hairstyles for long dresses

In 2013, the current hairstyles for a long dress are a la Audrey Hepburn, a high bun or ponytail, a shell, and options in the style of the Greek goddess. They all look very gentle and romantic. Let’s consider the most interesting in more detail.

Like an icon of beauty and style

A hairstyle for an evening long dress, like Audrey Hepburn, is considered perfect, elegant and aristocratic. It will appeal to any fashionista. Making it at home is not difficult. To do this, you will need hairpins, hairpins, varnish and hairpiece. First you need to divide the front strands into the left, right, and central parts, be sure to fix them with hairpins. The remaining hair must be combed in turn with a comb. Shape the chignon into a ball and secure it to the hair using hairpins. Then each of the strands must be combed and attached over the chignon with invisibility. Comb the central front part well, then straighten it and lay it on top of the patch bun. The front side hair must be straightened with an iron and secured along the edges near the chignon. At the end, be sure to fix everything with varnish.

An evening hairstyle for a long dress in the style of Audrey Hepburn looks beautiful if it is decorated with a ribbon, beads, diadem, veil or veil.

Unearthly beauty

Hairstyles for a long dress should not be weighty. Their task is to complement the image, make it balanced, harmonious and feminine. It is this effect that gives a hairstyle to a long black dress, called a «bow». To make it yourself, follow the instructions:

  1. Wash and dry your hair. Then lightly treat them with varnish and evenly distribute them — this will give them texture.
  2. hairstyles for a long dress 7

  3. Gather them high on your head into a ponytail and pull them through the elastic twice. Stretching a third time, make a loop, leaving the tips at the crown.
  4. hairstyles for a long dress 8

  5. Stretch the loop on the right and left sides and fluff it out.
  6. hairstyles for long dresses 9

  7. The ends of the hair should be in the middle. Bend them through the curl and fix them behind with an invisibility. Secure the side parts of the bow with hairpins too.
  8. hairstyles for long dresses 10

  9. Spray hairspray over your hair and apply a little gel to smooth out protruding hairs.

hairstyles for long dresses 11

Hairstyle «bow» is ready. It goes well with a long evening dress.

Beautiful hairstyles for a long dress can be done on hair of any length. If they are too short, artificial hairpieces are used. The main thing is to choose the right tone and fix them well.


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