Hairstyles for the beach - the rules for creating a comfortable and fashionable summer look

Every young lady wants to look attractive even while relaxing on the beach or ocean. Creating her beach look, a fashionista thinks over the color and style of a bathing suit, a beautiful pareo, comfortable shoes and stylish accessories. In particular, many girls think about choosing a hairstyle for the beach, which will emphasize their individuality.

Beach hairstyles 2018

Current fashion trends apply to absolutely all areas. The fair sex follows the given trends, creating light and comfortable styling, with which they will be as comfortable as possible. Fashionable hairstyles 2018 on the beach are mainly represented by the following options:

  • «Malvinka», which this year was diversified with all kinds of weaving, plaits and braids;
  • small curls of short or medium length. Such hair is ideal for those girls whose hair is curly by nature;
  • different options in the style of hippie;
  • the easiest hairstyles for the beach — low and high tail;
  • tightly braided braids;
  • beam;
  • loose curls.

beach hairstyles 2018trendy hairstyles 2018 on the beach

Beach hairstyles for long hair

Although long hair looks unusually beautiful and attractive, while relaxing by the sea or ocean, it can cause slight discomfort. Meanwhile, every young lady who managed to grow long strands can make a lot of interesting and original styling. For example, the fair sex can choose beach hairstyles for long hair, such as:

  • fishtail braid;
  • a charming bunch of two braids;
  • thick braid-rope;
  • bundle of bundles;
  • loose curls, covered with a bright turban. This option will not only save you from uncomfortable sensations, but also protect your head from the scorching sun.

beach hairstyles for long hairbeach hairstyles for long hair

Beach hairstyles for medium hair

Girls whose strands end in the shoulder area or a little lower can choose a huge number of options, because beach hairstyles for medium hair are presented in an incredibly wide variety. At the same time, you should bet on all kinds of bundles, bundles and tails — these styling do not require special skills or serious time costs. So, for owners of medium length strands, it is best to choose the following hairstyles for a hot beach:

  • roller or inverted tail;
  • low and high tail;
  • double twist;
  • simple shell;
  • bun.

beach hairstyles for medium hairbeach hairstyles for medium hair

Beach hairstyles for short hair

Owners of short strands in most cases do not think about styling when they are going on vacation. However, in order to always look beautiful and attractive, they need to devote time to their hair. As a rule, stylish hairstyles for the beach for short hair are made using a gel that can provide styling with an attractive shine and allows you to achieve a wet effect. In addition, various decorations look very interesting on short strands — wreaths and combs, headbands and stripes, all kinds of bandages and much more.

beach hairstyles for short hair

Fashionable hairstyles for the beach

Thinking about what hairstyle to do on the beach, each young lady expects to create a light styling with which she will be as comfortable as possible. Most girls try to move the strands back so that they do not interfere and do not climb into the face, however, there are those fashionistas who prefer loose curls. Among the various options that masters of hairdressing can offer their clients, there are both simple and more complex hairstyles for the beach, from which you can always choose the right styling.

trendy beach hairstyleswhat hairstyle to do on the beach

Hairstyle «beach waves»

One of the most popular options is the «beach curls» hairstyle, which suits girls and women with long or medium hair. This styling is created very easily — for this you need to go to bed with slightly damp curls, after collecting them in a low tail with an elastic band. In this case, in the morning, the girl’s strands will appear in the form of a charming hairstyle for the beach, which looks slightly careless, but very seductive and attractive.

beach waves hairstyle

Hairstyles with a scarf on the beach

All doctors unanimously argue that the head must be protected from the scorching sun so as not to get a heat stroke. All sorts of scarves often come to the aid of young ladies, which serve as a headdress and, moreover, look very stylish. To create beach hairstyles with a scarf, you can use one of the following methods:

  • wrap the scarf twice around the head, and twist the remaining tails into bundles and wrap them under the scarf, hiding from prying eyes;
  • throw a scarf over your head and make a scarf out of it, tying two tails together;
  • wrap a scarf around your head, giving it the shape of a turban or turban.

