Hairstyles with braids - fashion ideas for every day and for special occasions

Various types of weaving remain the most popular solution in modern hairdressing. And such stylish styling is considered universal for any look. Every year, stylists offer more and more original and interesting ideas, so hairstyles with braids do not go out of trend.

braid hairstyle

Beautiful spikelets are considered the most stylish solution for accentuation of femininity and sophistication. The beauty of such styling lies in practicality and at the same time attractiveness. Both simple hairstyles with braids and complex intricate weaving are in trend. In addition, masters often use stylish jewelry and accessories, which will add sophistication and elegance to the whole image. Braided strands allow you to pick up hair, which is important in a hot period or demonstrate long strands. Let’s see fashionable images where braid-based hairstyles are appropriate:

  1. Strict image. Under an elegant sheath dress, a classic pantsuit with a tie, and a combination of a blouse and a pencil skirt, simple ideas are perfect. But the main criterion here is the hair well and neatly removed from the face. In non-strict bows, strands can be released.

braided hairstyle

  1. romantic bow. For feminine and gentle romantic ensembles, a variety of solutions are suitable. In this case, both simple and uncomplicated ideas are welcome, as well as intricate weaving using decorations and flowers.

braid hairstyles

  1. Casual style. But in street looks, it’s better not to experiment and focus on styling that is easy to do on your own at home. But in this case, the use of bright ribbons or kanekolon will be relevant.

simple hairstyles with braids

Hairstyles with braids for long hair

Girls who boast long luxurious curls know no limits in choosing a stylish styling. If the structure of your hair is malleable, then you can easily braid the strands into the most incredible ideas. For several years in a row, the voluminous spikelet, released on its side, has been in the trend. This option looks especially impressive on highlighted coloring, where a non-uniform color will add a special charm and attractiveness. Fashionable hairstyle with a braid for long hair — weaving with loose curled curls. This option does not distort and emphasizes a beautiful length.

hairstyles with braids for long hair

Hairstyles with braids for medium hair

There will be no big difficulties for fashionistas with medium-length curls. Especially girls with thick hair will not have such problems. But in this case, it is important to remember that weaving, even the simplest ones, removes the length by several centimeters. A fashionable hairstyle with a braid for medium hair is a spikelet around the head. And this option can be made careless, giving volume or releasing a few thin curls. Another stylish solution would be framing only along the forehead line. The rest of the stylists propose to form into large waves or stretch with an iron.

hairstyles with braids for medium hair

Hairstyles with braids for short hair

Owners of neat haircuts will have to play pretty hard to form a beautiful spikelet. And in this case, only solutions such as bob, bob or elongated pixie are suitable. If the length allows, you can make two spikelets on the head, leaving small playful ponytails under the back of the head. If this option is inconvenient, then a hairstyle with a scythe for short hair on the side, combined with asymmetrical soft waves, will be relevant. A thin tight tourniquet in an ensemble with a shaved temple is also considered a stylish choice. And to visually increase the length, use kanekolon.

hairstyles with braids for short hair

Beautiful hairstyles with braids

Stylish weaving will not only help to collect hair and add a touch of romance to the image, but can also visually adjust the volume. Such solutions are perfect in a situation where you do not have time to wash your hair, but you need to quickly put yourself in order. In modern fashion, a variety of placements, thicknesses and types of braided curls are welcome. Such ideas can be easily combined with other types of styling. The latest coloring techniques often use the spike method to achieve an interesting shade. But let’s see the most popular braiding hairstyles:

  1. Hairstyles with messy braids. Randomly and inaccurately fixed strands of different thicknesses and in an asymmetrical form remain a popular solution that gives a special charm and lightness to the whole image.

beautiful hairstyles with braids

  1. Hairstyles with African braids. The fashionable technique remains curls completely fixed in thin bundles all over the head. For a solid color, the use of contrasting threads and thin ribbons is relevant.

braiding hairstyles

  1. Hairstyles with kanekolon braids. This tool has been introduced to the modern market relatively recently. However, it immediately acquired the status of a trend. Kanekolon is an artificial pile that is woven into one’s own hair. Often such an addition has a bright unnatural color. This option will help visually increase the length of the hair.

hairstyle 2 braids

  1. With ribbons and flowers. Artificial or natural buds remain another popular choice for decorations. Such an addition will add femininity and romance, but is more often used in styling for the exit. For everyday wear, bright and printed ribbons are more suitable.

braid hairstyle for long hair

French braid hairstyle

The most popular weaving method is the French style. The entire length is involved here, starting from the forehead. Curls can be formed inward, which looks more neat and restrained. This solution is successful both for everyday bows and strict business images, where neatness is important. Hairstyles with a French braid can also be formed into voluminous bundles. In this case, the external weaving technique is used. Having straightened each level, even stale curls will look magnificent and attractive. French braids look especially impressive on streaked staining.

