Hairstyle cascade - what does it look like and who suits it?

The well-known cascade hairstyle is gaining popularity again. In 2020, she has become a little more extraordinary and expressive. However, it is extremely important that the maximum naturalness is present in the form and coloring. Among the different design variations, any fashionista will choose a haircut and styling to her taste.

What does a cascade hairstyle look like?

Among stylists and fashionistas, the female cascade hairstyle has recently become very popular:

  1. It is easy to get confused with the «ladder» if you do not know the differences that are expressed in the technique of creation. Hairstyle «cascade» represents alternating and different strands in length. At the crown, they should be the shortest, and closer to the back of the head — the longest.
  2. Only an experienced master can create a real «cascade». The result should be a hairstyle that was slightly ruffled by the wind and gave weightlessness to the curls.
  3. Masters have come up with different types of haircuts. She is chosen not only by the shape and features of the face, but also depending on the color, length of the hair, the specific type of appearance of a particular woman.

what does a cascade hairstyle look likewomen's hairstyle cascadecascade hairstyle styling

Hairstyle «cascade» for long hair

It will look amazing as a “cascade” hairstyle for short hair with bangs, as well as options for long strands:

  1. The main requirement that must be followed is a natural combination of haircut and hair length. On elongated strands, it can be multi-tiered, with clearly defined boundaries, or contain smooth transitions.
  2. Hairstyle «cascade» will help get rid of split ends. Any option will give femininity and romance to its owner.
  3. The main rule, which must be followed, is to entrust the creation of a «cascade» to a professional. In this case, you can forget about the hours spent on styling. After washing the hair, the hair takes the right direction without prompting. Additional efforts will have to be made when creating styling for a festive event.

cascade hairstyle for long hairhairstyles for haircut cascade

Cascade hairstyle for medium hair

A “cascade” hairstyle for medium hair with or without bangs can become a universal solution:

  1. In order not to wait until the hair grows back, you should make a multilayer «cascade» on medium hair. The technique, taken from the 80s, has become one of the trends in modern fashion. She may be suitable for those who want to look like a rock star of the time.
  2. Another good idea is the round version. A cascade hairstyle for medium hair will hide protruding cheekbones and cheeks. Thanks to its features, the shape of the face will come close to the reference one. A haircut will make thick hair more airy and light, while thin and sparse hair will also provide an advantage — it will give the desired volume and dynamism.

cascade hairstyle for medium hairhairstyles for hair cascade

Hairstyle «cascade» for short hair

For those girls who do not have the proper length of hair, in order to implement such a solution as a cascade hairstyle for long hair with bangs, a haircut for short strands will be a salvation:

  1. When the hair does not fall below the chin, the cascade hairstyle with straight bangs looks great. Only torn ends should be added to the haircut, a little filleting will not hurt either.
  2. In order for the «cascade» to look stylish, it must be laid correctly. The following scheme works with short hair: the curls need to be dried, effectively lifted at the roots, visually create “feathers” using a modeling gel.

cascade hairstyle for short hair

Hairstyle «cascade» 2020

Stylists offer to the attention of fashionistas a variety of beautiful hairstyles for a haircut «cascade»:

  1. It can be chosen by women with any type of face. If you successfully choose the shape of the haircut, then you will be able to adjust the features and focus on the eyes. «Cascade» is especially suitable for ladies with an oval or elongated face shape. With such data, the hairstyle slightly expands the face, giving it a visual volume on both sides, and its proportions will balance.
  2. When the face itself is narrowed, then it is worth making a graduated version. The haircut is created by the letter V and visually expands the cheekbones.
  3. Beautiful cascade hairstyles are not suitable for owners of thick and coarse hair. With short heavy strands, the tips of which spontaneously curl, it will not be possible to create what is planned. Instead of a spectacular and beautiful haircut, you get a mop of shapeless hair. The “frozen” option will help to realize the dream of a “cascade”. In this case, the length of the strands remains intact, the master creates torn tips.
  4. «Cascade» on curly hair should be created only by a professional master. He can think over the structure of the haircut and not miss the main trend of the year — naturalness.

hairstyle cascade 2020beautiful hairstyles for haircut cascadewomen's hairstyle cascade

Hairstyle «round cascade»

Original hairstyles for hair «cascade» can be created in a round version. This is the fashion trend of 2020, which is perfect for medium hair:

  1. The main differences of the haircut are layering and a round cut along the entire length. The option is equally suitable for owners of thin and thick hair. Hairstyle «round cascade» will give extra volume that does not need additional styling.
  2. This variety has a similarity with a square, but the “round cascade” is more dynamic. With such a haircut, you do not have to visit the hairdresser on a regular basis, because the tips grow evenly and do not spoil the overall look. To fix your hair, you need to make an appointment with the master only after 4 months.

hairstyle round cascade

Hairstyle «double cascade»

Girls who prefer to look extraordinary can turn to such an option as a cascade hairstyle for medium or long hair, made in a double form:

  • the peculiarity of this type of haircut is that it looks like it consists of two parts;
  • the division into top and bottom is clear. Moreover, in one of them, layers and thinning can be expressed to a greater or lesser extent.

double cascade hairstyle

Hairstyle «torn cascade»

