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A versatile and luxurious option is the Greek hairstyle. It is suitable for a variety of situations. It can be done both extremely simply and using complex techniques and using a variety of devices. Any woman can choose the best variety for herself.

How to make a Greek hairstyle?

Any woman can make a hairstyle in the Greek style, for this you do not need to have special skills. It is ideal for any length of hair, even if they are very short. The toolkit is also very simple: a comb, an elastic band, hairpins and invisibility invisible to others, a diadem. However, when creating it, it is necessary to take into account the secrets of the Greek hairstyle, an example of which is the following step-by-step instruction:

  1. Collect the uppermost part of the hair from behind and use to secure the hairpins. It is not necessary to touch the bangs. Secure part of the strands located below with an elastic band.
  2. Fix the top part of the hair with a bandage. Insert an invisibility into the end of the used bandage. Fasten everything to the back of the head. Wrap the bandage tightly around the head and fix it. Make the second turn, acting in a similar way.
  3. Divide the hair left unused from below into two identical strands. You will get two braids that should be wrapped around. They must be fixed with the help of invisibility.
  4. Curl the remaining unused part of the hair from the first step with a curling iron.
  5. Wind each individual strand around your finger and securely fix it with invisibility. So lay all the curls until the Greek hairstyle is finally ready.

how to do greek hairstyleGreek hairstyle secretseasy greek hairstyles

Greek hairstyle for short hair

A Greek-style hairstyle for short hair will look very impressive. Requires additional accessories to complete. Its variations are as follows:

  1. With a bandage. You need to wind your hair, creating an imitation of light waves, put on a narrow, barely noticeable or, on the contrary, emphatically wide headband, release the part located on top and bangs. The view should not be sleek.
  2. With rim. For execution, it is allowed to choose to wind or use a simpler method — tousle the hair in an upward direction, and then put on the headband.

greek hairstyle for short hair

Greek hairstyle for medium hair

There are a lot of varieties that represent a Greek-style hairstyle for medium hair. Every woman can find something for herself. The most popular options are:

  1. Curl the curls and put on a bandage over the head so that it looks like a crown. Carefully bring the strands under the base of the rim, hide those on the sides as well. Make a beautiful and lush bun that will complement the image.
  2. You can make styling with elements of fleece. To do this, you need to cover clean hair with mousse, divide the hair with a parting going from ear to ear. Form a dense basal pile from the upper part. Do not touch the frontal strands, but close the disheveledness with their help. Attach an elastic bandage to the center of the head and pull it up to the hollow at the back of the head. Get a covered mass of hair. Curl the remaining strands with a curling iron and secure with clips.
  3. There is also an option when a Greek hairstyle with beautiful rings is created. You need to comb your hair well and put a bandage on your head — overlapping on your forehead. You should start doing a hairstyle with a bang — select a strand and twist it with a tourniquet, thread it through the bandage, stretching the tip from below. Do the same with the next strand. Also make a tourniquet and stretch through the rim. Hide the last tip into the main shock of hair and fasten. For volume, gently pull out the links and fluff, spray with varnish.

Greek hairstyle for medium hairgreek hairstyle for medium hair

Greek hairstyle for long hair

Elongated curls provide an opportunity to show real scope for creativity. Hairstyle in the Greek style for long hair is incredibly elegant. There are such design variations:

  1. With a bandage. Wear a headband of your choice in any style. Take not too wide strands of hair and tuck them under the bandage, repeat several times. Pass the ends through the elastic. As soon as the entire mass of hair is affected, there will be a tail, it must be twisted with a tourniquet and hidden under the base. Use a pin to secure.
  2. You can also make a ponytail in the Greek style. To do this, you need to curl your hair, highlight the strands in the side zones and make braids from three strands. To fix the result, use transparent rubber bands. Pull out the links so that there is a casually airy effect. Make a ponytail in the center of the back of the head. Holding the base, pry up the strands, making a pouffe out of the hair. Gently bring the braids to the back of the head and wrap them around the base of the tail, secure with hairpins from below. Make segments along the entire length at a distance of 3-5 cm from each other, and fluff.
  3. This variety looks good, which presents fashionable hairstyles in the Greek style, like a knot. For him, you should dry your hair with a diffuser, giving volume at the roots. Select a few strands and curl, then make a French spikelet to the tips. Gather the entire head of hair into a low side ponytail, framing with strands and making a cone shape. First wrap the base, and then fill the empty space with spiral movements. There is no need to tighten or smoothly align.
  4. There is another version of the Greek knot. In the depths of the hair, braids should be braided on both sides, bouffanted on the crown, covering it with an intact layer, small strands should be selected at the temples and collected with an elastic band at the back of the head. It is recommended to fix the rest of the hair slightly below the middle with an elastic band. Take a mop by the tip and wrap it with a roll, fix it. Wrap the base of the roll with previously made braids, and hide the ends using hairpins.