french braid hairstyle

Hairstyle two braids

The Russian style has returned to fashion again, where symmetrical styling with two spikelets is welcome. And this option can be done in two ways. In the first case, weaving starts from the forehead and the French direction is applied, both voluminous and concise internal. A simpler solution is a hairstyle of 2 braids from the back of the head. Such ideas are easy to create even at home. Stylists suggest leaving both long tails free and using the length as much as possible. For such styling, an interesting parting line, for example, a zigzag, will be a stylish addition.

hairstyle two braids

Hairstyle voluminous braid

Large-scale and voluminous styling always attract attention. In this case, the emphasis is not only on the original method of fixing the hair, but also on the face. Therefore, for such decisions, the issue of makeup remains very important. If you are a blonde, stylists suggest highlighting your lips or doing a make-up in a natural style, drawing the outline of an oval. For brunettes, highlighting the eyes, for example, smoky eyes, will be relevant. Hairstyles with braids for every day are represented by simple spikelets up to the head using the external weaving technique. For elegant bows, the ideas of complex harnesses in combination with jewelry are appropriate.

voluminous braid hairstyle

Braid around the head

A spikelet framing the head is considered popular, especially in the hot season. This option helps to pick up all the hair, but also opens the face, accentuates the oval and hides the length or stale appearance. A braided wreath hairstyle can be made concise only at the crown. This styling has become an alternative to the beam that has become boring for several years. A spikelet along the forehead line looks more feminine and romantic. Refinement to the whole image and attractiveness of weaving will be added by stylish accessories. Invisibles with flowers, rhinestones or pearls on each turn are relevant here.

braid hairstyle around the head

Hairstyle ponytail with a scythe

One of the brightest examples of the combination of braided hair with other techniques was the option in an ensemble with a ponytail. The simplest solution would be a voluminous or tight spikelet on the side, in the middle, or from the back of the head to the top of the head. Next, the strands are fixed with an elastic band or tape. After the clip, the curls remain free. More interesting, but just as simple in execution, is a collected hairstyle with fishtail braids. Here the main part of the hair is divided in two. From the outside, thin curls are alternately thrown. Another stylish idea is a tail framed in a spiral with a thin spike.

braid ponytail hairstyle

Hairstyle with braid and curls

Ideas in combination with loose strands look very feminine. Stylists offer two options. In the first case, the hair is completely fixed in a high spikelet, for example, around the head, and several curls are released randomly. It is important that the strands are not wide. The second method is more attractive. Here the main part remains free, formed into large waves. A braided tourniquet can run along the forehead line in the form of a rim or on the back of the head, both vertically and horizontally. A hairstyle with braids and curls will effectively complement both everyday and elegant bows.

hairstyle with braid and curls

Greek braid hairstyle

The Greek style was originally considered appropriate only in evening and wedding bows. However, recently this direction is also relevant for everyday images. Hairstyle Greek braid of curls has the shape of an inverted triangle. From the head, such styling is formed volumetrically and freely. Towards the ends, the hair is braided more tightly. A careless spikelet horizontally using invisible or neat hairpins at the ends that form a geometric shape will also be popular. Decorations are also suitable for ideas in the Greek style — flowers, accessories with rhinestones and pearls.

Greek braid hairstyle

Hairstyle bun with a scythe

This option is suitable for those who prefer high styling. The lightest hairstyles with braids are presented in a solution with weaving over the head and shaping the main mop into a lush or tight bun. In this case, some skill is required, but in general, the method is available at home. The bundle can also be made directly from braided strands. Gather your hair into a neat high ponytail and after the elastic band, start weaving a simple spikelet, then twist the tourniquet into a flower or an openwork “bun”.

bun hairstyle with braid

Evening hairstyles with braids

One of the most popular solutions for the evening are high styling. And here the spikelets can decorate the head directly or be wrapped in a bundle at the crown, back of the head or side. A good addition would be a few released curls. A trendy and more feminine choice would be a side braid hairstyle. In this case, the French and Greek style is welcome. To add elegance to the image, use attractive accessories. You can choose a stylish headband with flowers or rhinestones, laconic jokes for each turn or a romantic diadem.

evening hairstyles with braidsside braid hairstyle

Wedding hairstyles with braids

Weaves remain popular in wedding fashion. And for a gentle romantic image of the bride, almost any method is suitable. The exception was kanekolon, although this technique is also suitable for a wedding in an unconventional style. The most fashionable braided wedding hairstyles are intricate spikelets, Greek style, bun and ponytail ideas. High models are perfect for ideas with a veil. The version with loose curls will be a stylish alternative to a tulle head accessory. A stylish addition will be tiaras and large hairpins with crystals, pearls or colored stones for earrings.

wedding hairstyles with braidswedding hairstyles with a braid


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