Haircuts with bangs 2019 - what is in fashion this season?

From season to season, fashion trends change, and their dynamism affects not only current decisions in the design of clothes, shoes, accessories, but also hairdressing. This year, designers offer many original options for hairstyles, styling and coloring. Haircuts with bangs 2019 are presented in a separate line in stylish reviews.

What bangs are in fashion 2019?

In addition to the general appearance, it is important to pay attention to the shape, shade and length of the area directly on the forehead. This is due to the fact that just this area is always accentuated. The first glance when meeting or greeting is always turned to the eyes. Automatically your hairstyle comes into view. And in order not to make a bad impression and emphasize your sense of style, you should follow the latest trends:

  1. triangular border. In the trend, the geometric shape in the form of an inverted triangle has returned again. This option can be either flat with a mark in the center, or shifted to the side, which also looks very interesting.

what bangs are in fashion 2019

  1. Arch. Semicircular ideas remain in fashion. A short bob haircut with bangs 2019 looks especially good with an arch. But for long hair, such an addition will be relevant.

bob haircut with bangs 2019

  1. High Decisions. If you have a narrow forehead, do not despair that it is impossible to close it. In this case, a high start from the top of the head would be a good solution. Inflated ideas also include short models, suitable only for a wide frontal zone.

current haircuts with bangs 2019

  1. Round form. Retro style has returned to the trends. And such models are distinguished by ends wrapped inside, which creates a kind of round texture. In this case, the length can be both overpriced and up to the eyebrows.

bangs 2019 for long hair

Bangs 2019 — fashion trends

An important factor in the formation of the entire hairstyle is its shade. Today, choosing your ideal tone is not difficult. And if you are unhappy with your natural hair color, designers will offer stylish solutions that will add freshness, youth, and vigor to the image. Both natural colors and unnatural bright and outrageous solutions are in trend. In addition, an interesting addition would be the use of a combination or color transition technique. Let’s see the most popular ideas — stylist tips:

  1. With single color. A win-win will be the choice of monochrome tinting of all hair. Both natural shades and rich solutions are in fashion. In any of the options, an elongated bob with bangs 2019 looks especially impressive.

bangs 2019 fashion trends

  1. With ombre. The ideas of a gradient transition on the hair always look unusual and very attractive. In this case, the ombre can decorate directly the frontal part or act as a solution for the hairstyle as a whole.

elongated bob with bangs 2019

  1. With contrasting strands. To emphasize the originality of their choice, especially unusual shapes or styling, stylists offer to make bright strands, choosing both natural tones and unnatural bright shades.

short women's haircut with bangs 2019

  1. bright shades. A very popular solution was to paint the front part of the styling. And in this case, the ideas of bright transitions in unnatural colors — red, yellow, purple and others are considered winning.

what bangs are in fashion 2019

Short haircuts with bangs 2019

In the warm season, shortened hair length is considered relevant. This choice remains practical and easy to care for. Short styling became especially successful for women 40-50 years old, as a way to complement the image with lightness, freshness, playfulness. However, young fashionistas are not forbidden to choose concise solutions. Both ultra-short and elongated ideas are in trend — pixie, hedgehog, mohawk, bob and others. Short women’s haircut with bangs 2019 is presented in a variety of variations of the supplement. The most relevant are the graduation technique, the torn effect and the elongated asymmetry.

Haircuts with bangs for medium hair 2019

For owners of medium hair length, the choice of interesting hairstyle options is wider. However, stylists highlight the most popular trends, universal for any structure, density and shade. A win-win choice would be a messy shaggy, where stylists suggest doing the front part with elements of a torn effect. Such a chaotic option does not require complex care and always looks provocatively. Medium length haircuts with bangs 2019 are presented in a more strict style. The most popular here was an elongated square and a light cascade with the addition of a straight and even shape.

haircuts with bangs for medium hair 2019

Haircut for long hair with bangs 2019

Owners of long beautiful curls can use any version of the addition. But even in this case, stylists offer to pay attention to new items. Bangs 2019 for long hair may differ in texture and color from the rest. In fashion, a combination of chaotic, torn, asymmetrical and cascading strands with a clear arch, triangles and classic straight shapes is welcome. A universal solution would be an idea on two sides. Such a model can be easily stabbed, opening the face, or giving an image of mystery, laying much on the eyes.

haircut for long hair with bangs 2019

Fashionable haircuts with bangs 2019

In addition to the shape, shade and length of the area on the forehead, stylists also offer a variety of ideas for shaping the hairstyle itself. In such a large review, every fashionista will be able to choose a stylish option, taking into account her face shape, age category and color type. The main advantage of any choice is the ability to complement the image with beautiful accessories. An eye-catching headband, headband or tiara will always work. But let’s see the most popular women’s haircuts with bangs 2019:

  1. Ultra short haircuts with bangs 2019. The trend is concise and simple solutions where the machine is used. The length of such hairstyles can be from three to nine millimeters, and a mohawk often acts as a stylish addition.
  2. Shaved haircuts with bangs 2019. The fashion trend of last year with shaved temples remains relevant this year. At the same time, stylists also offer unusual options with shaving the back of the head and expanding the parting.
  3. pixie. The most popular short hairstyle is the playful pixie. To add femininity to the image, complement the styling with elongated curls in front, which can be both asymmetrical or torn.
  4. graduation. The graduated strand technique will add volume to thin and brittle hair, while maintaining length. In this case, the frontal zone can also be profiled or remain straight and even.