greek hairstyle for long hairgreek hairstyle for long hairfashionable hairstyles in the Greek style

Greek hairstyle with bangs

Hairstyles in the Greek style with bangs also look impressive. For short hair, you can do it as follows:

  1. Comb a mop, twist the ends of the strands with a curling iron.
  2. Put on a bandage so that it slightly covers the line of the bangs.
  3. Straight bangs can be twisted or simply laid in an arbitrary way.
  4. If there is enough length, then try to twist the strands at the temples by the bandage.

For medium and long hair, recommendations when creating a Greek spectacular hairstyle are:

  1. Lightly tease the hair at the crown.
  2. Twist the curling strand along the entire length.
  3. Put on a bandage over bangs and hair. It is allowed to leave a bandage on top.
  4. Lightly twist a few strands and place them over the elastic from the outside in and from the bottom up. Start everything from the temporal part and finish at the back of the head.
  5. Lay the bangs according to your preference, use a variety of accessories for decoration at your own discretion.

greek hairstyle with bangsgreek hairstyles with bangs

Greek hairstyle on a square

On a square, light Greek hairstyles look extraordinarily beautiful, while the length is not so important:

  1. After curling, the curls are collected at the back of the head, forming a slight elevation.
  2. Carefully the entire hairstyle is filled with varnish, after which it is decorated at your discretion.
  3. The remaining strands can be scattered in a creative mess over the shoulders or side of the face.

greek haircut

Greek wedding hairstyle

Wedding hairstyles in the Greek style are perfectly combined with the image of the bride:

  1. Under the veil, it is best to make a Greek tail, for which the hair is divided into two parts in the center, and a braid or tourniquet is made from each of them slightly below the back of the head.
  2. Another popular option is the knot, for which curled hair is placed in a bun and secured.
  3. The Greek wedding hairstyle with a bandage also looks good. It is allowed to take an elastic bandage or tape, use varnish for fixation.
  4. The ideal option is cascading, it involves a free arrangement of strands. Curly strands are lightly collected at the crown, from where they freely cascade down.

greek wedding hairstylewedding hairstyles in greek stylegreek hairstyle

Greek Goddess hairstyle

You can find chic Greek hairstyles in the style of the goddess. They can be made extremely simply, and they look incredibly impressive. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Wear an elastic stretch bandage.
  2. Collect the entire mop in a low tail.
  3. Screw the mop into a tourniquet.
  4. Raise the tail to the bandage and lay in a bun.
  5. An interesting version of the goddess-style styling will be a high bun, on top of which a thick heavy braid is entwined. The rest of it will go down.
  6. An integral part of such styling will be an exquisite accessory, for example, a diadem or a wreath.

greek goddess hairstyle

Hairstyle «Greek tail»

If you want to look beautiful in any situation, then you should make a Greek tail, a hairstyle for long hair looks truly unsurpassed. To create it, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Divide the head of hair into 2 parts, while the division should go from the forehead to the back of the head.
  2. Make a braid from the temple from each part. Pin.
  3. Connect the braids in the occipital area, tying with an elastic band.
  4. Fluff a little if necessary. Turn the tail through the recess behind the elastic.
  5. Hide the mount by wrapping the base of the tail with a thin strand.
  6. When this variety is created, which presents simple Greek hairstyles, you can add additional touches to the design, for example, wind or comb.

greek tail hairstylegreek tail hairstyle for long hair

Hairstyle «Greek knot»

