Hairstyles 2019 - fashion trends for short, medium and long hair

Changing your everyday look in a moment is easier than it might seem. To do this, you just need to decide on a stylish haircut or hair coloring. But before that, it is important to find out how the fashionable hairstyles of 2019 look like, what trends the world’s leading stylists offer us.

Hairstyles 2019 — fashion trends

Nowadays, there are an infinite number of ways to emphasize your individuality, and stylish hairstyles play an important role in this. It is not always necessary to change the image of a radical change, like a short haircut, only if you yourself want it. In order to refresh and transform your image, sometimes it is worth doing only a stylish and fashionable styling. Considering what women’s hairstyles are in fashion in 2019, it is worth first of all taking into account the length of the hair.

Hairstyles 2019 - fashion trends

Hairstyles for long hair 2019

Modern women increasingly prefer originality and diversity in their image, and long hair is a great tool for bright changes. It is only important to remember that in order for the hair to look beautiful, it must be healthy and well-groomed, have a natural shine and a beautiful color (natural or dyeing). If the hair looks dull and tired, it is better to give preference to shorter haircuts.

Hairstyles for long hair 2019

To look stylish and bright this year, you should pay attention to such fashionable hairstyles for long hair 2019:

  1. Cascading haircuts for long hair. This hairstyle is perfect for both straight hair and curly hair, a haircut will help add volume to thin strands. You can add a hairstyle with straight or oblique bangs, depending on your face shape and personal preferences.
  2. Hairstyles for long hair cascade 2019

  3. Asymmetrical haircuts for long hair will add originality to your look. Under the hairstyle, you can choose different options for bangs, it will be interesting to look oblique.
  4. Hairstyles for long hair 2019 asymmetry

  5. Hairstyles with torn strands will appeal to active and purposeful girls. They look impressive and extraordinary.
  6. Hairstyles for long hair 2019 torn

  7. Haircuts on long hair with shaved temples or the back of the head look extraordinary and outrageous. Those who love bold experiments will certainly appreciate this hairstyle option.
  8. Hairstyles for long hair 2019 shaved whiskey

  9. Haircut for long hair with a sharp transition. This hairstyle has an unusual effect — from some angles, the hair seems short.
  10. Hairstyles for long hair 2019 a sharp transition

Hairstyles for medium hair 2019

The average length of the hair is considered optimal — the strands are easy to raise or collect in a ponytail if necessary, while in a loose form with styling, the hair looks beautiful and impressive. Medium hair length is considered to be approximately shoulder-length, it will allow you to implement any ideas, from a strict bob or straight asymmetry to careless cascading curls.

Hairstyles for medium hair 2019

The beauty industry offers such hairstyles for medium hair for 2019:

  1. The natural volume of hair, achieved through cascading haircuts, torn strands.
  2. Hairstyles for medium hair 2019 volume

  3. Light negligence due to torn thin strands. This hairstyle can be done on sparse hair.
  4. Hairstyles for medium hair 2019 torn

  5. The asymmetry of the entire hairstyle or individual details will give the image brightness and originality.
  6. Hairstyles for medium hair 2019 asymmetry

  7. Creative ideas with shaved temples or the back of the head look bold and outrageous.
  8. Hairstyles for medium hair 2019 shaved whiskey

  9. Bob haircut, which has been very popular for several years.
  10. Hairstyles for medium hair 2019 bob

  11. Kare and its variations. The most popular idea is a haircut with elongated bangs and even parting.
  12. Hairstyles for medium hair 2019 caret

Hairstyles for short hair 2019

The modern rhythm of life with great speed and activity requires practical solutions, this also applies to women’s everyday image. This is one of the reasons why stylish and comfortable short women’s haircuts are at the peak of popularity today. A variety of ideas will allow you to choose the perfect hairstyle to your taste both for supporters of a conservative image and for lovers of bold experiments.

