fashionable manicure with sparkles. It will be especially popular in the winter season, since shiny elements can organically fit into the festive bow. Design can be used in the following variations:

  • glitter manicure can be concise when shiny elements are used in a minimal amount. This design can even be used for going to the office;
  • an abundance of decor is welcomed in the preparation of solemn and evening bows. Such nail art is able to refresh the image, it will organically complement both a dress with sequins and an outfit made from ordinary matte fabrics;
  • shiny details can be very small and located on the nails in the form of a scattering, or large, having a different shape, which can be standard round, triangular, diamond-shaped, depict hearts.

glitter manicure 2019

Glitter manicure 2019

trendy glitter manicurebig glitter manicure

Glitter manicure for short nails

Lovers of neat nails will be able to embellish and refresh them if they make a glitter manicure on short nails:

  • for such a length, a small scattering is ideal, which will make the nail plates extremely neat and at the same time tender. For example, a pink manicure with sparkles looks incredibly organic;
  • dark tones such as black and navy blue can also be used, but in this case it is recommended to apply them carefully to avoid a sloppy look. Nails must be painted perfectly;
  • if decoration with rhinestones is used, then it is better if they are present in a single copy or a couple on each finger.

glitter manicure for short nails

Glitter manicure for long nails

Unlimited scope for the manifestation of fantasy is given when a glitter manicure is created for long nails:

  • shiny elements can be selected in any size, both small and extremely large. Their combination is also allowed;
  • a monochromatic manicure with sparkles or multi-colored, in which there are one or more shades, can be used;
  • abundant decoration with rhinestones is welcome, which can be used in unlimited quantities. With their help, you can create incredibly complex patterns;
  • shiny elements can be arranged in a variety of ways: laid out in the form of drawings, when applied, a stretching effect can be applied, they can fill a certain part of the nail plate.

glitter manicure for long nails

Glitter Manicure Ideas

Stylists use all sorts of ideas when creating glitter manicures:

  • coating of absolutely any color can be taken as a basis, it can be red, blue, white shades;
  • differ in color and shiny decorative details, they can be traditional gold or silver or bright saturated colors. The latter option looks especially impressive when a light manicure with sparkles is decorated with their help;
  • stretching technique can be used, it looks as natural and organic as possible;
  • the base can be either traditional glossy or matte, the rubbing effect is also used;
  • the image can be made very gentle if you take a transparent varnish, or catchy and deep, in this case a black coating will help;
  • in this way, a jacket or moon nail art can be decorated.

glitter manicure ideaslight glitter manicure

Glitter Manicure Ideas

Nude glitter manicure

Red glitter manicure

A scarlet or burgundy manicure with sparkles will help to make the image as bright and memorable as possible:

  • through the use of shiny details, the impression of a bright shade is enhanced;
  • if you apply a bright red color, you can create an unsurpassed bow that is associated with a femme fatale;
  • burgundy tone looks more restrained and at the same time deep;
  • with red, details of golden color are ideally combined, they emphasize the warm color scheme. However, if desired, you can take a silver color.

red glitter manicureburgundy glitter manicure

White glitter manicure

Romantic natures who prefer sophisticated bows will be able to stop at such an option as a delicate manicure with sparkles, made in snow-white color:

  • white shade can be successfully combined with any nude colors;
  • both the application of an exclusively white base and the drawing of all kinds of patterns are welcome, for example, it can be an imitation of openwork lace;
  • in the winter season, the application of snowflakes and frosty patterns on the surface of the nail plates is incredibly relevant. Such an ornament will be especially appropriate on New Year’s Eve, it goes well with glitter.

white glitter manicuregentle glitter manicure

Blue glitter manicure

You can create an extremely beautiful manicure with sparkles, which is made in blue tones:

  • the shade of the coating can vary from light blue, close to blue, to dark, almost turning into black;
  • blue color can completely cover the nail plate or with its help all kinds of openwork monograms can be depicted;
  • the blue tone also fits very organically into the winter variations of nail art, it will look unsurpassed in combination with snow-white snowflakes. Glitter in this case will be very out of place;
  • blue is perfectly combined with silver, this combination is reasonably recognized as one of the most successful.

blue glitter manicurebeautiful glitter manicure

Gold glitter manicure

You can create a very warm and truly chic bow if you use a manicure with gold sparkles:

  • the golden version is extremely harmoniously combined with many shades. A win-win solution would be to combine it with warm tones, for example, red, orange, yellow;
  • both nude and pastel colors look great, for example, this is a beige manicure with sparkles, pink design;
  • on traditional black or white, gold looks the most advantageous;
  • if desired, golden details can also be applied to the coating of cold colors.

gold glitter manicure

French glitter manicure

A very original variation of the classic nail art is a French manicure with sparkles. It can be made in the following variations:

