Hairstyles for girls for short hair - the most beautiful images for every day and for a celebration

Shortened strands are often abandoned because they do not believe that they can create a beautiful styling for them. This opinion is erroneous, since hairstyles for girls with short hair are presented in extreme variety. There are options that turn an ordinary haircut into a spectacular masterpiece.

What hairstyle can be done for short hair?

Stylists offer to the attention of fashionistas all sorts of ideas for hairstyles for short hair:

  1. Under the hairstyle for short hair is understood not only the so-called boyish haircuts, but also practical, fashionable, evening styling. To create them, gels, mousses, varnishes and other means for fixing are required. Unless blondes should not use a gel, because of which the hair will take on an untidy look.
  2. Lightness and volume are given to the hair with a round brush with frequent teeth. The varnish should be sprayed from a distance of 30 cm. Otherwise, it will glue the strands and make the styling unattractive.
  3. When choosing the appropriate option, which presents hairstyles for girls with short hair, you should remember the shape of the face. Ladies with a round face should abandon voluminous styling, but oval-shaped hostesses can make curls.
  4. If the hair is just below the ears, then bouffant will help to modify it. To hold it in place, fixing means will be required. Bouffant is useful for those girls who have a bob or other similar haircut.
  5. Short hair can be decorated with a headband, bandana and even sunglasses. Much depends on the imagination of their owner!

how to make a hairstyle for short hairhairstyle ideas for short hairsimple hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyles for very short hair

If the hair is all cut “under the boy”, it will also be possible to make a spectacular styling. When creating fashionable hairstyles for short hair, it is worth considering the following:

  1. You will need a hair dryer and a brush to give visual splendor. Spreading the hair on the forehead with a brush, they should be dried, creating a basal volume. Then you can drive in a small amount of foam.
  2. Haircuts in which there is asymmetry can be combed to one side, thereby enhancing the contrast effect. You can fix the strands with mousse or varnish.
  3. In one of the side parts, you can attach a spectacular small-sized hairpin. As a decoration, you can also use a thin bezel made in the Greek style.

hairstyles for very short hairtrendy hairstyles for short haircute hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyles for short thin hair

The main point that stylists have to deal with when creating women’s hairstyles for short hair in case they have to deal with thin strands is to give them visual volume. This task is achieved using the following methods:

  • bouffant, it is mainly located in the crown area. The rest of the strands can freely go down;
  • A perm also comes to the rescue, which can look like large waves or small curls.

hairstyles for short thin hairwomen's hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyles for short curly hair

A unique romantic style can create hairstyles for short curly hair:

  • due to the curly hair structure, styling can look like self-sufficient. This is due to the fact that the trend is light and even deliberately created negligence;
  • if you want to give the styling a neater look, you can use wicker elements, for example, these are pigtails located on the sides;
  • The effect of wet hair, which is achieved by styling with mousses and gels, will look unsurpassed.

hairstyles for short curly hairhairstyles for short curly hair

Hairstyles for short hair with bangs

Hairstyles for girls with short hair, complemented by bangs, can look incredibly stylish:

  1. If the haircut is made very short and contains the same short bangs, then the latter can be combed up and fixed with varnish. The image will turn out to be youthful and deliberately bold.
  2. Hairstyles for short hair with long bangs deserve special attention. If it is present, then it is worth depicting a “curled spikelet”. The styling is spectacular, and its creation will take less than a minute. Another option is to embody a retro look, for which you can comb your bangs, giving it volume. In this case, it will act as the main accent and a kind of highlight.

hairstyles for short hair with bangswomen's hairstyles for short hair

Evening hairstyles for short hair

A hairstyle for short hair for a holiday is capable of making an image truly unsurpassed:

