Golden manicure - fashionable nail design for girls and women

Gold has long been considered a symbol of luxury and nobility. In our time, nothing has changed — shine creates a special effect that has aesthetic perfection. Golden manicure is very popular, beautiful and elegant, and most importantly — suitable for any style and image.

Golden manicure 2019

The luxury and shimmer of golden glitter will add brightness and luxury to your image, this version of nail art looks amazing on both long nails and short ones. For the latter, this design is very advantageous — with the help of glitter it is easy to visually increase the length of the nail plate. There are several ways to achieve the golden glow effect:

  1. Shimmer. One of the most popular ways is to cover the nail with varnish with small shining particles. With the help of a special magnet and such a varnish, it is easy to make a stunning effect on the nails — a cat’s eye.
  2. Golden manicure 2019

  3. glitter — Coated with large sequins, creating an interesting effect. Glitter looks beautiful if it is applied only to one or two nails on the hand.
  4. Golden manicure 2019 ideas

  5. Lacquer «liquid metal». In consistency, it really looks like liquid gold, and the nails covered with it resemble gold bars.
  6. Golden manicure 2019 design

  7. Loose sequinswhich are applied to the base of any color. The layer can be either light, transparent or dense.
  8. Golden manicure 2019 sequins

  9. Rubbing — an interesting effect of a radiant mirror coating. It is achieved thanks to a mirror powder, which is rubbed into the surface of the nail plate.
  10. Golden manicure 2019 rubbing

  11. Foil is a popular way to give nails a dazzling shine this season. In this case, the color of the nail will be combined, the most successful ideas are red with gold, white and gold, beige and gold manicure.
  12. Golden manicure 2019 foil

Golden manicure on short nails

For most, the main requirement for nail art for short nails is visual lengthening, and a golden manicure does an excellent job with this task. Design options can be varied, the main thing is that the coating does not look too sloppy. Good gold color coating ideas for short nails are:

  • varnish with golden sparkles;
  • manicure with golden foil;
  • jacket with sparkles, both nude color and any other;
  • decoration with loose sequins.
  • Golden manicure on short nails

Do NOT forget that golden manicure does not have to be monophonic, shining coating can be successfully combined with many other nail art options. The most popular idea is to cover one or two nails on the hand with a different color (it is better to choose a light, neutral, or, on the contrary, very dark) and apply a concise and beautiful pattern.

Golden manicure on short nails ideas

Golden manicure on long nails

If you are the owner of long nails, there are no unsuitable manicure options for you, except for those that do not suit your personal preferences. Here are some manicure ideas in golden color for long nails that are popular this year:

  1. Coating with a glossy lacquer with coarse or fine glitters. It looks beautiful both on its own and in combination with another color.
  2. Golden manicure with powder rubbing. With such a coating, the nails dazzlingly shine, resembling well-polished gold bars.
  3. French with gold — the edge of the nail is not decorated in white, as in the classic version, but with golden sequins of a small fraction or a large one.
  4. Manicure with golden stripes — horizontal, vertical, diagonal, angular.
  5. Golden manicure on long nails

Golden manicure for the New Year

For many, the New Year is a great occasion to transform not only your home, but also your image. Among the numerous symbols of this holiday, there are also shiny golden tinsel, rain, serpentine, and for many, a dazzling brilliance is associated with this day, so a golden New Year’s manicure is considered one of the most successful ideas and is very popular.

Golden manicure for the New Year

New Year’s golden manicure 2019 is restraint, conciseness and elegance. Good ideas for a festive nail design are the following options:

  • decoration of nails with sequins of a large fraction;
  • uniform coating of nails with small sparkles;
  • french with golden nail edges;
  • red manicure with golden foil;
  • golden neat pattern on a neutral background, pastel or dark;
  • golden snowflakes on a plain surface.
  • Golden manicure for the New Year

Golden Manicure Ideas

A manicure in golden tones has one important advantage. In addition to the fact that this color goes well with any style of clothing, it also successfully combines on nails with most shades, allowing you to create original and stylish nail art options. Any combination will look beautiful and original in its own way, but it is important to consider the length of the nails and your individual style. Golden in combination with light tones looks very soft and gentle, while with dark ones, on the contrary, it is bright, contrasting and elegant.

Golden Manicure Ideas

Golden black manicure

Black color is a universal background, original in its own way, any shade on it looks catchy and contrasting. The only drawback of such a solution is that the nails must be perfectly regular in shape, any drawback will be very obvious. Black manicure with golden lacquer is a stylish and elegant idea that is distinguished by contrast. There are many ideas for nail design, ranging from simple decoration with sparkles on a black background to exquisite, neat and sophisticated patterns.