Bob haircuts with bangs 2019

The square shape of the hairstyle has become a classic in medium and short length reviews. There are many options for a feminine and practical bob in the trend. The most popular are elongated, straight and even solutions, messy shaggy, neat bob. A bob with bangs 2019 fashion trends is presented with a frontal trim in a completely different style. The ideas of combining different textures are considered relevant, for example, even curls and a ragged effect in front. Interesting coloring techniques are also applicable on the square — ombre, contrasting strands, bright monochrome, air touch.

Haircuts with rare bangs 2019

A popular choice are the ideas of a completely uncovered forehead. In this case, the front part of the hair is carefully thinned out with thinning scissors, which creates the effect of individual strands. This option is perfect for long and thick styling. In combination with beautiful curls, the thinned model will focus directly on the main part. However, the current haircuts with bangs 2019 are also presented in shortened solutions. In this case, stylists offer such ideas to those whose hair structure is thin and brittle, lacks volume or loses it during the day.

haircuts with rare bangs 2019

Haircuts with straight bangs 2019

Smooth and straight form remains a classic and does not go out of fashion over the years. For girls whose hair is identical in structure, it will be easy to care for and style. However, if you have curly curls or chaotic strands, do not despair, this option is in trend, combined with messy solutions. Haircuts with straight bangs 2019 may also differ in contrasting coloring. In this case, you will further emphasize your compliance with fashion trends and attract attention with your originality. Smooth borders can be underestimated and reach the eyebrow area.

haircuts with straight bangs 2019

Haircuts with asymmetrical bangs 2019

Any uneven lines in the hairstyle not only attract attention, but also help to correct unwanted areas on the face and the entire oval as a whole. Such ideas are considered especially relevant for full fashionistas, whose styling can even more visually add volume to the figure. At the same time, asymmetry can decorate not only the frontal part, but also the main part of the hair, which looks harmonious and stylish. Oblique and uneven lines are also presented in an ensemble with graduated techniques, for example, fashionable haircuts with torn bangs 2019.

haircuts with asymmetrical bangs 2019

Bob with bangs 2019

A separate line in fashion reviews presents a neat three-dimensional look of the square. Bob is considered one of the shortest options. But it is worth remembering that such styling can visually add fullness. Therefore, girls with chubby cheeks or a round face are better off in favor of elongated solutions. Bob haircuts with bangs 2019 are presented with a straight and even addition, a neat arch, a torn effect, and even a long model beveled to the side. For such hairstyles, the coloring technique with a gradient transition and contrasting strands has become especially popular.

bob with bangs 2019

Haircuts with torn bangs 2019

The torn effect is done with large thinning scissors. Stylists emphasize the popularity of both sharp and asymmetrical transitions, as well as light irregularities. If you like this option, then a shaggy hairstyle or a cascade would be a win-win choice. A torn model will add a touch of mischief and originality to strict straight styling. In this case, the bob haircut with bangs 2019 is considered the most popular solution in the hot season. Given the catchiness and attractiveness of such ideas, stylists recommend dyeing your hair in one tone. In addition, any accessories are excluded here.

haircuts with torn bangs 2019

Haircut cascade with bangs 2019

A hairstyle with beautiful cascading strands looks very feminine and romantic. This option is ideal for large and medium lengths. However, stylists also offer a shortened version. Short cascade haircut with bangs 2019 is often complemented by a wrapped round model or with a torn effect. For elongated solutions, it is better to dwell on the classics of a straight and even shape. Lightness and tenderness will add an addition on two sides. Stylish cascading styling will perfectly decorate the staining technique with contrasting strands and a gradient transition to dark ends.

cascade haircut with bangs 2019

Haircuts 2019 with bangs on two sides

This option will be an excellent solution for those who do not dare to close their foreheads all the time or have not yet decided on their choice. For ideas of hair distribution in front on two sides, large and medium lengths are considered relevant. In the first case, a graduation of strands or a cascade will be a stylish addition. Shoulder-length haircut with bangs 2019 is often presented in a strict even solution or a romantic shaggy with messy highlighted curls. If you want to open your forehead, use large or bright jokes that will simultaneously act as an attractive decoration for the image.

haircuts 2019 with bangs on two sides

Trendy haircuts with oblique bangs 2019

The ideas of side-slanted haircuts are back in fashion. Such solutions are classified as asymmetric, but in this case only the frontal zone is affected. Haircuts 2019 with oblique bangs are presented in short and medium length models. At the same time, the border of the tips can be clear and even or in an elongated version with a romantic styling of messy strands. The oblique shape looks great in an ensemble with a classic bob, bob, cascade. If you have heavy and thick hair, designers suggest profiling the entire length a little. One-tone coloring is suitable for uneven lines.

trendy haircuts with oblique bangs 2019

Haircuts with long bangs 2019

The elongated version of the front of the hairstyle remains in fashion. Such solutions are relevant for those who change images every day. Long strands can be easily pinned up or laid on their side. If you like extraordinary experiments, then ultra-short haircuts with elongated bangs 2019 will be your actual choice. In this case, contrasting coloring techniques using unnatural and bright shades have become popular. The front of the hair can be curled or wrapped inside.

haircuts with long bangs 2019


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