  • with the help of a clearly defined shiny strip, the tip can be shaped. In this case, the main part can be painted in any color;
  • there is also an opposite way of designing, when the base is shiny;
  • French can be done by stretching, when the gloss thickly covers the tip and decreases towards the base.

french glitter manicure

Glitter tip manicure

A stylish and extraordinary variation of French nail art can be called a manicure with sparkles on the tips of the nails:

  • they can be arranged in the form of a clearly traced strip. In some cases, it is presented not in a single, but in a multiple copy, the strips are arranged parallel to each other;
  • shiny details can be sprayed from the tip to the inside, representing a kind of ombre variation.

manicure with glitter tips

Transparent manicure with sparkles

Lovers of gentle romantic bows will appreciate such an option as a nude manicure with sparkles:

  • nail art can be done using a completely transparent coating or varnish, which has a light pastel shade added to it;
  • glitter details are applied over a transparent base, they can be extremely small or made in the form of large kamifubi. Their colors can be very different, it attracts the main attention and it looks very profitable and bright on a transparent basis.

transparent glitter manicure

Matte glitter manicure

To create a deep and mysterious look, you can apply such a design as a light dark manicure with sparkles, made in a matte version:

  • varnishes in black, dark blue, burgundy shades look very deep and luxurious. The glitter applied to them acts as an original highlight;
  • a softer way of design is a matte light design;
  • a matte finish can be supplemented not only with shine, iridescent rhinestones will look very organic on it.

dark glitter manicurematte glitter manicure

Glitter manicure

A great solution to make the bow as memorable as possible is an ombre manicure with sparkles:

  • the method of its application is very original, in which the brilliance is concentrated in a certain part, while small shiny particles are sprayed, decreasing in number, in the opposite direction;
  • glitter gradient manicure can be horizontal or vertical, in the latter case it is directed from more to less details in the direction from the tip to the hole or vice versa.

glitter stretch manicure

Black glitter manicure

One of the most luxurious design solutions is rightfully recognized as a black manicure with gold sparkles:

  • glitter can be traditional golden or silver, bright multi-colored;
  • both glossy and matte finish look profitable and chic;
  • a combination with rhinestones, both transparent and multi-colored, looks truly unsurpassed;
  • one of the nail plates can be completely decorated with small black pebbles.

black glitter manicure

Black glitter manicure

monochromatic glitter manicure

Lunar glitter manicure

Lunar nail art, like French, is rightly considered a classic design that has not lost its popularity for many seasons in a row. The use of glitter can refresh the image and bring a new touch to it:

  • a common design method is when the hole is completely lined with shiny circles. In this case, the main emphasis is placed on it;
  • for laying out, a manicure with large sparkles or with small elements can be used;
  • moon nail art can be combined with a jacket, while the shine covers the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole and the tip;
  • there is a design technique when applying gloss is applied in the opposite variation, it covers the main part, and the hole remains transparent or stained with glossy or matte varnish of various shades.

glitter moon manicurebeautiful glitter manicure

Manicure with rubbing and sparkles

You can make the image as bright and unique as possible if you combine the shine with such a technique as applying a rub:

  • two ways of decorating the nail plates can alternate with each other, covering the fingers in turn;
  • the nail can be divided into separate zones, for example, in one half there is a rub, and in the second — laying out with shiny circles;
  • a brilliant ornament can be applied to the rub, it is laid out in the form of stripes, geometric shapes, openwork curls;
  • a glitter manicure can be used on one nail, and all the others will contain a mirror rub;
  • such nail art, in any of its varieties, will fit extremely organically into any evening or festive bow.

manicure with rubbing and glitter

Manicure with sparkles and rhinestones

One of the brightest and most stylish design techniques is a manicure with sparkles and a pattern lined with rhinestones:

  • rhinestones and glitter are decorative elements that are very harmoniously combined with each other, they very successfully create all kinds of design combinations;
  • rhinestones can be laid out in the form of even clear or broken zigzag lines;
  • rhinestones can be used to outline any geometric shapes, for example, act as the border of a triangle, square, rhombus;
  • geometric ornaments can also be completely made of rhinestones, when the figures are filled with them inside;
  • the image of openwork lace is a very popular technique, in this case it is better to choose rhinestones of a small size so that curls can be laid out;
  • rhinestones can fill the moon area or cover the tip, acting as the main accent of a french or moon nail art. Separating strips, laid out along the borders of the main part and the tip or hole, are made using shiny details;
  • rhinestones can be effectively used to depict floral or plant ornaments. For example, with their help, you can decorate the middle of the flower, and lay out the petals with glitter;
  • another option would be to depict dew drops on shiny leaves using rhinestones.

manicure with sequins and rhinestones


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