A knot is one of the simplest varieties that represent a Greek-style hairstyle. This variation looks incredibly sophisticated and elegant, and is extremely easy to do:

  1. It is necessary to collect strands on the back of the head with a tight bundle, fix everything with invisibility.
  2. To give the image a romantic touch, you can release a couple of curls along the cheekbones.

greek knot hairstyle

Hairstyle with an elastic band in the Greek style

You can find options for hairstyles in the Greek style, which are created using an elastic band. You need to do the following:

  1. Put on a bandage, releasing the strands from the bangs or from the temples.
  2. Separate the strands located near the face and tuck under the elastic. Move from the parting to the ear. Do the same on the other side.
  3. Give hair volume and tuck under the elastic. To do this, pull out the strands with the tip of the comb.
  4. The female Greek hairstyle ends with the fact that you need to twist the loose curls into bundles and tuck them under the elastic band.
  5. This element must be elastic and at the same time reliable, able to withstand even heavy thick strands. Otherwise, there are no design requirements, since this detail remains invisible to others.

greek bob hairstylefemale greek hairstyle

High hairstyles in the Greek style

If you want to look elegant and graceful, then you should make such an option as a high Greek hairstyle:

  1. This, for example, is a one-sided French braid around the head, resembling a wreath. After the first round, the hair is collected in a bun or high tail.
  2. You can continue to weave the braid in a spiral to the crown. For additional beauty, a couple of strands are released from the entire hairstyle.
  3. A skillfully braided bun, artistically entwined with braids, can be highly located.
  4. Part of the loose curls can be highly collected in a small semblance of a tail resembling a «Malvinka». The rest of the strands will flow down the back like a waterfall.

high hairstyles in the Greek style

Hairstyle in the Greek style «bun»

Any girl can handle creating a beam with her own hands. The result is an incredibly beautiful Greek hairstyle. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Lightly curl your hair. Select a couple of strands in front.
  2. Divide them evenly and braid two braids. Stretch them a little for volume.
  3. Form a bundle from braids and fix in the occipital area.
  4. Make braids from loose curls.
  5. Twist these two braids around the bundle and secure. Spray your hair with hairspray.

greek bun hairstyle

Greek hairstyle with foamiran flowers

Flowers can be a worthy decoration of any styling. With their help, luxurious evening hairstyles in the Greek style can be created:

  1. You can string them on the headband and choose any option from the existing hairstyles.
  2. Flowers often complement the elastic bandage.
  3. Flowers can be woven into a braid or placed at the top of the tail.

Greek hairstyle with foamiran flowersevening hairstyles in the Greek style

Greek hairstyles with a crown

The crown is a great accessory for any event. It looks especially beautiful in wedding styling. The options that represent the Greek hairstyle with a diadem are as follows:

  1. You can make a graceful bun or ponytail and wear a crown. This option is suitable for literally all young ladies who want to create a romantic and beautiful image.
  2. The crown will perfectly decorate the loose strands, curled into curls.

Greek hairstyles with a crowngreek hairstyle options

Greek hairstyle «curls»

Curls emphasize the length and beauty of the strands. In this performance, the Greek hairstyle for loose hair will look unsurpassed:

  1. If the strands are straight, they should be slightly curled with a curling iron, and wavy ones should be slightly structured using foam.
  2. With insufficient hair volume, additional strands should be used.

greek hairstyle curls

Greek hairstyle with headband

One of the classic design variations is a hairstyle with a Greek-style bandage:

  1. The bandage into which curls are woven is popular. For more volume, make a pile.
  2. To complete the hairstyle, strands are released from it.
  3. Any hairspray is suitable for fixing.
  4. The main requirement for a bandage is its elasticity. Otherwise, its width and design is selected according to individual taste. It can be absolutely smooth, contain beadwork, have an openwork structure that imitates flowers.

greek hairstyle with headband

Hairstyle «Greek braid»

An elegant option is a Greek hairstyle with a scythe:

  1. A characteristic feature of such a braid is that it is created extremely voluminous and seems to consist of curls.
  2. It will be especially harmonious in combination with bangs to one side or loose curls near the temples.
  3. Ribbon and all kinds of flowers are often used for decoration.

Greek braid hairstyle


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