Gossamer manicure - fashionable design for short and long nails

Gossamer manicure is gaining momentum among the new designs. The thinnest weightless lines created with its help look very airy, weightless. Monotonous nail art will sparkle with new colors and open on the other side if it is decorated with cobwebs.

Spider web nail design

A nude manicure with cobwebs will be an excellent choice in the embodiment of a trendy manicure, but first you need to find out what kind of material it is, how to work with it and its features. This gel has a thick, stretchy consistency, which allows you to create the thinnest stripes. The material is easy to use, both a professional and a novice nail service can handle it. The color range is varied, but the more popular colors are white and black, which will fit perfectly over any color base.

Due to the flawless pigmentation of the stripes, the lines are clear and do not require re-coating, unlike gel polishes and acrylic paints. The intricately intertwined lines are possible in hundreds of different variations, each time creating a unique look. The gossamer gel is universal, it can be applied to extended, natural nails and covered with gel polish.

To make a design with gel paint, you will need: thin brushes, dots or a bamboo stick; darling for polishing; base and trading coverage; liquid for degreasing and removing the sticky layer; ultrabond; UV or LED lamp. Design technology:

  1. File the desired shape of the nail with a nail file, polish the surface of the nail plate to remove the glossy layer.
  2. Degrease the surface and apply ultrabond, it will provide better adhesion of the gel polish to the surface, and the coating will last longer.
  3. Apply the base, cover it with the desired color, make a design on top of which the cobweb will be applied.
  4. Dip the tip of the tool into the gel in a winding motion. If you want simple stripes, then you need to stretch the gel directly from the jar and immediately apply it to the nail, or put points on the nail from which to stretch the lines.
  5. Dry in the lamp, from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the type of lamp.
  6. Apply a topcoat, dry again and remove the tacky layer.


Manicure for short nails with cobwebs

A light manicure with a cobweb on short nails is an excellent option for an office style. When you want to diversify a calm color a little, but to make it look spectacular and unobtrusive, thin lines will cope with this task perfectly. For girls whose profession does not require a strict dress code, you can experiment with rich colors, dark shades of autumn look good on short nails. Thin lines of the web can be applied straight, curved, and decorated with dots, large sparkles.

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Manicure with cobwebs for long nails

A manicure with cobwebs and rhinestones is best done at an impressive length. So they will be more harmonious and balanced. The long nail plate allows for more techniques and styles in one design. One nail is isolated with a gossamer, applied locally or around the entire perimeter of the nail plate. Beautifully gossamer will fit into a smoky design, the main thing is to choose the right contrasting colors. A peculiar interpretation of the jacket will turn out if the cobweb is applied to the free edge of the nail, and the moon manicure will come out if it is applied to the area under the cuticle.


Gossamer Manicure Ideas

Manicure with a cobweb for design is made out in different ways. Each idea will find admirers, will become an ornament and a visiting card of the owner. How to diversify the same type of decor:

  1. Multicolored gossamer. The usual white and black gel is interchanged with color counterparts and the manicure begins to change, play with new colors. For the substrate, a dark gamma is ideal, on which the design will clearly stand out.
  2. Curly gossamer. A cobweb can make not only straight or arcuate stripes, but also draw loops, intricately meandering lines. Any deviation from the usual design will attract interested glances.
  3. gossamer pattern. Such a design can be performed by a highly skilled craftsman. The easiest way to depict a floral theme is in the form of flowers, twigs or leaves.
  4. parallel lines. It is interesting to look straight or slightly meandering lines without intersections and located at the same distance from each other.
  5. intersecting lines. Intertwining stripes in different directions, at different angles, densely spaced or sparse — the easiest and most common way to apply a cobweb.

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Red manicure with cobwebs

A red manicure with a white cobweb stands out in a game of contrasts. White color stands out especially expressively against a red background, and the red substrate itself looks bold, bright and defiant. The red manicure itself is a noticeable accent in the image, and the white stripes only complement it in an interesting way. Rhinestones or small decorative pearls will help soften and make this manicure relaxed and light. In addition to the white gossamer, black, golden or steel will ideally fit on a red background.


Nude manicure with cobwebs

A gentle manicure with a cobweb in pastel colors will bring harmony to the autumn-winter look. Light shades of beige, pink and purple are equally good with black, light, and silver or colored gossamer. Nude is perfectly combined with all kinds of sparkles and rubbing, a few of these elements will only make the design better and more perfect. The cobweb sets any direction, and even stripes with the same distance and chaotic asymmetrical intersections of different thicknesses.


