Haircut fade - a trend for stylish and courageous girls

We women tend to take the best from men, and the fade haircut is no exception. If you can wear trousers and jeans, then why not make a unique hairstyle that emphasizes our originality? After all, it gives the image of boyish enthusiasm, renews and rejuvenates the appearance.

Classic fade haircut

What does a female fade look like?

  1. Ideally, this haircut is bold and daring, but very elegant, similar in appearance to a pixie, but with the difference that the gradient starts with an ultra-short length. Part of the hair from the neck to the back of the head is shaved.
  2. This hairstyle can go with a parting, without it, with bangs, both short and long, even too much, sometimes the front strands are of medium length.
  3. Brutality is emphasized not only by the shape, but also by the color of the hair. Creative fashionistas can choose yellow, purple, blue and even trendy green this year for their hair.

classic fade haircut

  1. Haircut classic fade very much opens not only the face and neck, but also the back of the head. Therefore, this choice always looks good on women with an oval face shape and a proportional skull. However, with the skillful approach of an experienced hairdresser, you can make such a haircut for the fairer sex with any type.
  2. The canonical hairstyle involves a fuzzy transition from very short hair to a longer crown. With the classic choice, the transition starts from the ear area.

feminine fade

high fade haircut

A fade haircut with a high transition line is the most contrasting version of this haircut. Hair mostly remains only in the upper part of the head. The transition is made in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe temples, all hair below is shaved. You can experiment with asymmetry on a high fade, then you get a solution even with a hint of elegance, adding notes of sensuality and a certain femininity, because you can lengthen the bangs, leave one side unshaven. For the occipital and lateral parts of the master often use a razor. Moving higher, they gradually increase the length to the desired.

high fade haircut

A high fade haircut looks great on multi-colored hair, which gives the appearance even more audacity and courage. Purple, lilac, blue, green and red hair is unlikely to suit a business woman, but bohemians and students will like it. For a business lady, you can choose light and dark trendy tones, for example, ash, caramel blond, chocolate, dark chocolate, mahogany, brunette or brown hair. The red mane will also look great.

fade haircut with a high transition line

Low fade haircut

A short fade haircut involves a smooth, fuzzy transition from very short hair to a longer crown, is a type of conical haircut. Stylists note the main characteristics of this hairstyle:

  • in appearance, the low fade is very reminiscent of a pixie with short bangs and a shaved nape;
  • loses length sharply, does not leave hair on the sides and back of the head, where they are completely shaved;
  • begins just above the level of the neck, intensifying, following the curves of the head.

low fade haircut

This fade haircut is suitable for women with any type, in contrast to the high fade. Here you can experiment with appearance, although the hair is cut as much as possible, but with a low decision, you can make some adjustments to facial features, vary with bangs. Make it down or so that it sticks out with short feathers up, with carefully profiled tips.

short fade haircut

Textured haircut with long bangs and fade

Can a man’s hairstyle for a woman be elegant? Yes, if it’s a long fade haircut. Women with thick hair look chic with a pointed cone and long bangs. Also, with this haircut, asymmetry will look great when one half of the head is not shaved, and the front strands and the bangs themselves can even reach the shoulder line. Experienced hairdressers with great pleasure will carry out pleasant experiments on your appearance according to your desire, combining low and high fade into one mix, creating a unique textured hairstyle.

textured haircut with long bangs and fade

A fade haircut with long bangs is not only modern, but also in full trend, because retro dominates the world catwalk, and it comes from the 90s. The fashion for a high cone was popular at the end of the twentieth century. And today this haircut is experiencing its resurrection. Her top and side strands are not very short, so the haircut belongs to the category of long cones. It will look stylish and mysterious on curly hair, and multi-colored feathers, highlighting and coloring will add a touch of sensual charm to fashionistas who choose this option for themselves.

long fade haircut

Feminine fade with short bangs

A flawless fade haircut with bangs that are short, but can be combed both on the forehead, slightly covering it, and back. In some variations of the hairstyle, the bangs stick out with feathers forward, which makes your styling daring, tousled, but very pretty at the same time. A short bang gives this variation a resemblance to a pixie, however, shaved temples and the back of the head indicate that the haircut is not without its own characteristic features and features that are unique to it.

female fade with short bangs

Even short bangs, a fade haircut can be enriched with various options. For example, make it oblique, straight, thick or profiled, torn and with uneven cuts. Triangular and asymmetrical. Bangs with multi-colored feathers, consisting of several bright and contrasting shades on the main dark or light dominant background of the entire haircut, will be considered a special chic. Sometimes, in some combinations, experienced hairdressers paint over the cut lines from the ears and along the back of the head with a different color.

fade haircut with bangs

Faded haircut for blonde hair

This year, natural blondes and light blond fashionistas are lucky. To change the image, they do not need to radically change the color, because a short haircut with a fade transition will look great on blond hair. Regardless of which style of hairstyle is chosen, with or without bangs, any interpretation of it is suitable for all shades of blond. A tempting solution for all occasions — low fade and texture haircut even with asymmetry.

fade haircut for blonde hair

For fair-haired beauties, leading stylists have prepared a real boom of the year, because a women’s short fade haircut is what will turn you into a daring, freedom-loving, brutal and glamorous diva, pleasantly rejuvenate the appearance of mature women and add youthful enthusiasm and childish mischief to the overall conceived images. Do not forget that the fade in the female version is often a pixie, and styling data is designed for blondes.

short haircut with fade

Fade haircut with parting

Another hit variety of this hairstyle is a female fade haircut with a versatile parting, which can be central even, side even and zigzag, both on the shaved area and on asymmetry. The partings are not only laid, but also cut off, and in some cases even shaved, which gives a certain piquancy to the overall idea. Such solutions are deservedly popular among young girls.

fade haircut with partingfade haircut for women

Short fade haircut for curly hair

What types of fade haircuts are suitable for wavy hair? If you have naturally curly curls, then a curly fade haircut will fit perfectly into bows for a radical image change. Especially if before that you wore long hair and decided to change. Experienced masters will offer you any style of this hairstyle. Although on wavy hair, a tall version with a transition straight from the temples will look best.

short fade haircut for curly hairfade curly haircut

Fade with shaved temples

A very beautiful and original proposal from international stylists and trendsetters is a fade-style haircut with curly shaved temples, with diverse ornaments. Patterns can be made in the form of lines, plant branches, flowers, geometric and abstract figures, interesting story compositions. There are even letters and inscriptions, curlicues and monograms. It is tempting if the hair is also multi-colored. A true modern glam trend 2022.

fade with shaved templesfade haircut

Fade styling

The model fade haircut has not very short top and side strands, therefore it belongs to the category of long cones. With the effect of asymmetry, it will break all records for demand. The hairstyle is calm, but full of movement, which is often chosen because of the rare play of contrasts, brutality and femininity at the same time. For fashionistas with thin hair, layered styling with a textured, wavy top is suitable.

fade stylingmodel haircut fade


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