Hairstyles for short hair 2019

Stylish short hairstyles 2019 look very bright and original. The most popular are:

  1. Bob haircut. Its main advantage is its versatility — it has no age restrictions, looks great on both straight and curly hair, does not require daily long styling. And if you decide to grow your hair, the haircut will not require adjustment.
  2. Hairstyles for short hair 2019 bob

  3. Creative asymmetry on short hair looks very catchy and outrageous. It is better to use this idea for straight hair.
  4. Hairstyles for short hair 2019 asymmetry

  5. Pixie haircuts will appeal to bright and creative young girls — shaved temples and a long torn top.
  6. Hairstyles for short hair 2019 pixie

  7. The short hairstyle of the page sesson will give your look a touch of French romance and sophistication.
  8. Hairstyles for short hair 2019 pages session

  9. Ultra-short garcon haircuts look very gentle and neat. An important plus is quick and easy hair styling.
  10. Hairstyles for short hair 2019 garcon

Trendy hairstyles 2019 for every day

In order to look stylish and fashionable in everyday life, it is not at all necessary to resort to radical changes and make a new haircut. You can consider and study hairstyles for every day of 2019, take note of a few options you like and create your own fashionable look every day. But at the same time, it is worth focusing not only on trends, but also on your face shape, hair type.

Trendy hairstyles 2019 for every day

Braid hairstyles 2019

Exquisite and varied braids have been relevant and trendy for more than one year among girls and women of all ages. Interesting weaving options allow you to make such a hairstyle on any length of hair, with the exception of short haircuts. Graceful braids create a delicate, mysterious and sophisticated look for both work and evening out.

Braid hairstyles 2019

Fashionable hairstyles for 2019 with braids are very diverse:

  1. Fully braided hair in one or more braids looks very elegant and delicate, emphasizing a beautiful female silhouette.
  2. Braid hairstyles 2019 ideas

  3. A braid with a ponytail is a simple and stylish hairstyle that will add a mysterious touch to your look. As a rule, making such a hairstyle is not at all difficult.
  4. Braid hairstyles 2019 options

  5. A braid with a bun is a great option for an evening or festive hairstyle, it looks very elegant and gentle.
  6. Braid hairstyles 2019 stylish

  7. A braid for half-length hair is a hit of 2019. This idea looks especially stylish and interesting on wavy hair.
  8. Braid hairstyles 2019 fashion

Women’s hairstyles 2019 with bangs

A lot of women face stylish bangs, which can be of different shapes and lengths. In addition to an interesting appearance, it can be used to visually correct the oval of the face. There are several popular ideas for stylish hairstyles with bangs 2019:

  1. Hairstyles with straight bangs. This option looks great with long hair, it is especially advantageously combined with straight and thick ones, but the haircut itself can be any. For wavy hair, this is not the best idea — the bangs will have to be aligned and styled all the time. But, as a rule, this does not stop fashionistas.
  2. Women's hairstyles 2019 with straight bangs

  3. Hairstyles with bangs on two sides 2019. This solution looks amazing on long hair with a haircut using the cascade technique. The hairstyle visually lengthens the oval of the face, and this option is preferred by many chubby girls.
  4. Women's hairstyles 2019 with side bangs

  5. Hairstyles with oblique bangs. This is a great option for owners of wavy or curly hair, oblique bangs fit perfectly into an asymmetrical or cascading haircut.
  6. Women's hairstyles 2019 with bangs oblique

  7. Semicircular bangs «arch» looks good with thick and long hair. This option is suitable for girls with an oval face shape.
  8. Women's hairstyles 2019 with bangs

  9. Torn bangs will create a stylish youth look. It goes well with creative haircuts of any length with a slight negligence — chaotic curls, torn strands.
  10. Women's hairstyles 2019 with torn bangs

Hairstyles with loose hair 2019

The natural desire of many owners of long beautiful hair is to demonstrate their length, not to hide them in braids or buns. There is a lot of beauty and femininity in this — long flowing hair looks very gentle and romantic, especially if it is beautifully styled. Here are some fashionable women’s hairstyles of 2019 that can be done without braiding or hiding the length:

  1. Romantic large curls will give your image lightness and tenderness. It is very easy to achieve this effect — someone should use a curling iron, and someone should only braid a braid for a while, and then fix the effect with varnish.
  2. Hairstyles with loose hair 2019 curls

  3. Curls to the side — this version of the hairstyle looks more festive and is suitable for a special occasion.
  4. Hairstyles with loose hair 2019 curls to the side

  5. Loose hair with braids looks gentle and romantic. It can be a neat and light braid over loose strands or on one side.
  6. Hairstyles with loose hair 2019 braid curls

  7. Hairstyles with collected front strands. Hair is fixed with a hairpin or invisible. The hairstyle looks simple and gentle, this is a great option for every day.
  8. Hairstyles with loose hair 2019

Asymmetrical hairstyles 2019

Stylish asymmetry on the hair looks very bright, stylish, and sometimes outrageous. Such a hairstyle in various variations suits almost all women, regardless of age and appearance. And an asymmetrical hairstyle is able to level the concept of age, dropping the owner of a stylish image a couple of years. Another plus of this idea is that the problem with hair styling is practically reduced to zero.

