Hair color - how to choose a hairstyle for your face and eyes

To create an unsurpassed harmonious image, it is extremely important to choose the right hair color. It should advantageously shade the skin and match a certain color type. The choice is made taking into account the tone of the eyes and other features of appearance.

How to choose a hair color for your face?

For young ladies and older ladies, the question is relevant: how to choose a hair color? The following nuances must be taken into account:

  • expressive notes will provide monochromatic coloring. Both blond and jet black can be done with a matte or glossy finish. The latter requires careful maintenance and regular updating;
  • the main point is that the hair color should harmoniously fit into a certain color type — cold or warm. In accordance with this, shades are selected, otherwise an imbalance may occur;
  • for light-skinned young ladies — «ice» platinum, ashen, blue-black;
  • dark-skinned beauties will suit golden caramel, chestnut with golden notes, red undertones with a warm tone.

how to match hair color to facehow to choose hair colorshades of red hair

What hair color suits dark skin?

A well-chosen hair color for dark skin is capable of emphasizing the beauty of natural external data:

  • fair-haired girls can turn to such a trend as toasted coconut, the blond is shaded with “roasted coconut” tinting and gives visual warmth;
  • chocolate with an admixture of brown or reddish will favorably set off a tan;
  • the memorable image of a vamp woman is embodied with the help of graphite;
  • mocha hair color has been in demand for a long time;
  • delicate olive skin will be highlighted by ash brown.

what hair color suits dark skinhair color for dark skinhair color for dark eyes

Hair color for fair skin

To smooth out porcelain pallor, hair color for fair skin should be chosen especially carefully:

  • brown-eyed ladies are allowed to use copper, golden blond, sand, breaking the generally accepted rule regarding a cold tone. If you want to show originality, use mahogany, chocolate-lilac;
  • the blue of the eyes will be emphasized by “ash”, snow-white-platinum hair color for pale skin. It is allowed to play on contrasting by applying black. A vivid example is such celebrities as Dita Von Teese, Liv Tyler;
  • a light redhead, ash-blond looks unsurpassed on green-eyed ladies;
  • black-eyed can use unnatural neon or the most delicate pastel.

hair color for fair skinhair color for pale skinlight hair color

Hair color for eye color

When looking for an answer to the question of what hair color is in fashion, the fair sex should take into account their eye tone:

  • there are irises that initially belong to a certain color type — these are blue (cold) and brown (warmth);
  • greenish and grayish tones are universal, combined with both cold and warm shades of curls.

hair color for eye colorwhat hair color is in fashionlight hair color

What hair color goes with green eyes?

Green-eyed beauties look stunning thanks to successful coloring:

  • a win-win solution is a reddish-red gamma in various manifestations. A unique effect is achieved regardless of the subtone of the iris: olive, azure, emerald, marsh. An indisputable advantage is the ability to embody a vivid image even in the absence of makeup;
  • copper, wheat, caramel, light brown, burgundy, amber, plum are enjoying well-deserved recognition from stylists;
  • hair color for green eyes can be refreshed by applying catchy toning in turquoise, peach, cherry;
  • taboos to refrain from — cardinal versions of white and black;
  • harmony in the composition will be provided by painting the eyebrows, made in a similar tone with curls.

what hair color goes with green eyeshair color for green eyeslight hair color

What hair color goes with blue eyes?

To make the image refined and noble, the ideally chosen hair color for blue eyes will help:

  • colorists agree: preference should be given to a cold palette. It is recommended to refrain from warm solutions, as they greatly simplify the appearance;
  • expressiveness will give ivory, pink-beige, champagne;
  • lovers of dark shades can stop at chestnut red and bitter chocolate.

what hair color suits blue eyeshair color for blue eyeshow to choose hair color

What hair color suits brown eyes?

Piquancy and attractiveness will add a beautiful hair color for brown-eyed:

  • an undeniable trend is a rich chestnut. An important nuance is that it must be applied in a single-color design, focusing on depth and refraining from highlighting individual strands;
  • all variations of chocolate are organic (coffee, milk, bitter);
  • marsala or pomegranate — a win-win hair color for dark eyes to bring eccentricity.

what hair color suits brown eyeshair color for brown eyeshair color for dark eyes

Hair color for gray eyes

Gray-eyed girls can easily pick up a fashionable hair color. This is due to the fact that such eyes are credited with the properties of a chameleon — the ability to change depending on what background they are combined with:

  • a bronze tan will advantageously be set off by golden chestnut, copper-red, coffee-chocolate hair;
  • with light, «luminous» skin, it is advised to avoid excessive flashiness, giving preference to mutedness. A great choice is “ice” coffee, ashy pearls, light and dark blond.