beach scarf hairstylesbeach hairstyles with headscarf

Hairstyles for the beach with braids

Gorgeous braided beach hairstyles look great with a variety of dresses, skirts and pareos. They create a cute, gentle and romantic image, emphasizing the fragility and youth of their owner. Thanks to the tight weaving, the strands in such a styling do not interfere at all and do not cause discomfort throughout the day. For those who love braids of different thicknesses, the following hairstyles for the beach are perfect:

  • «fish tail», originating from the back of the head;
  • braid-rim;
  • triple or double pigtail, the ends of which are gathered into a tail;
  • braid to one side;
  • braided bundle.

beach hairstyles with braidsbraided beach hairstyles

Hairstyles for the beach with loose hair

You can also create a light romantic look with loose curls, which always emphasize facial features, visually reduce cheekbones and make the face oval much more attractive. Meanwhile, such beautiful hairstyles for the beach can cause discomfort, as the strands can get into the face or eyes. In addition, in the presence of wind, the styling very quickly loses its appearance, as a result of which the girl looks sloppy and sloppy.

To avoid this, stylists advise, when choosing hairstyles for a hot beach with loose hair, to complement them with suitable fixing accessories. It can be an elastic bandage, a wreath of artificial or natural flowers, a charming scarf that contrasts in color with a swimsuit, a tight pigtail and much more.

beach hairstyles with loose hair

Hairstyle for the beach — ponytail

The lightest and most comfortable beach hairstyles are made on the basis of tails of different thicknesses. So, it can be a simple low and high tail, an exquisite fish tail located in the middle or side of the nape, a tail made of bundles, and much more. If desired, this styling can be supplemented with a bright contrasting elastic band or ribbon.

In addition, even the most ordinary tail can be twisted or folded into a careless bun, and each of these actions takes no more than a minute. This variation is ideal for relaxing by the sea or ocean due to its incredible comfort, lightness and stylish appearance. In addition, she looks great on hair of any color and can decorate a woman of any age.

beach ponytail hairstylebeach hairstyles

Hairstyle for the beach — bun

Beautiful summer hairstyles for the beach based on the bun have become a real hit. Girls and women of different ages give their preference to this simple option, which should look somewhat careless and sloppy. While on vacation, it is not at all necessary to lay the curls in a perfectly even order and fix with extra strong varnish. On the contrary, to complement the beach look, a slightly disheveled bun is best suited, which will make the face of its owner much younger.

beach bun hairstyle

Beach hairstyles with fleece

You can make original and quick hairstyles for the beach with the help of a bouffant, which will add a noticeable volume to the hair and make it more spectacular. So, hair of any length can be combed, lifted above the back of the head, and laid inside the rim. With a bouffant, you can raise the base of a braid or ponytail, or add a twist to a simple short haircut.

bouffant beach hairstyles

Beach hair and makeup

Beautiful beach hairstyles should coexist in the same image with the appropriate makeup. While relaxing on the seashore or ocean, an overly bright make-up is categorically not welcome, which is more appropriate for going out and special occasions. At the same time, you should not look too faded — the complete absence of makeup will make an unprepossessing simpleton out of a fashionista.

The best choice to complement the beach look should be slightly lined eyes and shiny or pearlescent lip gloss. You can correct the tone of the face with the help of waterproof decorative cosmetics that are not washed off when interacting with water. The same recommendation applies to mascara — it should be of the highest quality and most stable, otherwise this product will quickly leak from water and the scorching sun and completely ruin the appearance of the young lady.

While relaxing on the shore of a reservoir, you can safely use bright colors that are great for creating a summer atmosphere. So, you can apply bright pink or purple shadows, use bright red lipstick or a fantasy make-up that will not leave its owner unnoticed. Meanwhile, all these types of “coloring” are more suitable for relaxing after the beach than for a long stay by the water.

beach hair and makeup


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