Hair styling is an important part of any fashionable look.

In order for the image to come out as harmonious as possible, hair styling is important. Stylists offer fashionistas a variety of variations that can be performed on straight or curly strands. Certain varieties are designed for thick or thin curls.

Hair styling 2020

This season, fashionable hair styling 2020 is designed in a variety of variations, among which a certain representative of the fair sex will be able to choose the variety that suits her:

  • the hairstyle can be emphatically elegant or contain a touch of mischief, for which it is given a deliberate slight negligence;
  • depending on the structure of the strands, they can be given additional volume or, on the contrary, made them smooth. Both options can serve as the epitome of retro style, which is incredibly popular in recent seasons;
  • it is common to emphasize certain elements of the hairstyle, which can be done using certain techniques, such as shirring.

hair styling 2020fashion hair styling 2020hair styling for girls

Straight hair styling

Owners of even straight strands, if desired, will be able to present them in the most favorable light by choosing one of the following techniques:

  • additional alignment, the focus is on this effect. To emphasize the ideality of such strands, they can be given shine with the help of special tools;
  • creating a parting that can be perfectly even or figured, zigzag. This element can be located clearly in the middle or closer to a certain side;
  • styling on straight hair with volume is created using a light pile, which is performed in the root zone;
  • on straight strands, you can apply wet styling by combing them back. However, it is worth considering that this option is preferably done on haircuts without bangs.

styling for straight hairstyling for straight hair with volumeloose hair styling

Curly hair styling

Curly hair styling looks incredibly feminine and romantic:

  • curls can be further emphasized by highlighting them with a product that gives a wet effect. This option is especially welcome on thick strands, since they can be given a more attractive shape;
  • strongly curly hair can be straightened by making it half-loose. With this technique, you can bring variety to the image, the hairstyle will look new;
  • asymmetry looks extremely impressive when the strands are combed to one side.

curly hair stylingcurly hair stylingbest hair styling

Styling for thin hair

For owners of naturally thin hair, techniques are recommended that will help make them visually more voluminous:

  • long-term hair styling — carving, when beautiful curls are created, can come to the rescue. The undoubted advantage is that the volume is given for a long time, and the method is gentle;
  • you can provide volume with a pile or fine curls;
  • corrugation is another popular technique that is advisable to apply over the entire surface of the hair.

styling for fine hairstylish hair stylingvoluminous hair styling

Hair styling for every day

For everyday wear, incredibly beautiful hair styling can be created, which is performed in a variety of ways:

  • the simplest solution would be to give the strands the effect of slight negligence. This can be done by whipping them, creating a light pile, which is not done along the entire length of the strand, but along its small part and is known as «blunting»;
  • asymmetrical hair styling looks extremely interesting. For everyday wear, the strands can simply be combed to one side and fixed;
  • on lush curls, the wet effect will look great;
  • for going to the office, a beam will be a win-win solution; it can be located in the upper or lower part of the head;
  • additional volume can be given by such techniques as fleece and corrugation;
  • very popular retro style, which involves the creation of waves or a collected variation of the hairstyle.

hair styling for every daybeautiful hair stylingmodern hair styling

Hair styling «curls»

If you want to make the image emphatically feminine and romantic, hair styling in waves or curls can be used:

  • on thin strands, it would be advisable to create small curls that can provide significant additional volume;
  • hair styling «curls» can be done by creating large curls, while they can be securely fixed or made in a half-loose form;
  • Hollywood waves are extremely popular in recent seasons, which are ideally combined with retro-style outfits.

hair styling curlswave hair stylingcurly hair styling

Side styling

An original and stylish solution is to style your hair to the side:

  • the easiest way to create it is to comb straight or curled strands to one side. On the other hand, the strands can be fixed with varnish or hairpins;
  • this hair styling can be done in assembled form. For example, it can be a tail located on one side, a braid braided to one side, strands that are fully assembled and imitate a bundle and fixed with invisible hairpins.

hair styling on the sideside styling hair

Wet hair styling

In the summer season, wet hair styling will look especially impressive:

  • such a variation of the hairstyle is created using special tools that provide the desired effect;
  • this technique will help thick hair lie better and take on a more attractive shape. It is better not to use this technique on thin strands, as they can become visually even more rare;
  • Wet hair styling can be done on both straight and curly strands. In the first case, they look advantageous if they are combed back or on the side, and in the second they can be placed in any order.

wet hair stylingwet hair stylinghair styling 2020

Bun hair styling

The bun is one of the most popular variations that modern hair styling presents. It can be created in several ways:

