Gray hair color is the fashion trend of this season.

Gray hair color can be very interesting and unique tones, gradient transitions and combinations with other colors such as black, blue, purple and brown. These combinations create chic shimmers that suit many fashionistas, regardless of their eye color and type.

Who suits gray hair?

Who is gray hair suitable for?

  1. Stylists, answering this question, recommend starting from the choice of gray tones from the color of the eyes and the natural shade of the hair. So, natural brunettes and brown-haired women are more suitable for shades of gray, combined with black and blue tones. You can add some browns and pinks for a more beautiful sheen to set off the complexion and give it an original look.

who suits gray hair

  1. Blondes and red-haired beauties should carefully choose a rich gray hair color that combines beautifully with blond and ash tones, with the addition of brown notes to give the hairstyle a true French charm. These undertones will feel great with pink and white or blue feathers, depending on personal preferences and who likes it best.

who suits gray hair

gray hair color for brown eyes

Gray hair color and brown eyes are a unique combination that are at the peak of popularity of the outgoing summer and the coming autumn, because the gray tone perfectly sets off the dark-skinned beauties, emphasizing the full depth of their brown eyes, shifting the main accents to the face. Especially if the hair is long, then the resulting hairstyles bewitch the views of others with the non-triviality of the choice and the extravagant boldness of the overall appearance.

gray hair color for brown eyes

Gray stylish hair color suits all brown-eyed beauties, regardless of even its tint combinations. It will look especially interesting with purple and blue tints, in gradient transitions and highlighting or coloring hair, when separate strands are created, on a gray background, such as pink, lilac, brown and ashy with a gray effect, both on light gray and on a dark gray background.

gray hair and brown eyes

gray hair color for green eyes

Cold gray hair color will look great with green eyes, emphasizing all their depth and originality. These hairstyles are chosen by bold and daring people who are accustomed to impress others with their shocking appearance, especially if the hair is long and haircuts are made with cascading strands or a bob for lengthening to reveal the beauty of long curls dyed in gray tones. Such trendy styling is the choice of celebrities and mega stars, because they keep up with the times and, to some extent, are trendsetters.

gray hair color for green eyes

The gray hair color goes well with green eyes, not only in dark shades, but also light ones, with highlighting, when gray strands are applied to the natural color, creating the effect of smoky curls with an ashy coating. These hairstyles will look great on a square, both with thick and torn bangs, and without, on cascading strands and ladders, especially on long and chic curls.

cool gray hair color

gray hair color for blue eyes

Gray hair color for blue-eyed beauties and those with gray-blue eyes is an ideal color choice if you decide on the right tone to emphasize not the play of contrasts, as is the case with brown-eyed and green-eyed girls, but to use a true harmonious combination of the color of hair and eyes . Play on a complete combination of femininity, revealing all the sensuality and tenderness of blue-eyed fashionistas with fair skin.

gray hair color for blue eyes

Gray hair color for women with blue and gray-blue eyes is the best choice if they want to emphasize their individuality, and both dark shades of gray and light ones, closer to ashy and even blond, will suit them. The contrast will be emphasized by the gray-black and blue-gray combination, and we should not forget about the brown notes that blend perfectly with the blue.

gray hair color for blue eyes

shades of gray hair

Gray-brown hair color is a good idea to follow the trends and still look natural, because many women naturally have this shade of hair. It turns out, depending on the natural shade of the hair, in one or two stages of dyeing, when you either need to lighten the naturally dark hair a little first, or simply add a gray tone when the color already has a natural mouse halftone. A good idea for creating interesting images of street style and urban chic, even for business hairstyles, too.

shades of gray hair

Gray hair color has many shades, so, for example, if you want to follow the trends, you can try to tint:

  • in dark gray, so fashionable in the new coming season tone that looks very natural and attracts the eye;
  • in gray-brown, which combines two tones, making the hairstyle elegant and very beautiful;
  • in gray with a pinkish or purple tint to get an excellent youth look, bold and daring with a touch of extravagance.

gray hair color

Dark gray hair color

Another seasonal trend is a fashionable gray hair color with a dark sheen, which looks great on diverse haircuts and long hair, suitable for many types, especially if you have a fair complexion and gray-blue or blue eyes. Very well, he also sets off dark-skinned beauties, playing on the contrast between brown and green eyes, giving the face a mysterious and unusually feminine look. If the decision is made to dye your hair gray, and you have naturally dark hair, then this is also a godsend that can radically change your appearance for the better.

dark gray hair color

Gray hair color with dark strands looks chic on long hair, cascading haircuts, ladders, gavroche, when you need to emphasize the effect of light trendy negligence and looseness of hair in order to get into the hits of the season. If there is a desire to wear an eternal caret, then this is also a great option to present the beauty of hair and its ebb, which is so fashionable this summer and autumn, adding interesting colors to any conceived image, both street style and urban chic.

