Hair color chocolate - a fashionable solution for any appearance

Now, with the help of a variety of colors, changing the shade of hair is very simple, you just have to choose the most suitable tone. By choosing chocolate hair color, you will create your stylish and noble image, besides, it suits girls with almost any type of appearance.

hair color chocolate 2019

One variation on the classic brown hair color is a shade called chocolate. What associations does this word evoke? For most, chocolate is a way to cheer yourself up, have fun and enjoy amazing taste. About the same can be said about this shade — it looks very juicy and appetizing, leaving no one indifferent. There are many options for chocolate hair color — these include shades called dark chocolate, Irish, creamy, mocha, milky.

hair color chocolate 2019hair color chocolate 2019 fashion

Natural chocolate hair color is very variable — the range includes both deep dark shades and light ones, close to the color of a strong cappuccino. The great news is that any of these tones can also be obtained by painting. Implement this idea. As a rule, it is very easy, and often there is no need to pre-lighten the hair.

Hair color chocolate 2019 ideashair color chocolate 2019 fashion

Hair color chocolate — who suits?

The main advantage of this hair color is its absolute versatility. To the question of who dark chocolate hair color suits, we can confidently answer that it suits girls with any type of appearance, you just have to pay maximum attention to choosing the most suitable shade. Deep hair color called dark chocolate suits those who have naturally blond hair and gray or blue eyes. If you have dark skin and brown eyes, it is better to refuse classic chocolate — you should give preference to a nutty shade.

Hair color chocolate - who suitsHair color chocolate - who suits

dark chocolate hair color

One of the most popular shades was black chocolate hair color, which looks very beautiful and rich. It suits girls with almost any type of appearance, with the exception of very light blondes and burning brunettes. Dark chocolate hair color is in perfect harmony with brightly expressive facial features, or with makeup that focuses on the eyes and eyebrows. Otherwise, the image may be faded.

dark chocolate hair colorHair color dark chocolate ideas

When choosing the right shade of hair, eye color is of great importance. Dark chocolate hair color can be considered universal. This tone harmonizes well with the appearance of brown-eyed and green-eyed girls, and owners of light dove eyes often prefer it. The latter option will harmonize well only on the condition that the skin of the face is not pale, without a reddish undertone.

Hair color dark chocolate fashionHair color dark chocolate style

hair color light chocolate

Light chocolate hair color has become no less popular than classic dark hair, it looks light and sophisticated, reminiscent of shades of milk coffee or cappuccino. Conventionally, this hair color can be divided into two main types — warm chocolate, which has a slight golden hue, and cold, reminiscent of ashy. Stylists recommend such tones to fair-haired women, whose skin is not dark.

hair color light chocolatehair color light chocolate idoei

Hair color chocolate — shades

It would seem, what could be easier than chocolate? At the mention of this word, the majority has an image — a delicacy of deep brown color. But if you think about it, chocolate can be very different — from black bitter to creamy, milky, nutty and even completely white tones. The same can be said about chocolate hair color — it is very variable, the spectrum includes both very deep tones, close to black, and light ones, for example, cold milk chocolate hair color. Among the variety of shades, you can easily choose a tone that is in perfect harmony with your appearance.

Hair color chocolate - shadeshair color caramel chocolate

hair color caramel chocolate

One of the most favorite shades of many modern fashionistas has become caramel chocolate hair color, which is a mixture of three basic tones — brown, red and beige. This shade looks very beautiful and noble, subtly emphasizes facial features and tanned skin. Stylists recommend chocolate with caramel hair color to those who have a warm color type of appearance — a swarthy complexion, brown eyes and a natural dark shade of hair.

hair color caramel chocolateHair color caramel chocolate ideas

chocolate cherry hair color

If you want to change your natural tone to a stylish and fashionable shade, while not resorting to very drastic changes, cherry chocolate hair color can be an ideal solution. This is a very playful and even a little daring shade that allows you to emphasize the brightness of your appearance and creativity.

chocolate cherry hair colorChocolate cherry hair color ideas

Cherry chocolate hair color is a mixture of two basic shades — deep brown and burgundy. Stylists recommend this idea to girls with bright facial features — expressive eyes. Dark eyelashes and eyebrows, special attention should be paid to daily makeup. The main disadvantage of chocolate with cherry hair color is that a bright burgundy shade loses its saturation very quickly, and it becomes necessary to frequently update the tone.

Chocolate cherry hair color ideasChocolate cherry hair color options

Hair color chocolate with ashy

Not everyone decides to radically change their hair color, but many girls are ready to experiment with a variety of shades. One of the most interesting tones was chocolate hair color with an ashy tint, which has an unusual and extraordinary effect. It is important to note that this color has many nuances — it is far from suitable for everyone, so before painting it is important to make sure that it will suit you.

Hair color chocolate with ashyHair color chocolate with ashy fashion

Ash hair color chocolate can be with warm and cold undertones. The first option is more versatile — it looks good on both fair-skinned fair girls and tanned brunettes. The cold shade of ash-chocolate is more specific, it suits those who have naturally blond hair and light, blue or gray eyes.