  1. A “high cook” with braids will fit well into a romantic look. The first part of the styling (high cook) knocks down the naivety of the hairstyle a little.
  2. An exquisite bunch is suitable for a family or any other celebration. In shape, it resembles a shell, looks aristocratic and focuses on the curve of the lady’s neck.
  3. If the hair can be collected in a ponytail, then it is worth making a babette. The hairstyle will receive solemnity if a small bow is folded from the strands.
  4. A bun and braids can be combined in one idea, which presents evening hairstyles for girls with short hair. The bun should be placed just above the neck area, and French braids should be braided on the sides. Strands for braids are best slightly curled with a curling iron. The updo is perfect for a prom or summer wedding.
  5. Braids make great evening hairstyles. They look especially good on young girls, as they emphasize the charm of youth. It is worth making a romantic headband out of braids, weaving it from two braids in the forehead area. They should be secured with hairpins, weaving all the hair into the rim.
  6. For evening styling, you should save a beautiful bezel. It can be decorated with a bow or rhinestones.

evening hairstyles for short hairholiday hairstyle for short hair

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

On the most solemn day in the life of every girl, you can pick up all kinds of hairstyles for short hair for a bride’s wedding:

  • the imitation of light waves, which are neatly laid all over the head and fixed with varnish, will help to fully embody the romantic image;
  • both on very short and more elongated strands, you can use a decoration with a large flower that will harmoniously fit into the styling on one side;
  • Recently, Greek hairstyles for girls with short hair have been incredibly popular. They are created using a thin or large wreath, which may include twigs, floral elements. An alternative would be a bezel with a variety of ornaments. Such a detail will help to embody the original image of the bride for a wedding in the boho style.

wedding hairstyles for short hairwedding hairstyles for short hairparty hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyles with braids for short hair

The embodiment of femininity will be hairstyles for short hair «pigtails»:

  1. Practical collected hairstyles look great on an elongated square. A particularly good option is when you manage to braid a classic braid of plaits. You need to weave it from the crown, gradually adding the rest of the strands, then it will hold tight.
  2. Braids have one advantage — they can fit into any hairstyle. Take at least «Malvina». The upper part of the hair (from the forehead) should not be braided into a tight spikelet, but tied at the crown in the form of a small bundle.
  3. Braids can be braided even on loose hair. It’s too boring to use one, so stylists recommend weaving several at once and forming it in the form of a tourniquet. This styling is somewhat similar to the “malvina” and is ideal for young girls. Another option is to connect the tail and braid, just weave it to the side.
  4. Using braids, you can create creative hairstyles for short hair in the hippie style. For this, you only need to braid two pigtails on the right and left, fasten them to the back of the head, having previously crossed.

hairstyles with braids for short hair

Collected hairstyles for short hair

For going to the office and drawing up emphatically elegant looks, the collected simple hairstyles for short hair are perfect:

  • strands can be smoothly combed back and fixed with hairpins. This technique can be carried out even at a very shortened length;
  • if there is a long bang on it, you can make a bouffant and comb it back, and fasten the rest of the strands at the back;
  • if the length allows, then the hair can be collected in a small bun.

collected hairstyles for short hair

Korean hairstyles for short hair

Korean women’s hairstyles for short hair will look incredibly stylish. They were appreciated by young women of fashion:

  • a short haircut with a cap can be slightly combed at the roots, giving it a deliberately casual look;
  • the same technique can be applied to the bob, which belongs to the popular Korean hairstyles;
  • You can make extremely interesting hairstyles for short hair if you collect some of the strands in high side ponytails or make a high bun out of them.

korean hairstyles for short hairkorean hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyle «bun» for short hair

Among the popular variations, which are stylish hairstyles for short hair, it is worth highlighting the bundle:

  1. In order not to correct the styling several times a day, it is worth making a French bunch. The hair will be completely collected at the back. The only disadvantage of the hairstyle is that you have to practice so that your hands learn new skills, and the procedure takes little time.
  2. For work and just for a casual look, you can create a bunch of harnesses. It is worth trying out the original version of the hairstyle — a bunch of three bundles twisted in the same way. The main advantages of hairstyles are femininity, elegance, restraint.
  3. With the help of a small elastic band, a few hairpins, varnish and mousse, you can create a voluminous bun at the crown. The styling looks especially good on curly hair.
  4. A universal solution would be a “low bun” hairstyle for short hair, which looks neat and elegant.