trendy gray hair color

Ash gray hair color

The gray hair color with an ashen tint is a classic of the genre when two colors are combined that are most suitable for each other in terms of color type and harmoniously overlap with each other. It looks great not only on bob haircuts, but also on other interesting ideas, both on long and short hair. It shows itself wonderfully in pixie and garcon, retro hairstyles «Aurora» and ladder, greetings from the disco of the 80s of the last century, sets off the face and attracts increased attention to it.

ash gray hair color

Ash gray hair perfectly paints over gray hair, suitable for any type, regardless of the woman’s age, combined with a diverse shade of eyes, even brown and green, which allows the play of contrast to unfold to its full potential. Turn a fashionista into a true trendy diva of the 21st century, closely following fashion, but not blindly imitating it, but choosing a hairstyle for herself that maximizes not only a beautiful appearance, but also a harmonious inner world.

gray bob hair color

Grey-brown hair color

A beautiful gray hair color is obtained by mixing two shades, gray and brown. These options are ideal for blue-eyed beauties and those with gray-blue eyes. He can also play in contrast with natural brown-haired women and brunettes, when gray and brown undertones are added to their natural shade. A wonderful choice of hairstyles for every day and for a holiday, regardless of the length of the hair. Moreover, these tones are most suitable for business suits, even if the company has a strict dress code.

gray brown hair colorbeautiful gray hair color

Black gray hair color

A beautiful gray color is obtained by mixing a dominant tone with black shades, when he dilutes them slightly, both with feathers and full coloring, adding a little light undertones to dark colors. These hairstyles are also suitable for business ensembles, even if the company has strict appearance rules that do not allow dyeing hair in purple, blue and pink tones, but stick to shades as close to natural as possible. Thus, you will fall into the trend and wear an interesting hairstyle with a beautiful sheen.

black gray hair colorbeautiful gray color

Grey-blue hair color

The gray hair color of girls can go with a blue tint, a great solution for youth style in any conceived image. These hairstyles are attractive because they create the effect of careless hair, can be performed on diverse haircuts, both on wavy and even hair. A bob without bangs, a gavroche and a cascade for lengthening will look great when the strands are scattered in a chaotic manner. A great solution not only for subculture, but also for retro options, such as styling for hippie bows and boho-chic, grunge and other multi-layered “outfits”.

gray blue hair colorgirls gray hair

Grey-gray hair color

Deep gray hair color suits all women of fashion without exception, both on straight and even hair, creates the effect of a beautiful shade that completely paints over gray hair. Therefore, even women of age can easily use it to create their own unique hairstyles, giving the overall appearance a touch of elegance and French charm, which is so necessary for those who are over 40 and over. It will look great on short hair in haircuts such as garcon, pixie, bob for short and medium hair, emphasizing the attractiveness of styling.

gray gray hair colordeep gray hair color

gray purple hair color

Another youth hit is a gray-pink hair color, both with a pinkish and purple tint, which gives the haircut a touch of mystery and a certain charm, so fashionable in the coming autumn season, adds bright colors to monotonous everyday life and attracts increased attention to the hairstyle. Purple and pink tint are good because it can be used not only by young ladies, but also by mature women, especially on medium-length and short hair, as it completely covers gray hair and looks amazingly catchy and stylish.

gray purple hair colorgray pink hair color

Hair coloring gray

Stylish gray hair can be obtained with one dye, especially if your natural tone is light blond. Different hairdressers use different colors, but it is better to buy proven tones that have already been tried in order to get the desired effect of the trendy color of curls. It can be mixed with ashy or diluted with purple, blue and even brown colors, then there will be non-trivial tints and light gradient transitions.

gray hair dye

However, if a decision is made to make a pure gray color, then it is better to use steel shades that give the hair an original dominant tone. This tone will look great on lush and curly hair. You can also make a bob or bob to make your hair look perfectly smooth, it is better to use a light gray shade that looks amazing on even curls.

stylish gray hair

Highlighting gray hair

Hair highlighting with gray can be done on a variety of natural shades of your curls, so chestnut hair and gray strands, ash-blond and gray feathers, or black and brown hair with a gray fine sheen will look very beautiful, which is very fashionable in the coming autumn season . These haircuts look equally beautiful on different lengths of hair and in a variety of hairstyles, like a bob with or without bangs, and a cascade, when the curls fall in bleaching strands that frame and shade the face.

gray hair highlightshighlighting gray hair

gray ombre hair

A gray gradient on your hair looks great if your curls are a tone or even two darker than the dominant shade, when you get contrasting transitions from dark to light shades that draw attention to your hairstyles. Fashionistas who prefer soft and feminine gradient transitions can easily try to make a gray ombre on ashy and blond hair, which will give the look a certain charm and femininity, which are so trendy in the new coming season.

gray ombre hairgray hair gradient


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