Gray-pink manicure - fashion trends and trends for nails of any length

Grey-pink manicure is one of the most stylish color combinations used to create trendy nail art. These tones complement each other very organically, the combination is truly universal and can complement almost any image.

Gray-pink manicure 2018-2019

Many stylists use gray with pink nail designs to create trendy nail art. It comes in the following design variations:

  • nails can have a velvety or smooth texture. In the first case, a special coating is used, which is created using a special material;
  • nail plates are alternately painted in these shades, which is typical for monochrome design;
  • the trend is painting, in which there are various floral motifs. An example is the image of Japanese sakura;
  • a very non-standard solution is to draw any letters that form an inscription or are arranged in random order;
  • the image of hieroglyphs looks very original, they give the nail plates a unique national flavor;
  • all sorts of sparkles, kamifubiki, rhinestones are capable of giving brightness and a festive look;
  • a gray-pink manicure can be made in a romantic version if it contains peas. They can be completely filled or contain only an outline drawn along the edge;
  • animal print in the form of leopard colors is incredibly relevant this season. It can be applied to fingers using this color scheme. The spots can be large and occupy almost the entire surface of the nail or contain a few small spots;
  • there may be an animal print made on some other theme, for example, to imitate the colors of a reptile;
  • nail art can be done with clear polish, in a minimalist style, or with extremely bright colors;
  • marble is another fashion trend that looks incredibly organic in this color scheme. In this case, both one and the other tone can be taken as the basis, and the veins will be drawn in a different shade;
  • You can use other shades that harmoniously complement the main tones. For example, it can be black or fuchsia;
  • the design can be supplemented with volumetric elements, for example, these are dew drops.

gray pink manicure 2018 2019

Gray-pink manicure 2018-2019

gray with pink nail designpink and gray manicure ideas

Gray-pink manicure for short nails

Lovers of neatness and elegance will be able to apply a gray-pink manicure on short nails:

  • a win-win option will be a laconic design, when the nail plates are painted in monochrome colors;
  • you can make your nails longer with the help of vertical elements. For example, it can be a thin silver or golden stripe;
  • a transparent coating looks organic, with which stripes or certain parts can be drawn, for example, the zone of the hole. If at the same time restrained muted basic shades are used, then nail art is very similar to nude;
  • gray-pink manicure for short nails can be created in the form of a jacket or moon nail art.

gray pink manicure for short nails

Gray-pink manicure for long nails

Elongated nail plates look very stylish and catchy if they are manicured in gray-pink tones:

  • the scope for the manifestation of fantasy is unlimited, floral ornaments, ethnic motifs, animalistic drawings, geometric shapes can be depicted on the fingers;
  • decoration with rhinestones or sparkles is welcome, which can be applied in a plentiful or more modest version.

gray pink manicure for long nails

Pink and Gray Manicure Ideas

Many stylists prefer to apply manicure ideas with gray and pink polish. Among the popular design solutions are the following:

  • silver details are very harmoniously combined with a similar color palette, it can be varnish or sparkles of the corresponding color;
  • a gradient that involves a smooth transition from one shade to another;
  • the saturation of such a color is fully capable of conveying matte varnish;
  • all kinds of drawings are designed to give the image brightness and originality;
  • colors can range from subdued to extremely saturated;
  • geometry does not lose its position on the fashionable Olympus and organically fits into such a variation of nail art;
  • a very interesting manifestation of the classics is the creation of a french and moon design;
  • very unusual and at the same time romantic looks a kind of nail art, which is associated with the puppet style and is known as the «baby doll». A feature of this design is the use of bright saturated colors, the drawing of lace elements and peas. The design can also be made in a very gentle version;
  • ice cream can be depicted on the nail plates, this palette is great for such a design.

pink and gray manicure ideasgray and pink manicure ideas

Pink and Gray Manicure Ideas

stylish gray pink manicure

Gray-pink manicure with silver

A gray manicure with pink and silver looks very stylish and elegant:

  • nail art can be created in the form of multi-colored stripes arranged longitudinally or transversely;
  • silver sequins can be used as a spray, located on top of the base coat;
  • gray-silver-pink manicure can contain a variety of geometric shapes, be made in the form of a jacket or moon nail art;
  • certain details can be laid out with silver, for example, this is the tip when creating a jacket or the zone of the hole in the moon nail art.