  • the easiest solution is to form a bundle of strands and place it on top or bottom;
  • if you want to stand out and show individuality, a creative approach is welcome. For example, the bundle may consist of pre-braided braids or be supplemented by them if they go along the surface of the head and eventually converge in the area of ​​the bundle.

bun hair stylingfashion hair styling 2020

Corrugated hair styling

Many masters use a special device in the form of an iron, with which the strands are given a corrugated effect. The result is an incredibly stylish hair styling:

  • corrugation can be created over the entire surface of the hair or only certain specific strands are involved. In the latter case, they often stop at the side strands located near the face;
  • corrugated hair styling can be loose or collected. In the latter case, it can be a tail or a bundle, from which individual strands stand out.

corrugated hair stylingstylish hair stylingoriginal hair styling

Hair styling with fleece

To get a spectacular voluminous hair styling, stylists often use fleece:

  • it can be made light by adding additional volume in the root zone;
  • another way would be to highlight a certain area with a pile. For example, this may be the area in front of the head. The strands above the forehead are strongly combed, after which they are combed back and fixed with hairpins;
  • the original hair styling with a pile can be collected in a bun, in this case, you can get an incredibly effective look in retro style.

bouffant hair stylingvoluminous hair styling

Retro hair styling

In recent seasons, retro hair styling for girls has become extremely popular:

  • you can achieve the desired effect with the help of a pile, which is performed in front of the head and is part of the collected hairstyle;
  • the fashion trend is the hair styling in the style of «Chicago», which consists of Hollywood waves. At the same time, they do not add volume, but on the contrary, they fit snugly to the head.

retro hair stylingchicago hair stylebeautiful hair styling

Hair styling asymmetry

Asymmetric hair styling will help to fully express your imagination when creating hairstyles:

  • asymmetry may already be present during the haircut itself, when one part is made shorter than the other. In this case, styling further emphasizes this effect;
  • You can also make the hair asymmetrical by distributing the strands mainly in one area on one side of the head. In this case, the strands are combed from one side to the other and fixed with varnish and hairpins;
  • both loose and gathered hairstyle can be asymmetrical.

hair styling asymmetryasymmetrical hair stylingside styling hair

beach hair styling

The main goal that beach hair styling should fulfill is to provide maximum convenience. This is achieved in a variety of ways:

  • you can use a simple option and collect strands of elongated or medium length in a high ponytail or bun. Thanks to this, wind and moisture will not be terrible;
  • styling on loose hair, which has the effect of wet strands, is preferable on strands of short or medium length, in this variation it looks as organic as possible.

beach hair stylingloose hair stylingstylish hair styling

Evening hair styling

To attend a gala event or party, a cocktail hair styling is intended:

  1. Owners of thick luxurious strands will be able to emphasize their beauty if they leave them loose. Hair can be made perfectly smooth or shiny, or curled into curls. Both large clear curls and a scattering of small curls are welcome.
  2. Straight or curly hair can be tied into a high ponytail. It is recommended to leave one strand released and wrap it around the base of the tail.
  3. Bundles of different types, both high and low, will be a win-win solution. Their combination with all kinds of weaving looks extremely impressive. The bundle can also consist entirely of braids.
  4. Often, a variety of decorative elements are used to complement the styling. It can be all kinds of ribbons, skillfully woven stones and rhinestones, beads. They will give your hair the shine and chic associated with an evening out. These or other decor items may intersect with those decorations that are present on the outfit.

evening hair stylingcocktail hair stylinghair styling for girls

bridal hair styling

Every bride wants to have the best hair styling during her wedding celebration. The choice of a suitable hairstyle will depend on the structure and length of the strands:

  1. Shortened hair can simply be beautifully styled and decorated with certain decorative elements, for example, a flower. Thanks to the imagination shown, the image will already look in a new way.
  2. On medium and elongated strands, almost any idea can be realized. Curls will look indescribably on the hair of any structure, only if you have to deal with rare strands, they will need to be beaten up additionally.
  3. Large curls are common, but small curls can also be used, while the side strands are better to pick up back.
  4. The variety of collected hairstyles is striking. Among them you can find a tail, but an artistically designed bun or a fantasy braid is much more popular. Often these two types of hairstyles are combined, which looks incredibly harmonious.
  5. The braid is not made tightly braided, but voluminous, such varieties as French and fishtail are very popular.
  6. The undoubted advantage of the collected hairstyles is that it is incredibly convenient to place all kinds of decorative elements in them. It can be roses, lilies and other varieties of flowers, beads, chains, stones and rhinestones. These combinations will look unsurpassed and will act as a unique highlight of the image.

bridal hair styling


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