hair color for gray eyestrendy hair colorhair color for fair skin

Bright hair colors

It is extremely important to dye your hair in bright colors:

  • it is allowed to choose one catchy paint that evenly covers the entire surface. Among the trends, you can list burgundy, lilac, purple;
  • gem roots — a popular transition among fashionistas from catchiness at the roots to neutrality along the rest of the curls;
  • colored strands are a good compromise, allowing for a not so dramatic change in image as coloring the entire surface. Any tonality is allowed — blue, raspberry, light green, yellow;
  • ghosted hair — a «ghostly» pearly glow that provides a soft, unobtrusive brightness. It is advisable to resort to such a variation for blondes, making greenish and bluish blotches;
  • the color of bright hair can be applied in a compromise version, when internal strands are crumbled, covered from above by discreet curls;
  • purple, lilac, lilac, and other tones close to them appear on the catwalks;
  • the usual redhead can also appear extremely catchy if there are reddish notes in it.

bright hair colorsbright hair coloringwhat hair color is in fashion

pink hair color

Popular trends in modern youth fashion include coloring in pink:

  • depending on individual preferences, the tone used is different, ranging from pale pink to saturated acid, close to raspberry;
  • the gradient stretch looks amazing when the transition from catchy roots to muted tips is made;
  • Ash pink hair color is a godsend for blondes who want to stand out from the crowd. A hairstyle in this design will sparkle with new colors;
  • highlighting individual pinkish strands is a gentle variation that provides an opportunity for a fashionista to show her originality. Another type of design is staining the tips that stand out against the background of a platinum blond.

pink hair colorash pink hair colorhair color for pale skin

Red hair shades

Red-haired beauties will absolutely attract attention. Using a certain tonality, you can slightly enliven the image or make it as memorable as possible;

  • the muted version, which has a noble chestnut-golden tone, becomes triumphant;
  • copper-red hair color is a common variation that suits different eye irises;
  • if it is necessary to use a cold undertone, ash-red will come to the rescue;
  • admirers of catchy bows will appreciate the reddish-reddish overflows.

shades of red haircopper red hair colortrendy hair color

Burgundy hair color

Extravagant persons, seeking to look bold, noted for themselves the dark hair color «Bordeaux»:

  • it belongs to the category of complex, so it is recommended to choose it with special care;
  • «Bordeaux» is dominant, when applied on the face, the slightest flaws are visible, so it should be as clean as possible, without rashes and acne;
  • an important nuance is compatibility with lipstick, which should organically fit into the overall concept;
  • strands should be shiny and healthy, split ends will stand out strongly;
  • wine ruby ​​looks good on the owners of the «winter» and «autumn» color types. It is categorically contraindicated for the spring-summer variety. The face is lost against the background of rich curls, looks pale and expressionless. With a persistent desire to apply Bordeaux, it is allowed to resort to coloring the tips. A catchy effect is guaranteed, but the integrity of the image will not be violated.

burgundy hair colordark hair colorbright hair colors

blue hair color

For lovers of bold experiments, light and dark blue hair color is intended:

  • heavenly neon can be combined with a natural dark color, which is located at the roots;
  • variation from blue to aquamarine is allowed in the form of an ombre stretch, distributed from roots to tips;
  • there is a restrained use of blue paint when it blends organically with ash or graphite.

blue hair colorblue hair colorbright hair coloring

Lilac hair color

A variety of color palettes is characterized by a dark or light hair color, known as «lilac»:

  • non-standard idea is universal. Any girl can apply such painting, regardless of which color type she belongs to;
  • whitish-icy, pinkish, lilac notes may be present in the paint. In each case, curls acquire a unique zest.

lilac hair colorlight hair colorhow to match hair color to face

Hair color in two colors

If you want to create a hairstyle suitable for all occasions, you can dye your hair in two colors:

  • girls working in the office, but at the same time striving to express themselves extraordinary in their free time, can resort to internal coloring. Its essence lies in the fact that the strands located below are painted in a rich shade, but on top they are covered with curls tinted in a natural, as close as possible to the natural color of beautiful hair. If desired, the upper strands are stabbed into a bun or tied into a tail, leaving a rich color for viewing;
  • the double dye technique can be implemented in a performance that leaves the strands available for everyone to see. In this case, they are clearly separated by a parting into two parts, which are painted in radically opposite tones;
  • sparing variety — familiar and classic ombre. The technique implies a smooth flow of one shade into another, while they can strongly contrast with each other or differ by a couple of tones.

two color hair colordye your hair two colorswhat hair color is in fashion


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