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One of the main trends of the 2014 fashion season is graphic prints. What is a graphic print in clothes? This is an image on the fabric of various geometric shapes, lines, stripes, zigzags. Depending on what graphic patterns on clothes you prefer, your image can change from the image of a businesswoman to a frivolous schoolgirl in a dress lined with a notebook cage, or from a romantic girl in a summer sundress to a fatal predator in an evening dress with tiger stripes.

The main types of prints «graphics»

There are five basic elements of graphic prints: these are stripes, cage, polka dots, rhombuses, fusion.

So let’s start with stripes. This is perhaps the most common graphic print in clothing. Why? Because with the help of the slope of the lines, their width, you can visually «build» the desired silhouette. For example, for full or squat women, vertical stripes on a dress are ideal, with darker lines on the sides. And for tall and thin ladies, on the contrary, horizontal lines will visually shorten the long torso.

Cell. At the peak of popularity this season, a chessboard (checker), a Scottish cage, as well as quite original graphics on clothes — a print “a cage drawn by hand with a felt-tip pen”.

Polka dots. If you are tired of being a femme fatale, change your outfit for a more feminine one, such as a polka-dot summer sundress. Small ripples in contrasting combinations of pastel colors are perfect for working in the office, while a larger and brighter print is perfect for walking around the city.

Diamonds. If you want to be the center of attention, then try experimenting with large patterns and play with contrasts. For example, a top in large diamonds, and a skirt in a small pattern.

Fusion. This is a combination of several graphic prints in one outfit. At the peak of popularity are dresses, trousers and jackets with ready-made cocktails from different prints. The top and bottom of the set look very stylish, where the alternation of vertical and horizontal stripes are combined with inserts of checkerboards and rhombuses. Or a top with a pattern consisting of small geometric details, and a skirt made of large shapes.

As you can see, prints and graphics this season are an essential decoration for any modern fashionista’s clothes. As for the color scheme, there are no particular preferences of designers, since a fashionable pattern will look original in any shades.


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