Black and white manicure with cobwebs

A manicure with a white cobweb on a charcoal background is a mystical and bewitching sight. Black and white manicure is presented in every way. The deep black background is covered with graceful white stripes: along, across, crossing and combining with a cobweb of a different color. You can make a black and white shiny ombre, and add some weaves to it. It will well dilute the maximum contrast of colors with a slightly gray tint, on which the web loops will unobtrusively be located. An interesting idea would be to design a New Year’s manicure with a cobweb, laying out a Christmas tree or a star from it.


Manicure with foil and gossamer

A beautiful manicure with cobwebs and foil will serve as a wonderful dilution of a monophonic coating. Different types of foil — designed for different purposes, but they can all be combined with a cobweb. The most common foil design is rainbow manicure. It will require transfer foil, carelessly reprinted on the base. This design got its name due to the combination of many foil colors, but it is also possible to use only a mono shade. A cobweb is also added to the design of broken glass, which is made from asymmetrical pieces of foil.


Matte manicure with cobwebs

A burgundy manicure with a gossamer in a matte finish is as harmonious as other colors. The matte finish makes the design deeper, languid and seductive. In the new season, shades of coffee, electric, dark green will be fashionable, and they all look great in a matte finish. Gossamer can be applied on top of a matte base, then it will add a little glossy touch to the design. In the New Year’s design, she will play the role of a garland or a thread on which Christmas tree decorations are hung, and she will cope with this task perfectly.


Manicure with gossamer and spider

Spider web manicure, what could be more logical than this design? For its design, the pattern of real weaving of the web is often copied with a gel. The hand of the master is able to perform the drawing so realistically that there will be a feeling that the spider has designed the pattern on its own. This option is possible to design a themed manicure for Halloween. Small rhinestones woven into the web or applied locally to the spider itself will not be superfluous, while any colors can be used, not limited to one standard transparent stone.


French manicure with gossamer

Manicure jacket with gossamer diversifies and improves traditional nail art. The classic jacket is taken as the basis, made both in the usual white color, and in color or even multi-colored, as long as the flight of fancy is enough. Then it’s a matter of taste and technique. You can make thin stripes, or play with geometry and create a symmetrical geometric design with gel. The gossamer is applied to a monochromatic coating of one nail or over a French manicure. Even simple, even stripes will bring their own unusual flavor to a traditional manicure.


Ombre manicure with gossamer

A beautiful gradient manicure with cobwebs has the most charming visual effect. The smooth transition of shades itself has fascinating properties, and in combination with thin threads of the web, it increases its attractiveness. Classic colors for ombre: white-black, white-pink, depending on the mood, can be replaced with bright ones and use more than two shades. Bright colors instantly cheer up and bring positive. For catchy shades, a white refreshing gossamer is more suitable, which will restrain the fiery ardor of the coating.


Black manicure with rubbing and gossamer

Manicure rubbing with a cobweb is performed on a black background, so the rubbing looks more expressive and rich. Some types of rubbing are best done on a white substrate, creating a gentle, cute manicure. On a black background, they make colored, metallic and rubbed with the effect of the Maybug and is decorated with a light cobweb on top. Separate fingers are also covered with a rub, and the cobweb is applied to a neutral background. For a white substrate, it is better to choose a pearl and mother-of-pearl rub, they harmonize and complement each other more, and use dark tones for the cobweb.


Transparent manicure with cobwebs

A manicure with a black cobweb on a transparent background will make a trendy design with negative space. Nude manicure is very natural and delicate. The gossamer is applied to a completely transparent base, while you can add glitter, rhinestones, foil or mica in several places. For a change, make several bright color accents with varnish in the form of dots, blots or trendy sloppy brush strokes. Each nail can be done with a different design: one with straight lines and another with swirling, ornate patterns, for example.


Manicure with gossamer geometry

A dark manicure with a cobweb in a geometric design will reproduce a trendy design. In this form, the gossamer gel looks unusual, some designs have thicker stripes, at first glance, nothing, not resembling a gossamer. With a colored gel in a geometric manicure, it is good to separate different elements that differ in color, creating original colored windows. Often sequins or rhinestones are added to this design, generously covering the surface with them or introducing minimal elements.



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