Fashionable asymmetrical hairstyles in 2019 are very diverse and will suit women with any hair length:

  1. Stylish hairstyles 2019 with asymmetry for short hair make the oval of the face expressive, rejuvenate, suit creative individuals and purposeful natures.
  2. On medium hair, asymmetry can be very diverse, even with very sharp and unexpected transitions. Popular options are bob, bob, ideas with long strands, with oblique bangs.
  3. On long hair, asymmetry looks very stylish and original. It can be performed in a cascade technique, with multi-level transitions, shaved temples or the back of the head.
  4. Asymmetrical hairstyles 2019

ponytail hairstyle 2019

Some women’s hairstyles in 2019 have been very popular for a long time. These include the so-called ponytail, which is a smooth and highly collected hair. The hairstyle looks especially beautiful on perfectly straight and long hair, but it is also successfully used for medium length. And in 2019, variations of ponytail hairstyles with curls have become increasingly popular.

ponytail hairstyle 2019

High hairstyles 2019

Considering the stylish and fashionable hairstyles of 2019, one cannot ignore the high ones, without which the solemn event will not do. Here are the options for girls trends this year:

  • high beam;
  • collected and raised curls;
  • braid hairstyle ideas.
  • High hairstyles 2019

Hairstyles with bouffant 2019

Hairstyles with bouffant have been very popular for many years. They look stylish, catchy and are more suitable for a solemn or festive occasion than for everyday. Popular trendy bouffant hairstyles of 2019 are:

  • ponytail with fleece;
  • square with front strands gathered back and fleece;
  • «malvina» on long hair with a fleece.
  • Hairstyles with bouffant 2019

Evening hairstyles 2019

There are a lot of reasons for putting on an elegant dress and making a beautiful hairstyle for a modern woman, and for this it is not necessary to be a birthday girl, bride or graduate — it can be a party, corporate party, birthday of a friend or girlfriend, going to the theater, so such a topic as evening fashion women’s hairstyle 2019 is relevant for everyone. This year the trends are:

  • a variety of festive hairstyles with curls;
  • Hairstyles with bouffant 2019 curls

  • evening hairstyles in retro style — babeta, shell, puffy tail;
  • Hairstyles with bouffant 2019 retro

  • bunch with curls;
  • Hairstyles with bouffant 2019 bun

  • different variations of the ponytail — with curls, with a fleece.
  • Hairstyles with bouffant 2019 ponytail

Wedding hairstyles 2019

On her special day, every girl wants to look stylish, fashionable and elegant, and every detail matters in creating the image, from the dress to the manicure. And such an important issue as a beautiful wedding hairstyle cannot be ignored — it must certainly be beautiful, delicate and fit the bride in style. Leading stylists offer stylish and bright brides such fashionable wedding hairstyles 2019:

  1. Wedding flowers from strands of hair. This is a great option for medium and long hair — the strands fit neatly into the shape of delicate flowers, for a special effect, you can cover the hairstyle with glitter or decorate it with delicate jewelry. The hairstyle looks especially beautiful on hair with a touch of pink blond.
  2. Wedding hairstyles 2019 flowers

  3. Wedding hairstyles with braids. A variety of exquisite weaving braids this year enjoy unprecedented popularity. Hairstyles in the Greek style look especially gentle and stylish.
  4. Wedding hairstyles 2019 braids

  5. Tail. This option is convenient and practical — throughout the solemn day your hair will look just as fresh and natural. The tail can be high or low, decorated with curls, braids, delicate jewelry.
  6. Wedding hairstyles 2019 ponytail

  7. The bun can rightly be called a hit of wedding hairstyles for more than a year. Straight and smooth strands will suit serious and elegant women, young girls are more likely to like a slight carelessness in their hair.
  8. Wedding hairstyles 2019


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