gray pink manicure with silver

Gray pink manicure gradient

A real fashion hit can be called a gray-pink ombre manicure:

  • colors can have different arrangements and proportions, one of the shades can be used to a greater extent, and the other to a lesser extent;
  • the flow of one tone into another can occur in a longitudinal, transverse, diagonal version;
  • the gradient can be created using a traditional glossy finish, presented in a matte form, complemented by a mirror rubbing.

gray pink manicure gradient

Grey-pink glitter manicure

The combination of pink and gray in a manicure can be incredibly decorated with spectacular decoration with sparkles:

  • these elements can be applied in the form of a small scattering or look like large details;
  • sequins can have not only a round shape, but also be made in the form of stars, hearts, triangles.

gray pink glitter manicure

Pink gray matte manicure

Such a stylish design as a manicure with gray and pink varnish can also be made in a matte version:

  • nails can have a smooth or velvet surface, which is achieved by using a special coating;
  • the matte base can be decorated by using glossy elements or rhinestones applied to it;
  • common is the combination of matte and glossy structures, which can alternate through the finger or be combined on one nail plate.

pink gray matte manicure

Pink and gray manicure with a pattern

A gray-pink manicure with a design made on a specific theme and containing original drawings will help to fully express your individuality:

  • this season, ethnic motifs are becoming especially relevant, which will incredibly harmoniously complement a boho-style outfit;
  • this color palette seems to be made for depicting roses. An alternative would be to draw any other flowers, for example, cherry blossoms, lilies, sakura;
  • increased emphasis on romance can be done with the help of openwork lace elements;
  • with the onset of the winter season, New Year’s ornaments become a trend, for example, these can be frosty patterns on glass, an image of snowflakes;
  • gray-pink manicure can be done with the drawing of tender hearts.

pink gray manicure with a patterngray pink manicure with design

Pink-gray manicure with rubbing

You can create an incredibly beautiful gray with pink manicure if you use a shiny rub. It is able to favorably shade rich colors and give it new colors. Rubbing is applied both to the monochrome version and to the one containing the ombre effect. It can be present on all fingers or decorate only a few of them.

pink gray manicure with rubbing

Hot pink manicure with gray

Such a stylish design as a gray-pink manicure can be done in pastel colors or made in an extremely bright palette:

  • saturation is achieved through the use of a crimson hue, a depth of gray tone that almost merges with black;
  • there may be all sorts of bright details and patterns that are drawn using other catchy tones.

bright pink manicure with graycombination of pink and gray in manicure

Lunar manicure gray with pink

With refined classics in recent seasons, lunar ney art has been reasonably associated. Manicure gray with pink and white can be decorated in the following variations:

  • the hole can be drawn in any of these tones or be transparent;
  • stylists use not only the traditional rounded shape, but also unusual variations, such as a triangle, a zigzag hole;
  • the hole can be lined with stones or rhinestones. These parts can also act as a separating element.

moon manicure gray with pink

French manicure gray with pink

Stylists will be able to express their manicure ideas in gray-pink colors and when creating a stylish jacket:

  • colors can be combined with each other in a classic way, when one of them is taken as the basis, and the other serves to draw the tip;
  • the shape of the tip can be modified and made in the form of an inverted triangle;
  • flowers or openwork lace elements can be drawn on the tip of the nail plate, which move closer to the middle of the nail and decrease as they approach the base.

french manicure gray with pink

Black and gray pink manicure

An extremely effective design solution can be called black, gray, pink manicure. The use of a dark tone gives it expressiveness and can be represented by such design variations:

  • black color can be used to draw certain details: tip, hole, dividing strips;
  • a stylish gray-pink manicure looks incredibly catchy and attracts the most attention to itself, on the surface of which there are black openwork curls imitating lace;
  • letters, inscriptions, hieroglyphs can be drawn in black;
  • gray-black-pink manicure may contain a pattern that has some theme, for example, it is floral, ethnic motifs or geometry.

black gray pink manicure

Gray-pink geometry manicure

A win-win option for making a stylish bow will be a dark gray manicure with pink, containing geometric patterns:

  • the print can be located on one finger, on several or on all;
  • geometry can contain actual romantic polka dots, made using circles of different sizes;
  • drawing clear lines, triangles, squares, rhombuses, rectangles is common;
  • figures can be made in one variety or contain a combination of several types.

gray pink manicure geometry


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