Hairstyles with flowing hair - 32 photos for long, medium and short hair

Every girl strives to look stylish and attractive. To create a memorable look, hairstyles with loose hair are perfect. Beautiful styling will not only be the final touch of the image, but also help to hide the flaws of the faces, emphasize the dignity.

Hairstyles with loose hair 2019

Such an image as a girl with flowing hair is traditionally associated with femininity and romance. Especially if these are long curls, on which you can quickly build both simple and intricate styling. However, strands can be both medium and short. Hairstyles with loose hair can be presented in the following variations:

  1. If you need a simple styling, you can make a tourniquet on one side. When it reaches the back of the head, it is fixed with invisibility. This variation is original and easy to create.
  2. Curls look good, which give the image of femininity. To create curls, it is most convenient to use a curling iron. If the hair is long, it is better to take a wide curling iron, then the curls will not turn out too twisted. An alternative would be large curlers.

hairstyles with loose hair 2019

Hairstyles for long flowing hair

Many stylists prefer to create beautiful hairstyles for long flowing hair. They look incredibly impressive and provide a wide scope for the manifestation of all kinds of fantasies:

  1. Greek styling looks very organic. It is made as follows: the bandage is put on so that the elastic is at the back, and the decorated side is at the front. The side strands are wound on an elastic band, and the rest are wound into curls or left straight.
  2. The bandage can be replaced by two braids braided from both sides. The Greek variation looks best on long curls. Medium and short ones are difficult to fix with an elastic band or braid.
  3. Hairstyles with loose long hair are created in other ways, they can be twisted into horns or voluminous bows.

hairstyles for long curly hair

Loose hairstyles for medium hair

Extremely popular and hairstyles for loose hair of medium length:

  1. If the strands are wavy, the next variation looks spectacular. On the sides they take a strand and stab them from behind with stealth or other hairpins.
  2. Another popular option is to collect and stab the parietal part of the hair, creating a small tail, and there will be loose curls at the bottom.
  3. Hairstyles with loose medium hair go well with headbands, colorful ribbons or all kinds of headbands.

loose hairstyles for medium hair

Hairstyles with loose hair for short hair

On a shortened length, you can also create light hairstyles with loose hair. It can be a small bunch, if density allows. The most common at this length is the «Malvinka», which will make any image gentle. If you arrange it with a tourniquet, then the styling will also turn out to be stylish. It is created in several stages:

  1. Hair is divided into two partings.
  2. A strand is separated on one side and twisted into a tourniquet, starting from the temple.
  3. Do the same with the other side.
  4. At the back of the head, two tourniquets are combined into one and fixed with an invisibility.

hairstyles with loose hair for short hair

Fashionable hairstyles with loose hair

Using all sorts of stylistic techniques, you can create hairstyles for loose hair for every day, evening or wedding options:

  • braids can be braided in all sorts of ways, they will decorate any bow;
  • the bundle will give the styling accuracy;
  • the tail is one of the easiest variations, it can be done in a matter of minutes;
  • you can apply a pile, use artificial strands, kanekalon;
  • Young fashionistas will appreciate loose hair like horns, which will add a touch of audacity and a playful look.

trendy hairstyles with loose hair

Loose hair bun

Such a hairstyle with loose hair for every day as a bun has gained immense popularity:

  • late for a meeting with friends or to study, you can make a half-bun. The advantage of laying is simplicity and uniqueness;
  • a half-bun will work on long and short hair. It is created from the top strands, which are tied with an elastic band, but not completely pulled out;
  • the styling is daring, suitable for daytime walks with friends and evening trips to the cinema;
  • a more rigorous variation is a carefully styled bun with loose hair, which is located at the back at the top. It is suitable even for trips to the office.

loose hair bun

Braids with loose hair

An extremely popular variation can be called braids with loose hair:

  1. On medium and long strands, the fishtail braid looks good. It is woven from the side strands. To make styling more solemn, the tip of the braid can be stabbed with an elastic band with decoration.
  2. If you need a casual and at the same time elegant styling, then you should braid the braid in the boho style. They begin to weave it from the front to the side. To do this, separate three strands and weave a braid, gradually taking the hair from the main mass. The braid is finished to the back of the head, where the tip is hidden among the rest of the strands.
  3. On loose curls, a flower from a braid looks good. To make it, the hair is separated by a side device, the top strands are taken and a French braid is braided. It is folded from the end, forming a flower, and stabbed with stealth.
  4. Girls with long and thick curls should try a waterfall braid. The basis is a French braid, which is woven from two sides. The remaining strands look like a waterfall.
  5. Retro bangs of any length are perfectly combined. The main thing is to lay it in a semicircle and make it even, smooth. Hairstyles with loose hair with retro bangs are suitable for those who are not afraid of bold experiments.
  6. The braid hoop is another retro styling that has become fashionable again. It is suitable for hair of any length. The main thing is that there should be no short bangs. The braid begins to weave from the parietal part to the opposite temple. You can finish styling in different ways: leave the ends free or stab them behind the ear with an invisible one, braid to the end.

braids with loose hair

Loose frizzy hair

Incredibly beautiful hairstyles with loose hair come out if you apply a pile:

