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The great Coco Chanel, who introduced many women to the previously unknown world of fashion, believed that bad taste is very limited, and good taste has no boundaries. It is difficult to argue with this statement, because every morning we start with a search in the closet for clothes in which you can look fashionable, beautiful, stylish. A person with good taste has a sense of harmony in everything. And what does “good taste” mean, and how to instill it, nurture it in yourself?

Good Taste Rules

A child, just born, absorbs everything that surrounds him. If his parents are familiar with the rules of good taste, then the baby is surrounded by wonderful things from childhood — respectful relations between family members, educational toys, educational books, beautiful clothes and much more. At a conscious age, the lessons of good taste are presented to a person by life, as the horizon expands, opening up new facets of knowledge and self-improvement. It is not surprising that good taste in clothes is developed over the years. Taste is often associated with style, but this is the same as calling art fashion. Of course, these concepts are related.

Think you don’t have good taste? It is possible to educate him in yourself, although it is more difficult. Sustained interest and regular classes are the key to success. So, how to form a good taste in choosing clothes and making a stylish wardrobe?

First, do not focus on the number of things. The main criterion for choosing is their quality. One pair of good leather boots with a classic style is much better than several pairs of cheap and low-quality ones that lose their appearance after a few outings. Of course, for girls who are adorned with youth, this is forgivable, because for them the appearance and relevance of a thing is more important than its quality. In addition, most teenagers spend money earned by their parents on clothes. But a self-sufficient woman does not need low-quality clothes that look cheap.

Another sign of good taste is the perfect silhouette. Sometimes even the brightest trends can frankly spoil your figure, make your appearance faceless and gray. Blindly following fashion is harmful and in no way indicates the presence of taste. If the clothes are trendy but don’t suit you, forget about them! These things are made for you, not you for things. Every detail of the wardrobe is designed to emphasize the beauty of your body, and carefully hide the flaws.

A good assistant in shaping the taste in clothes can be a glossy magazine with articles on relevant topics and photographs. Of course, not everything that is written there should be blindly followed, but there is often a rational grain in the recommendations of stylists. For the same purpose, it is worth viewing publications on the Internet, TV shows.

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General cleaning of the wardrobe

Review all the clothes you have in your wardrobe. Each of us has things in our closets that we have been shifting from shelf to shelf for years in the hope of someday wearing them. Feel free to throw away! The rest of the clothes should be tried on and critically evaluated. Doesn’t fit your body type? Covered in pimples? Doesn’t match with anything else? Outdated? Then, without regrets, part with it! Arrange all the remaining things on the shelves in accordance with the color scheme and style. In the future, try to combine things that are stored on the same shelf in one image. As for the color scheme that suits you, be guided by the general recommendations offered by stylists to girls of a particular color type. Not sure if the color is right? Refer to the classic combinations.

Clothes that suit you, good shoes, well-chosen accessories, an original aroma — harmony in a person with excellent taste is noticeable in everything. You will succeed!


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