Haircut asymmetry - creative and fashionable for girls and women

The asymmetric haircut is incredibly versatile. Especially if you are not the owner of the coveted “oval” that all existing hairstyles go with. Rough edges and different lengths of hair will discreetly hide the flaws of any type of face, emphasizing its dignity. Haircut asymmetry will turn any girl into a stylish little thing.

What does an asymmetric haircut look like?

The “asymmetry” technique in hairdressing is based on cutting strands of different lengths on several parts of the head, which gives a beautiful, spectacular hairstyle silhouette. Such haircuts look innovative, creative, endow the owner with charm and a sense of style. Any girl can make asymmetry a separate element of her hairstyle (one-sided dyeing, hair styling or bangs on one side) or create a holistic look with a trendy haircut.

In order for such options to always look well-groomed, you should regularly make corrections, and use styling products for styling. What are the features of a female haircut asymmetry:

  • torn edges;
  • oblique bangs;
  • layering;
  • uneven hair length;
  • shaved temple;
  • oblique line at the back of the head and crown;
  • elongated milled strands on one side.

what does an asymmetric haircut look likewomen's haircut asymmetry

Who is the asymmetry haircut for?

Haircut asymmetry has no age restrictions, which makes it very popular in beauty salons. She suits both young girls and ladies of age. In photos, the asymmetric haircut looks amazing and is the best choice of Instagram divas. This type of hairstyle is convenient for both daily wear and for festive occasions. On thick hair, asymmetry will emphasize this undoubted dignity, on thin hair it will create the necessary volume and pacify naughty, curly curls.

Asymmetric haircuts suit all face shapes, correcting the features of the appearance:

  1. Layered bangs, side parting, multi-level strands on the average length of hair will help smooth out the features of a square face.
  2. Balance the proportions of the triangular shape of the variation of the bangs — straight or oblique, clipped back of the head, elongated hair at the level of the temple.
  3. The asymmetrical bangs, which covers part of the face, the volume on the top of the head at the roots, and the shaved temple, will stretch the oval to the owners of a round face type.

who suits the asymmetry haircutasymmetry haircut

Fashion haircuts asymmetry

A bold asymmetrical haircut gives the girl a stylish and slightly daring look. Asymmetric options are performed on the basis of canonical haircuts — bob, square, pixie, cascade, hat and others. They are created at any length, making transitions with sharp drops. Asymmetry will radically change the look of the girl, making him more charming and adding charisma to the image. If you want to make a fashionable haircut, but you can’t decide on a choice, experiment with asymmetrical looks. With these hairstyles, the owner will look spicy and extraordinary.

Advantages of haircut asymmetry:

  • structured curls;
  • easy care and styling;
  • performed on different lengths of hair — from short to maxi long;
  • corrects disproportionate facial features;
  • suitable for fashionistas of all ages;
  • visually rejuvenate the image;
  • gives volume to the hairstyle;
  • suitable for any type and technique of hair coloring.

trendy asymmetry haircutsasymmetrical haircut

asymmetric bob haircut

If it is closely within the framework of the classics, an asymmetrical bob haircut will satisfy the desire of any woman for self-expression. Romantic and feminine, it is perfect for thin or curly hair, creating the perfect look. The peculiarity of the haircut is that it is shorter in the back and longer in the front. There may be a difference in length between the right and left side. For example, on the right, the length of the hair can reach the shoulder, and on the left — only up to the chin.

Haircut bob asymmetry can have a side parting, elongated bangs, strands layered on top of each other. Naturally curly hair is pacified by graduation. Types of asymmetrical bob: short, elongated, graduated. Thanks to Hollywood stars, the sleek long bob hairstyle has become very popular. Women of fashion prefer the option with a parting on the side, leaving the neck open only on one side.

asymmetric bob haircutasymmetrical bob haircut

Bob haircut asymmetry

With an asymmetrical bob, you will have a large field for creativity, because there are a lot of styling variations for this haircut. Depending on the method and special devices, you will have a new hairstyle every day. Among others, it is distinguished by practicality and the ability to combine with any face shape. An asymmetric bob haircut is performed on the basis of the classic version for hair of various lengths and is distinguished by a difference in the height of the strands on both sides of the face.

Asymmetric bob haircut options:

  1. Classic — an even cut of hair on a medium or long square. The difference between the right and left sides varies from 2 to 10 cm. Hair carefully straightened with an iron looks very advantageous.
  2. With bangs — gives a playful look, regardless of the length of the hairstyle. You can make straight, oblique, milled, asymmetrical, on one or both sides.
  3. Graduated caret — a complex version of the haircut, suggests the presence of shoulder-length hair. The stepped graduation technique is performed deeply, forming graceful feathers on the strands. An elongated bang is very suitable for this option.
  4. A short square on the leg opens the zones of the neck, chin and nape. It looks beautiful on a triangular face shape, with fashionable coloring in light, blond shades.

bob haircut asymmetryasymmetrical bob haircut

Pixie haircut asymmetry

Short hairstyles are most suitable for an asymmetrical style. A gorgeous asymmetrical pixie looks always cool and different, especially with curly hair. The most popular options include a shaved temple on one side and an elongated bangs styled on the other side. For thin hair, the layered texture of the hairstyle adds good volume. The asymmetrical pixie cut is so chic and versatile that you can find a great option for any style:

  1. A short pixie will make your hair voluminous. On the bangs and crown, the master leaves longer hair, and on the back of the head and near the ears — short. Thanks to torn edges, asymmetrical bangs, multi-level strands, the effect of negligence is created.
  2. A long pixie is a transitional option between a bob and a short pixie. Long front strands soften the lines of the silhouette and emphasize femininity.
  3. Bangs can diversify an asymmetrical pixie. The elongated version masks wide cheekbones and gives a romantic flair. The bangs covering part of the face will hide the wide side parts.
  4. A shaved nape or temple is a bold, daring and very stylish option.

asymmetric pixie haircutasymmetrical pixie haircut

Haircut asymmetry with a shaved temple

An extravagant asymmetrical haircut with a shaved temple will emphasize your originality. It can be performed on basic bob, pixie, tomboy, cascade, bob, ladder haircuts. Looks great on dark hair colors. If you think that such a haircut will be defiant, but you really want to make it, as an option, leave a temple 3-5 cm long on the base square or long bob. An asymmetrical haircut with a shaved temple is often complemented by a shaved nape. To emphasize the creativity of the idea, in these areas the master performs various drawings, patterns, ornaments with a thin nozzle.

haircut asymmetry with shaved temple  asymmetrical shaved haircut

Asymmetrical haircut cap

Asymmetry is most noticeable on straightened curling or ironing hair. The “hat” is optimal for this, because its texture is smooth hair that beautifully frames a woman’s face and neck. In this haircut, asymmetry is achieved due to different hair lengths. You can make a soft transition to one side or emphasize the geometric lines with a sharp transition. Another option — uneven edges can only be done on bangs. Asymmetrical cap-style haircuts for women are not recommended for girls with a wide face type.

asymmetrical haircut capasymmetrical women's haircuts

Asymmetric torn haircut

To create stylish ragged haircuts, the master uses thinning scissors and a straight razor. Layered strand layering techniques are a filigree work that gives stunning transformations. Asymmetric haircuts are suitable for different basic hairstyles, they look spectacular on long straight hair. If you have curly hair, be sure to straighten it before styling. Fashionable carelessness of the hairstyle is achieved by using styling products, otherwise the whole feature of the “torn” will be lost, and the hair will hang in ugly tufts.

asymmetrical ragged haircutbeautiful asymmetry haircuts

Asymmetrical haircut cascade

Stylish asymmetry haircuts create intriguing options for long hair. A cascade with unevenly cut strands is suitable for girls who do not like to spend a lot of time styling. There are many variations of the asymmetric cascade, the most popular are:

  • sharp transitions between layers;
  • alternating sharp and straight cuts on the strands;
  • not the same length of hair near the temples;
  • the ladder that frames the face has sharply beveled ends;
  • strongly shortened one temple;
  • uneven sections of strands along the entire length of the hair;
  • as an addition — oblique or torn bangs elongated to the chin.

asymmetrical haircut cascadestylish asymmetry haircuts

Haircut asymmetry for curly hair

A well-chosen asymmetrical haircut for curly hair will be a real find for girls with a naughty “wave”. Asymmetry for curly curls will correct the proportions and facial features if something does not suit you. For medium and long hair, choose a cascade, ladder, elongated caret, especially if you have a round or square face type. On short curls, a bob looks good, a pixie with an offset to one side. You can complement the haircut with stylish elements — side parting and elongated bangs.

asymmetric haircut for curly hairasymmetrical haircut for curly hair

Haircut asymmetry with bangs

Bangs create a stylish look and hide small flaws in appearance. A long version on both sides will visually stretch the oval of the face and demonstrate its best features. An asymmetrical haircut with elongated bangs, the lower edge of which reaches the earlobe or chin, will help soften the angularity of the lines. If you have thick hair and an oval or triangular face, layered bangs with strands of different lengths will suit you. The asymmetrical version opens most of the forehead, falling over one eye, which will be relevant for a round and square face.

asymmetric haircut with bangsasymmetrical haircut with bangs

Creative asymmetrical haircut

When thinking about creativity in hairdressing, asymmetry immediately comes to mind. With the help of uneven strands, not only extraordinary styling is created. Creative asymmetry haircuts will bring to the fore the dignity of the face, hiding minor flaws. Extravagant persons emphasize the disturbed balance of the silhouette of the hairstyle with a sharp and deep difference in length, shaved parts of the head, bright hair color, iridescent coloring, and mohawk styling. An elongated asymmetrical haircut with torn ends is convenient for creating non-standard, creative looks.

creative asymmetrical haircutlong asymmetrical haircutcreative asymmetry haircuts

Haircut asymmetry for obese women

Lush women need to hide a wide face and large features. Here it is necessary to adhere to a combination of proportions and choose a voluminous, fluffy hairstyle, and smooth and straight styling should be avoided. Asymmetrical haircuts for plus size women are the best choice that will keep the silhouette harmonious. Puffs with thick hair will suit a multi-layered pixie with a lush crown. Asymmetric haircuts with bangs visually slim the look, especially if you perform it on wavy hair. Full ladies will be beautiful with an asymmetrical bob with elongated strands and graduation.

asymmetric haircut for obese womenbob haircuts asymmetry with bangs

Haircut asymmetry for women 50 years old

Asymmetric haircuts tend to rejuvenate the look, which is very important for ladies of Balzac age. Pay attention to medium and short lengths, but if you don’t want to say goodbye to long hair, a cascade, “ripped”, ladder will be a worthy choice. In any asymmetry haircut options for ladies of age, bangs should be added — well-shaped, graduated, with sharp ends and chaotic strands of different lengths.

Haircuts with asymmetry, suitable for women 50 years old:

  • graduated caret;
  • a square on a leg with elongated strands near the face;
  • stepped aurora;
  • bob with multi-level strands;
  • asymmetrical haircut debut;
  • extended garcon.

asymmetry haircut for women 50 years old


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