bun hairstyle for short hair

Greek hairstyle for short hair

A truly unique style can give a Greek-style hairstyle for short hair:

  1. A double Greek bun is perfect for working ladies. The styling is strict, therefore it is combined with business suits. The main thing is that the strands do not break out. Varnish or other fixative will help prevent this.
  2. A Greek bun with a few loose strands and a hoop will be a spectacular evening hairstyle. The main thing is to hide the ends of the rim under the beam and secure with invisibility.

greek hairstyle for short hair

High hairstyles for short hair

When creating a stylish look for going to a gala event or a party, festive hairstyles for short hair will come to the rescue:

  1. «Malvina» is a styling that looks pompous on long hair, but on short hair it becomes elegant and practical. This variation is suitable for work, school, university or just for every day. Its other advantage is the speed of creation. The hair on the top of the head needs to be combed, and the strands around the face must be collected and secured at the back with “invisibles”.
  2. Not too thick hair can be twisted into a double tail. The main secret of the hairstyle is that the strands need to be collected at the same level. The styling looks lush and thick, it will fit for work and for every day.

high hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyle «curls» for short hair

By creating large or small curly strands, you will be able to realize incredibly cute hairstyles for short hair:

  1. For this, a square is perfect. So that loose hair does not seem too simple a hairstyle, they should be laid with a curling iron. Curls should be large, but not too twisted. It is important to fix them with a special tool.
  2. Loose curls are a good choice for short hair. The strands on the front of the head should be curled into large curlers, and the rest with a curling iron.
  3. Retro curls look great on short hair, emphasize cheekbones and eyes. The hairstyle only seems difficult to perform, in fact it is easy to create.

hairstyle curls for short haircute hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyles for short hair with overhead strands

You can make the styling visually much more magnificent and at the same time extremely interesting if you make hairstyles with kanekalon for short hair:

  • you can create separate details from overhead strands, for example, this is a French braid located at the top of the head;
  • Kanekalon can be woven into a high or low bundle and with the help of this technique it can be visually enlarged.

hairstyles for short hair with extensions

Hairstyle «waterfall» for short hair

Owners of a caret will be able to use beautiful light hairstyles for short hair, known as the «waterfall»:

  • the peculiarity of the styling is that it is done with the help of a braid, which is woven from one edge of the head to the other;
  • the braid runs through the entire back surface of the head, creating an imitation of a beautiful wreath. At the same time, the remaining strands remain loose and look like a waterfall descending, which is why the hairstyle got its name.

waterfall hairstyle for short hair

Hairstyles with a rim for short hair

Original everyday hairstyles for short hair are often created using all kinds of accessories. Among the most popular of them is the bezel:

  • a decorative element can be both thin and voluminous, attracting increased attention. It serves to fix the hair in the desired position, while styling is done in a matter of minutes;
  • the rim can be concise and not overloaded with decor or contain a variety of decorations, such as flowers, rhinestones, beads. Often such an element is used to embody Greek styling.

hairstyles with rims for short hair

Hairstyles with a bandana for short hair

Another original solution will be hairstyles for short hair with a scarf:

  1. An accessory of any color can be entered into a low bun if you tie a bandana around it and secure it with invisibility.
  2. Hair can be collected at the back, and then covered with a scarf. Then it remains to wrap the hair in a circle in a bandana. A few strands should be left free on the sides.
  3. The bandana can be entered into the hairstyle «Malvina», «Pompadour». You can simply roll the scarf into a cord and tie it on your head, making the ends over your forehead. Over the bandana should lay out the hair, twisted with a curling iron.
  4. The volume, arrangement of the strands is easy to change with the help of special tools. This will already change the hairstyle, bring novelty to the image.

hairstyles with a bandana for short hairhairstyles for short hair with a scarf


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