With a certain type of face, a “torn cascade” hairstyle for short hair, medium or long strands will be a great solution:

  1. To divert prying eyes from wide cheekbones, there is nothing better than such an option as a “torn cascade” hairstyle. In 2020, milled haircut edges have become a fashion trend. With them, the image will become stylish and a little daring.
  2. The torn design can extend to the ends or to all strands. The latter option is also called «Rachel’s hairstyle.» In 2020, every girl with such a haircut will certainly become fashionable.

ragged cascade hairstyle

Cascade hairstyle for curly hair

Well-groomed and attractive are the features that characterize the cascade hairstyle for wavy hair:

  1. The main point is that the haircut needs to be adjusted regularly, more often than the owners of straight hair. A cascade on curly curls is suitable for everyday life and festive events.
  2. Ladies with a trapezoidal face shape should think about a shortened version. Curls should reach a maximum of the line of the cheekbones.
  3. Modern options include bob-cascade and caret-cascade.

cascade hairstyle for curly hair

Hairstyle «cascade» with oblique bangs

Oblique bangs can very harmoniously complement hairstyles for a cascade haircut. With this combination, any image will become feminine:

  1. Girls with a square face shape should use a round cascade with oblique bangs.
  2. This combination is an elixir of youth for older ladies.
  3. Oblique bangs and «round cascade» add elegance and romance to the image.

hairstyle cascade with oblique bangs

Hairstyle «cascade» with a short crown

If it is necessary to give the strands the missing volume, the ideal solution would be a “kare-cascade” hairstyle with a short crown. Thanks to this detail, thin hair becomes much more magnificent. A “hat” can also be made in thick curls, but in this case they will need to be carefully profiled so that they fit better.

cascade hairstyle with short crown

Highlighting on the hairstyle «cascade»

The haircut is ideal for different types of coloring, including highlighting. This combination will help create a spectacular and stylish look:

  1. Owners of chestnut hair should think about lightening the tips. For this, a balayazh on a cascade hairstyle is perfect.
  2. Layering perfectly emphasizes the variety of obmre — somre due to smooth stretching. With the «cascade» you will be able to experience the beauty of California highlighting, shatush and blonding.
  3. Highlights with natural or bright tones create a delicate and sophisticated look. Its type is selected depending on the type of hair. Gradient obre, delicate California coloring goes well with curly ones.
  4. For straight strands, partial or classic lightening should be selected. It will refresh your hair, and at the same time make your hair thicker and more magnificent.
  5. Which highlighting to prefer depends on the length of the hair. It looks best on slightly shortened hair or medium length. But highlighting can be done if the curls reach the shoulder blades or slightly lower.
  6. Especially coloring is relevant in the presence of bangs and asymmetry.
  7. The advantages of highlighting medium hair are additional volume, increased sophistication and unique charm.

hair highlighting cascadebalayage for hair cascade

Evening hairstyle on the «cascade»

For a solemn exit, an evening hairstyle for a “cascade” haircut is ideal:

  1. Since fashion insists on naturalness in 2020, casual evening styling is the perfect way out. With its help, it will be possible to optimally achieve the effect of naturalness. For the sake of chic, it is worth adding a haircut with fashionable coloring. For an evening out, it is worth supplementing the “cascade” with weaving or making one of the modern styling.
  2. There are many options that represent the evening styling of the “cascade” hairstyle, and each of them is interesting in its own way. In a simple case, you can fasten the curls with varnish. But if you want more of a holiday, then you should use fixatives containing glitter.
  3. Romantic curls look perfect on long and medium hair. You can add a headband or a beautiful ribbon to them as a decor. But the curls themselves look great.
  4. If you need a beautiful and at the same time strict styling, the option with basal volume is ideal. The tips in this case can look inward or outward.

evening hairstyle for cascade

Wedding hairstyle on the «cascade»

Brides can successfully choose wedding hairstyles for a cascade haircut:

  1. You can collect your hair in a voluminous bun, leaving some strands free, or braid the braid on the side.
  2. Large curls are another of the many options. The styling can be combined with a headband, diadem or wreath of flowers.
  3. Extraordinary options include a braid braided from the forehead to the crown.
  4. Simple yet effective twist styling. With it, the effect of free hair is created, which are collected at the back on hairpins.
  5. A high ponytail is no less simple in execution, while being very beautiful.

cascade wedding hairstyle

Hairstyle «cascade» after 50

For mature ladies, hairstyles with a cascade haircut will rejuvenate their appearance:

  1. This is ideal when you don’t want to part with long strands, but you don’t want to look ridiculous. A rejuvenating effect can be achieved if natural bleached strands are used with the balayage technique.
  2. This is a great choice for medium hair as well. After 50 years, the hair does not differ in elasticity and excellent health. Therefore, the length and haircut will be a real salvation from unattractiveness. Whether bangs are needed or not depends on the features of the lady’s appearance. With a neat and elegant look, it is allowed.
  3. Ladies over 50 years old will have to visit the master more often. It is necessary to update the tips and moisturize the hair with nourishing masks, then the styling will always look advantageous. It can be done on straight and curly hair. It all depends on what impression the lady wants to make — flirtatious (second option) or elegant (first).

hairstyle cascade after 50


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