Hair color chocolate with ashy designHair color chocolate with ashy ideas

hair color red chocolate

Another shade that has become incredibly popular among fashionistas of a predominantly young age is pink chocolate hair color. The name speaks for itself — it differs from the classic one with a reddish tint, which gives the image brightness, playfulness and even audacity. Red or pink chocolate suits everyone except those with very dark skin or pinkish undertones. Eyes and eyebrows should be pronounced, if not naturally, then with the help of makeup.

hair color red chocolatehair color red chocolate fashion

Stylish and fashionable hair color red chocolate looks very catchy and beautiful, but it should be used with caution. It looks very interesting on young girls and young women, but for those over 45, it is not recommended to wear this color — according to stylists, it can add years to your appearance. You should NOT dye your hair in such a color and full girls.

Hair color red chocolate ideasHair color red chocolate options

hair color golden chocolate

One of the most popular shades was the hair color hot chocolate with a golden hue, which looks very noble, luxurious, and at the same time playful. The main advantage of this idea lies in its versatility — the golden chocolate shade of hair suits everyone, without exception. It looks beautiful on both white-skinned blondes and brunettes with a tanned face and dark eyes. Golden chocolate hair color also has no age restrictions — it is equally suitable for young girls and women of age.

hair color golden chocolatehair color golden chocolate fashion

Hair color white chocolate

It is not a novelty for anyone that chocolate can be not only bitter black or milky, but also white — very light, close to a milky shade. This is also true for chocolate hair color — a warm and light light shade looks quite ethical for such a color scheme, but at the same time it is no less saturated. It is ideal for fair-haired and fair-haired girls with sophisticated facial features.

Hair color white chocolatehair color white chocolate fashion

Another variant of this shade is the light hair color cold chocolate, which is more specific. In tone, it is closer to blond tones and suits exclusively fair-haired girls with blue or gray eyes. An image with this hair color is most likely to be strict and elegant, the shade is ideal for business women. Color has no age restrictions.

Hair color white chocolate ideashair color white chocolate fashion

Hair color chocolate with red

Many people associate red hair color with impudence, playfulness, it is often preferred by bright and creative people. But not everyone dares to make such a serious change — to change the usual and neutral dark blond to a bright and catchy red. Stylists offer an alternative option — copper chocolate hair color, a feature of which is a rich reddish tint. At the same time, the hair looks light and natural.

Hair color chocolate with red

Stylish and bright hair color chocolate with red is a universal solution for any age and type of appearance. It will suit even fair-skinned blondes, provided that makeup is applied with an emphasis on the eyes and eyebrows. Unlike pure and red shades, it will not make you the object of close attention. This color looks very easy and natural, in harmony with any female image.

hair color chocolate red fashion

Hair coloring — chocolate color

Choosing chocolate hair color, you get another great bonus — dyeing in such shades is usually done very easily with minimal harm. If you do not radically change the image, but, for example, you want to change black or dark blond hair color to dark chocolate, the dyeing process will be as simple and fast as possible. The chocolate shade holds very well without losing its richness, so you don’t have to reapply the color as often.

Hair coloring - chocolate colorHair coloring - chocolate color ideas

The process will be more difficult and time-consuming if you decide on a more global change. Changing the dark hair color to light shades of chocolate involves pre-lightening the hair. The opposite option, the idea of ​​dyeing blond hair into a dark chocolate hair color, can also cause some difficulties — the paint must lie perfectly and evenly, so it is important to entrust such changes in your appearance only to a highly qualified master.

Hair coloring - color chocolate styleHair coloring - color chocolate fashion

Hair color chocolate with highlights

Solid beautiful hair color will never lose its popularity — it looks very juicy and rich, emphasizing the nobility of the image. But for young girls who prefer experiments with their appearance, this may not seem enough. In this case, you can try to implement another idea to make highlights using chocolate shades, which looks very stylish, creative and voluminous.

Hair color chocolate with highlights

Highlighting hair using chocolate color can be done with different options. One idea is to leave your natural hair color and dye the strands with a rich warm shade. This idea looks especially impressive if you choose a chocolate color with a red or reddish undertone. The second stylish and popular idea is to dye your hair in a deep and warm color, and use a lighter shade for the strands, for example, chocolate with milk hair color.

Hair color chocolate with highlights fashion

Stretch hair color chocolate

Another option for stylish and modern hair coloring is a color stretch known as ombre or balayage. The effect is a very soft and smooth transition from one shade to another, it can be dyed both for the length of the hair and exclusively for the tips. For stretching, only one shade of chocolate color can be used — in this case, a transition from a natural tone is obtained. But the balage looks more bright and stylish using two tones from the same color scheme — for example, hazelnut chocolate hair color combined with dark chocolate.

Stretch hair color chocolate

The effect of stretching the color on the hair looks very stylish and creative, but this is not the only advantage of this solution. The main advantage of the ombre technique is that, unlike highlighting or coloring, the regrowth of the ends is likely to be imperceptible, and you will not have to update the color often. Even two or three months after dyeing, the hairstyle will look beautiful and spectacular.

Stretching color on hair chocolate fashion


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