November 10, 2021

Everyone can look good. However, we often do not get the desired effect, we can feel discomfort on the scalp and hair. The main reason is ignorance of the main ones hair care ruleswhich will make it shiny, truly refined and royal.
But do not be afraid, the rules are quite simple, although they are often neglected.

Proper washing

Too hot water, as well as cold, can damage the scalp and hair. Therefore, make it a rule to wash your hair with warm water and rinse with slightly cool water. In addition, in the cold season, you should not forget about hair balm. If you can ignore this advice in the summer, then you should not do so in the fall, because the balm will serve as additional protection for the hair.

We nourish and restore hair

So that the hair does not suffer from changes in temperature and weather conditions, it needs to be strengthened. To do this will help special hair masks and elixirswhich nourish and restore.

We support beauty and shine

So that the hair does not lose its natural healthy shine, use special products containing vitamins A, E and B. Do not forget about proper nutrition. For the health of the hair, you can also use various vitamin complexes or supplements, after consulting a doctor beforehand.

We remember the main rules of laying:

1. Use the hair dryer correctly!
Hair should be dried and styled with a warm jet of air, with uniform movements from the roots to the tips. After drying and styling on a medium setting, blow your hair with cold air.

2. Thermal protection as a permanent must-have!
Use special products to protect your hair from high temperatures if you often use irons, curling irons, curlers, and hair dryers for styling.

3. Use professional styling tools!
Buy only approved styling products: gels, texturizing foams, mousse sprays and foams that facilitate the procedure, but do not weigh down the hair and do not dry it out!

Learn more about professional tools

1. Davines Oil-Free Natural Obedient Hair Styling Tool:

  • created to provide a stable form of laying;
  • gives hair elasticity and silkiness;
  • supports hair well, tones and saturates hair with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants;
  • rejuvenates, renews and protects against premature hair aging;
  • helps create the effect of wet hair;
  • prevents electrification;
  • does not cause irritation and allergies.

Application method: apply a small amount of the product to dry hair and start styling.

2. Davines Volumizing Texturizer:

  • will help your hair become softer and lighter;
  • contributes to the creation of ideal and stable styling;
  • gives hair a diamond shine, elasticity and silkiness.

Application method: apply to dry hair to give airy and voluminous volume.

3. Mousse spray for basal volume L’Oreal:

  • has a lifting effect;
  • gives the hair a matte shimmer and a fresh look;
  • gives stunning volume and ease of styling;
  • designed for work with thin hair.


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