Golden black manicure

Red gold manicure

Red manicure looks catchy and festive, and gold decor perfectly complements this idea. Any combination option will look very stylish, the combination is ideal as an evening or holiday manicure. Popular ideas for what kind of nail design you can create by combining red with gold:

  • golden manicure with red ends and vice versa;
  • Red gold manicure

  • golden pattern on a red background — geometric motifs or artistic painting;
  • Red-gold manicure drawing

  • combined manicure — one or two nails are covered with gold, the rest are red.
  • Red gold manicure

Manicure with golden holes

Lunar manicure is becoming more and more popular — a kind of jacket, in which not the tip of the nail, but its base is decorated with a different color. A golden hole will give your nails a festive, elegant look, thanks to which even the most neutral manicure is transformed, and turns from ordinary everyday into a festive one. Popular in this design is white, pastel, red, yellow-golden manicure.

Red gold manicure

White and gold manicure

Nail design in white looks neutral, calm and gentle, many may find it boring and monotonous. But everything changes if gold is added to this color — the nail design instantly changes, and different options are created, each stylish and interesting in its own way:

  • everyday manicure in white and gold tones — a neutral stylish pattern or a combination of colors;
  • White and gold manicure

  • golden winter manicure — large and small sparkles, golden snowflake stickers on a white background;
  • White and golden snowflake manicure

  • wedding nail art — delicate and sophisticated ornate patterns of golden color on a white background, it is possible to add other decor options.
  • White and golden wedding manicure

Manicure with golden sequins

The easiest option for decorating nails with gold is glitter, which is sprinkled on the nail plate. Different fractions create a completely different effect — the larger one creates a festive design, bright. Closer to the New Year, the small one is more elegant, well suited to the classic styles of clothing. This idea is combined very successfully with most colors and shades — with light tones, for example, white or pink, the nail design will look gentle and neat, and with dark ones, black with gold or golden brown manicure — bright and elegant.

Manicure with golden sequins

Golden green manicure

Green color in nail design can hardly be called popular, it is rather specific and not everyone likes it. But if you come up with winning combinations and design options, you can create a very stylish and interesting nail art. Such ideas can be safely attributed to the combination of green with gold, which allows you to create an original design. This option is more suitable for long nails.

Golden green manicure

Green-gold holiday manicure or everyday manicure is associated with elegance, beautifully combined with dark sophisticated clothes. There are a lot of options for such a nail design, ranging from decorating one nail with small sparkles and ending with elegant art painting on deep dark green.

Golden green manicure ideas

Manicure golden french

With the widest variety of modern nail design options, classic conservative options do not lose their popularity. But if in the original the jacket is a nude base with white tips, then the modern nail industry offers many interesting color options, among which is the design of the ends with golden lacquer. This idea looks elegant and festive, appropriate as a New Year’s nail design. A beautiful golden French manicure is a suitable idea for short nails, which allows you to visually increase the length.

Manicure golden french

Manicure with golden rubbing

Rubbing is a liquid powder of a very fine fraction, which is rubbed into the nail plate, creating a stunning effect of a mirror surface with reflections and color tints. In golden color, the nails in this design option resemble well-polished ingots and look stylish, bright and luxurious. This design looks beautiful on very long or medium nails.

Manicure with golden rubbing

With a rub, you can cover like all the nails on the hand, maybe and combine the coating with other design options — with fine sparkles or with a plain coating. Good combination ideas are;

Golden manicure with snowflakes

A popular idea for winter nail art is neat miniature hand-drawn snowflakes or stickers (stylers). This is a very gentle, neat version of the nail design with a beautiful laconic shine, appropriate both as an everyday manicure and for a solemn or festive occasion. Such a golden manicure on short nails looks no less beautiful than on long ones.

Golden manicure with snowflakes

Brilliant golden manicure with snowflakes is ideally combined with any base color, but the most popular are conservative solutions:

  1. Golden snowflakes on a white background. The nail design looks very soft and gentle, looks especially neat as an everyday manicure on short nails or medium length.
  2. Snowflakes made of gold on a dark background — black or burgundy. Such nail art is beauty, grace and elegance, the idea is more suitable for the design of long nails.
  3. Classic french. Beautiful golden snowflakes are a great way to transform a conservative nail design.
  4. Golden manicure with snowflakes ideas

Manicure with a golden pattern

Especially appreciated in the nail industry is the artistic painting of nails, both original and its imitation in the form of styler stickers. Considering the ideas of manicure in golden tones, one cannot help but pay attention to such an option as drawing a pattern in gold, which looks beautiful, gentle and elegant. The theme of the drawings can be different, ranging from urban stripes, figures, and ending with ornate painting.

Manicure with a golden pattern

With all the importance for the nail design of the type and design of the applied pattern, the background color is of great importance. Conditionally ideas can be divided into:

  1. Golden drawing on a light background. This idea will allow you to create a delicate and sophisticated nail design. The base can be light, pastel, or even completely transparent.
  2. Manicure with a golden pattern light

  3. Drawing in gold on a dark background. This is a great idea for a party, corporate party or other special occasion. Golden artistic manicure looks elegant, elegant and very festive.
  4. Manicure with a golden pattern dark


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