  1. Semi-babetta is a suitable styling when you want to leave the strands loose and at the same time make a voluminous bouffant. In this case, it is made from the upper strands, which are collected on the sides and stabbed together. The rest of the hair should be loose.
  2. It is important to ensure that the strands do not break out. For this, various accessories are used.
  3. Bouffant will help diversify the styling for every day and make the strands more voluminous. If there are no bangs, then they are combed from the forehead. If there is a bang, then lift it from the crown. To do this, separate the strand that is above the bangs. It is needed to hide the fleece. Then they lift the hair at the crown, and lay a strand on top, fixing it with varnish.
  4. «Malvinka» can be done with fleece. In this case, the styling will be more voluminous. First, the front strand is separated, under which the fleece will be hidden. Then the strands are combed at the crown. «Malvinka» is constructed from the front and two side strands, fastened with a hairpin. The styling is fixed with varnish so that the fleece does not blow away, and the upper strands do not crumble.

frizzy loose hair

Tail with flowing hair

You can favorably present beautiful flowing hair if you collect their upper part in a ponytail:

  1. The set is suitable for any event. You just need to find your technique of execution from the many existing ones. The trendy tails of 2019 are straight and high, gathered at the crown with pigtails and waves.
  2. Making the first one is not very difficult, but the tail should be smooth and shiny. Only then will the image be successful.
  3. To build the second option, you need a little more time. First, weave a voluminous pigtail from the temple to the crown, then collect a high tail. The strands curl a little and release a few strands from the face.

ponytail with loose hair

Hair bow with loose hair

  1. Another variation that presents beautiful hairstyles with loose hair is a bow:
  2. «Malvinka» can be made with a bow from the tail. To make it clearly visible, styling is built mainly on long and medium hair.
  3. Hair begins to style, as in the usual «Malvinka». After the strands are tied with an elastic band, a small bundle is made. It is divided into 2 parts by invisible ones, forming a bow.
  4. The tip of the tail is pushed through the middle and the same is fixed with an invisibility.
  5. The bow can be small or very voluminous.

hair bow with loose hair

Loose hair with kanekalon

Beautiful flowing hair, decorated with kanekalon, is perfect for compiling daring youth bows. Artificial multi-colored strands are skillfully woven into natural curls, with their help the image becomes incredibly bright and saturated. Kanekalon can be braided or freely go down, alternating with the rest of the curls.

loose hair with kanekalon

Hairstyle horns with loose hair

For young fashionistas, a real find will be a hairstyle with two buns and loose hair. They can be barely tacked with elastic bands or carefully tucked into the top of the head. The image acquires a daring and at the same time playful note. This styling is best combined with casual clothes.

horns hairstyle with loose hair

voluminous hairstyles for loose hair

Volumetric options are able to act as a real decoration. These can be hairstyles for medium hair, loose curls on elongated strands. The volumetric effect is achieved through the use of bouffant or curled curls, small or large, which are whipped into an extremely lush mass, for which they can also be slightly combed.

voluminous hairstyles for loose hair

Fashionable evening hairstyle for loose hair

Organically complement the solemn bow are evening hairstyles for long flowing hair:

  1. If you have to attend a social event, you can make a daring styling — an imitation of a shaved temple with a braid or plaits. With such styling, Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne appeared on the red carpet.
  2. The effect of a shaved temple can be achieved by braiding a tight braid. The braid should be located above the ear, and the tip, fixed with an invisibility, should be hidden under the rest of the strands. The remaining curls are dissolved and combed to the opposite side. Instead of a braid, you can form a tourniquet, from which the hairs should not stick out.
  3. Hairstyles with loose hair, curled into large curls flowing over the shoulders, are ideal.

fashionable evening hairstyle for loose hair

Fashionable wedding hairstyles with loose hair

At the wedding, the main role belongs to the bride, so her image should be thoughtful and flawless. For this, wedding hairstyles for loose hair are intended:

  1. Curly short curls should be given natural negligence. The styling is decorated with accessories. For example, bows, hairpins and even fresh flowers.
  2. The owner of medium length hair has much more options available. But it is important to pay attention to the density of the hair. To make hair visually voluminous, such an option as “waves” will help.
  3. Greek styling should be chosen if the outfit has an open back.
  4. Different types of weaving and braids are suitable for both young brides and older ladies.
  5. Curls are one of the most popular hairstyles that brides resort to. Neat curls are combined with a classic look. If you make them soft and deliberately careless, then the styling will suit the rustic style.
  6. Loose hair can be straight, but keeping it that way throughout the wedding day is not an easy task. In this case, either a good stylist or a quality fixing varnish will help. It is also worth experimenting with the rectifier in advance.
  7. Curls are combined with a mischievous look. They look good on a bob haircut.
  8. Simple but effective styling for a wedding — hair to one side. It goes perfectly with large curled curls.

trendy wedding hairstyles with loose hair

Veil on loose hair

A real decoration of the wedding will be fashionable hairstyles with a veil on loose hair:

  1. The veil can simply be thrown over the curls, or pinned from below.
  2. When choosing a veil, you need to refuse a heavy, multi-layered accessory with many decorations (beads, rhinestones). The following types of veils are best combined with loose hair: “pirate”, “juliet”, “Spanish”.
  3. A veil attached to accessories, such as a headband, bandage or wreath, will fit well into a traditional look. The accessory is selected according to the style of the dress and styling. If a classic hairstyle is chosen, then the veil should reach the shoulders. For strands laid in curls or decorated with a headband or diadem, stylists recommend a veil to the elbow.

veil on loose hair


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